Si Tian Guan Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Filthy chaos

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When Bai Shiyan came over, he originally wanted to go to the study room to find someone as usual, but was told that Shizi and Little Brother Qu were still eating in the reception pavillion.

He looked at the sun in the afternoon and couldn’t figure out which meal he was eating.

As soon as he entered the reception pavillion, there were still seven to eight dishes on the table. He was startled by Qu Chenzhou’s terrifying face, but soon, he discovered something even more terrifying.

The two were actually feeding each other.

Bai Shiyan walked over lightly, dragged a chair over, grabbed a handful of melon seeds from the table, and watched while eating, making sure that he was not blind and misunderstood what was happening.

For this unexpected guest, Liu Zhongming just squinted his eyes and scooped out another scoop from the porridge bowl. There was half a spoonful of ginseng slices in one scoop, and he sent it towards Qu Chenzhou’s mouth.

Qu Chenzhou’s complexion was covered under the plaster, so he could not tell whether it was blue or white, he could only see the pain in his eyes.

“Too much.” He signaled that he couldn’t open his mouth: “I can’t eat it.”

Liu Zhongming thoughtfully scraped out half a spoonful of porridge, leaving half a spoonful of ginseng slices. He watched Qu Chenzhou close his eyes, move his lips, and slowly take it, like he was taking poison, it was not as quick as swallowing Shuo Ye.

“You two are very interesting, what’s the point of this?”

Bai Shiyan couldn’t help interrupting, and before he finished speaking, he saw Qu Chenzhou bulging his cheeks, held a chopstick full of parsley and stuffed it into Liu Zhongming’s mouth.

“F*ck…” He finally lost his voice in amazement, crossed one leg over the other, and watched the show patiently.

The last time he saw Zhongming causing chaos in the house because of parsley was more than ten years ago.

Zhongming, who was only five or six years old at that time, cried and climbed to the roof of the main room, threatening that he would break the j tiles and jump.

After that, parsley was nowhere to be seen on the dining table of the Marquis Mansion.

The atmosphere in the reception pavillion froze, and Liu Zhongming moved his mouth first, gnashing his teeth with each bite, as if grinding the bones of his enemy.

Qu Chenzhou looked at him for a moment, then finally couldn’t help turning his head. He bent over and vomited, and said in a low voice, “Shizi, I can’t eat it.

Liu Zhongming was expressionless. He swallowed the food down and sneered: “You’re giving up?”

“…” Qu Chenzhou bit his lower lip, his eyes fell on the table, and reluctantly admitted: “I lost.”

“It’s good to admit defeat,” Liu Zhongming put down the porridge bowl with a thud: “From now on, every day one bowl. If you dare to spit out a piece, we will add another bowl! I want to see if you can keep on spitting it out, or if I can afford the costs of it.”

“Okay, Liu Er,” Seeing that Qu Chenzhou was being trained pitifully, Bai Shiyan finally came forward and showed his sense of existence: “Calm down.”

Liu Zhongming shifted his attention, but his anger did not disappear: “What are you doing here!”

Bai Shiyan was yelled at for no reason and was stunned: “What? I can’t come to your place?”

“If you have something to talk about, hurry and speak, otherwise, leave.” Liu Zhongming reluctantly suppressed the overturned sea in his stomach, got up and walked away, chasing away the guest with a vicious voice.

With someone following him, he couldn’t even find a place to vomit.

So f*cking disgusting.

Bai Shiyan was happy to watch the show. He followed leisurely: “Zhongming, did you get bewitched again? Your temper is getting worse day by day. Just to beat him, you’re even willing to eat parsley?”

These words were like a soft spoon and dug into his throat, poking straight into his stomach. Liu Zhongming leaned against the wall and looked back to see if Qu Chenzhou was following. Seeing that he wasn’t, he finally bent down and vomited a few times.

Bai Shiyan gloated: “Oh.”

“Get lost!” Liu Zhongming took the water handed over by his servant, rinsed his mouth, and went into the study without looking back, and was about to close the door.

“Liu Er, it’s not right to express your anger like this,” Bai Shiyan stretched in and stuck out one leg, “Before I used to think you were eighty, but now I know that you are only eighteen, and you even know how to act in a fit, Chenzhou is really capable.”

Liu Zhongming covered his stomach, sweating all over, he didn’t have the strength to be serious with him, and allowed him in.

“Bai Shiyan, you have to take him away for a few days, if you don’t take him away, I’m going to be possessed.”

“Really?” Bai Shiyan threw the invitation on the desk and said with a smile, “That’s perfect, my mother, a few days ago, mentioned Little Brother Qu, saying that the weather was getting colder. If you are busy, since I am free, I will take that someone over to live with us for a few days. Seeing that he is not pleasing to the eye, I will take him away today, how about it?” 

Liu Zhongming didn’t speak, he was silent for a moment, and then asked: “You won’t let me guard him again?”

“How do I say it? Little Brother Qu is not horrid, I also believe that my parents know people, and the past six months have been handled very beautiful, it can’t be done by anyone else. If you can subdue him well, he would be a good helper.”

“Subdue him…” Liu Zhongming repeated in a low voice, before asking after a long while, “Shiyan, Shuo Ye…really can’t be resolved?”

Bai Shiyan restrained his laughter and understood his thoughts: “All the things I know about the things of our Bai family, you know just as much, there is no secret.”

Liu Zhongming propped himself on the table and rubbed his forehead.

Since he assumed the position of Shizi, Bai Shiyan told him the cause and effect of this thing truthfully.

The ancestors of the Bai family were heroes in Jiang Hu a long time ago. Under the ultimate pursuit of martial arts, they worked hard for many years to create Shuo Ye. They thought they could be reborn from now on, but what they didn’t expect was it to be a poison that eroded the bones and destroyed the gut.

After that, the record was unclear, and it was not known whether the ancestor got rid of Shuo Ye, or whether they were without an antidote for the rest of their life.

It is only said that some descendants believed in the idea of ​​rebirth, so they would secretly swallow Shuo Ye, staking it in one gamble, and not prepare an antidote in advance. However, when the poison attacked, they would be in so much pain, they would jump off the city wall, blood splattering on the spot.

Since then, no one has dared to try it easily, and the so-called rebirth has only become an untraceable statement.

“Regret it?” Bai Shiyan asked him.

Liu Zhongming shook his head against his will, then suddenly remembered that compared to the person who couldn’t lie, he was very lucky.

“…I don’t regret it. His identity is unknown, so he should be restrained.” 

“Still not willing to admit it?”

“After being muffled for so long, I only know he is either in his teens at most twenty.”

After pondering for a long time, Bai Shiyan got inspiration: “Could it be Qingchi?” 

Liu Zhongming’s eyelids jumped: “If Qingchi grows up to be like this in the future, I will strangle him now.” 

Bai Shiyan laughed. Since Liu Zhongming wasn’t intending to get to the bottom of it, he wouldn’t waste time talking to him about these things that he couldn’t figure out. He motioned him to open the invitation. 

“It’s your birthday in a few days, how are you going to spend it? I know you will have a lot of entertainment that day, so don’t forget to leave time to go to our house.” 

“I know, how can I forget? You don’t think Uncle will beat me to death?” Liu Zhongming broke into laughter and opened it for a glance: “Why is uncle and aunt making it so formal? We’re all one family, why do we need invitations?” 

This glance made his eyes glued. 

What Bai Shiyan wanted to see was his surprise. He smiled: “Look, Little Brother Qu is really right, my mother is pregnant.” 

Qu Chenzhou got up early, waiting for the resident doctor to peel off the plaster on his face. 

Today was the day when they needed to go to the Department of Control for the inspection of marks, and covering one’s face is not allowed. 

He was afraid, but he had to go. At least this year, there will be a carriage to take him there. 

The Department of Control was divided into East and West courtyards. The East courtyard was responsible for the labourers, and the West courtyard was responsible for entertainment people and rich family pets, the situation varied from year to year. 

Qu Chenzhou was taken to the east courtyard in previous years, and this was the first time he went to the west courtyard. There seemed to be no difference in the furnishings, but the people around him looked much more decent. 

It just “looked” like it.

He knew that most of the time, the people here don’t live as long as the ones in the East Courtyard. Many people wished they could go to the East Courtyard, but they couldn’t help themselves.

The surrounding rooms were not soundproof at all, and the screams that were gagged in their mouths came one after another. That was because the last group of people had not finished dealing with them.

With his slave ring strung on a rope, he knelt in the yard and waited with many people he didn’t know.

“Look,” a whisper reached his ear, “Look at that, his face is ruined…”

“It must be from a mistake.”

Qu Chenzhou lowered his eyes, he didn’t need to look, he knew who they were talking about .

“Then what will he do in the future? His face is broken,” a very immature voice asked worriedly: “I don’t know who he belongs to, how can it be like this…”

“Shut up!” An elder scolded: “Aristocat affairs, how dare you talk about them!” 

After a moment of silence, someone sneered: “They must have done something that shouldn’t be done. A servant should have the appearance of a servant…..”

Qu Chenzhou’s heart skipped a beat, listening to these words, it sounded familiar. He didn’t know if it was because he had been kneeling for too long, or because of these words, but his head was aching faintly, as if someone had dragged him up from the bed and was sneering at him – a servant should have the appearance of a servant.

——To live off someone but help others, this is a sin that deserves death…

——I’ll give you two paths….

——He needs to die with that slut Liu Qingru…

Liu Qingru…

Qu Chenzhou had a splitting headache, his whole body was shaking so badly that it was covered with cold sweat, as if he couldn’t hear that name.

Right, he remembered. He was a coward, and did not save Liu Qingru.

He could hear the humiliation of the muffled cries in the cold palace, but he only dared to hide under the wall, biting his hand firmly, then finally escaped.

When he went to the cold palace again, he didn’t expect that Liu Qingru’s stomach would gradually grow bigger, and that an innocent life would be born in front of him.

“Qu Sitian, don’t forget…” For the sake of that little life, Liu Niangniang finally put her mind on using him: “Don’t forget, you have swallowed Shuo Ye, so you must help me with two things then I’ll give you the antidote.”

In fact, he knew for a long time that Shuo Ye had no cure at all.

“First, I want you to tell the emperor that Huai Wang, Mu Jingyan and Liu Qingru are filth in the palace, and they deserve to die.”

He was sweating like a pulp. He understood that Liu Qingru knew that in the future, she might only become Liu Zhongming’s burden, so it was better to die, while dragging the evil into the wreckage, and falling into h*ll together.

“Second,” Liu Niang Niang took out her personal token in her swaddling clothes: “Send this child to Zhuque Gate. There will be someone waiting there at Hai shi, five days later. The secret code is – inelegant raising.”

Unfortunately, they all miscalculated, the emperor had not yet found out what happened to Huai Wang, but Huai Wang had already decisively entered the palace. Thus, he could only hold the child and try his best to escape to Zhuque Gate.

One wrong step, and the whole game was lost. When he looked back to find Liu Qingru again, he learned that Liu Qingru had died, and the chaos of the abidcation of the emperor was coming to an end.

Huai Wang freeing his hand, it was finally time to settle accounts with him.

——kneel down obediently…

Everyone thought he was being coerced, only he knew that he was just begging for death.

Shuo Ye had no cure, and Liu Qingru died without them making contact, leaving nothing for him.

He thought he would die of pain, but he didn’t expect that this cheap life would last two days and two nights. Not only did he get his life back, but he saw two doors, and the man with the cinnabar mole on his hand, that teenager.

The teenager gave him a chance to choose, truth or lie.

 —— Zhen will give you one more chance…

Qu Chenzhou couldn’t breathe, he curled up against his knees, as if he was at that time, shamelessly crawling at the feet of that person – Wangye… Emperor! Emperor! Liu Niang Niang put the poison in the water and made me take it…I… 

——He didn’t know where the child was now… Someone outside the palace picked him up… I don’t know…

Someone kicked his waist and he fell to the ground. Trembling, he stood up with his arms, grabbed the hem of the clothes in front of him, panting and begging – I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.

“Get up!” 

The loud shout was like thunder in his ears, and Qu Chenzhou suddenly woke up, only to find the supervisor of the Department of Control lifting the rope with one hand and a bamboo stick with the other, everyone around him was looking at him.

“Daren, forget it,” One official stopped the supervisor’s bamboo stick by the side: “It’s the plaything of a noble, it’ll be hard to explain things if it breaks.”

“Oh, it’s him.” Someone beside him saw him raise his face, then he suddenly realized and whispered: “A few years ago, he was a valuable person, but I didn’t expect him to be like this now.”

Some people even commented: “I heard that he is crazy, so it’s true.”

“Crazy, yet they still want him?” The supervisor was busy finishing his work and went to the front to hold the rope. The official yelled at them all: “Shut up! Stand up!”

The string of people were dragged into the room. The long narrow room connected north and south and besides the existence of the charcoal basin, an iron rod was nailed to the east wall.

It was no different from the East Courtyard. Qu Chenzhou took off his shirt, knelt down facing the wall. He raised his hand to grab the iron rod, and soon someone came over and tied his hands to the iron rod.

The superintendent holding the bamboo poles started beating it and soon the head of the bamboo pole was stained with cinnabar. When he saw a slave mark that could not be seen clearly, he used the bamboo pole to follow through.

Qu Chenzhou closed his eyes and listened to the screams and the sound of footsteps gradually coming towards him. After a while, they were behind him. The words on his shoulders were still clearly visible, the ink mixed with the thick gelatin did not fall off.

The supervisor looked at the words on his shoulder, sneered, then raised his hand a little, the cinnabar was printed on his butterfly bone. He then proceeded to walk forward.

A four-finger-wide cloth strap was pulled between his teeth from behind and tied behind his head.

Turning iron in the charcoal basin sounded behind him.

The author has something to say: Do you understand? The child that Chenzhou took away was not the emperor’s, but the noble concubine and Huai Wang’s.

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