Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 71 Part 2

Chapter 71.2 Savage Expansion (4)

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Despite shedding tears of blood, the female ghost still wouldn’t give up. It wasn’t until Lin Zhaohe stood on the roadside, smoking a cigarette, that she leaned her chin on his shoulder from behind. Lin Zhaohe casually turned his head and glanced at her, making a cutting remark that struck at the core, “What’s happened to your hair? It seems like it’s… thinning.”

Female ghost: “?”

“Did I see it wrong?” Lin Zhaohe stared at her head, double-checking to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. There was definitely something different. The female ghost, who once had thick black hair, now had a visible parting in her hair, and her bangs had significantly thinned, revealing patches of white scalp.

Lin Zhaohe extinguished his cigarette and squinted, observing her for a while to confirm his judgment. “Damn, is it possible that your physical exertion was too much, and you’ve actually gone bald?”

The female ghost’s face contorted instantly. Even when she tried to look terrifying, her expression had never been this twisted. She glared at Lin Zhaohe, her eyes filled with a tangible resentment. However, Lin Zhaohe distanced himself from any responsibility, innocently raising his hands and saying, “Don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I made you go bald.”

The female ghost emitted a mournful and piercing scream.

Surprisingly, Lin Zhaohe understood the meaning behind her outburst. Essentially, if she hadn’t put in so much effort to scare him, she wouldn’t have gone bald.

Confronted with the ghost’s woeful and desolate expression, Lin Zhaohe quickly clarified his position, “I don’t think it has anything to do with me. Experts say hair loss is caused by lack of sleep and an irregular diet. Look at you, not eating vegetables properly and coming out to scare people at night. Can your hairline possibly be fine?”

Thanks to A’Yao’s influence, Lin Zhaohe decided to change his approach to the female ghost. He would appeal to her emotions and reason. “Wouldn’t it be better for you to find someone else to scare? By keeping me trapped here, you see, I’m not afraid anymore. We can only end up hurting each other without any future.”

The female ghost’s chin remained on Lin Zhaohe’s shoulder, and after a moment of silence, she seemed to be genuinely considering Lin Zhaohe’s proposal.

“Let me analyze it for you,” Lin Zhaohe lit a cigarette. “No one would be afraid of a bald female ghost. When you suddenly appear, people’s attention is focused on your exposed scalp. Who would care whether you look scary or not?”

The female ghost’s pupils quivered.

Lin Zhaohe continued, “For the sake of your future career prospects, I suggest you take some time off… so you won’t actually go bald.”

He rambled on, not knowing how long he had been talking. The female ghost, who had her chin resting on his shoulder, disappeared. A gust of wind swept through, rustling a pile of fallen leaves, carrying a hint of desolation.

Finally, Lin Zhaohe breathed a sigh of relief. He got up and walked towards the backyard. This time, as he stepped into the backyard, he didn’t return to the small building. The scene before him transformed into Xiao Yu’s room. The door was wide open, but Lin Zhaohe and Xiao Yu, who should have been inside, were nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, a loud explosion suddenly erupted downstairs.


Xiao Yu had an unknown secret—she had been reborn.

Before her rebirth, she struggled through eight years in the apocalypse, only to meet a tragic end at the hands of a monster. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself back several years earlier, with a storage ring that held various items.

It was practically a standard feature for novel protagonists, and Xiao Yu was overjoyed. She sold all her possessions and stocked up on a large quantity of supplies.

With her memories from before the resurrection, Xiao Yu knew that as long as she could endure for eight years, the world would gradually return to its original state. The terrifying monsters would diminish over time, and the world would once again become a suitable place for human survival.

Xiao Yu held hopeful expectations, but reality deviated from her memories.

Eight years had passed, but the number of monsters hadn’t decreased. On a certain day, a dense fog suddenly appeared. The plants and animals that came into contact with the fog underwent crazed transformations—plants turned carnivorous, and animals became even more ferocious. The life that had been improving was abruptly thrust into hell. Xiao Yu’s heart couldn’t accept this cruel reality.

She had had enough of this terrible world, fed up with the horrifying monsters that emerged at night. She felt her soul and body twisting and distorting, becoming unrecognizable even to herself. If even she, who had sufficient resources, was like this, then it was even worse for others.

Just as everyone teetered on the brink of collapse, several strangers suddenly appeared, claiming that the doomsday had ended. They promised that by following them and leaving this place, they could reach a world restored to normalcy.

But was it really true? Doubts lingered in Xiao Yu’s mind. She knew she wasn’t the only one questioning this.

The leader’s gaze conveyed some kind of answer to her. Although Xiao Yu hesitated, she had no choice but to accompany the few people and ascend the stairs.

As they asked her various questions, Xiao Yu responded vaguely. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to answer, but rather, she didn’t dare. Some questions held answers that she herself couldn’t bear to contemplate.

However, before reaching her room, another unexpected event occurred—the appearance of the woman in red completely shattered Xiao Yu’s already tense nerves. Awakened from the hallucination, she screamed and ran like a madwoman until she burst into her room, seeking refuge under the covers.

“Help! There’s a ghost, a ghost!” Xiao Yu huddled in her bed, trembling with fear, resembling a turtle retreating into its shell.

Thankfully, the female ghost didn’t reappear. Xiao Yu heard someone breaking down the door and lifted the covers slightly, peering through the gap at the woman who had followed her closely.

“Are you alright?” The woman was beautiful, standing at a height of 1.75 meters with a neat ponytail. She held a gun in her hand and furrowed her brow as she asked.

“I’m fine,” Xiao Yu replied.

The woman asked, “And what about Lin Zhaohe—the one who entered the house with you?”

“I don’t know,” Xiao Yu murmured. “I don’t know where he is. I didn’t see him.”

Yun Yuzi found it strange. Lin Zhaohe had clearly entered the room right before her eyes, but now he had vanished into thin air. The room was empty, with only her and Xiao Yu staring at each other. After pondering for a while without finding an answer, Yun Yuzi couldn’t hold back and said, “No, I have to go find him.”

Losing the boss’s little dog would definitely result in a deduction from her salary.

Xiao Yu stared blankly at Yun Yuzi.

Yun Yuzi glanced at her and said, “You just wait inside the room.”

Xiao Yu glanced outside at the window. The sky had already turned pitch black, obscured by dense fog that blocked out the moonlight. The surroundings were enveloped in darkness, resembling a horrifying abyss.

The apocalypse she had experienced was different from the typical ones—no zombies or viruses. It involved creatures that roamed during the night, making Xiao Yu particularly fearful of the darkness.

“I’ll go with you,” Xiao Yu murmured. “I don’t want to be alone.”

“Sure,” Yun Yuzi said. “It’s up to you.” Finding Lin Zhaohe was the current priority, and she didn’t particularly care about what was on the mind of the petite girl in front of her.

She took out the communicator and made a call, but no one answered. Yun Yuzi circled around the room, confirming that Lin Zhaohe wasn’t inside before leaving.

“Lin Zhaohe!” Yun Yuzi called out his name, standing in the hallway.

This building was an older-style residential complex with separate entrances and long corridors. The open areas of the corridors were all covered in wire mesh, as if they were afraid of something coming in from the outside. The entire eighth floor was pitch black, except for a faint glow coming from Xiao Yu’s room. It seemed like she was the only resident on this floor.

“Sister, sister, lower your voice,” Xiao Yu suddenly became nervous upon hearing Yun Yuzi’s call. She swallowed and said, “It’s nighttime now, and the things outside can hear us. It’s very dangerous!”

Yun Yuzi was puzzled. “What things?”

“Those monsters,” Xiao Yu said, “They’re very, very terrifying.”

Yun Yuzi frowned, realizing that everyone in this group had survived for eight years in the apocalypse, where monsters only appeared at night.

Logically speaking, the condition of appearing only at night was already harsh enough. What kind of monsters could cause humanity to face such a devastating extinction?

“What do these monsters look like, and how dangerous are they?” 

“There are all kinds, and they’re extremely dangerous.” 

Yun Yuzi was about to say something when suddenly, a figure flashed in the darkness not far away. She looked at the silhouette, which resembled Lin Zhaohe, and quickly called out, “Lin Zhaohe, is that you?”

The person didn’t respond to Yun Yuzi and went straight up the stairs.

Yun Yuzi anxiously said, “Why are you running, Lin Zhaohe!” She chased after him, with Xiao Yu following closely behind.

The two of them pursued the figure ahead, reaching the seventh floor. Xiao Yu’s footsteps slowed down. She reached out and grabbed Yun Yuzi, panting for breath. “Yun… Yuzi, no, we can’t go any further.”

“Why?” Yun Yuzi was almost frantic.

“There… there are no sealed windows upstairs,” Xiao Yu trembled as she spoke. “Something happened before, and we could only seal the floors below the eighth floor.” If they reached the eighth floor, those monsters would also get in, and then everyone would be doomed.

Yun Yuzi: “In that case, you wait here, and I’ll go alone.”

Xiao Yu: “No, I’m scared to be alone. I’d rather be eaten by monsters than encounter that terrifying woman in the red dress again.”

Yun Yuzi suddenly felt conflicted. She was determined to go after Lin Zhaohe. “Then what should we do?”

“How about we wait a bit?” Xiao Yu suggested weakly. “Or maybe you can take me downstairs first…”

Obviously, that was impossible. If Yun Yuzi sent Xiao Yu downstairs and then went to find Lin Zhaohe, it was likely that Lin Zhaohe’s body would have already gone cold.

“Either you stay put and wait for me, or you come with me,” Yun Yuzi had a hot temper to begin with. If it weren’t for Xiao Yu being a young girl, she would have left her behind long ago. Now she had completely lost patience and stormed off.

Seeing that she couldn’t persuade Yun Yuzi, Xiao Yu had no choice but to follow behind her.

The figure dashed upstairs in an instant and quickly reached the seventh floor. When Xiao Yu arrived at the seventh floor and took a look, she gasped in shock. The iron door on the seventh floor, which had been reinforced with metal plates and chains, was wide open. Judging by the condition of the lock, it seemed to have been opened from the inside.

The door leading to the eighth floor was wide open, dark and daunting.

Xiao Yu was terrified, but Yun Yuzi showed no signs of fear on her face. She had already taken out her weapon and was prepared for battle. Anything other than a female ghost, she could handle.

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