Si Tian Guan Chapter 68

Chapter 68 The Bai family will rebel

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“You’re frightened just like this?” Bai Shining laughed. With big hands, like catching a chicken, he fished Qu Chenzhou from the grass to the shore: “Weren’t you quite courageous just now?”

Qu Chenzhou fell down, hurriedly put his forehead against his forearm and prostrated on the ground: “This slave has disturbed the general! This slave understands his sins! I ask the general to punish me!”

“Huh? Slave?” Bai Shining noticed that the man in front of him had a slave ring on his wrist and he frowned displeased: “Where did you come from? Who bought you? That b*stard Shiyan?” 

He didn’t know if it was because of the sudden encounter with the person in his memory, but Qu Chenzhou couldn’t help trembling. 

“This… this slave is Anding Marquis Shizi’s….”

After hearing this, Bai Shining remembered that his son did mention this to him, saying that Zhongming wanted to raise a person in their house for a little bit.

He heard long ago that Zhongming started to get involved with those hoodlums, particularly Ning Wang’s group. Originally he wasn’t happy and him not beating Zhongming was already not bad. 

So he wanted to chase away the person the stinky boy Zhongming brought, but his wife told him to leave the junior’s business alone, and the mansion didn’t mind feeding another, so he reluctantly agreed.

“En.” He answered and walked past the person. After thinking about what happened just now, he took a few steps back: “Why did you think I was drowning?”

Qu Chenzhou didn’t dare to get up: “I know I was wrong. If I offend the general, please punish me…”

“Why are you so unpleasant when you speak!” Bai Shining was impatient: “I asked how did you know?”

“…Yes…” Qu Chenzhou had to answer softly: “I have seen it before. People who are drowning float in the water like that without speaking.”

He had seen more than one person who had died in the water: some had heavy objects on their feet, but were suffocated by the item suspending their necks above water; and there were also people who couldn’t swim who were pushed into the lotus pond and drowned.

At first, because of his credit for bringing down the Bai and Liu family, he was pushed to a high position as a hero, so he saw people he knew and did not know being executed in front of him, many of them drowning in water. 

After that, the blood flowed into the river on the night of the forced abdication. Everyone thought that he was a person highly regarded by the old Emperor, and since he had spoken out to provoke the relationship between the father and son, he would naturally die without his body intact. 

But no one expected that he would be so thick skinned to ignore the ridicule and scolding, and kneel shamelessly at the feet of the new Emperor. 

Qu Sitian revived again and became more indifferent and taciturn. He could stand on the high platform without blinking an eye, watching those courtiers who had been slightly disrespectful to him, pushed into the water by those who were flattering him and drown, just to relieve the boredom. 

How could he not remember? 

Perhaps seeing that the person was shaking so badly and looking really pitiful, Bai Shining laughed again: “Your swimming ability isn’t so good, yet you were bold enough to think about saving others and you’re frozen to this appearance?” 

Although his words sounded like he was displeased, his long arms, as soon as he stretched out, took the man in the kneeling posture, pulled him up by the waist, tucked him under his arm, and rushed straight to the front hall. 

Qu Chenzhou was hanging in his arms, soaking wet, with water dripping from his clothes and hair all the way. He was shivering from the wind blown by this fast pace, but he didn’t dare to struggle and resist. 

Regarding the Bai family, he felt ashamed as much as he had received their favor in the past, so no matter how much Bai Shilei hated him in the previous life, he would not dare to hold any resentment. 

The sudden reunion at this moment, a mixture of sorrow and joy, actually made him choke in a low voice involuntarily. 

Although he tried his best to suppress the choking sound in his breath, how could he hide it from Bai Shining’s ears? As soon as the two stepped onto the corridor ground, he felt light on his body and thumped on the ground with a thud. 

“Little guy,” Bai Shining looked down at him: “Who taught you your breathing method?” 

Qu Chenzhou was startled. He immediately realized that although his breathing methods were superficial, how could he hide it from Bai Shining.

He endured the pain from the bump on his knees, lowered his head and replied in a low voice, “Responding to the general, it was taught by the Shizi…”

Bai Shining clicked his tongue, but did not question it. Then he picked him up like he was carrying a chicken under one’s armpits and went straight to the main hall.

This position was very uncomfortable. Qu Chenzhou was shivering from the cold, and was unable to raise his head, he could only see the ground a few feet in front of his head, and then his eyes suddenly brightened.

Before Bai Shining stepped into the main hall, he heard a female voice.

“It’s almost time to eat, where have you gone?” The voice said softly, “You three are like savages every day, you always say that you are busy, not caring about home or thinking of coming back to accompany me.”

Just listening to the voice, the person was already aged, but there was a hint of coquettish anger in the gentle voice, not like a Madam, but like a boudoir lady who was used to being spoiled. Her criticism was sweet and full of smiles.

“How can I not miss you?”

Bai Shining suddenly changed from a mighty lion to a milk cat with his belly turned over. His loud voice was so soft that only three points of its magnitude were left. 

“Ying Er, didn’t you say yesterday that the lotus pods in the pond looked fresh and tender? When I got back, I first went over there to pick a few big ones for you to taste.”

Madam Bai had long seen the person sandwiched by him. It was too ridiculous, so after holding back for a while, she asked, “Did you become crazy again, what’s going on?”

Bai Shining put the person down, then grabbed the lotus pod, stepped forward, peeled off the lotus seeds one by one, and explained it to her.

“This little guy is from Zhongming’s house, Shiyan had told you before. When I was picking the lotus, I was dazed out for a while and this little guy thought I was going to drown and jumped into the lotus pond foolishly, trying to save me.” 

Madam Bai pushed him aside and stretched out her hand to help him up. Hearing him say this, her brows and eyes were smiling softly, but she said angrily, “This is someone’s kindness, are you teasing him? Look at how frightened he is, be careful Zhongming will rebuke you.”

Qu Chenzhou was still on his knees. He straightened up with all his strength, then Madam Bai looked into his eyes and gave a soft “ah”.

Bai Shining immediately turned his eyes.

In the lotus pond, the lights were dark, and on the way, the person was sandwiched underneath his arms, so he didn’t notice.

“Oh, so it’s him.”

“Do you know him?”

“It was a long time ago. I remember telling you at the time that there was a very young kid in the Qisheng Building who was scared of being beaten by Du Quan. “

“The poor child,” Madam Bai remembered and sighed softly. She tried to pull the person up, but the child in front of her seemed to become even more afraid. She retracted her hand and comforted softly, “Don’t be afraid.

A soft gentle hand was placed on his cool arm, and the warmth rushed into his nostrils.

Qu Chenzhou didn’t want to be too embarrassing, but when he saw this gentle and bright face, tears rolled out uncontrollably in just a split second.

Everyone knew that the Bai Liu family shared weal and woe. When the Anding Marquis mansion was reduced to ruins in the sky-high fire, Bai Shining was on his way to pacify the chaos and return to the capital, yet the imperial decree went straight outside of the city. .

Bi Hongzi’s medicinal power still had some remaining strength, and he could barely stand still, so he was carried by Liao Guangming to the front of the Hall of Central Harmony, looking at the people below with an indifferent expression.

“Due to His Majesty’s grace, I don’t care about the sins you concealed before, I’ll give you another chance to make a meritorious deed. If you miss it, there will be no next time!”

Hysterical screams were echoing in his ears, no one wanted to die, no one was reconciled. It was like being engulfed by yellow soil.

He was the same as Qu Chenzhou.

“Speak quickly.” Liao Guangming urged him.

The destruction of the Bai family was a foregone conclusion, and the only hope was in his mouth.

He moved his lips and spat out five words clearly – the Bai family will rebel.

The sixteen guards of Nanya, who had been in ambush for a long time, raised their bows and crossbows. He watched the arrows fall like rain, screams and curses in front of him, and Liao Guangming’s gloating voice behind him.

“Congratulations to Qu Sitian.”

After half an hour, the news in the palace leaked out, and Bai Shilei, who had not yet entered the city, took tens of thousands of people and horses and broke out of the siege and went to Liu Zhongming.

The Bai family will rebel.

Under Madam Bai’s gaze, he seemed to be burned by these words, and also seemed to be soaked in an ice spring, he couldn’t stop shaking.

“You’re frozen,” Madam Bai wiped the water and tears from his face with a handkerchief, and instructed, “Go and boil some hot water, let him wash up, then get a smaller set of Shilei’s old clothes. This child, why is he so thin? Bring him here for dinner after washing him up.” 

The maid behind him hurriedly helped Qu Chenzhou up and to the backyard.

Madam Bai sat down at the table, took the green lotus seeds and put them in her mouth, and pushed Bai Shining: “Sewage is soaking half your body and you have muddy feet, why are you standing here so carefree, hurry up and change clothes.”

Bai Shining’s hands moved very quickly, and the lotus seeds fell on the plate one by one. He responded “en” then asked, “Ying Er, what do you think about that little guy?”

“What I can see is just a face with injuries. It hurts just by looking at it, he must have suffered a lot. Have Zhongming take care of it another day.”

Madam Bai had a compassionate motherly nature and seeing that this child was about the same age as Shilei, she couldn’t help sighing again.

“If it’s someone else, I can still think about having Zhongming let him out in a few days, but unfortunately it’s this child.”

Bai Shining was puzzled: “What happened to him?”

“You men are careless.” Madam Bai gave him a sideways glance, threw away the lotus seed, then held his hand and walked to the back.

“You didn’t take a good look at the child? If the wound on his face is really healed, who knows how good it would look like, and he has no home. If he is released, he will just be helpless and the future will not be easy.”

Bai Shining didn’t ask the reason, and was only led away. It was not until he entered the room that he realized that she wanted to take off his wet clothes.

The hot water was ready, he jumped in, and held Madam Bai’s hand with his: “Ying Er, don’t go, I missed you so much.”

“Don’t make trouble, I won’t go.”

Madam Bai laughed and untied his bun, combed it lightly, still thinking about the things in her heart.

“Shining, if Zhongming gets married one day and wants to let the person go, you persuade him to find a good place for this person. No matter how useless he is, we can always take one more here.”

Seeing that Bai Shining didn’t speak, she also smiled helplessly.

“Are you laughing at how naive I am? The Department of Control’s booklet is full of names. I can save one of them, but not everyone. But when they are in front of me, one is better than none.”

“Ying Er, you’re good, I won’t laugh at you.” Bai Shining gently squeezed her hand as if he was afraid of the pain, and sighed, “It shouldn’t be like this.”

Madam Bai was born in a noble family and was naturally taught in private, these past.

When Dayu was founded, there was no Department of Control. However, when the ancestor Emperor destroyed the barbarians Liequ, the two sides fought endlessly, and it became what it was now.

The young and middle-aged men of Liequ were all slaughtered and buried alive. The ancestral Emperor could neither allow the Liequ people to live on their land nor allow them to flee to the wilderness to fend for themselves. Thus, he set up ​​the Department of Control and recorded all the Liequ orphans as slaves

And because of this protracted war, the country had been exhausted. Coupled with natural disasters, for a long time, most people were poor and had to sell their wives and children. 

The Department of Control became more and more standardized, and the slave record became more and more grand. The people from Liequ gradually became a bustling business.

Even if there were people in the court who had noticed that the Department of Control has changed its taste, turning rotten over time, if the people of Royalty didn’t want to change things, no one could. 

“Don’t worry.”

Bai Shining stared at the water to see his wet hair tied up. He got up, stepped out, wiped his body clean, stretched out his arms, looked down at the Madam’s smart fingers tying his clothes, then closed his arms, and gently held the person in his arms .

“It will get better.”

“Yeah, it will be fine.” Madam Bai responded and put her arms around his waist: “Shining, what do you think…what will it look like in the future?”

Bai Shining understood what she was asking—what kind of person would sit in that position in the future.

In fact, he really wanted to tell his wife that before sitting in that position, no one knew what a person would look like, just like the person on the dragon chair now; he was so unfamiliar that he couldn’t remember how they used to make a fool of themselves. .

“I don’t know, but it will be fine.” He didn’t want to continue this heavy topic, it was a man’s responsibility.

“Ying Er, you say, with Zhongming’s character, why would he follow Ning Wang’s antics?”

“That child Zhongming must have an idea, after all, he’s so big…”

“It’s just, I feel a little puzzled. Earlier that little guy, from his appearance to his personality, he can’t possibly be liked by Ning Wang’s group, so why did Zhongming think about putting that person in his house.” 

After he said this, Madam Bai hesitated: “Perhaps he matched Zhongming’s taste.”

“Matching his taste is fine…” Bai Shining had never seen the two get along, but he felt a little discordant: “When Zhongming returned to his family’s residence, he was still thinking about finding someone to entrust him with. And since the child has been injured for a long time, unexpectedly, Zhongming was willing to teach him the breathing method.”

“Zhongming taught him?”

“There is no mistake, it’s what I taught Zhongming. Zhongming doesn’t go on the battlefield, so his practice compared to Shiyan and the others is slightly different, how can I see wrong?”

Madam Bai also realized something strange: “Zhongming is very interested in that child?”

She understood her husband’s concerns, both hailing from the Liu family, she knew too well the Liu family’s lack of understanding and stubbornness in the matter of love.

“Shining, are you worried that Zhongming has other thoughts about that child?”

She didn’t explain clearly, but her thoughts couldn’t be more obvious.

“Ying Er.” Bai Shining took her by the shoulders and passed under the eaves.

“I only know that when I met you that it was a great blessing to meet someone you love in your life. I’m not afraid of his heart being moved, but their identities are so different that I’m afraid that he will have a dilemma in the future.”


“Being willful is wrong, and it’s also wrong not to be willful.”

Madam Bai leaned against him in the night wind, and after a long silence, she whispered, “Is it the same as my elder brother that year?”

“Ah Zheng?” Bai Shining answered her: “If it was being willful, there would be no Liu family now.”

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