Si Tian Guan Chapter 45

 Chapter 45 Dan Lang

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 Liu Zhongming was wearing casual clothes today, without using a jade belt, and wearing a sweat towel.

    When he got dressed to go out in the morning, he saw Qu Chenzhou lying on the Taishi chair by the window, basking in the sun, leisurely reading and drinking tea. His face turned black immediately.

    Why is this person not self aware? Does he really consider this place his home?

    Qu Chenzhou gestured left and right with his sweat towel, and told him embarrassingly--I’m really sorry, I haven’t waited on anyone before in changing clothes. I only know how to use belt buckles and never have tied a sweat towel.

    He opened his arms and didn’t speak. He made it clear that he was going to squander time with the other party, then finally got his wish to see Qu Chenzhou slowly squatting in front of him, wrapping the sweat towel around his waist.

    From above, only the paint beads between the red ropes can be seen, which was dazzlingly red. He didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but when Qu Chenzhou’s was tying it, he was sometimes light and sometimes heavy. His arms rubbed against his legs, and it seemed like something was boiling inside, a fire was burning.

    He held his breath, stayed still, and didn’t know how long it took before the sweat towel was finally fastened.

    At that time, he only cared to leave quickly, resisting the urge to look at the person.

    Now, just as he was about to untie it, he could see that Qu Chenzhou, the b*stard, really put his heart into it – he was skillful enough to connect the dead knot with the slip knot from top to bottom, and weaved a novel flower buckle.

    No wonder Ning Wang said that he was well-dressed when they met.

    For the first time, Liu Zhongming felt that he might be suffocated to death in the toilet. When he finally undid the sweat towel in a hurry, at this moment, it was like ascending to the sky, splashing little bits and pieces on his hem.

    He had never wanted to kill someone so much in his life. He had walked a long way from the toilet, but his cold sweat had not subsided and he could only stop, take out a pill from his arms and swallow it.

    The residence doctor said that he was too angry recently, so he replaced his decoctions with pills and asked Zhongming to carry it with him. In these few days, he had already finished one bottle.

    It’s really gratifying…

    He secretly tried to figure out how to go back and cut that person into eight pieces. When he went back to the room, he found that it was the last game.

    “Zhongming, you came back just in time,” Mu Jingzhao seemed more determined than he was: “I think you just voted for Dan Lang, right? The person is coming.”

    Liu Zhongming sat down with an ‘en’.

    Sure enough, on the stage walked up a young boy of about 16 or 17 years old. He was pretty and his steps were so light that he seemed to be able to fly. His gait was swaying, but he did not resemble a woman’s enchanting moves, stepping on a person’s heart.

    Mu Jingzhao clapped his hands angrily: “It’s over, I made a move to early!”

    He poked Liu Zhongming hard: “Zhongming, hurry up, If you don’t have enough money, I’ll lend you some! No, no, I’ll give it to you, let’s play and have an exchange another day! “

    The young man on the stage originally only looked at Ning Wang tenderly. After hearing what he said, he saw that someone was already sitting on Ning Wang’s lap. He paused for a while, and then stood in the middle of the stage with a shy look in his eyes. He glanced timidly towards Liu Zhongming.

    Jiang Xingzhi smiled to the side: “My lord, you are breaking the rules. Everyone has different preferences. What the lord thinks is good, may not be the Shizi’s opinion. It will depend on the Shizi’s thoughts.”

    “Don’t panic,” Liu Zhongming said. His fingers tapped on the armrest: “Since it’s so good, everyone will want it, so we will have to look at the bidding.”

    “Yes,” Ning Wang laughed: “The money in Zhongming’s pocket is not so easy to dig out.” 

The signs everywhere began to be raised, and Liu Zhongming changed his posture and looked on coldly.

    “What if I don’t buy it?” This was the question he asked Qu Chenzhou after receiving the invitation.

    “The purpose originally wasn’t for the Shizi to go buy anything.” Qu Chenzhou answered him as a matter of course: “Shizi only needs to keep the same and respond to all changes, no need to pay.”

    He thought for a while and asked, “This is what you saw on the divination for me?”

    “No,” the other party shook his head: “Whether the person will come to Shizi’s hands depends on whether Jiang Xingzhi’s interest in me is big enough, that’s all.”

    “This will also allow Shizi to take a look. If you despise the enemy, even someone like Jiang Xingzhi can fall over.”

    Liu Zhongming indifferently watched the young man getting closer and closer to him, and gradually realized that Qu Chenzhou’s self-confidence seemed to be invincible and it was not just from those eyes.

    It was from his ability to penetrate through the heart.

    Qu Chenzhou knew that there would be guests today, so he didn’t stay outside for too long, and came back in the middle of the afternoon.

    Originally, he saw a belt buckle in a jade shop, but he didn’t have any money, so he could only stand and watch it for a while, and return empty-handed.

    After passing the first screen wall, Steward Lin removed the ring on his hand for him. Just after entering the inner courtyard from the hanging flower gate, he heard laughter from the veranda on the left hand side.

    Two figures seemed to be standing under the veranda, talking and laughing. Liu Zhongming leaned on the wall with one hand and said something in a low voice. After he said a few words, the young man would lean against his chest, giggling.

    Qu Chenzhou didn’t expect to bump into this scene. The two over there looked over, and it was no longer easy to avoid them, so he could only take a few steps forward.

    It was said before that after someone was bought, it would be his turn to take over. If he called out “Shizi”, he was afraid the person wouldn’t realize his identity immediately.

    Qu Chenzhou thought for a moment, then stepped forward and called out, “Master, I’m back.”

    Liu Zhongming was very uncomfortable being entangled with others. Fortunately, he came back in time. He was thinking about how to continue this act when he got called in that manner and got goosebumps.

    He felt that Qu Chenzhou was mocking him.

    “En.” his hand didn’t leave the boy’s shoulder, he just shook his head: “Dan Lang, this is Xiao Chenzhou.”

    Dan Lang greeted him with a smile: “Little Chenzhou.

 The way he called a person made them shiver with cold. Qu Chenzhou endured the discomfort and glanced at Liu Zhongming, and replied softly: “Greetings Dan Lang Gongzi.”

    Liu Zhongming was happy to see his uncomfortable appearance and said: “Dan Lang, baby Chenzhou is young and ignorant, If he does something wrong, just teach him a lesson.”


    Qu Chenzhou felt that Liu Zhongming’s tail was so amused that it was about to reach the sky. He licked his lips, stomped his foot, and said with a bit of anger: “How am I not sensible? Master, you’re talking about me again.”


    Liu Zhongming’s stomach rolled for a while and he almost vomited out the morning tea, but right now he could only swallow this unpleasantness. Twitching the corners of his mouth, he laughed: “Naughty. You guys can talk, I’ll be back in a while.”

    He didn’t want to stay for a moment and just left. His shadow disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    The hot potato was thrown to Qu Chenzhou, but he was not good at chatting, so he could only stare at Dan Lang silently for a moment, then look away.

    Dan Lang also looked at Qu Chenzhou enviously.

    For people like them, the yearning knot, besides the price, showed more of a kind of favor. If the owner had no heart, how can they be given “yearning”. (the red string beads called yearning beads).

    He was wearing green brocade. Although it was called brocade, it was just a kind of linen, but it was much better than the usual Jinyun hemp. He had only seen it before, and never touched it.

    They didn’t stand close, but there was a fragrant wind that passed by their nostrils and it was unclear what powder the other party had put on.

    Dan Lang felt sour in his heart. Although a person gave him a thousand taels of silver to complete a task, but who didn’t want to go to Ning Wang’s mansion. Ning Wang loved to play, but he was famous for his generosity.

    Now that he came back with Shizi, he was a little disappointed. Looking at the ugly scar on the face of the man in front of him, he saw that he was dressed well and it made him have a lot of hope – the Shizi has not seen much and even cares about this kind of thing.

    “Little Chenzhou, I’m new here and I don’t understand a lot of things. I will have to ask for your guidance.” He pulled Qu Chenzhou and sat down beside him.

    “Gongzi is too courteous. My surname is Qu, and they all call me Little Brother Qu.”

    “I think Little Chenzhou is more affectionate,” Dan Lang thinking about the string of red beads, asked: “Lord Shizi gave you ‘yearning’, presumably he must like you very much.”

    Qu Chenzhou was stunned for a moment. He wore a gold-inlaid jade belt after entering the palace, and then later on, wore a crown. He had never worn these things before and just thought it was a red string to tie his hair.

    However, Liu Zhongming also bought it on the side of the road casually. It was unknown if he knew what this thing meant.

    “Shizi…is always angry with me.” He was angry when he left this morning.

    “You are still young, so it is inevitable that you are ignorant,” Dan Lang took his hand: “I will teach you slowly in the future. How long have you been with Shizi?”

    “…Two months.”

    Dan Lang laughed: “Although the time is short, it’s fresh. You even have green brocade, Shizi probably can’t wait to treasure you.”

    Qu Chenzhou looked down.

    Originally just to have Liu Zhongming take him out, he had cut out two clothes. However, Liu Zhongming threw them away, saying that it was ugly to death. What he was wearing now was made by someone Liu Zhongming ordered.

    As for fabrics, he only knew Xuanmang Weaving Gold clothes, but not green brocade. For him, it was enough if he can wear them.

    “Where do you live now?” Dan Lang asked.

    “In the sarong in the Shizi’s bedroom.”

    Dan Lang became sour again. The Shizi had said just now that he was given a good room in the west wing, yet this person can actually live in the Shizi’s room.

    He held Qu Chenzhou’s hand and put it on his chest: “Little Chenzhou, I…” 

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly screamed, pushed Qu Chenzhou’s hand to his chest, and stepped back, falling to the ground.

    Qu Chenzhou stood up in surprise, then turned around suddenly to see Liu Zhongming approaching through the hanging flower gate.

    “What’s going on?”

    “Shizi!” Dan Lang knelt on the ground and kowtowed: “I beg Shizi not to drive this slave away!”

    Liu Zhongming glanced at Qu Chenzhou and saw the little fox raise his eyebrows. He probably already guessed the situation.

    “What’s the matter, get up and talk.”

    “Just now, Little Brother Qu told this slave that Shizi is violent and is definitely not a good master and that this slave should leave. If this slave refuses, he will make a move.” Dan Lang couldn’t bear it and cried bitterly: “Since this slave has followed Shizi, this slave’s life and death will follow Shizi’s. I beg Shizi not to drive away this slave.”

    Liu Zhongming suddenly burst into anger. This person came here and could do anything to cause a mess, yet he is actually making trouble for Qu Chenzhou? What he wanted to play is this fighting for favour game?

    If Qu Chenzhou was willing to fight for favor, he… he actually wanted to see it.

    Just as he was about to lift his foot to kick him, he saw Qu Chenzhou gesture with his eyes, so the kick fell obediently on Qu Chenzhou.

    Even though he had already lessen his strength, Qu Chenzhou still grunted and fell to the ground.

    Liu Zhongming’s stomach began to twitch again and he felt a little out of strength. Dan Lang quickly drilled into his arms and supported him.

    “Master Shizi, don’t be angry, don’t be angry!”

    “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry…” Zhongming stroked his forehead and shouted, “Go and call Steward Lin!” 

Steward Lin came in response and glanced at him. When he arrived, he saw Qu Chenzhou sitting on the ground. There was a buzzing sound in his head, he knew that something was wrong.

    “Master Shi… Little Brother Qu is young…”

    “Take him away,” Liu Zhongming pulled Dan Lang away without turning his head: “Wait for me to deal with him later.” 

Steward Lin hadn’t come for long and was not very clear with the rules of the courtyard so he could only agree. He took Qu Chenzhou out of the inner courtyard and asked someone else.

    Because there was no precedent, no one knew what the Shizi meant, he could only search for the firewood room and bring the person in there to wait.

    The firewood room was full of split pieces of firewood. Qu Chenzhou found a solid pile of firewood and sat down silently, thinking.

    Steward Lin had planned to go out and lock the door, but seeing that he was so silent again, he couldn’t help sighing: “Chenzhou, you said you…”

    Qu Chenzhou came back to his senses and raised his head: “Steward Lin.”

    Although the two of them were very close these days, the wood had turned into a boat and he couldn’t talk about this matter, so Steward Lin couldn’t bear to mention it. Now seeing him feeling aggrieved, when he opened his mouth, he choked out some sounds.

    “When they told me at the beginning, I still didn’t believe that you followed Shizi.”

    “…Don’t be sad, I’m doing well.”

   Being comforted by Qu Chenzhou instead, Steward Lin felt even more sour in his heart and wiped away his tears multiple times.

    “Shizi’s heart is compassionate. I thought that in another year and a half, when I save some money, I can buy you out. My family can always afford a pair of tableware and chopsticks for you, yet I didn’t expect you to end up in this spot.”

    Seeing him cry, Qu Chenzhou had mixed feelings in his heart, but he couldn’t say much, so he could only whisper: “Don’t be sad, I…am willing.”

    “You!” Steward Lin hated that he didn’t meet his expectations: “Before when Aunt Zhao passed on those rumors, I just thought she was speaking nonsense, but you…”

    He wanted to say something when he heard a high-pitched groan outside the window that was more like showing off.

    Although this firewood room was in the outer courtyard, it was only separated by two walls from the west wing in the inner courtyard. Not only this scream, but also the intermittent shouting behind it can be clearly heard.

    Everyone knew what was going on in the west wing.

    Qu Chenzhou looked at his knees silently, his fingers curled slightly, and then he slowly let go.

    Steward Lin was so embarrassed that his face was flushed with embarrassment. It was only until after listening for a while, the sound gradually subsided, that he turned to look at the quiet Qu Chenzhou and sighed.

    “Chenzhou, you chose this path yourself. I don’t know what to say, but I watched you grow up and I only hope for you to be well. You should listen to my advice.”

    “You are still young and the Shizi is interested right now. However, after this freshness, there are many other children to choose from, so what will you do? You are confused.”

    “I know you are stubborn and have ideas, but since you have gone this path, you should be gentle and learn to read people. Learn how to please the Shizi.”

    “Don’t make the Shizi angry, save some money now, and make some plans for the future.”

    “When the Shizi consort enters the door, the Shizi will curb himself. Then you can ask him, based on the good past few years, to match you with a good family.”

    “A good family?” Qu Chenzhou murmured and repeated in a self-deprecating manner. A person like him was not qualified to have a good family, and living well was good enough.

    Steward Lin heard the helplessness in his words and persuaded him: “Listen to me, be sweet, don’t be silent all day long. The Shizi is kind. If you don’t do anything wrong, you won’t be treated badly in the future.”

    “And your face, it should be treated. Go and beg the Shizi, even if it’s for…”

    “Steward Lin,” Qu Chenzhou suddenly interrupted him, looking outside: “The Shizi is here.

    The author has something to say: Don’t rush to scold the Shizi

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