Si Tian Guan Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Young and inexperienced 

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Bai Shiyan discovered that Liu Zhongming had really changed a lot in a span of just two months. 

The former Zhongming would’ve never come to such a place with him. 

They had planned to meet a few friends to drink and watch a show in a familiar place. The place had already been set, but when passing by the Huanyi Building, he suddenly wanted to pull him in.

What “never touched him before”.

He didn’t believe what Liu Zhongming said. They were all at a young age and the person had been sleeping in his house for so long, so how could he not touch him? 

Zhongming was thin-skinned, and he didn’t try to expose it. 

And in all fairness, if one didn’t look at those hideous wounds on his face, Xiao Qu was still quite beautiful. If he continued to raise him, he might grow to be dazzlingly outstanding. 

He didn’t mind who was being kept in Zhongming’s room, nor could he take care of these kinds of things like a mother. What he cared about was that Zhongming had placed that person in his heart and that had confused his mind. 

Whether it’s because of Xiao Qu’s good bed skills or flattering frame, Zhongming’s state was not right. 

Now that he had broken his discipline, it was better for him to come out and have a good time, and open his eyes wide, so as not to be bewitched by a mere slave. 

He was only trying to suggest it, but he didn’t expect Liu Zhongming to agree after hesitating only for a moment. 

The Huanyi building was originally a storefront under Liu Zhongming’s name. Like Du Quan’s Chunqing Building, one could guess the kind of business one was engaging in there just by hearing the name, and the kind of business allowed. 

Half of the escorts in the building were women and half were men, and the lobby was crowded with visitors, making the atmosphere very lively.

They didn’t walk through the lobby, but instead went up the stairs behind, to the wing room. The steward saw his Master come here for the first time and was overjoyed and extremely diligent in service. 

Liu Zhongming did not say a word and Bai Shiyan sent the old bustard to find some good friends to accompany him, and closed the door of the wing. 

No one dared to neglect the owner, and the people who were brought to him were neat and tidy, both men and women, none of them boring, nor irritating. They were all shy, capable of evoking anyone’s affection. 

Bai Shiyan chose one, and the person stepped forward obediently and knelt down in front of the two. 

“Zhongming, how about this one? A delicate complexion, a straight face and clear eyes, is this what you like?” 

Liu Zhongming took a sip of tea and looked down at the young man at his feet through the hot steam that was rising up in spirals. 

When Shiyan suggested that he come here, he knew what Shi Yan was thinking. 

He was willing to come in, not because he had lived with Qu Chenzhou for two months and really had any serious thoughts about Qu Chenzhou, but because he was ashamed of his dream. 

He had dreamed again. 

That familiar lips and teeth, the eager embrace in the dark place, their ears and temples rubbing against each other and their bodies that only had the warmth from each other. 

That person who seemed incapable of  bearing even the lightest torment from him, was crying silently in his arms, giving in to his wolfish demands. He remained silent and only when he exerted an overwhelming force, would he let out a very light moan. 

“Did I hurt you?” His voice was extremely careful and gentle, but his movements seemed reckless. He wanted to pierce the other party, and crush him to pieces and melt him into his own flesh and blood.

Those hands entwined around his neck, clasped him tighter, whispering in his ears with a choked voice, scattered in pieces. 


He woke sweaty from his dream after having spent some good experience. His forehead was sticky and wet.

When he got up to change his clothes, he couldn’t help but go outside with a lamp in his hand. The person in the sarong was still asleep, his face was peaceful, and his long black hair was scattered on the pillow, making his face look paler. If there weren’t so many wounds on his face, he would look remarkably like the person who had s*x with him when he was a teenager. 

At that moment, two completely different impulses surged into his heart at the same time. 

He wanted to tear and devour this person desperately, and wanted to see if Qu Chenzhou would show the same expression as that person. He endured silently, only looking at him with moist eyes.

He also wanted to slash down with his sword, completely ending the nightmare that entangled him. 

In the end, he did nothing, but he knew that he was beyond cure. He really needed another person to get him out. 

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Bai Shiyan came over with another person. At first glance, there were one or two points of charm similar to Qu Chenzhou. 

“This isn’t good either? Then…” 

“Let’s just choose him.” Liu Zhongming interrupted him and nodded hastily: “No need to change.” 

The boy didn’t expect such great luck to befall him, and he raised his head joyfully to see Bai Shiyan nod at him affirmatively. He stepped forward cautiously, spread the silk cloth in his arms and put his tied hands over his head.

“Take it,” Bai Shiyan explained: “He will take you to his room.” 

“No need.” Liu Zhongming got up, displeased. The silk that held the two of them reminded him of a marriage contract. He just wanted to take a look: “Lead the way.” 

This was Liu Zhongming’s first time entering such a room. In order to avoid showing his timidity, he walked around, checking out the four walls while there was no one in the room. 

There were a few undisguised erotic pictures on the wall, so bold that he was embarrassed to take a closer look. He then turned over the chest of drawers and found that basically all of them contained toys for pleasure. 

He held a stocking and chain, puzzled. 

Although this was a pleasure house under his name, he hadn’t been taking care of it. He didn’t know whether all the pleasure halls here were arranged like this, equipped with these toys, or if each room had its own characteristics. 

And to use this kind of thing in bed? 

His face was a bit hot and he didn’t dare to think too deeply, but he couldn’t help but look into the drawer again. He didn’t know which ointment was giving off a sweet and greasy smell, but the strange bead covering he found in the drawer, also had a sweet smell. 

While he was flipping through the items, the door creaked, and the young man who was cleaning up appeared timidly at the door. 

“Prince.” the boy lowered his eyes and put his hand on his waistband: “Do you wish to do it yourself or should I take it off for you?” 

Liu Zhongming’s scalp was numb, and he scuttled back, pretending to sit calmly on the bed: “Pour me a glass of water, then take it off yourself. Take it off slowly.” 

Holding the cool teacup, his breathing slowly eased, and he saw the other party facing him in the backlight. Facing slightly to his side, he stretched out his hand and untied the first belt.

The soft sleeves slid down half of his body, and his inner clothes were still there, but a smooth shoulder was exposed. 

Liu Zhongming suddenly regretted coming in so hastily. 

He didn’t know if he was stubbornly competing with Bai Shiyan, or he couldn’t get through with the version of himself he saw in the dream, or because he did that in the dream and his young body couldn’t help but want to have a go at it. 

While he was thinking about it, the young man whirled gently, his clothes flew up, and the wind that passed by seemed to have a fascinating fragrance, not strong nor light, much like the smell of March peach blossoms. 

Next, the half-length sleeves also slipped down with the turn. 

Why was this posture so beautiful? 

Liu Zhongming stared at the body in front of him blankly, and couldn’t help but remember an incident from back when he came home from the outside a few days ago. He had caught up with that person when he was preparing to lie down in the sarong, and watched him take off his outer robe with his back facing him. 

The black hair draped on his shoulders was gathered and brought over to the front, revealing a soft neck. 

Although the shirt was still loosely covering his body, the silhouette of the thin figure and the butterfly bones could be seen dimly under the light. 

Hearing the sound of his footsteps entering the door, those demonic pupils glanced back, calm as the white snow on a mountain, but this one glance made his mind confused for a long time, unable to fall asleep. 

He suddenly quivered, wondering why he thought of Qu Chenzhou at this time. 

Was he really possessed? 

By the time he was back from his reverie, the boy had already removed his shirt and silk pants, leaving only a pair of obscene trousers. He then knelt down a short distance away, walked over slowly on his knees, and leaned on his leg.

Liu Zhongming blushed. Without thinking, he turned around and pulled the quilt from the bed, wrapped the person in a hug and threw him on the bed. 

The young man laid down in the quilt, but he didn’t see any movement for a long time. He couldn’t help but cry out: “Prince?” 

Liu Zhongming sat on the edge of the bed with his back facing him, motionless. 

At this point, he could tell that what he really paid attention to was not activity itself, but the person who did it with him. 


White tender fingers tried to touch his back collar, planning to go around to the front and tear off his belt. 

Liu Zhongming pushed the man aside and slammed the door as he left. His heart was beating like it was about to come out of his mouth. Without looking in the mirror, he guessed he must be pale and in a sorry state. 

Fortunately, this room was divided into two separate areas, which then led to the wing room. Otherwise, Bai Shiyan would might have seen him like this, and he wouldn’t know what to say. 

After calming down by the window for a while, the roar in his head gradually receded, and the voices outside came over again. He clearly heard someone talking to Bai Shiyan in the corridor. It was a familiar voice. 

“General Bai, where is the Prince, please let me know, I really have something important…” 

“Steward She, don’t you know what this place is? Do you really want to wake the Prince from his bed?” 

He pushed open the door with his palm: “What’s the matter?!” 

Seeing his savior, Steward She didn’t care about Bai Shiyan’s dark face, and rushed over trembling, “My Lord, after you left, Madam came to the residence!”

Liu Zhongming was surprised: “What is she doing there?” 

He had had a fight with his mother when he moved out, and in the beginning, his mother often came over to interfere with his life. Later he had asked his father to help him solve this, and finally managed to silence her for many years. 

Although he was confident that the people in his yard would never talk too much to outsiders, he couldn’t help being frightened when he thought of the the person staying at his place. 

“After Madam came, she directly asked someone to tie up Little Brother Qu. I thought the situation was not good, so I came to find you as soon as possible.” 

Steward She had been assigned to take care of Qu Chenzhou during this period and it was impossible for him to not care for the child: “Please hurry back and have a look. I’m afraid if you are a little late, it will be too late…” 

“Shi Yan,” Liu Zhongming hurriedly bid his departure to Bai Shiyan before he finished speaking, “I’ll go back first, and I will look for you another day. ” 

Bai Shiyan stretched out a hand and blocked his way: “Zhongming, I don’t have the right to intervene in your family affairs. I just want to remind you that infatuation prevents one from making progress, let alone the fact that you don’t even know who he is. Don’t forget, you are the heir of Marquis of An Ding.” 

——The future of the Bailiu family depends on him. 

Liu Zhongming didn’t want to think about it now. He knew what his mother was like when hysterical. Coming to his residence at this hour, he didn’t know what his mother was planning to do. 

Qu Chenzhou was not a member of their family after all, so even if she has to deal with him, she should have some apprehensions. 

But when he hurried back to the residence, his anger almost broke through the heavens with just one glance. 

In the courtyard outside the reception hall, Qu Chenzhou was firmly pressed to his knees on the ground, and a cloth piece was stuffed in his mouth, rendering him unable to make a sound. 

A man stood in front of him, a dagger in his hand and he then proceeded to make a cut on his face, making it drip with blood. 

The author has something to say: Smack the table, listen to my quibble! There is really sweetness later on! 

If it’s not sweet, I will show the Heavenly Spirit Covering Break Big Stones*! Unless my sense of taste is failing (where people smash a big slab of rock while it’s lying on you)

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