Si Tian Guan Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Palm

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Qu Chenzhou climbed down from the ladder, and finally put the chopped wood on the wall, wiped his face with sweat, and put the cover on again. 

There were no idlers here. He used to bring a lot of money to the owner from time to time. He was too young to do much, and he could still have leisure time. Nowadays, very few people came to look for his divination, so he worked hard in the backyard. 

There were too many customers in Qisheng Building every day, so one needed to prepare a lot of firewood.

It was still far from the time to rest. There were large baskets of vegetables piled up by the well and needed to be cleaned. 

He had healed to the point that he could get out of bed and walk around, so he had to start working. He chopped firewood for the whole morning and was a little overdrawn. He sat down by the well and took a breather. 

“That one over there! Are you being lazy?!” 

An angry halt rang out not far away. Qu Chenzhou turned around to see a man dressed in Steward clothes, and he quickly got up and knelt down. 

“Which are you…” The man suddenly squeezed his chin and made him raise his head. It suddenly dawned on him: “Oh, I know, I have heard of you!” 

Qu Chenzhou silently looked at the visitor. 

Although it has been too long, he still recognized this person. This was a relative of the wife of the young master’s house. He was involved in running errands in the Qisheng Building. 

That’s all right if that was it, but this Steward Wu was not just idle, but he was someone who ate everything, man or woman. So soon after he came, he touched everything he could get. 

The so-called people he could get, besides the ones wanting to climb up through him, were the people who could not resist him. 

For example, people like him. 

In the previous life, he and Steward Wu also met. At that time, he tremblingly did not even dare to resist a little bit. If it weren’t for Aunt Zhao in the kitchen who saved his life, he was afraid it would be difficult to escape his clutches. 

Afterwards, before Steward Wu had a chance, Qi Sheng building declined like an avalanche. 

“Your name is Qu Chenzhou?” Steward Wu stared at him and his eyes lit up: “This little appearance, why is it so beautiful?” 

“Thank you Steward for your praise.” Qu Chenzhou was held by Steward Wu by his chin and calmly replied.

After entering the palace in his previous life, Qu Chenzhou never inquired about the other people in the Qisheng building. But before entering the palace, he had heard that Steward Wu hated Aunt Zhao who disturbed his matter. Thus, before her unmarried second daughter got married, he did something that was intolerable. 

It was said that the girl threw herself into the well ad was not rescued. Aunt Zhao cried until her tears were dry. When she woke up, she was in a trance, as if she became crazy. 

That was his debt, but he already had bloody hands, how can he be qualified to settle this debt? 

If there was nothing wrong in this life, he won’t involve with others anymore. He doesn’t want to create more rights and wrongs. 

“It’s hot, what are you wearing?” Steward Wu tore off his cover, immediately letting go of his hand in disgust. He pushed him away. 

When he looked at those eyes alone, it was fascinating, but under the cover, there was a scar that looked like it had been eaten by a bug. Anyone who looked at it would want to vomit. 

“Scary! Why don’t you hurry and put it back on!” 

Qu Chenzhou fell on his back, then slowly got up. He picked up the covering on the ground, obediently patted it twice, and put it on his face. He lowered his head softly: “If there is no other order, I will prepare to wash the vegetables.” 


Steward Wu originally had nothing to do. He responded hastily and didn’t rush away. From the back he watched him come out with water and squatted down washing vegetables at the well. 

When he lowered his head, a section of the back of his neck was exposed from the loose collar with the unhealed whiplash spread from his back. The delicate neck was lined with cruelty, yet the back of his neck was still so soft and delicate. 

Beautiful and fragile, it made people feel an impulse to be violent and ravage it for no reason. 

When the weather gets hot, sleeves were pulled up to the elbows, and the sun shone on the soft hairs with beads of sweat on the arms, giving them a hazy and dreamlike luster. 

With every effort of extending his arms out, the muscles under the skin showed a unique slenderness of a teenager.

Looking down along the arms and shoulders, the waist tightly bound by the belt seemed to be gripped, not tightly. There was an unspeakable temptation as it was held together. 

Steward Wu stared at Qu Chenzhou for a while, walked to the well and sat down. He looked down at the faintly piercing pupils under the slender eyelashes, and slowly revealed a little unclear smile. 

Knowing that the other party was looking at him, Qu Chenzhou turned his face away, but didn’t look up. He shook the washed vegetables in the bamboo basket quickly, and was about to send it to the kitchen. 

“Chenzhou, are you tired?” Steward Wu grabbed his wrist and looked at him with a smile. 

With the cover covering the terrible scars on the lower half of his face, his eyes were more clever and compelling. Even simply looking up can hook people. 

“It’s a hot day, don’t work too hard. Look how thin you are.” Steward Wu snatched the bamboo basket in his hand and wanted to pull him up: “Come, come with me and have a rest. What do you want to eat? What do you like to eat?” 

This kind tone was full of bad intentions. Qu Chenzhou flinched, unable to pull his hand out. He hesitated a little. 

If he had been in the past, like others, he would be afraid of his own natural bizarre phenomenon. However, with the help of Zhongming, he could face himself completely and calmly. He could even understand the rules and the way about himself. 

These rules were not only inherently restrictive——he was not only able to do divinations. 

Although he can’t see his own fate, the elusive future of others may change because of his intervention. 

Now that his status was low, it was naturally impossible to stir the fate of countless people like before, but Steward Wu was now in his hands. 

Qu Chenzhou watched as Steward Wu held his hand, then slowly relaxed his tight arm.

He didn’t want to have side issues arising and cause trouble. Once someone notices him, what awaits him in the future may be another catastrophe. 

Life and death was no longer in his mind, and other things didn’t matter. If he could, he just wanted to live quietly for the rest of his life. 

Seeing him giving up struggling, Steward Wu smiled openly. He wrapped his arms around his waist, hugged him in his arms, and was about to take the person away when he heard a woman’s angry halt, but Qu Chenzhou was the one being yelled at. 

“Little Brother Qu ! Have the vegetables been washed!” 

The fat Aunt Zhao walked fast, pinching her waist with her hands while she was still far away,, she cursed: “Dillydallying, your hands and feet are too slow! Do you want to be beaten again?!” 

Qu Chenzhou felt a thud in his heart. 

Since he opened his eyes in front of Panhe, he thought that the things he had always encountered were different from the past because of his rebirth, but he never expected that some things would remain the same. 

Aunt Zhao unexpectedly came to rescue him again. 

No one noticed his slightly curled fingers. Aunt Zhao grabbed his other hand, angrily about to drag him back. 

“You lazy slave, the kitchen is waiting for the food to be cooked, yet you are still holding on to Steward Wu? Do you not have any face! Did you look at your virtues? If Steward Wu was interested in you, won’t that make people laugh?” 

Steward Wu’s face was a bit ugly. He felt that the slender wrist in his hand was about to be dragged away. Without even thinking about it, he pulled the person back with a smile and grasped it tightly.

“Aunt Zhao, you’re too harsh. He’s only this big and is still growing. If he did this kind of heavy work, it would be a shame.”

“Steward Wu is praising him.” Aunt Zhao pulled with both hands quickly and repeatedly, then dragged Qu Chenzhou over and slapped him a few times: “A lazy body, what else can you do besides exerting strength! Why aren’t you hurrying up and moving the vegetables to the kitchen?” 

Qu Chenzhou was pushed a few steps away by her, and his eyes were slightly red while being scolded. 

He can hide for a while under the protection of Aunt Zhao, but the price was in exchange for another human life later. 

“What are you doing standing, why don’t you go?!” Seeing him standing still, Aunt Zhao was anxious to push him again, but he drew away. 

“Steward….” He looked down at his toes and said in a small voice: “The kitchen is so tiring.” 

Steward Wu, who was staring at Aunt Zhao with a calm face, was taken aback. He immediately understood the meaning of the words and smiled. Going over, he held his hand: “You feel tired? Let’s go, go to mine. I can promise you won’t be tired and can eat what you want to eat!” 

Aunt Zhao was furious: “Chenzhou! What are you talking about? Come over to me!” 

Qu Chenzhou raised his eyes slightly, but looked at her as if he had no courage to look at her: “Aunt Zhao…” 

Seeing him like this, Steward Wu swept away the disturbance unhappily: “Aunt Zhao, aren’t you in a hurry to use the vegetables? Hurry up and call a few boys over to carry the vegetables away.” 

Aunt Zhao was anxious and relied on her sturdy figure. She stretched out her hand several times to grab someone, but Qu Chenzhou hid himself. She cursed, “I don’t know what the h*ll is with this little beast! Does eating a clean meal exhaust you?” 

“You old woman, don’t meddle in others’ business!” 

Aunt Zhao couldn’t drag away the person and was flushed with anger. She swung her arms and departed.

Steward Wu cursed twice, then saw a pair of bright amber eyes looking away from his face. He was overjoyed: “Let’s go, come to my place. When we return, I will tell the boss to ask you to come over, so you don’t have to endure hardships.” 

Qu Chenzhou was led by Steward Wu and walked a few steps. When he heard him mention the boss, he stopped with some difficulty and said softly: “Steward Wu, boss ordered me strictly to not to go out of this yard, otherwise there will be a heavy punishment.” 

Steward Wu had heard of this incident. The child ran away too many times and was under strict control. 

“It’s okay, you wait here, I’ll go to the boss now and tell him. I’ll be back to pick you up in a while.” 

Anyways, Steward Wu was not afraid that he would escape. Even if he did, he would not be able to escape. 

“En.” Qu Chenzhou let go of his hand, and followed behind him again: “Steward Wu, I want to eat sesame pastry…” 

Steward Wu looked back at him. 

He seemed to be holding his fingers a little nervously, and repeated: “I haven’t eaten sesame pastry for a long time.” 

“Hahaha.” Steward Wu Guanshi laughed loudly. He liked these short-sighted children: “You wait for me. I’ll bring you back some sesame pastries.” 


Qu Chenzhou listening to the footsteps hurriedly leaving, and without looking at Steward Wu’s back, he returned to the side of the well, lifted the bamboo basket vigorously, and walked back to the kitchen. 

No one knows better than him that Steward Wu will never come back.

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