Si Tian Guan Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Huixin Palace

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As Yu Dexi exited from Qingxin Residence, he spotted someone standing outside the railings on the steps.

The person stood there for a moment, looking rather unpleasant and restless, occasionally shifting half a step in place.

Yu Dexi didn’t acknowledge the person, simply swung his dusting cloth onto his arm and narrowed his eyes to observe the person’s pacing.

Perhaps due to being someone trained in martial arts, after standing there for a brief moment, the person suddenly looked up. They hastened up the steps and bowed to him.

“I dare to ask Yu Gonggong, has the Emperor retired for the night?”

“He just retired. The Emperor hasn’t been sleeping well these days. He barely closes his eyes, so it’s best not to disturb Commander Bo.” Yu Dexi gave him a sidelong glance and chuckled, “Besides, if Commander Bo comes empty-handed, even if he were to see the Emperor, it would only make the Emperor angry once more.”

Bo Yan detected the barb in Yu Dexi’s words and couldn’t immediately respond, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

In this ordeal, he had become a scapegoat. He hadn’t fully grasped the cause and effect yet when the palace issued an edict, commanding him and Yu Gonggong to search Qu Chenzhou’s residence.

If it had been a routine search, that would have been one thing. However, he never expected Qu Chenzhou to be absent from his home. What was even more surprising was the shocking revelation from the young lady that Yu Gonggong brought with him.

Qu Sitian and the Shizi…

Could it be that the Emperor had learned about Qu Chenzhou and the Shizi’s relationship? What should he do?

If his self-control hadn’t been strong enough, he might have revealed something in that moment.

What startled him even more was the news he learned after leaving the Qu residence – that the Liu Shizi, in the afternoon, led a group of people to surround the Bright Moon Pavilion, arresting Qu Chenzhou and others and taking them to Jinxiu Ying.

His mind was a jumbled mess, unable to grasp the twists and turns. Fortunately, not long after he returned to his residence, a confidential letter finally pointed him in the right direction, allowing him to regain his composure.

At least he knew he hadn’t done anything wrong today.

In reality, they found nothing at the Qu residence—aside from the secret chamber containing precious jewels and gems, they had searched every nook and cranny of Qu’s estate.

The newly built mansion was clean and simple, without even a rat hole. Where could there be any secret passages?

But this kind of outcome… was definitely not what Yu Gonggong wanted.

Although Bo Yan hadn’t figured out all the intricacies at that moment, the obvious shock and fear on Yu Gonggong’s face indicated one thing—Yu Gonggong had come here not only as the Emperor’s eyes and ears but with his own purpose.

However, no matter how much Yu Gonggong couldn’t believe it, the fact remained—there was nothing. Qu Chenzhou’s residence was clean, and they had even taken out the items from the secret chamber one by one.

Nothing means nothing.

Even though Yu Gonggong hinted that he should hide or lie, he didn’t dare. It would be a crime to deceive the Emperor!

So many soldiers and palace personnel had accompanied him into the secret chamber. If even one of them had let something slip, Yu Gonggong could remain clean, and the one who’d lose his head would be Bo Yan!

Furthermore, Qu Chenzhou was now in the Jinxiu Ying. How could anything significant happen now?

Even if you looked at it from another perspective, there was still the Shizi as a safety net, right?

Compared to Yu Gonggong, he really didn’t want to offend those two.

But there was nothing they could do. Yu Gonggong was fixated on his own perspective and couldn’t see the reality clearly. He persistently urged him to conduct further searches in private.

Returning empty-handed again today, the last time he came, Yu Gonggong even threatened him with the loss of his position as Deputy Commander of the Southern Bureau.

Bo Yan finely adjusted his breathing and, as he raised his head, the sharpness was hidden away, leaving only a careful smile.

“Gonggong please check carefully. I have ordered people to empty the items from the residence once more. If there’s anything suspicious, we will definitely find it quickly. Gonggong, please be patient.”

“Has Deputy Commander Bo not figured it out yet?” Yu Dexi’s voice became shrill, “Could it be that Deputy Commander Bo is working for me? You’re wasting the Emperor’s favor! You mean to tell me that you can’t find something that simple in the Qu residence? Are you suggesting that I have to take action myself?”

Bo Yan smiled in compliance.

“Gonggong is right. However… I’ve also followed the Emperor’s wishes and searched across the street—” He paused, and even though he didn’t specify ‘across the street,’ the message was clear. “Moreover, even if we talk about across the street, the Shizi is currently busy in the Jinxiu Ying. I also went to the Marquis Residence’s courtyard, but…”

Yu Dexi impatiently waved his hand.

“What ‘buts’ are there? Deputy Commander Bo, if you can’t find it, you’ll bear the charge of harboring criminals. I won’t be able to protect you.”

Bo Yan repeatedly agreed, “I understand, I understand!”

“The Emperor’s patience is running thin, at most three days,” Yu Dexi glanced at him, “Does Deputy Commander Bo understand what this means?”

“I understand…” Bo Yan echoed, seeing Yu Dexi was about to leave, he quickly walked alongside and whispered, “I didn’t perform well in handling matters. I’m really grateful for Gonggong’s guidance. Gonggong… Did you find the recent marrow-cleansing jade liquid comfortable to use? It’s very satisfying?”

Indeed, Yu Dexi halted his steps. This was a fundamental matter that couldn’t be ignored. Besides, whether it was due to psychological comfort or some other reason, he felt that there was something peculiar about that place.

“That’s right.”

Bo Yan breathed a sigh of relief, “Recently, I’ve been searching for some top-quality marrow-cleansing jades. I was in a hurry to enter the palace today and couldn’t bring them with me. Tomorrow morning…”

He slightly lowered his body and whispered softly, “Huixin Palace… the old place…”

A faint smile finally appeared on Yu Dexi’s long-darkened face.

“Deputy Commander Bo, you’ve gone to great lengths.”


Mu Jingyan looked around and pushed open the door of Huixin Palace in the silence.

This place was close to the Cold Palace, and not many people were willing to come here. Even the cleaning servants would slack off. In the spring, the weeds that hadn’t been cleared away were stubbornly growing on the stone paths, making it look more like a wild area than a part of the palace.

Inside, there didn’t seem to be anyone present.

As he placed his hand on the door, he hesitated for a moment.

During this tense time, if anyone else had asked him to come here, he would undoubtedly refuse.

But today, the person who conveyed the message to him at the palace gate was Qingru’s senior palace maid by her side. The person who had called him here was Liu Qingru.

Mu Jingyan’s brows and eyes softened, and a subtle smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

He was grateful that such a person existed in the world, someone who allowed him to remain calm amidst despair, to go mad within composure, without her perhaps he would have shattered into pieces when he first learned about his origins.

Thank goodness…

Perhaps it was akin to a drowning person clutching at a piece of driftwood with all their might, giving his pain a place to vent.

But until now, he continued to believe that the fleeting glimpse of splendor back then was Heaven’s favor toward him, preventing him from plunging headfirst into the abyss and instead granting him a light he greatly yearned for.

He walked toward that light, no longer sensing the pain piercing him. The suspicions and doubts, the vile mother, and his humble birth… all disappeared.

Even though that person had become a consort in the palace, he still firmly believed that she was his, now and forever.

Mu Jingyan exhaled softly and pushed open the door.

Another reason for his visit was conveyed by Qingru—a message that some of the late Consort’s belongings were found while tidying up Chaoyang Palace. It concerned private matters, and she requested a private meeting with Wangye.

Mu Jingyan coldly chuckled. That irresponsible mother of his never stopped giving him trouble, even in death. She must have left behind some clues about Three Blessings.

Why else would Liu Qingru call him here? Nothing more than wanting to threaten him, to make him back down in the face of adversity.

So naive.

For this consort who was accustomed to smooth sailing in the palace, he was more than willing to enlighten her, to let her experience the taste of being accused of sedition.

Coincidentally, he was curious about how that noble imperial consort would taste.

With guards stationed all around, he could ensure no one would discover them before they were done. And afterward… well, he was innocent.

Would the Emperor really allow the Liu family to become too powerful?

Mu Jingyan smiled again, standing in the main hall for a moment before moving to the two rooms on the left and right. No one was there, only elongated shadows compared to when he first entered.

For some unknown reason, that familiar unease began to creep up again.

Calculating carefully, ever since Liu Zhongming emerged, he had often felt this sense of unease. Now he finally understood—Qu Chenzhou was hiding behind Liu Zhongming… watching in silence.

But now Qu Chenzhou was trapped in the Jinxiu Ying, and Liu Zhongming must be aware that the Emperor was keeping an eye on that area. It would be strange if Liu Zhongming showed any leniency toward Qu Chenzhou.

Although the outcome of the search at the Qu residence was unexpected, throwing him into disarray for a moment, the Emperor had yet to issue an order to capture anyone from the Jinxiu Ying. His scrutinizing attitude was evident.

In theory, with this arrangement, it was almost impossible for Liu Zhongming to hold onto Qu Chenzhou. He would have almost a hard time passing this test.


Mu Jingyan’s heart skipped a beat.

Over the past year, in his back-and-forths with Liu Zhongming, he had suffered too many setbacks, almost being forced to retreat step by step.

Now even his two uncles regarded him as a wolf, hastily withdrawing. He had damaged too many people and had no choice but to keep retreating, no longer daring to be as confident as before.

Especially at this crucial juncture.

The ancestral rites were already set in stone. Although he had shown some concession and weakness, he wanted to make use of Mu Jingchen one last time before he left the capital.

However, Mu Jingchen’s departure to his fief had been arranged earlier than expected. The handover of duties, moving, and other affairs kept him extremely busy. As expected, the Emperor had pointed at him.

In just over ten days, they would be setting off for Fangze Altar. Before that, he needed to ensure that neither Qu Chenzhou nor Liu Zhongming could make a comeback.

The shadow beneath his feet shifted again. Still, there was no sign of anyone’s approach. Mu Jingyan pushed the door open and stepped outside. The silence was the same as when he entered, yet the weeds felt like they were harboring danger.

Why did Liu Qingru call him here? Was she really just trying to threaten him with the long-gone Three Blessings’s remains?

Did her reluctance to come here stem from fear?

Could Liu Qingru be acting on Qu Chenzhou’s orders as well? Qu Chenzhou was currently trapped in Jinxiu Ying. Could he have orchestrated some unpredictable plot?

Not sending anyone, was it just to buy time? Were unexpected events unfolding elsewhere while he was being delayed here?

His heartbeat grew more intense, almost suffocating him. Unable to bear the paranoia amidst this silence any longer, he left quietly.

Yu Dexi looked around, then pushed open the door to Huixin Palace in the quiet.

Over the past half year, he had come here more times than all his visits combined since entering the palace. He could find his way even with his eyes closed.

Ever since Qu Chenzhou had taken command of the Valiant Camp and then gained control of the Jinwu Guard, Bo Yan had clearly drawn closer to him. His attitude went from veiled to overt, each time more urgent than the last.

Truth be told, he despised Bo Yan from the bottom of his heart.

A grown man, living his whole life according to others’ wills. The more Bo Yan bowed in front of him, the harder he tried to suppress his sense of disdain.

But looking down on someone was one thing, and what needed to be collected still needed to be collected.

When he gripped the doorknob, he gently lifted it upwards, so the creaking sound of the wooden door wouldn’t be too pronounced.

Once inside the room to the left, he had been told that a once unprivileged consort had lived there. The once colorful furnishings were now empty.

Yu Dexi deftly opened the second-to-last drawer on the right, where two porcelain vases sat neatly, patiently awaiting him.

Everything was as usual.

He carefully tucked the vases into his embrace and left the room, heading south along the courtyard wall. When he came out, the Emperor had just fallen asleep. The time spent in this back-and-forth wasn’t too long, not enough to cause delays.

Heading south from Huixin Palace, there was the Moon Cave Gate, followed by a spacious area where fireworks were set off during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The platform to watch the fireworks was nearby.

Yu Dexi skillfully moved through the Moon Cave Gate, taking only a few steps before hearing someone call out from behind.

“Yu Dexi.”

The voice was rough and hoarse, one he was more familiar with than anyone else’s.

He didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. He hurriedly knelt down on the ground, “Your… Your Majesty… Why are you awake?”

Emperor Yu coughed lightly, draped his cape around himself, and gently asked, “Where did you go, making it difficult for me to find you?”

Yu Dexi’s heart raced.

With feasting on marrow, though everyone among the eunuchs knew it was a good thing, eunuchs sprouting roots was a grave sin, even thinking about it was a crime of grave misconduct.

“Your Majesty…” He held his breath and carefully replied, “This servant would never taint Your Majesty’s ears. Please punish this servant.”

The implication of his words was that he had gone to relieve himself.

Even if they were cautious and ate and drank sparingly, a man still had natural needs.

“Enough, what’s the big deal,” Emperor Yu lightly chuckled, “Go back, it’s chilly out here.”

Yu Dexi finally let out a sigh of relief, quickly got up, took a few steps forward, and was about to help Emperor Yu up.

But this attempt was in vain.

He watched Emperor Yu step back and suddenly draw a dagger from the waist of a guard beside him. The blade gleamed, the whole sight was gleaming.


A buzzing rang in Yu Dexi’s ears, his chest felt heavily congested, as if blood was surging out through his mouth and nose.

He saw the bloodstain spreading across his chest, saw his kneeling knees on the stone floor. Then the whole world tilted, leaving only the ground pressed against his cheek.

The porcelain vases in his arms rolled onto the ground, shattering, mixing with the blood in his mouth, wetting his cheeks.

He heard the last words this world bestowed upon him.

“Around Zhen, there is no room for disloyal individuals!”

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