Si Tian Guan Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Chaos

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Seeing the blurred eyes of the person in front of him, Qu Chenzhou grabbed the incense stick in Liu Zhongming’s hand and threw it outside the door, helping him into the inner room.

“If you’re not good at drinking, why are you drinking so much!”

He complained softly, and swiftly took off Liu Zhongming’s clothes. Only when he took off the jade pendant, he gently stroked it for a moment, and then stuffed the jade pendant under the pillow.

Because he had learned the lesson from last time, he will not dare to violate the rules this time.

When Liu Zhongming was dragged in by him, he was barely awake. He leaned on his neck and sniffed for a while, nibbling and biting, as if he had found a familiar smell.

Then he fell into a deep sleep on the bed, motionless, allowing him to do whatever.

It was not until the quilt was properly tucked that Qu Chenzhou let out a sigh of relief. He pulled down the curtain, and walked around the screen.

On the table outside, he also prepared two glasses of sake.

In the past, one of them was in the palace, and the other was outside the palace, and they didn’t dare to be too intimate or else they may draw other people’s attention. It was a luxury to see each other often, let alone celebrate their birthdays together.

Thus when Zhongming returned today, he wanted the two of them to take a sip. It was a wish to make up for the regret of not being able to spend their birthdays together before, but he didn’t expect the person to be drunk again.

Zhongming’s alcohol tolerance was still the same as before.

He sat alone at the table for a moment, unable to restrain himself from laughing.

Although he always said that he would let go of the past, this person in front of him was Zhongming, his life’s faith. He was the belief that supported him throughout his life. Those greedy thoughts that shouldn’t appear always floated around like ghosts and couldn’t be restrained.

Perhaps it was due to the dark night, but it made him think of difficult pasts, and even become pessimistic about the future.

After drinking the two glasses of wine, Qu Chenzhou sat in a daze for a long time before blowing out the candle and going to sleep in the sarong.

Liu Zhongming’s throat was extremely dry.

He attended several banquets in one day, and although he tried his best to shirk it off, he was finally poured several cups by his uncle.

When he was stuffed into the carriage by Bai Shiyan, he only remembered that he shouted loudly for something. Finally Shiyan impatiently shoved the thing into his hand, and then he gave up.

He didn’t remember anything after that.

He didn’t know where he was lying now, he only knew that his chest was burning with fire, and his voice was so hoarse, it seemed as if he had called someone’s name.

Only two words, but he called it very intimately and very familiarly.

Maybe it was Bai Shiyan or Fang Wuyang, it seemed that the two of them sent him back, but the three of them together made him feel that this scene was familiar, and it was a very unlucky situation.

He was first taken aback by his hoarse voice, and then he realized that not only the voice, but also his body seemed to be out of his control.

In response to his cry, someone screamed in front of him.

“Why are you still calling his name! Why are you still thinking of him! Haven’t he killed enough people!”

He could tell whose voice it was, trembling violently, as if a huge hole had been pierced through his heart. The biting cold wind was like a knife with a barb, going through recklessly, unable to be covered, chilling all over.

“It’s not him… This can’t be done by him, he must have been forced…”

“Who forced him?” Bai Shilei’s voice was hysterical crying: “Liu Zhongming, do you have a heart? Many people are dead, do you still want to excuse him? Are you crazy!”

Liu Zhongming struggled to get up, but he was at a loss, not knowing where he was going.

“He must need me very much now… There is no one around, I will go to him… I am not reconciled, I will ask him in person…”

“Liu Zhongming!” Bai Shilei roared at him: “Second brother, if you want my dead father to be unable to close his eyes, go find him now! Don’t come back after you leave! Just treat me, Bai Shilei as being blind!”

He was cut into pieces and wanted to be broken into pieces, but there were always some fetters that sewed him up messily, making him stand there broken.

“I’m not reconciled…I’m going to ask him, this can’t be done by him. Why did he do this to me?”

“It’s him! It’s him!” Bai Shilei grabbed his shirt and cried: “Why are you still obsessed! Look at my father! Uncle Wei and the others! The people in the palace saw it with their own eyes and heard it with their own ears! He said ‘the Bai family will rebel’!

“Look at him bask in his status, above thousands of people! It’s all piled up with the bones of everyone!”

“What secret sorrow could he have?! How could he be forced?!”

“No one has ever forced him! He just wanted to climb up! He’s a white-eyed wolf with a wolf heart!”

“Can’t you see it! He was lying to you from beginning to end! He’s Huai Wang’s people!”

Liu Zhongming’s soul was pulled away, and he fell to the ground. He pulled his hair like crazy, incoherently speaking.

“Impossible, I’ve known him for so long, I can’t see it wrong. I know him. He said he loves me, he won’t lie to me. I’m so good to him, he’s shy and afraid of new people, he will listen to whatever I say. We will get married in the future….”

The side suddenly became quiet, and Bai Shilei disappeared, as if he had never existed. It was quiet as a cemetery, so quiet that he could hear himself crying hoarsely.

He wanted to deceive himself, but he couldn’t deceive himself. Those who were alive were no longer there.

“Marshal,” there was a little light in the darkness, someone was talking softly, as if afraid of irritating him: “News from the capital says that Consort Liu is gone.”

“No…” Liu Zhongming asked in a daze, “What do you mean gone…”

“It is said that in the early court, he reported to the emperor that Liu Niangniang was in the cold palace and had a b*stard’s seed, and the emperor was furious…”

“Impossible!” He roared, his thoughts at a loss. He already had no idea what he was saying. Impossible – was it impossible for his sister to die or impossible for that person to make a shameless false accusation.

“Why is it impossible?” Someone took his words frivolously: “Liu Qingru had illicit relations in court, naturally she deserves death. Am I wrong?”

He abruptly stood up and grabbed the man’s neck: “You still dare to see me! You still have the face to see me! Is it you! Is it you!”

The man didn’t say a word, and unraveled his clothes with ease, as if they had done it countless times.

“Come on, kill me.” With no regrets, the warm and slippery tongue licked him repeatedly and bit his throat: “Come on, pierce me.”

Liu Zhongming panted like a beast catching prey. Roughly, he grabbed the man’s thin waist and slammed it against the wall.

“I’m going to kill you!”

They were so familiar with each other, the other accepted him without resistance, and even stretched out his arms around his neck, hanging his head between his neck, urging him softly, biting him carefully.

“I’m going to kill you!”

He charged forward violently. He sweated profusely. He cried with tears streaming down his face.

The man was still the same as before, patiently refusing to make a sound. He tried to raise his hands to cover his eyes, but he twisted his hands behind his back and pressed them tighter together.

He charged forward so hard that the man could only throw his head back weakly, his long satin-like hair entangled in their interlocking fingers, and his fragile and clean neck within reach.

“Kill you, I’m going to kill you…”

Liu Zhongming, with blood, tears and hatred in his mouth, wanted to bite him at a vital part.

He was reluctant to hurt that face, so he just bit the neck and throat like he was bloodthirsty, until the two were covered in messy blood, and his heart was bleeding out.

The man in his arms had lost his life and turned into a corpse.

They were still connected and not separated, tangled in a cramped corner, damp heat surrounding him. His beautiful neck and head swayed gently under his frantic force.

“I hate you…” Liu Zhongming’s heart was icy cold, he put his palm behind the corpse’s head, and kissed his lips together with the blood.

Light entered the corner where they were hiding. He saw the corpse’s dead eyes, a golden eye in the light, staring at him vacantly…

Liu Zhongming woke up profusely sweating. The sky was dark and gloomy outside, and he didn’t sleep for a long time. Still struggling, he couldn’t get up, and fell back on the bed tiredly.

His body was weak and only his brother’s spirit clearly showed his presence.

He closed his eyes and lay on his back, holding back for a long time, but he couldn’t hold back, and when he reached out to hold it, he let out a small breath of relief.

The terrifying grief in the dream was too real, and the feeling in that moment was even more real. Longing and fear were intertwined. He tried to distract himself several times to remember who the figure in his arms was, but he couldn’t forget the somber news again and again.

Who is…

Who is that person?

Were those things true? Or was it the fear in his heart?

Liu Zhongming curled up in the quilt, recalling the warm and soft kiss. Panicked and clumsy, but also a most eager appearance.

The man’s whimpering whisper still seemed to be in his ear.

“Zhongming… hurry…”

He frowned tightly, his body was burning with pain, but he didn’t know if it was because of the many distractions in his heart, or because he lacked the real friction in his arms. Although his mind had fallen into enemy hands, giving him maddening pleasure that flushed the brain into pain, there was still a lack of climatic stimulation.

The sounds around him disappeared, and all he could hear was his own heartbeat like a drum, and the rough breathing in his chest, which became more painful as time passed.

But gradually, something else mixed in the noise, a familiar voice, like someone was calling him.

Liu Zhongming suddenly opened his eyes and saw Qu Chenzhou standing in front of the bed with a lamp in his hand. He nudged him with his fingertips with concern: “Shizi, wake up, did you have a nightmare?”

His mind exploded like sparks. The white light scurried around, everything was blank, and suddenly he uncontrollably spasmed silently in the quilt, his hands already cold and slippery.

He breathed a sigh of relief after a while. When he saw Qu Chenzhou take a step back, he clearly understood what had just happened. He was immediately embarrassed and annoyed, and roared sharply: “Who let you in! Get out!”

Qu Chenzhou knew that it was abrupt, did not say a word, bowed to him, quickly backed out, and extinguished the candle outside.

Liu Zhongming’s cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, he was not good at chasing and scolding people, so he could only rest for a while, then angrily changed his clothes and leaned on the bed for a while.

Due to the accident just now, he even forgot the terrifying situation in his dream. He was just about to lie down and sleep when he suddenly remembered in his heart-why did Qu Chenzhou come to see him in the middle of the night.

It’s because… he just called Qu Chenzhou’s name.

With a hangover, Liu Zhongming didn’t sleep well in the second half of the night until almost noon.

There was no one else in the room. After washing up, he just came out of the bedroom when he saw Qu Chenzhou coming in through the Moon Cave Gate, with his hair tied up behind his head and a face covering. All he could see was sweat on his forehead as if he just got up from the ground.

Before he could be embarrassed, Qu Chenzhou saw him at a glance, then turned around and ran away.


Liu Zhongming wanted to avoid him too, but for some reason, seeing this man’s appearance of being afraid of him, his heart felt an unknown fire, and he didn’t want to avoid him.

Qu Chenzhou could only stand beside the Moon Cave Gate, glance to one side, and call out, “Shizi.”

Liu Zhongming paced over, looked him down with a cold face, and asked, “Have you eaten lunch?”

“No, I was planning to go out to eat,” Qu Chenzhou said sternly: “Because I’ve been thinking recently, Huai Wang, he… …”

Liu Zhongming knew his little tricks too well. If he let him go at this time, he will definitely not find him in the next few days, so he interrupted his delusions of running: “Let’s go together.”

Qu Chenzhou pursed his lips and followed into the reception pavillion. He put his hands on his knees honestly, watched the servants set out the food and exit. Out of the corner of the eye, Liu Zhongming did not intend to move his chopsticks, knowing that this hurdle was not easy to overcome.

Liu Zhongming looked at him coldly: “Go on, what happened to Huai Wang?”

Qu Chenzhou hadn’t seen Huai Wang for a long time, how could he know what happened to Huai Wang recently.

“Say it.”

He could only calmly smooth things out for himself: “Huai Wang recently… how is he?”

Liu Zhongming looked at him indifferently, then looked at the chicken bamboo shoots on the table, it was all up to him.

Although Qu Chenzhou made it clear that he would not mention what happened last night, he was even more embarrassed and angry: “Listen, rule six…”

“Rule five.” Qu Chenzhou corrected him.

“I said six so it’s six!” Liu Zhongming put the teacup down and said, “You are not allowed to enter the room without my permission! Do you hear me!”

He replied softly: “Yes.”


Liu Zhongming held his chopsticks in thought and when he saw Qu Chenzhou taking off the cover, he saw above the vertical and horizontal scars, a pair of clear and translucent pupils radiating brilliance. He suddenly thought of the golden eye that had lost its radiance.

Whenever he dreamt of a person who he was intimate with, he couldn’t draw the outline of the other person’s face, so he can only use Qu Chenzhou’s face instead.

It was a secret that he couldn’t tell, but now he was afraid that it had been guessed by the person. Fortunately, the other party was also smart enough to know not to point it out.

He woke up from the hangover, had a headache and didn’t want to speak. The food was stuck in his throat and he couldn’t swallow it so he could only hold his teacup. When he looked at Qu Chenzhou from the edge of the cup, his heart moved for some reason.

Yesterday during the banquet, his uncle repeated the old saying, saying that his birthday coincided with Chongyang*, so it was no wonder that he had to change his name.

He drank a bit too much at that time, and almost subconsciously said that someone else also coincidentally had it on that day.

After speaking, he was at a loss. He vaguely felt that he had seen another person’s birthday. It seemed that it was the same day as his own, but he couldn’t remember who it was.

Now sitting face to face with Qu Chenzhou, that bit of confusion suddenly became clear like dispelling clouds and seeing the sun- the day he had seen his birthday was the same day as Qu Chenzhou’s was on his slavery contract.

The mixed chaos in his mind came up again, and every time he tried to extract clues from it, he was repeatedly tied into a dead knot.

“Qu Chenzhou,” Liu Zhongming stared blankly at the teacup for a moment, then suddenly asked, “When is your birthday?”

Qu Chenzhou’s eyes flickered slightly. He stopped his chopsticks, and asked him calmly, “Shizi is asking for mine or Qu Chenzhou’s?”

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