Si Tian Guan Chapter 5

 Chapter 5 Rules 

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“He’s a little sh*t!” Du Quan hissed, “I raised him for more than ten years, even a dog would be obedient! Daring to offend Pan Gonggong today, do you want to revolt tomorrow?! Beat him to death for me!” 

Steward Lin made eyes to tell the servants to not move, while on the other he quickly persuaded him.

“Yes, he was muddled for a moment, but it’s useless for you to beat him to death right now. Moreover, you still have to explain it to Pan Gonggong, right? It’s not a shame if he dies, but at that time, I’m afraid Gonggong won’t have a place to vent his anger except for your head.”

Du Quan panted with scarlet eyes. He knew that Steward Lin was right, but he couldn’t swallow his breath. He stared viciously at the hanged person, Qu Chenzhou, then suddenly grabbed the whip from the side. 

Listening to the sound of the wind, Qu Chenzhou tilted his head reflexively. The whip striked the air to the side of his face, slashing down his collarbone to his ribs. The whip met blood and it was so painful that he couldn’t breathe, but he still gritted his teeth and said nothing. 

What Du Quan hated the most was him being so muffled. He hated it and threw one sentence behind.

“Use a heavy whip and beat him viciously for me. If we can’t explain things to Pan Gonggong’s side, no one will be ok!” 

Hearing the sound of the footsteps gradually become faint outside the door, Steward Lin was relieved. He looked at the drops of blood in front of him flowing out slowly along the welt marks. He was a little distressed, and became a bit impatient for a certain someone not meeting expectations. 

“Chenzhou, how old are you now? How can you be so ignorant? Were all the previous beatings in vain? How can you do such a silly thing? What were you thinking? Do you think Pan Gonggong is someone you can provoke? You……” 

“Steward Lin….” Qu Chenzhou paled with pain, and his lips were trembling. He still resisted and said, “I…how old am I?” 

Steward Lin was a little surprised. He didn’t expect to rebuke him so much and have this question asked: “Are you confused? Or are you trying to amuse me? You are fourteen, don’t you remember?”

Qu Chenzhou hung his head and stopped talking. 

He was indeed fourteen years old the day he met Pan He. 

But now, because he unexpectedly returned to this turning point in his life, he didn’t give Panhe a divination as before. The things that happened after that… it seemed to be different from before.

Steward Lin shook his head, and stopped talking nonsense with him. He ordered the people to the side side: “The boss has spoken. Use a heavy whip, in any case, we have to give some face to Pan Gonggong.” 

He sighed: “Follow the old rules and double it.” 

Old rules… 

Qu Chenzhou was in a daze. These rules and statements seem to be a lifetime ago, after all, it was something he had learned when he was a child. But even though if it was a long time, he knew it by heart. 

The beater behind him adjusted his whip and raised his hand to lash out. 

This method wasn’t some wordplay like in the palace. When one said heavy whip, it really was a heavy whip. 

Qu Chenzhou’s body swayed with each lash that landed. The cold sweat instantly cooled his forehead, and the hot pain was real and unbearable. 

He knew the meaning of “double the old rules”. 

After two whips, he slowly adjusted the breath in his chest, then replied in a low voice: “First, it’s prohibited to escape…” 

“Do you still remember that the first rule is that escape is prohibited? What did you think about before!” Steward Lin was anxious and distressed: “Continue reciting.” 

Two heavy whips fell on his thin back again. Qu Chenzhou took a breath, and said with trembling lips: “Second, lying is prohibited. Third, private possessions are prohibited. Fourth, it is forbidden to refuse to answer…” 

Every time he recited a sentence, the heavy whip hit him mercilessly. Even if he was too pained to speak, the experienced thugs would wait until his breath was calmed and he could continue to recite. 

He read to article 25, and received fifty lashes. The blood soaked most of his pants red, and the person passed out in a coma.

Steward Lin ordered that he didn’t need to be woken up. They pulled his feet directly, and only after the count was completed did he ask people to wipe the blood on him. Du Quan was always reluctant to give medicine to others, so Steward Lin always secretly prepared it himself. 

The hands of the person applying the medicine were not light, and when he touched the exposed flesh, Qu Chenzhou woke up with pain again. 

Looking at the doctor’s work, Steward Lin took the sweat towel from the hands of another and wiped the sweat on his face and the blood stains on the corners of his mouth. 

“Chenzhou, the boss was very angry today. Without his words, I don’t dare to let you down without permission. And you are injured in your front and back, so you can’t lie down. Just bear with it. If you can pass Pan Gonggong’s round, then his anger will soon disappear.” 

“Thanks… Steward Lin.” Qu Chenzhou was barely hanging on as he forced himself to respond.

Someone untied the rope tied to one side and slowly lowered him until his feet were on the ground, then he was tied by the rope again. 

“That’s all I can do. You shape up. Tomorrow is a happy day for the host, and I will bring you food.” 

The door was closed, and only Qu Chenzhou was suspended on the roof beam. Dazed, he stared at the moonlight window paper deeply and for a long time.

The pain and numbness from the wrist to the shoulder rushed in, making the feeling of the lash marks in every inch of his skin clearer. With pain, it gave him a more realistic alive feeling. 

He finally had time to sort out everything. 

In the past, entering the palace as the Si Tian Guan must not be a dream. He could vividly remember the hardships he faced every day and night, it was unforgettable. 

But he was really alive now. Not only has he returned to his teenage years, but he also seemed to be walking on a different path from before. 

He did not do divination for Pan He, and he was not offered to the palace by Pan He. 

Did even God pity him, so he gave him another chance? 

Or was God punishing him for doing too many wrongs and allowing him to go through the suffering of slavery again to make up for his sins? 

But in any case, he was alive. 

No matter how outrageous, his vivid life can’t fool anyone. Since monsters like him were allowed in the world, what else is impossible? 

Qu Chenzhou clenched his teeth tightly, but couldn’t control the slight trembling of his body. 

He had not smiled sincerely for many years, nor had he shed a single tear. In everyone’s eyes, he was just a demon without any emotions. 

Now, he can finally cry unscrupulously for once, for the painful past, for his involuntary life, and for the unknown future. 

Also for his new life. 

Sobbing in a low voice, it resounded in the silent darkness. It was the only time for a long time, he was able to unburden himself in a carefree manner. 

He didn’t know how long he cried until he finally fell asleep.

Early the next morning, there were fewer people walking around in the backyard, most of them went to the front to join in the fun. 

This was an auspicious day that was set a long time ago——the happy day for the young master of Qisheng Building to marry their bride. 

Although he had just offended Pan Gonggong yesterday, the auspicious day cannot be changed. Thus, when he admits his mistakes to Pan Gonggong later, it will be unavoidable to talk more and add extra bribes. 

No wonder Du Quan was so angry. 

Qu Chenzhou also remembered this day. 

In his previous life, he properly divined for Pan Gonggong, and the young master also welcomed the bride in a down-to-earth manner. At the request of the guests, the master led him to show off. 

At that time, he was still ashamed because he was being stared at in turn. Now thinking about it, what’s the big deal? 

He smiled bitterly and slowly relaxed his body. 

Compared with the days in the palace, he would rather be hung here and beaten. 

However, since Panhe’s affairs have undergone such a big change, perhaps he was left with a little luck, and he will no longer follow the old path of his previous lifetime. 

It was almost noon, and the noise from far away was faintly heard. Such a situation was not unfamiliar to him. 

There were too many festivals in the palace, but he rarely participated in the last few years. 

Most of the time, he sat alone in the dark, listening to the reed-pipes outside. 

A few minutes after noon, Steward Lin hurriedly pushed open the door of the wood shed.

The reception team entered the doors, and the outside banquet was already attending to the guests. He had a moment to rest. Thinking about the child who had been hung up here for nearly a day, he took advantage of the owner’s good mood and interceded, only then did he come over.

In that long time, almost all of Qu Chenzhou’s body had gone numb, and he could no longer support it. As soon as the rope was loosened, his legs softened and he fell to the ground. 

Steward Lin had watched Qu Chenzhou grow up, but it was a pity that he couldn’t take charge for a lot of things. Seeing that his face was like white paper at this time, he was busy instructing people to spread the bedding he had brought on the ground. 

“Chenzhou, it’s lively outside. It’s not good for you to go out like this. The master would be angry if he found out. You should rest here for a while. Once we arrange a place for you to settle down, I will have someone carry you back.”

“Thank you Steward Lin.” Qu Chenzhou crawled sideways on the mattress, and drank the wedding wine given by the master while holding Steward Lin’s hand. 

The wine was not strong, but he hadn’t eaten for a long time, so his stomach hurt. 

Fortunately, Steward Lin also quietly brought him some food, and asked him not to tell other people, otherwise it would be bad for him to eat with the guests here. 

Qu Chenzhou couldn’t get up, so he could only reluctantly thank him, and watch Steward Lin close the door and leave.

His stomach was too hungry, and he didn’t care about other things. He lowered his head and hurriedly stuffed a bite of rice in his mouth. The cold and hot leftovers mixed together didn’t taste good and made him who was used to jaded meals choke. 

He chewed hard, and as soon as he swallowed, he heard Steward Lin outside the door greet people diligently. 

“Good afternoon Prince, why are you here? Is it quite lively in front? Is there something you don’t like?” 

“It’s a bit noisy, so second brother said to come out for a walk.” Hearing this, it seems that the person who spoke to him was not the prince. 

Steward Lin smiled: “There is nothing here. How about I take the prince and the young general to the lake behind? It is quiet and the air is good.” 

“No need.” A voice sounded: “Your weird kid, the one with the different eyes, why didn’t I see him come out?” 

Qu Chenzhou’s breathing was stuck in his throat. 

When he heard ‘prince’, he should have guessed who came, and that “little general” must be Bai Shilei who muted himself with a glass of alcohol in the Stargazing Pavilion.

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