Si Tian Guan Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Meeting

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Qu Chenzhou vaguely felt that someone was standing at the head of the bed watching him, but Shuo Ye’s pain took away all the strength in his body, making him unwilling to move.

Amidst the daze, he still remembered who was standing by the bedside when he was suffering under the poison of Shuo Ye.

Huai Wang… No, he should call him the Emperor.

He desperately sent Concubine Liu’s child out of the palace, but was caught by the Jinwu Guards. He didn’t even have the chance to commit suicide, and he only hoped that the Shuo Ye’s attack would let him die.

But he didn’t expect that his cheap life was stubborn, and he survived abruptly.

At that time, Huai Wang stood coldly by the bedside, waiting for him to bow his head and surrender, or die.

It turned out that he was so valuable that no one was willing to let him die.

Qu Chenzhou sighed, and sure enough, he heard a deep voice asking, “Qu Chenzhou, are you awake?” “

“Mmm…” He closed his eyes, and he answered feebly, then another jolt of sobriety.

This was not the voice of Huai Wang, and Huai Wang had not yet reached this age.

He touched his wrist almost subconsciously, rolled and jumped up, and the small silver sword pierced through the quilt.

Through the quilt, he didn’t see who was coming, let alone whether he stabbed someone, so he threw the quilt over his head, and was about to jump out of bed at this moment.

But not only was the man not covered, but he pushed aside the point of the sword through the quilt, and slapped his chest precisely.

Qu Chenzhou fell on his back on the bed, this palm didn’t use power, it didn’t mean to kill him, but even through the quilt, he could feel the strong force of the palm.

The blood in his chest was churning. He clenched his teeth tightly, fearing that if he opened his mouth, he would spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Qu Chenzhou?”

The man called him again, this time he finally saw clearly the two people in front of the bed.

“Yes, this slave is Qu Chenzhou,” he clutched his chest, knelt down on the bed and kowtowed, before raising his head: “I have seen Lord Marquis, I have seen General Bai.” 

When these two people appeared here, Qu Shenzhou already sensed that things were bad.

Although Liu Zhongming, as a sign of trust, had asked him to transfer people to sneak into Fang Wuyang’s dark hall, but in reality, they both understood that Fang Wuyang was involved with Marquis Liu, General Bai and Jingchen, and with Qu Shenzhou’s status, he was bound to be unable to invite these three people.

Therefore, Qu Chenzhou was the best bait, and Liu Zhongming was the best oriole.

Fang Wuyang’s voluntary appearance was also the best time for Zhongming to negotiate with the two elders. He has tried to know the success or failure from the divination, but unfortunately found nothing.

Now that these two elders appeared here, it can only show one thing – Liu Zhongming failed to pass the barrier of these two people.

Liu Weizheng was looking down at him with his hands behind his back, until he lowered his head, asking, “Are you worried about Zhongming?”

Qu Chenzhou’s heart tightened.

Although he met Lord Marquis before, Zhongming protected him tightly at that time. Lord Marquis didn’t agree with their affairs, but he didn’t object, he only reminded them not to meet frequently.

Therefore, his impression of Lord Marquis was limited to being serious and taciturn.

But now, this family-like question made him suddenly realize that what was in front of him was the Marquis of Anding, who had been immersed in the disputes between the court and the clan since he was a child.

Not an ordinary person.

“Replying to Lord Marquis,” his eyes fell on the ground, and then gradually moved to Liu Weizheng’s feet: “I was accidentally taken away when I went out, and fortunately Shizi rescued me. Now that I am awake and not able to see Shizi, I am naturally worried.”

“You having such thoughts, it was worthwhile for Zhongming to treat you well,” Liu Weizheng sat down, and asked calmly: “Since you know who I am, why are you worried about Zhongming when you saw me?” 

Qu Chenzhou lowered his head and asked after a while : “Because Lord Marquis hasn’t been to this courtyard for a long time…”

“He’s a clever little guy, he speaks well,” Liu Weizheng said with a smile, “It’s rare for me to come to Zhongming. If I hadn’t come to him this time, I wouldn’t have known he would have become like this.” 

“Zhongming used to be a child with his own plan, unfortunately, he was bewitched by someone, and now he looks crazy and talks nonsense.” 

“I have ordered him to be locked up in a safe place, so you don’t have to worry.”

Qu Chenzhou stopped answering, slowly raised his eyes. It fell on Liu Weizheng.

Bai Shining couldn’t bear the silence in the room, and asked in surprise: “Aren’t you worried about Zhongming? Why don’t you ask him what nonsense he was talking about? Where he is being locked up, you…” 

Liu Weizheng raised his hand to stop him, and asked, “Are you divining for me?”

The words have come to this point, there was no need to ask carefully, Qu Chenzhou had already figured out what crazy things Liu Zhongming said, so that he was imprisoned.

——Seizing the throne was a very important matter, and Lord Marquis and the Bai family have always held a wait-and-see attitude without arguing, let alone Concubine Liu has not moved yet, and Liu Zhongming made such nonsense when he first entered the officialdom. Once there is failure, Zhongming wouldn’t fall alone.

He no longer shied away from Liu Weizheng’s gaze, and replied loudly: “Yes.”

“Shining, stab him in the eye.”

Bai Shining’s iron palm arrived in response to the sound, a choke on his throat and he was pressed down on the bed, the flying needle between his fingers had reached his eyes in an instant. 

Qu Chenzhou didn’t even yell in surprise, he just pursed his lips slightly.

The flying needle stopped an inch in front of his eyes.

As if time became torturous, hanging in front of him slowly sinking, the needle tip seemed to have touched his eyelashes.

Qu Chenzhou’s eyes fell on Bai Shining again, and he said softly: “General Bai, it’s not too late to do it when Lord Marquis really wants to take my life.”

The flying needle in his hand did a spin, and then was hidden somewhere again. Bai Shining could not help but laugh, teasing: “Ah Zheng, you failed, you did not scare the person.”

Liu Weizheng was also a little surprised, and smiled: “Still have a little courage, it was my carelessness. Having a person like you by Zhongming’s side, it’s no wonder he was bewitched by you.”

“I don’t know where the Marquis’ got the word ‘bewitched’ from,” Qu Shenzhou was released. He rubbed the neck that was choked a bit and sat down on the edge of the bed: “not bewitched, that is just gossip. “

Liu Weizheng and Bai Shining looked at each other without moving.

“I was indeed divining for Lord Marquis just now. Judging from the words of the divination, if I tell the truth to the two of you, Shizi will have no worries.” 

“Tell the truth?”

“Yes, you and General Bai must be interested in hearing it.” Qu Chenzhou said calmly, “And I know that not only will Shizi be safe, but the two of you will stand behind him.”

Bai Shining sat down beside him with his legs crossed, and smiled: “Little guy, don’t think Ah Zheng is as easy to fool as Zhongming. Be careful if you say a wrong word, your delicate little neck will be broken.” 

The awe-inspiring murderous aura lingered around him, Qu Chenzhou didn’t look sideways, and replied: “Replying to Lord Marquis and General Ba, if you think I’m lying, my life is here, take it away at will, and there will never be a word of begging for mercy.”

Liu Weizheng was noncommittal.

The silence in the room seemed to be filled with invisible pressure, Qu Chenzhou smiled in his heart.

In the past, it was Zhongming and Shiyan who were interrogating him, but now it was replaced by the two elders. He sat upright, it was a bit like the previous situation.

He was also a person who had seen strong winds and waves. He had walked on the narrow single-plank bridge in the boundary between life and death countless times.

If he wanted to win the real support of the two elders for Zhongming, he can’t hide his identity details, and now was the best opportunity.

What to say, what not to say, was easy for him.

“Lord Marquis, General Bai,” he said slowly, “I am a person who has already died once, more than ten years later…”

After a long time, the room was still silent.

Liu Weizheng twirled his fingers and remained silent.

It wasn’t enough for Bai Shining to look back and forth at Qu Chenzhou, he couldn’t help stretching out his hand to twiddle his warm earlobe, and pinched the soft nape of his neck with two fingers, and repeated this until he confirmed that he was a living person.

“You mean…you died once and came back to life in this body?”

“Yes, General Bai,” Qu Chenzhou patiently explained to him, “This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is, the situation of the Bai Liu family was not as optimistic as the two of you imagined.”

These words were extremely euphemistic, and both of them understood that if what he said was true, even if the emperor does not cause trouble, once Huai Wang ascends the throne, the two families will reach the end.

“Ah Zheng.” Bai Shining couldn’t make up his mind, so he called softly.

The jade ruyi stayed between his fingers for a long time, and then was rubbed again. Liu Weizheng didn’t question him, nor did he go round and round the topic, he just simply asked.

“Who are you?”

Different from the narration of Liu Zhongming and Bai Shiyan, facing these two people, Qu Chenzhou’s narration focused more on the situation of the Bai Liu family than Liu Qingyan’s death as a threat.

So naturally everything about himself was omitted, not to mention the past with Zhongming.

But the question that even Liu Zhongming could think of was a hurdle that he couldn’t overcome. He was not surprised by Liu Weizheng’s question, and the words of rejection came out of his mouth habitually—it doesn’t matter who I am.

But Liu Weizheng didn’t need his answer, and asked again: “You just said that someone told the emperor that Zhongming had the appearance of the Son of Heaven. At that time, Qingru already had a child, and the emperor’s fear became 100%, right?”

“Yes.” Qu Chenzhou lowered his head slightly, it was naturally impossible to tell the two of them the divination, but the meaning in it was the source of angering the emperor, so he had to mention it.

Liu Weizheng nodded, and said to himself: “Our two families have been in the court for several generations. Although they are not powerful, they have a deep foundation. If there was any trouble in the court, it should be able to spread immediately. Why did we end up like this?”

Qu Chenzhou’s heart suddenly tightened, and he realized that he had underestimated the Marquis of Anding.

“So to uproot the Liu family, the person who speaks up must not be able to report or impeach in front of the palace, they can only report secretly in secret. Only this way could the emperor suddenly launch an attack, right?” 

“…” Qu Chenzhou had to admit: “Yes.”

Bai Shining scolded: “Tell me! What b*stard was the informer!”

“For the sake of the face of the heavenly family, the emperor could not let outsiders know that there is such a phrase, that Zhongming is the son of heaven, and you ……” Liu Weizheng ignored him and swept a glance at Qu Chenzhou.

“You are not Yu Gonggong, but you can know the cause and effect in such detail. Therefore, you are the one who told the story.”

Like being splashed with ice water in the cold winter months, Qu Chenzhou bit his lower lip, his face gradually paled .

Bai Shining lost his voice: “How could it be!”

“Look up, look at me,” Liu Weizheng asked calmly, “Is it you who told the story?” 

“Yes…” Qu Chenzhou curled up his fingers and grabbed the bedding underneath him, as if facing the bones of the past, he couldn’t help but want to cry and confess: “It’s me.” 

“How dare you…”

“Shining!” Liu Weizheng raised his hand, and Bai Shining was about to fall with a roar when he stopped his palm wind.

“My two families have served in the imperial court for generations, and Shining was an indispensable iron wall for Dayu. Even if the emperor was afraid, why would he destroy the Great Wall himself because of such absurd words of information?” 

Liu Weizheng walked slowly, and asked Qu Chenzhou bending down. The shadow seemed to be too heavy for people to breathe.

“You are clear-headed, articulate, and thoughtful. You are a rare smart person. I have memorized all the courtiers above the seventh rank inside and outside the capital, and there is no such person like you.” 

“That is to say, at this moment, you haven’t become an official in the court yet.”

“You are not mature in speech and behavior, and you should be thirty at most when you died, but your official position was not low, and you are too familiar with the palace, the princes and emperors. You must have at least been by their side for ten years.”

“Based on this, I’m afraid you were not a full adult when you were placed by the emperor’s side, were you?”

Qu Chenzhou’s face was as pale as paper, and the past that was branded on his body could not escape his discerning eyes after all.

“At such a young age, there are very few people who can convince the emperor with a few words. So you used to be…” Liu Weizheng put his hands on his shoulders, and said slowly: “You were the Si Tian Guan, weren’t you?

The author has something to say: In fact, the title of this chapter, I originally wanted to call it “Meet the Parents”

PS: Falling off the horse wasn’t from the old man’s side, it was Zhongming who dug out a crematorium himself

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