Si Tian Guan Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Flood Disaster 

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Qu Chenzhou in front of him was like a tactless goblin transforming into human form.

“What are you doing?!” Liu Zhongming roared, covering his heart that was about to burst.

“Shizi, please forgive my sins, this slave was teaching Little Chenzhou how to paint his face,” Dan Lang gave a shallow salute, “I didn’t hear Shizi…”

Liu Zhongming pushed him away, and only when he got closer could he clearly see that Qu Chenzhou was covered in thick pigment. The other party pursed his lips and looked at him innocently, then saw that his anger was extinguished unconsciously.

He was somewhat annoyed, but couldn’t figure it for what.

He clearly knew that he was not suitable for this, why did he have to obediently let others make him ugly.

“Greetings Shizi…” Qu Chenzhou called him softly, and before he bent down, he was carried on someone’s shoulders.

They entered the bedroom door first, followed by people quickly bringing the water basin as instructed.

Liu Zhongming threw the person in the sarong and asked fiercely, “Do you want to do it yourself or for me to do it?”

Qu Chenzhou got up silently, soaked the towel with water, wiped off the color little by little, and raised his head again. He was restored to a clean and fresh face.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Liu Zhongming watched as the servant closed the door, sat on the chair, and raised his feet.

“I’m getting closer to Dan Lang,” Qu Chenzhou pinched his nose lightly and asked with a frown, “Where has the Shizi gone, why do you smell like alcohol.”

He knew Zhongming’s habits. Even if he was going to a banquet, he wouldn’t drink enought alcohol to come back with such a strong smell.

Liu Zhongming was waiting for this question, then pretended to be indifferent: “I went to drink flower wine (drinking alcohol with entertainers).”


Qu Chenzhou glanced at him, went to the cabinet for a while, looked for the antidote, and poured it for him. He also poured a cup of tea and sat down across from him.

“Dan Lang…”

Liu Zhongming put down the teacup with a snap, interrupting his words. Qu Chenzhou was puzzled: “Is there something wrong with the Shizi?”

“Is something wrong?” Liu Zhongming squinted at him: “I went to drink the flower wine, and you’re done with one statement? 

Qu Chenzhou was even more puzzled: “What does the Shizi want me to say?”

“You reminded me before that I should act a little bit, but did you forget your own identity?” Liu Zhongming gritted his teeth and said word by word: “Since you are already living in the sarong, shouldn’t you learn to be jealous?”

“Be jealous…” Qu Chenzhou repeated it over. He couldn’t help laughing, and replied softly, “With my identity, how can I be qualified to be jealous… “

Liu Zhongming froze for a moment, the irritable feeling that had hidden somewhere, resurfaced. He couldn’t bear it and twisted his fingers in his sleeves, trying not to think about everything he saw in the Huanyi building.

When his mind was in chaos, he heard someone say to himself again: “I wonder how long the Shizi can drink this glass of flower wine?” (talking about how long he could last in bed)

“You!” When Liu Zhongming heard him poke at his sore spot, he was about to be furious and snorted coldly: “Speaking like that, are you trying to bait me and measure up against me?”

“Measure up against you in drinking?” Qu Chenzhou asked knowingly, but he could not help giving a narrow sincere smile: “The Shizi said that I didn’t ask more questions, but it’s because I know that the Shizi is clean and not a loose person.” 

Liu Zhongming raised his eyes and looked over. Qu Chenzhou’s clear eyes were serious and indifferent, there was no intention to tease or ridicule. Feeling a sense of guilt, he snorted coldly, then picked up the teacup again: “It sounds like you are very familiar with me, have we ever drank flower wine together before?” 

“We drank wine, but not flower wine.” 

Qu Chenzhou laughed a little – they used to go to a place to avoid everyone, interlinked their arms, and drank together; how could he forget? 

Seeing that Liu Zhongming had no intention of continuing to ask questions, he calmed down and resumed the topic just now: “Dan Lang is not a person who knows his place. He dares to take risks for petty profits and perhaps Jiang Xingzhi was interested in him because of this. Shizi, what are you planning?”

“To give him the cold shoulder for a few days.”

Qu Chenzhou smiled. The calm Zhongming really had the best tacit understanding with him: “I also had this intention. The Shizi blamed me for not asking for help, but now I have a few favours to ask the Shizi. I wonder if the Shizi will be able to agree?”


Liu Zhongming noticed that the corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily, and hurriedly lowered his head to drink tea. Between them, the person who had subtle changes, he may not be the only one.

“First, Dan Lang deserves a few days of being given the cold shoulder. I will have to bother the Shizi to send two more guards on him to allow him to go out.”

Liu Zhongming nodded.

“Second… This matter may be a little difficult, after all, a long time has passed,” Qu Chenzhou stopped for a long time before slowly saying: “Please send someone fifteen li south of Changshui Town to ask if Jiang Xingzhi appeared there six years ago, and who did he meet?”

Liu Zhongming was shocked. He knew that Qu Chenzhou would never say random nonsense and ask him to investigate an incident six years ago for no reason.


“I’ve been trying to think about it for a long time. Outside of Qisheng Building, I only gave a divination to one person. It’s just that during that time I was running for my life in a panic, and I don’t remember the other person’s appearance very much. According to their age, it may be possible that it ‘s Jiang Xingzhi.”

Only this possibility can explain why Jiang Xingzhi’s name was not in the booklet, but he was so attentive to him.

Liu Zhongming calculated in his mind. Six years ago, Qu Chenzhou was only nine years old. He remembered that Fang Wuyang had said that Qu Chenzhou had made a big mistake at that time and he was not listed again for more than a year.

Now when he heard “fleeing for my life”, he was afraid that Qu Chenzhou must have escaped again. However, Qu Chenzhou had escaped many times, why is this time the “big mistake” and why was he not listed for more than a year after that? 

He also didn’t know why, on the way to escape, he was in the mood to fortune-tell.

Although he knew that the other party was very likely to refuse to answer, he still tried to ask: “Did Jiang Xingzhi go to Changshui Town because of you?”

There was only one possibility he could think of.

Changshui Town was the place where Qu Chenzhou was born. At that time, Qu Chenzhou most likely knew that he could not escape and asked Jiang Xingzhi to go to Changshui Town.

What was Qu Chenzhou asking for? He didn’t dare to think about it further.

As for his question, Qu Chenzhou only nodded vaguely and answered lightly: “I suspect that the person Jiang Xingzhi met there is the person he serves. Shizi can also start from the side of the few Wang Ye’s and see which had been there six years ago.”

“Okay,” Liu Zhongming replied, “Is there anything more?”

“One more thing. Thirdly, I want to see Ning Wang and Huai Wang.”


“So?” Bai Shiyan was so hot that he pulled the front of his clothes and fanned inwards, wrapped an ice cube in a handkerchief and put it directly on his face. Even though this was the capital’s best, Mingyue building, it couldn’t hide them from the heat.

He closed the window to prevent the cold air in the room from escaping and asked urgingly: “He asked you to do it, so you sent people to go so far to investigate? Are you planning to invite both Ning Wang and Huai Wang out? Is something wrong with you? I haven’t seen you for a few days and now you’re running errands for him?”

“You’re going too far,” Liu Zhongming frowned at him: “It sounds like I’m a fool. Every step and move he does, I can see through. Do you still not understand?”

“Okay,” Bai Shiyan said helplessly, “it’s fine if he doesn’t make trouble, just let me know in time if anything happens. If I’m not at home, go to the north of the city to find me. I’ve been living there recently.”

“Why are you so busy?” 

The north of the city is the residence of the Beiya, and Bai Shiyan lived there, so naturally it was for official business.

“Speaking of which, it seems that I haven’t seen Shi Lei for a while. Where did he go?”

“You…” Bai Shiyan pointed at him, with a look of hating iron for not being steel (angry for someone not meeting expectations): “Look at your indulgent appearance. This year, did you know that there has been heavy rains in the south before summer even began?”

“I know.”

“There’s a flood, so the government is trying to help settle the refugees, followed by rogues. Jinnan is the most serious. The emperor asked my father to send troops, and my father let Shi Lei go.”

“What about Jinnan’s provincial governor?”

Bai Shiyan shrugged: “Who knows? After everything is over, it’s unavoidable that someone will be held accountable. If they are held accountable for the small matters, they may fight with each other again.” 

Liu Zhongming held his teacup without saying a word. One side was making a show of happiness and prosperity, while the other was refugees from the flood disaster. Separated by a city wall, the people inside seemed to have no idea how many people were dying.

Across the palace wall, in addition to praying to God, there was only one thing left, playing with people’s hearts.

No wonder Qu Chenzhou told him that none of those people were qualified to sit in that position.

“Many refugees from the north are coming to the capital. They cannot be allowed to enter the city, but the emperor can’t say outright to leave them uncared for.”

Bai Shiyan sighed: “I’ve been busy with this thing recently. They set up shacks outside the city, relying on the porridge shop to feed each mouth, who knows what will happen in the future.”

“These people can’t even find a way to make a living. Once people start dying in the shacks, the plague will be bad.”

“Don’t look at the emperor’s calmness now, him fasting and praying to Buddha. When the moment comes to settle accounts, it will be a big movement and uncle and my father will probably be given a lesson.”

“Reportedly, the Ministry of Household is going to distribute money, but there’s an 80% this kind of thing means that they’ll offer sacrifices and spend money. Now this matter is just like playing soccer and kicking the ball away. Who knows how long it’ll take for the money to actually be given.”

Liu Zhongming’s heart moved. Qu Chenzhou had reminded him that although his sister was not pregnant now, the slowest she can take is three years. It is best not to give people the opportunity to turn over old debts, whether it is for him or his father. 

“Work huh?” For some reason, his trust in Qu Chenzhou increased: “I also have some work here and am short of many people. I am also worried that the labor in the capital is a little expensive.”

“What kind of work?” Bai Shiyan asked. Of course he knew about Zhongming’s business in the capital, but he couldn’t think of any work that would require “a lot of people”.

“Some time ago, I bought a mass grave in the north of the city,” Liu Zhongming wisely dodged, avoiding the tea sprayed from the opposite side, and frowned, “Are you Shi Lei? Can’t you keep your focus?”

Bai Shiyan wiped his mouth . , with a look of disbelief: “What did you buy? Isn’t that bad luck?”

“Planting trees,” Liu Zhongming said calmly, “The cleaning hasn’t started yet. I’ll make an application with Second Uncle tomorrow and have Second Uncle ask the emperor…”

“This is happening at a timely moment, how could the emperor disagree?”

“Isn’t it better to agree? I can clear a large mountain by spending a little money. I plan to grow fragrant rosewood in the future, so I will be busy in a year or two.”

“And then?”

“And then,” Being impatiently asked, Liu Zhongming also felt the joy of deliberately mystifying things: “Sell it for money.”

Bai Shiyan stared at his cousin and felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell. He only felt that although his cousin was occasionally narrow-minded before, it seemed that he was not as hateful as he was now.

“Such a coincidence…” He gradually pondered the key point: “Did he want you to buy it?”

Both of them knew who this “he” was referring to.

“That’s right,” Liu Zhongming did not hide it from him: “There were several things. Although it’s cloudy and foggy, the follow-up looks good so far and many of these directions are also what I need, so you don’t need to be too nervous.”

Bai Shiyan opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. His heart was still not at ease, but he couldn’t see what’s wrong with that.

“Okay, you can decide what to do with your matters. Are you still having dreams recently?”

Liu Zhongming shook his head. Since living with Qu Chenzhou, those nightmares never bothered him again, except for the one about Bai Shiyan…

“Shi Yan,” he suddenly asked, “I have a question for you.”

“Come on, I’m not as idle as you to think by oneself.”

Bai Shiyan got up to leave, but was pulled back again.

“Just one question – if one day I commit a crime and run away and the emperor orders you to chase me back, what will you do?”

The author has something to say: Seeing everyone’s comments, I will explain the emperor who bullied Chenzhou here, not the current one, but the one in his previous life. The emperor forced Chenzhou to speak out divinations and beheaded the Liu family. After that, there was a rebellion against the palace. One of the current Wang Ye’s ascended the throne, and Chenzhou once again knelt at the feet of the Wang Ye, serving this Wangye [pseudo]. You should be able to see it if you read the previous story carefully. On the night of the forced abdication of the emperor, Chenzhou fled with Liu Guifei’s child. He connected with people outside the palace, and sent the child out. He was caught by the Wang Ye and returned, causing Zhongming to hate him, not only because of the Liu family, but also because of many things after. I will talk about it slowly afterwards.

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