Si Tian Guan Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Willow Blossoms

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The voice, the breath, were all familiar, like a long-awaited rain after a drought.

But Liu Zhongmingu curled his fingers and didn’t dare to embrace the person, pushing them away desperately. “You’re not him! You’re not him!”

The person sighed and reached into their clothes, taking out something.

“Zhongming, look, it’s me.”

His fingers touched the small jade pendant, and the bell rang softly, but it shattered the high defenses he had erected.


He trembled, but restrained himself from embracing the person completely. It was the person he had dreamed of, but he couldn’t let himself be consumed by desire, which would hurt Chenzhou.

And he had promised to cherish the person he loved on their wedding night.

From where the jade pendant hung, that hand pulled him gently and patiently.

“Zhongming, I don’t mind,” Chenzhou whispered in his ear.

Every moment together was agony.

His eyes were already red from the strain, but suddenly he pushed the person away and toppled over with the chair.

Liu Zhongming crawled on the ground, gasping for breath. He wanted to tell the person to leave, to retain his last shred of dignity, but when he tried to speak, his voice came out hoarse.

He wanted to reach out wildly, but his whole body trembled uncontrollably. His hands tore at his waistband, but he couldn’t muster any strength.

Qu Chenzhou stared at him, suddenly seeming to understand his persistence and determination. His eyes reddened, and he picked up the vase on the desk, pouring all the water on him.

The coldness made Liu Zhongming shiver, and he regained some clarity in a flash, struggling to get up. Qu Chenzhou helped him sit back on the chair.

“Zhongming, I will wait for you until our wedding night.”

Qu Chenzhou leaned down and kissed him, pressing his belt with one hand.

“Now, let me help you.”

Liu Zhongming lost the strength to resist.

For the first time, he realized that he could be so easily conquered, that someone could pacify him so effortlessly.

They didn’t merge, but in the suffocating kiss and the language of love, they had become one person.


He held the delicate neck, his fingers threading through the damp hair, calling out softly.


Someone responded to him with a kiss: “Zhongming.”

He suddenly choked up.

It was as if a long time ago, someone had called him like this, responded to him so gently, and promised to stay with him through life and death, but in the end, only he was left, living worse than death.

He was as fragile as a helpless child, tears streaming down his face, pressing the person onto the desk, kissing and biting clumsily and frantically.

“Chenzhou, don’t leave me, don’t leave me.”

His tears fell, as if they landed on Chenzhou’s eye corners, and rolled down into his hair.

“Zhongming, I…” Chenzhou’s eyes were red, whispering to himself, “I don’t want to leave you either.”

As the setting sun sank in the west, the sudden rain stopped.

Not only was Liu Zhongming tired, but Chenzhou was also exhausted.

“It’s sore here.”

Chenzhou lay in his arms, his toes crossed backwards and propped up on the desk, pressing him in the chair, and teasingly stretching his ten fingers in front of him.

He kissed each one: “Let me pinch your fox claws.”

Chenzhou withdrew his hand and pointed his fingertips to his cheek, drawing down the glistening line, licking his lips, and then pointing to his lower lip.

“Here’s sore too.”

Liu Zhongming’s face turned red, still holding onto him and not letting go, he lowered his head to kiss him, but was stopped by a hand.

“Actually let’s not do that…”

He grabbed that hand and continued to kiss: “My own thing, I don’t mind.”

Zhiwei had talked to him about these things before, not to mention that the person in front of him was his beloved. He had revealed everything to him, and for the first time he was fragile and crying in front of someone, his embarrassed and disheveled appearance was fully accepted.

They were willing to get each other dirty and have the same color as themselves.

That’s how intimate they were.

The study was in a mess, with ink, paper, and inkstones all pushed to the ground. The table was even messier, and the two of them rolled around on it without caring, as if they wanted to swallow each other alive.

Qu Chenzhou looked up, his neck bitten with traces, and suddenly murmured, “Marquis Liu is here…”

Liu Zhongming was scared cold and didn’t have time to look up. He grabbed Qu Chenzhou and crawled under the table, but his pants had already been kicked off to some corner. He panicked and hugged Qu Chenzhou and crawled under the table.

“Marquis Liu…” Qu Chenzhou giggled, being hugged by him, and both of them squeezed into the small space under the table. He nibbled on his ear and whispered, “What should we do if Marquis Liu comes?”

Liu Zhongming only then realized he had been tricked. He held Qu Chenzhou’s ankle and lifted it up.

The space under the table was cramped, and Qu Chenzhou had nowhere to hide. He was dragged down and laid flat on his back on the ground. He had to give in and say, “Shizi, we agreed to wait for the bridal chamber…”

Liu Zhongming turned his head and placed a gentle kiss on his ankle, “Didn’t you call me something else just now?”

But Qu Chenzhou refused to give in, “My lord Shizi.”

Liu Zhongming knew that this little fox had a wicked heart. He went out to look for his pants and came back to drag the person out from under the table and lifted him onto his shoulder.

“Where is Shizi going?”

“To the bridal chamber!”

Liu Zhongming had chosen a terrible bridal chamber.

The steam filled the bathroom, and he went down to the bath and put Qu Chenzhou on the warm stone bench before slowly taking off his clothes. Although he was still a bit shy, he was already touched by the little fox, and he would rather have Qu Chenzhou take a good look at him again.

Anyway… they were already so intimate.

Qu Chenzhou leaned against the pool, gazing up and down at him as if unable to get enough.

Liu Zhongming still blushed and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Suddenly, the little fox chuckled and absent-mindedly untied the knot on his clothes while singing in a gentle voice.

“The warm east wind blows, and the willow blossoms flutter in the clear day. The orchid dress fades its fragrance, and the embroidered pillow rotates to meet the lover.”

Liu Zhongming’s mind tightened, and his face turned hot.

He had heard this tune in the pleasure quarters, where a charming girl played the pipa and sang in a soft voice about red waves that stirred the heart.

“As the cherry blossoms fall, the spring melts the ice, and you snuggle up to me, your soft waves rippling.” Qu Chenzhou threw his wet shirt aside and opened his undershirt halfway, propping up his cheek and looking at him with a smile that was not quite a smile.

The water ripples constantly on his clothes made it hard for him to look elsewhere.

“The bed is steady, the mandarin ducks quilt is carelessly spread, and the waves flip the red silk.”

Liu Zhongming couldn’t help but pour a handful of water over, getting up and moving forward.

Qu Chenzhou smiled and pursed his lips, forced to keep retreating to the corner, with an unrepentant look.

“Where did you learn all this from? Not learning properly!”

Liu Zhongming was about to move forward again when a smooth and tender foot pressed against his chest.

Just as he was about to grab it, the foot skillfully drew a circle, freeing itself from his grip. The round toes then hooked onto the towel at his waist.

As he bent down to grab it, the foot swiped across his throat, mischievously teasing him.

“Little fox,” Liu Zhongming finally caught the slender ankle, “let me touch it and see if your tail is out.”

Qu Chenzhou’s clothes floated up and down in the water, and his body was as transparent as jade in the reflection of the water. His glassy eyes twinkled as he allowed his ankle to be held, tilting his head slightly and singing another line.

“Thick as wine, fragrant sweat stains on the silk, slightly translucent after several times.”

It was both provocative and teasing.

Liu Zhongming was both angry and amused, scratching his knee with his outstretched hand. “Are you in a hurry to consummate our marriage, hooking onto me like this?”

Qu Chenzhou’s eyes sparkled with laughter as he sank down, water covering his slightly upturned upper lip, and bubbles of air escaping from his mouth.

“Can Shizi still handle it? We’ve already had a few rounds in the study just now…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his gaze suddenly hardened. He jumped up and tried to climb out, but was grabbed by his waistband and thrown back into the water, falling into strong arms.

The towel that was previously tied to Liu Zhongming’s waist innocently floated on the water.

His tune was just too good, and little brother Liu couldn’t bear it and stood up to listen.

“Am I still okay?” Liu Zhongming hugged him tightly and asked softly, “Do you think I’m still okay?”

Qu Chenzhou was wet all over, with a red nose, and struggled but couldn’t break free. He could only beg for mercy.

“Zhongming… If you keep doing this, someone will die in the future…”

“Don’t worry, I will treat you well,” Liu Zhongming pressed him down and laid him on the warm pillow by the pool, asking, “Do you want to try now?”

The little fox laughed and rested his arm on the pillow, smiling at him with pursed lips.

He thought he would hear a response, but saw Qu Chenzhou reach out and smooth a strand of his hair, then twisted their hair together into a bored knot between his fingers, without answering, seeming to have something on his mind.

“Chenzhou,” he looked at their hair tied together, slowly holding Qu Chenzhou’s hand, “Actually, I want it more than you do, but I don’t want to disappoint you, nor do I want to bring trouble to you.”

“What if I’m not afraid of disappointment or trouble?” Qu Chenzhou asked him with his head tilted back.

“I’m afraid, I want you to live well at all times,” he rubbed his cheek against him, “On the day we succeed, I want to marry you, I want you, and I want you all night long. Don’t let me have it prematurely, I will be so happy that I won’t want to return to reality.”

Qu Chenzhou smiled and leaned his face against him, not forcing him anymore, “I’ll wait for you to marry me.”

Liu Zhongming was full of emotion and joy, about to lower his head to ask for a kiss, but suddenly he hummed softly, “Don’t move!”

“It will be mine sooner or later, why not move?” Qu Chenzhou smirked mischievously, “I’m so scared, what if I can’t go out in the future?”

Liu Zhongming pinched his wrist and held it behind his back, suspecting that one of them might not be able to go out in the future.

“Don’t be silly, you came back just in time, let me tell you what happened today.”

The empress had a plan, and today, even if Liu Zhongming hadn’t lifted a finger, as long as he was assisted to the inner room, he wouldn’t be able to explain anything.

Don’t say that it’s the Empress’s family, if it really comes to the Emperor’s attention, he would be in the wrong, after all, a girl’s reputation is important, and no one would think that a girl from the Tang family would shamelessly climb onto his bed on her own initiative.

In these years, Ning Wang’s inaction has greatly widened the gap between him and the other two Wangye’s. If this continues, it was afraid that even the position of the Di son cannot be upheld.

The Tang family was urgently trying to win people over and stand with them.

But what he hated the most was that his mother had played an important role in this disgusting matter.

This made him realize that he can no longer allow his mother to be summoned and manipulated by the Empress like a puppet.

With his mother’s personality of not distinguishing right from wrong, the more he moves forward, the more trouble his mother’s small actions may cause.

Qu Chenzhou listened to him quietly, without any desire to play with his hair anymore.

Liu Zhongming poured water on both of them, still feeling lingering fear.

“The Empress didn’t chase after us, I’m afraid it’s also because she’s concerned about the Emperor. The Bai and Liu families are a force on their own, and they were originally prepared for my sister. If the Emperor knew that they were trying to do this so shamelessly, he would probably be unhappy.”

“But if you think about it the other way around,” Qu Chenzhou looked at the shattered reflection on the water’s surface and slowly said, “only the Empress dares to have such thoughts. Zhongming, I always wondered why the Emperor, despite his strained relationship with the Empress, always turned a blind eye to her actions.”

Liu Zhongming had also considered this question before.

Not only did she plot against him this time, including the previous rouge case where the board was smashed on Huai Wang’s face, the emperor still only blamed Ning Wang a few times in the end.

Even at last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, the emperor still had a deep affectionate look with the empress.

He tried hard to grasp the strangeness in it: “Chenzhou, do you remember when my mother took out the poison as evidence in the rouge case?”

Of course, Qu Chenzhou remembered: “What does Shizi think?”

“I’m thinking, a mere underling like Danlang, regardless of guilt, is insignificant. But my mother still took out something. It doesn’t seem like her character.”

As he said this, Qu Chenzhou also sensed something amiss.

“Are you suggesting that the poison was brought out for another purpose?”

The two looked at each other, both seeing surprise and fear in each other’s eyes.


Liu Zhongming’s voice was hoarse.

“The empress is so audacious, it’s impossible that she hasn’t done anything in the harem. Concubine Xian’s health is highly likely to be related to the empress. Does the emperor…really not know anything?”

“However, whether it was the case of the lip rouge or other things, the Emperor did not blame too much,” he voiced his own speculation, “If that poison was actually shown to the Emperor as a warning… to alert the Emperor?”

For a moment, Qu Chenzhou didn’t speak. He had long suspected whether the Emperor’s leniency towards the Empress and Ning Wang had something to do with the Empress holding some leverage over him.

Now they both thought of the same person.

If the death of the heir who was less than three years old was related to the Tang family, if the Emperor was adopted by the Empress Dowager, then someone had made moves behind the scenes…

“The Empress Dowager.”

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