Si Tian Guan Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Bloodline

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When Liu Zhongming entered the bedroom, he felt that the atmosphere in the room was not quite right.

He could detect someone in the room, and estimated that at this time, the person should be awake, but it was so quiet that he felt uncomfortable.

When the food box fell on the table, almost at the same time, there was a soft sound of “shala”, which was the sound of paper being flipped.

He was actually reading.

He was relieved and turned around the screen. Qu Chenzhou was sitting on the bed, knees bent, and was reading a book with great concentration.

“Is the fever gone?” Liu Zhongming sat sideways on the edge of the bed and touched Qu Chenzhou’s forehead. Seeing that there was no response at all, he couldn’t help sneering: “How good of a book is it that you are so fascinated by it?”

He glanced at it, waiting to see clearly. When he saw the picture on the book, he almost couldn’t get up his breath.

“You…you…” Liu Zhongming jumped up as if caught on fire, his body trembling like a pendulum.

He remembered that yesterday, the little fox had a fever, and drowsily dragged his clothes and refused to let him go. He could only accompany him, bored, taking out the long-cherished booklet.

After that, sleepiness came, and he tucked it under the pillow.

“Does Shizi like this chapter?” Qu Chenzhou looked up from the book, and understood that it came out wrong. He read it to him kindly: “The barbarian Shizi fooled with the red rope in the bamboo forest, the servant of the family wet with rain allowed the lord to use it as he pleased.”

Liu Zhongming shook his head desperately as if struck by lightning.

“If this book is not good, there are many more.”

Liu Zhongming saw stacks of booklets in the opened quilt, neatly placed beside Qu Chenzhou, and he just wanted to swallow it down.

“Who allowed you to touch it!” He rushed over, hurriedly took off his robe, covered all those things, wrapped it into a ball, his face flushed red to the point of dripping blood.

“I…” Qu Chenzhou opened his eyes, extraordinarily innocent, and gestured to the side of the bed: “I just pulled it out like this, there was a hidden compartment and these books fell out. I thought that if it’s something Shizi has kept secret, it must be a good book.”

He lowered his head and turned a page: “It is indeed a good book.”

Liu Zhongming stuffed the book wrapped in his outer robe three times into the cabinet, and turned around to see Qu Chenzhou nodding at him: “Just perfect, I’ve read them all.”

He didn’t feel good when he heard this, so without saying a word, he wrapped the person in the quilt, lifted him up and looked; there were seven or eight books piled up on the side against the wall.

“Shizi,” for the sake of the book, Qu Chenzhou bowed softly: “Can you let me finish it, it’ll be quick.”

For the first time in his life, Liu Zhongming had a severe heart attack. He rolled out the quilt and threw him into the sarong.

Qu Chenzhou was just recovering from the cold and had no strength to struggle. He knew that he couldn’t struggle, so he curled up on the bed honestly. After the quilt was covered, he stretched out his arms and it was stuffed into the quilt again.

“I’m hot…” He had to protest: “I got hot and sweaty after taking the medicine…”

“I don’t think you’re hot.” Liu Zhongming said to him.

“No…” Qu Chenzhou had to tell the truth: “This way I can’t read the book.”

Liu Zhongming hid the only one left in his hand, collapsed and roared: “Don’t you know how to be shy?

“By nature we desire food and sex.” he glanced at the book very reluctantly, put his hands on the quilt honestly, and sighed: “Shizi can read it, so why can’t I read it? Only the state officials can start fires…”

“Shut up! “Liu Zhongming covered his heart. He didn’t want to die young, so he turned his head and said, “Shiyan has come?” 

The food box by the bed is the style that his aunt likes, it had been sent by the Bai brothers a few times.

“Yeah,” Qu Chenzhou replied in a trance, and after a while he said, “Did you miss a few books and didn’t buy all of them?”

Liu Zhongming wished he could put his head under the bed, he wondered if Qu Chenzhou understood. 

“You…” Anyway, the embarrassment had already been exposed, so he gave it up: “Did you know that the picture on it is… is…”

“Shizi and me?”

He slumped down, completely losing his temper.

“What do you want to say?”

At this point, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing for him to step back shyly?

He thought that the little fox would say something again, make him feel ashamed, or stab him, but he didn’t expect Qu Chenzhou to just purse his lips and smile.

“Anyway, my deed is also with Shizi, my person belongs to you, you have also seen it, and touched it,” Qu Chenzhou looked back and smiled sweetly: “It is a grievance for Shizi to only read books secretly.”

Liu Zhongming seemed to have a restless cat in his heart. It rolled on the ground with a straw stick, an unprecedented feeling, but he couldn’t tell whether he was comfortable or feeling difficult.

“Where… how can there be…” His tongue was knotted: “I was… I was just curious, I bought it casually…” 

The two sat facing each other.

Qu Chenzhou glanced at him from the corner of his eye, then retracted it for a moment, caressing one hand on the front lapel, smiled silently, and consciously changed the subject.

“General Bai was here just now, Shizi was not at home, he came to ask me something.”

Liu Zhongming came back to his senses: “Well, what did he ask?”

“Madam Bai is pregnant now, and he was worried that she could be implicated later. He asked me if I should let Madam Bai leave the capital.”

“Better not.”

Avoiding the embarrassing topic, Liu Zhongming regained his composure, placed the food box on the table, and picked out a few items from the bedside.

“After all, we have the most people in the capital. People are in front of us. We can see every move clearly, and we can take care of them at any time. It’s hard to say when we are outside.”

Qu Chenzhou agreed: “I told him the same. I also told him and Shi Lei to come often and if Madam Bai really has something the matter, I can tell from their bodies.”

Liu Zhongming glanced at him, but did not correct him, calling “Shi Lei” so naturally.

After returning from Southroad Buddhist Temple, they were all trying to put down their guard a little bit. The situation was good, and he didn’t want to disturb the tacit understanding between them.

He touched the Luo Zidai in his arms, suddenly lifted Qu Chenzhou’s jaw, frowned and asked, “Should you paint your eyebrows?” 

“Why?” Qu Chenzhou was surprised, he usually didn’t care about this. Since he was sick, he didn’t care even more. Seeing that Liu Zhongming was serious, he thought about it for a while, and said, “Maybe it’s because I fell ill and some fell off, it doesn’t matter, it can grow longer.”

“No…” Liu Zhongming retorted subconsciously. .

The face held in the palm of his hand, apart from the criss-crossing plaster that he was used to seeing, his eyebrows were like distant mountains and his eyes were like transverse waves, so he didn’t need any extra sketching.

The little fox had been raised by him for a year, and it was completely different from the former indifference. If he did not understand the cunning in the belly of the fox, then his eyes would be full of innocence.

Glancing at people, they were all innocent if there was no provocation.

He was a little regretful. If he only made a half-faced bet with Liao Guangming, he would have won, and he could logically propose to bring Pan He over, although Liao Guangming might not agree.

Qu Chenzhou saw that he was staring at him in a trance, only when the situation was serious, he raised his hand and touched him, comforting him: “It’s not all lost, it doesn’t matter.”

Liu Zhongming felt suffocated in his heart. He thought he was an ignorant piece of wood. How can this person who keeps saying that he is already in his thirties, how can he be dull like this?

Let him draw it, what can he do!

But the other party didn’t speak, and he didn’t know how to turn it around bluntly. If Luo Zidai was taken out now, who knows what kind of nonsense Qu Chenzhou would say.

Liu Zhongming thought about it left and right, and had to give up first.

The table was full of Qu Chenzhou’s favorite food. With selfishness, he first fed him a mouthful of soft beef intestines with japonica rice porridge. Seeing Qu Chenzhou staring at the lotus root box, he also took one and fed it to him.

“Do you like lotus root boxes?”

“I love the dishes made by Madam Bai.”

Liu Zhongming clicked his tongue – his little mouth is so sweet, no wonder it coaxed his aunt into confusion.

“Chenzhou, I entered the palace today to tell my sister about Concubine Yu.” He stirred the porridge with a spoon, stared at the warm air, and said softly, “Sister said that Concubine Yu is a person who can’t hold herself back, if there is anxiety, there must be a reason for it. Hold it!”

Qu Chenzhou unfolded the book on his chest and listened to Liu Zhongming continue.

“She gave me this. I can’t find any other clues. I can only consider it from Yu Gonggong’s arrangement of the internal servants. The booklet contains the resident’s rotating maids and eunuchs in Chaoyang Palace. If you look through it, what clues do you have?”

After he said it, Qu Chenzhou pointed at it, word by word, and his brows never stretched.

Seeing that he was serious, not seeming to be aimless, Liu Zhongming asked curiously, “What are you looking for?”

Qu Chenzhou didn’t answer, only addressing the names one by one, until he reached the last page, he sighed: “No… Maybe I thought wrong…”

“Nothing?” Liu Zhongming asked.

“I’m looking for someone,” Qu Chenzhou caressed the name on the booklet lightly, and made up his mind after a while: “Shizi, what I’m going to say next may be bizarre, but please believe me, I am not lying.”

Liu Zhongming put down the porridge bowl, spread his palms flat on the quilt, and not long after, Qu Chenzhou’s hand hesitantly placed itself on it, and he held his hand.

“I even believed in borrowing a corpse to bring back the soul. What can’t I believe? Tell me.”

Qu Chenzhou lowered his eyes and looked at his calm fingers.

“I know, you all called Qu Chenzhou a little monster. In fact, I used to be a monster.”

“I got a power that ordinary people can’t imagine by chance.”

He turned his hand and touched the center of Liu Zhongming’s palm.

“At that time, as long as I touched someone’s body and asked him a question, whether he answered or not, whether he wanted to answer or not, I could get the answer to that question, the truest answer.”

Liu Zhongming was surprised, almost subconsciously, he wanted to pull out his hand, but stopped abruptly: “You mean…if you encounter me like this, no matter what you ask, you can know the answer from me?”

Qu Chenzhou nodded.

“Does anyone else know this about you…”

“At first…no one knew about it, it doesn’t matter now.”

Qu Chenzhou pressed his finger down, preventing Liu Zhongming from continuing to ask: “I was unintentional. I learned a secret of Huai Wang’s, if there is anything that makes Concubine Yu most panicked, I can’t think of a second thing.”

“Huai Wang, although he is Concubine Yu’s, he is not the emperor’s flesh and blood.”

There was a buzzing sound in Liu Zhongming’s mind, if it wasn’t for Qu Chenzhou’s warning in advance, he almost thought he would be suffering from hysteria.

“Although Huai Wang is the child of Concubine Yu, he does not have the blood of the heavenly family.”

“According to my guess, when the Empress and Concubine Ming gave birth to Shizis successively, although Concubine Yu was not neglected, but there was nothing. This, they came up with this Li Dai Tao Zang*’s method.”

* substituting one thing for another

“Concubine Yu’s family…” Liu Zhongming asked halfway, and he immediately understood.

No matter what, Concubine Yu was trapped in the palace. If she wanted to find someone outside the palace to be brought in, how could she do it without the help of her parents?

“How did Concubine Yu’s family find someone and how did they send them in? I don’t know, but I do know that when Concubine Yu gave birth, that person was still alive.”

“Why!” He should have been silenced after leaving the palace, how could he still be kept.

“I think it is Song Zhongcheng who has thought long-term. In the past dynasties, after the emperor ascended the throne, there were quite a few people who were afraid of foreign relatives. Not mentioning that they know the shameful secret of Huai Wang, this was the means they will use to check and balance Huai Wang in the future. “

Liu Zhongming suddenly realized something, and felt that there was cold air in the cracks of his bones – because of that position, parents, husband and wife, mother and child had a rift, and uncles and nephews were jealous.

Qu Chenzhou patted the booklet: “I don’t know where that person is, but I do know that his name is Zhou Huaishan.”

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