Si Tian Guan Chapter 19

Chapter 19 In love and inseparable 

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“I didn’t touch him at all! He started screaming all by himself! I didn’t do anything.” 

Bai Shiyan spat out his tea. 

He was used to thinking that he was a brave soul to dare to annoy his good friend, but he never expected that there would be someone else, who wasn’t afraid of death either. 

“Courageous, what guts!” He gave a thumbs up and asked incredulously: “How does the next part of the drama go? What are you planning to do? Well, let’s settle your business first, what happened afterwards? Was he hoping that by doing these antics, you will continue to let him stay here? How can there be such a naive person?” 

Liu Zhongming rubbed his temples. 

It was the first time in his life that he encountered someone whose words and deeds simply couldn’t be explained by common sense. He, at the time, had no idea what the other party was thinking. His body was shaking and could not handle being tortured, but still, he had stubbornly refused to open his mouth. Finally, he even went ahead and made that move. 

It’s like he was eager to die.

This thought flashed through his mind and for some reason, it made him quiver. 

When he had talked to Shiyan about Pan He before, he seemed to have said the same thing ——How dare he trample on Pan He’s face? He surely must be tired of living! 

But why didn’t he want to live and instead die? 

In the end, who was the man behind this little monster? Why couldn’t that man think it through properly before throwing in a person who wanted to die? 

Could it be that he’s simply overreacting and all these were his own wild speculations? Could it be that no one deliberately set him up?

He had not felt this troubled in many years and now, he even regretted saving the person in the first place. But those dreams felt so real and the person in his dreams had now clearly appeared in front of him, so he just couldn’t ignore it. 

The more he wanted to draw a clue from his dreams and reality, the more entangled he was,  unable to move on. 

“Why is Fang Wuyang so slow?! Why is there no news yet!” He couldn’t help being angry. 

“It’s only been a few days now.” Although he wasn’t comfortable seeing Fang Wuyang’s drunk and dreamy appearance, Bai Shiyan was still fair and helped the person call out his grievance: “There’s also a different matter of whether he has received your letter or not. Speaking of which, how did it go with the little monster yesterday?” 

“Nothing, I didn’t get anything from him.” Liu Zhongming rubbed his face annoyedly: “He’s really like a mute. He would rather suffer torture than speak.” 

“What about the person now? Is he dead?” 

Bai Shiyan felt that this question was unnecessary. Regardless of whether Zhongming had touched the little monster, with him pulling a stunt like this, let alone a slave, even an ordinary person would have someone going to sweep their grave next year. 

But contrary to his expectations, Liu Zhongming remained expressionless, not responding for a while. Then under Bai Shiyan’s increasingly unbelievable gaze, he pretended to be calm and sneered: “Dying so easily, wouldn’t it be too easy for him?”

Bai Shiyan grew up with him since he was a child. Since the Liu family’s eldest brother’s accident, he had become accustomed to his calm appearance, and his old-fashioned way. Now he suddenly saw embarrassment flashing on Liu Zhongming’s face. It was no different than seeing a monster.

He stayed expressionless for a moment, then suddenly realized something and smiled sinisterly: “Oh, so that’s how it is! You were being reluctant. Well, I understand. I understand.” 

“You understand my a*s!” 

“Tut, our Prince Liu is finally tasting meat after fasting for so long. The little monster must be quite capable to force you to spit out such filthy words” 

Next moment, Bai Shiyan jumped up from the chair and hid behind it. Looking at the inkstone that hit the seat, he couldn’t help but smack his lips: “Zhongming, I heard that Du Quan’s Chunqing building’s people, each one is better than the next…” 

He couldn’t finish speaking and flipped over to avoid two arrows. Jumping out of the window, he escaped with a long burst of laughter. 

He didn’t know if it was because of the sound of the groaning or because of Bai Shiyan’s promiscuous joke, the more Liu Zhongming wanted to ignore things, the more they entangled him. 

He even dreamed that he also let out an ambiguous sound. 

The heavy breathing made a heavy gasp like a dilapidated bellows, magnified infinitely in the ears. Moreover, he was still sweating, like hot dilapidated bellows

But that unspeakable joy was running and whistling all over his body, even his toes couldn’t help curling up.

More than that, there was still a person in his arms, and one of his hands was tenderly on the back of the person’s neck as if he was holding the person in his arms, reluctant to let the other person leave. 

They were so close, they could even feel each other’s breath. 

But the man didn’t make a sound. Covering his face with the back of his hand, it was as if he had to endure everything. Enduring his unscrupulous movements, and only when he couldn’t bear it, he bit his lips tightly and trembled slightly. 

The surroundings were not bright, they seemed to be hiding in a hidden place, tasting the excitement and happiness of a secret affair. 

He leaned down and gently touched the soft lips below, only to find that the man’s tears had dripped down his face and flowed onto his temples. 

“Does it hurt?” His heart suddenly clenched up, and he took his hand covering his eyes. 

The hand was slender with well-defined joints. It was obviously not a girl, but he didn’t mind in the dream. Instead, he kissed it inch by inch all over his fingertips. 

He was full of tenderness and joy, and he was full of bad thoughts about teasing the other. 

“Do you want it still? If you want it, just call out for me to hear and I’ll give it to you.” 

“Hurry up…” 

The man whimpered very softly, and he removed his hand obediently, blindfolded by a mist of water. He looked at him as if he was greatly wronged. 

The gaze that looked at him seemed to be able to endure all pain, but was as fragile as if it could be broken by a simple touch. 

Those eyes again! 

Liu Zhongming screamed and woke up abruptly. He opened his eyes amidst the loud noise, and gasped for a long time before realizing that it was just a dream just now.

But in a blink of an eye he froze again. His face gradually flushed. He reached out and touched the quilt, it was actually cool and slippery. 

He actually had an erotic dream… 

What terrible luck. 

Another thunder exploded above his head. There were a lot of thunderstorms in the early summer. The low and muffled air before the rain made him even more irritable at night. 

He didn’t dare lie down and continue to sleep, for fear of dreaming of something again. He leaned against the lamp and read a book for a while, but couldn’t focus on a single word. 

After walking around the house a few times, Liu Zhongming finally made up his mind, put on his clothes and went out. 

That room was in the east wing of his inner courtyard, not far from the bedroom. Since coming out yesterday, he had made up his mind not to go there, but under the bewitching of his dreams, he stood there again involuntarily. 

In the dark night, Liu Zhongming looked at the ordinary wooden door, and he felt like he was in a dream again. 

As if the dream was real, he stood there as an illusion. 

The room was dark, no one lit the lamp. Only the occasional lightning that split the sky lit it up, dragging Liu Zhongming’s shadow from the door to the bedside. 

He stood for a while, then slowly closed the door behind him and lit the candle. 

The person on the bed was still the same as when he left, with his hands and feet firmly tied to the bed. He had no response to his arrival, he didn’t know if he had fainted.

Perhaps it was because he was struggling too hard in the pain, but his body was soaked full of blood. The water in the bedding made it spread and dyed it red all around as if spreading into two strangely coloured wings. 

That person was like a butterfly bound in a net, fragile and helpless. 

If the person was left alone in this way, within a few days, the wounds soaked in water will start to become foul-smelling and rotten. Even if he by fluke preserved his life, his whole body would become crippled.

When Liu Zhongming rushed away, he had planned for it to be this way, but now he didn’t know why, he couldn’t help stepping into this door and standing by the bed for a long time, staring blankly. 

That dream… was it really the magic of witchcraft? 

Torturing this little monster to death, would he finally sleep properly from now on? 

But the dream was so real that it was like he was within reach. He was unwilling to just flip through it like this. Being blindfolded to conduct himself was never his principle of dealing with things. 

He wanted to know why he had such a weird and realistic dream. 

Who was the “him” in the dream? What had happened to “him”? And who was that clever and shy person? 

If it was witchcraft, where does the end of this dream want to lead him to? 

Was it simply because he was too entranced and stubborn about that rare pupil colors, that he repeatedly saw those devilish pupils in his dreams? 

His fingers stretched out involuntarily and touched those eyes through a layer of black cloth. 

He didn’t know if it was because of the thunder or the rainy weather affecting his wounds, Qu Chenzhou’s body trembled slightly, as if he wanted to struggle, but he couldn’t exert any strength. He could only lift his head hard but ultimately, was blocked. Intermittent cries of pain escaped from his mouth.

Liu Zhongming thought that he wanted to beg for mercy, but he only stood by the bed for a while and watched his lips become almost bloodless. He noticed that even so, his cheeks remained flushed and his body was trembling the entire time. 

Fingertips touched the hot forehead, then quickly opened the blindfold. He saw Qu Chenzhou, who had his eyes firmly closed, as if he was caught in a nightmare, frowning in pain. 


But thinking of the loss he had eaten yesterday, he bitterly turned his back to the door——to dare to commit a taboo against him and then die in a coma like this, wouldn’t that be too easy on him?! 

He pulled out the linen stuffed in Qu Chenzhou’s mouth and was about to untie his wrist, but when he leaned over, he heard a whimper. 


This whisper seemed to suddenly overlap with his dream at this moment. 

Liu Zhongming felt as if someone had poured oil on his heart. 

This time he was completely certain that when he rescued the little monster in front of Panhe’s door, the little boy who was awkwardly curled up in his arms had made such a soft call. 

It was completely different from the peaceful estrangement seen normally. As it is said, people in a trance, unconsciously peel off their hard shells, leaving only the helplessness hidden in their innermost selves. 

Like a child who has lost his way in the dark crying timidly, they could only use their whispering voice to call the name of their closest person and give themselves the courage and strength to go forward. 

The explosive thunder rolled past not far away again and the heavy rain finally poured down. The gust of wind slammed open the open door and licked the flame on the candlestick. 

The room fell into darkness again. 

Without the lighting of the candle, it seemed that he could avoid everyone’s gaze. At this moment, he sank from reality to dream. Liu Zhongming stayed at the bed with his hands pressed against it for a while, then suddenly he hugged the person under him. 

“Who are you…”

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