Si Tian Guan Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Fireworks

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When Qu Chenzhou realized it, he was already climbing the tree.

The lights below were brightly lit, like a bright galaxy. He hung high above the galaxy, as if he had appeared countless times in a dream—his body scattered into luminous fragments, falling into the world like dust.

But in the current situation, he could no longer tolerate wild thoughts, he couldn’t even see clearly, and couldn’t hear clearly. He only knew to crawl forward desperately, keep crawling forward.

The trembling branches became thinner as he moved forward, and he was almost at the end. Bearing his thin body, it kept nodding their head under pressure.

The people behind him didn’t have the guts to climb up together, so they could only shake desperately at the tree branch: “Get down!”

The crowd on the street stopped and gathered densely below, looking up at him, following every branch of the tree. Once the branch was shaken, watching the tottering above, someone let out a burst of exclamation.

Qu Chenzhou had no way to retreat, and he couldn’t move forward, so he could only hug the branches with his hands and feet, and feel the tremors under his body become more and more intense, it would be a matter of time before he couldn’t hold on.

“I’m not from their family!” He yelled hysterically towards the people below: “My name is Qu Chenzhou. I used to be Qu Chenzhou from the Qisheng Building. I am the servant of Anding Marquis Shizi! I beg you to find the Shi… …” 

The branch trembled violently, the people behind were afraid that something could happen, so they tried to step on it.

Almost unconsciously, he took another step forward.

This time before he had time to speak again, the terrible sound of breaking sounded behind him like the sky falling apart.

Qu Chenzhou fell down amid the exclamation of the crowd.

He had never experienced such a situation, and Liu Zhongming had never taught him how to land from a high altitude safely. The moment he fell, his mind went blank, and he didn’t even know whether he screamed or not.

He was caught firmly with two hands, his arms gripped tightly, held in a firm embrace.

Qu Chenzhou was in chaos.

The flying thorn in his hand had fallen somewhere, and in this posture, he didn’t even have the slightest strength to resist.

He struggled indiscriminately, and the man held him tighter.

“I was wondering why it was so lively here? Which little wild cat has climbed so high?” 

When the voice sounded, he realized that the smell of his body was also familiar. He finally relaxed from his original fright and his disobedient tears quickly fell out.

“Shi… Shizi…”

“Are you scared? Don’t cry.”

Liu Zhongming lifted his chin and was about to wipe his tears for him, but suddenly he shook, and snapped the snow cap behind him back on. Turning him over, he carried the person on his shoulders.

His line of sight was narrowed to a small area above his head, and Qu Chenzhou could only hear the shouts of many people dispersing the crowd, and someone stepped forward and said: “Shizi, they have escaped, and people have been sent to chase them.

“Call some people over. Daring to take advantage of the chaos in the capital to commit crime, they must think there is no law!”


“Wait a minute,” Liu Zhongming was about to leave, then turned around and ordered: “Let Shiyan take the people on board first, don’t wait for me.”

Hanging on his shoulders, Qu Chenzhou gradually regained his composure while panting, his tears barely stopped, but his forehead and hair were embarrassingly cold and wet.

He raised his hand in shame and wiped it a few times, only to realize something suddenly.

——His mask was gone.

Qu Chenzhou looked at the ground in front of his head, and didn’t know where they were going. He only knew that they were walking on the ground at first, but soon his body lightened, and then landed on tiles and bricks. He guessed that they were on the roof.

When he was away from the crowd and the lights, the darkness rushed towards his face, making him curl up into a ball reflexively. A hand slapped his buttocks lightly.

“Are you that afraid? How about the courage to climb a tree just now?”

Unlike the heavy step that crushed several tiles in one step, even while Liu Zhongming carried him, his steps were extremely light, and his voice was not too heavy.

He counted the steps, felt the breathing rhythm coming from his submissive back, and gradually realized what he did wrong just now.

After all, he was an inexperienced novice. Once he encountered danger, he would return all the moves he learned before back to Zhongming…

What a terrible student.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Liu Zhongming finally stood still then sat the other person down on the ridge of the roof. When he held the snow cap with both hands, he heard his own heartbeat as loud as a golden drum.

When he arrived just after hearing the sound, the little wild cat had already climbed up the tree, his face mask gone, and the bright candlelight on the street shone over, yet it paled and dimmed around Qu Chenzhou.

There was only one ridiculous thought echoing in his mind-the Bodhisattva… The Bodhisattva actually appeared.

That was perhaps the most difficult time for the little wild cat. His helpless eyes were covered with mist, but he was also as stubborn as always. He never thought that there could be a person who was both soft and strong, beautiful and poisonous.

That face was soft and beautiful mixed with desperate ruthlessness, like an enchanting iron flower born from a snake’s venom, a peerless sharp blade after drinking blood.

The world was bright, less than half the color on him.

He was in a trance and couldn’t help himself, and when he carried the person away, he felt stuffy and angry in his chest.

This was his, Qu Chenzhou was his, but he was negligent, causing the little fox to be so frightened. When he was catching the person under the tree, his mouth was making jokes, but his whole body was weak with fear.

Before Liu Zhongming’s anger calmed down, Qu Chenzhou took off the snow cap himself.

The light here was very dim, only the bright moon hung high, casting a hazy tenderness. The little fox pursed his mouth stubbornly, and fluttered his slender eyelashes at him, the tears just now have not dried up, and there were two deep pools.

One side was the sun, the other side was the moon, and the galaxy was twinkling in it.

He had destitute words in his chest, his heart was beating violently, and all the books he had read had been eaten up by dogs. He only knew that he was lacking in imagination, and he didn’t know that someone could really look like this.

Like a spirit condensed by the moonlight, in its white holiness was the ultimate desire, unknowingly seductive.

“Shizi…” Seeing him in a daze, the extremely good-looking spirit frowned slightly, his frightened eyes contained pity, and after thinking for a moment, he said softly: “Tonight’s trip… can you add more money.”

Liu Zhongming’s tender and affection were shattered badly, and he sank to the bottom without even hearing the sound of the water. The only consolation was that he really did not choose the wrong person, Qu Chenzhou was right.

F*ck, it’s worthy of celebration.

Seeing his sullen face, Qu Chenzhou discounted silently in his heart, and stretched out his finger cruelly: “Add three hundred taels, no less…”

He paused, glanced at his face, and withdrew another finger.

“Two hundred taels… that’s fine too.”

Liu Zhongming was in extreme pain, feeling that he must have committed a lot of sins in his previous life, the kind of sins that cannot be pardoned.

He patted Qu Chenzhou’s hand away, and asked, “Who was it? Did you see them clearly?”

“No, they planned to force me into the alley, but they didn’t expect me to make a move,” Qu Chenzhou said carefully: “I preempted the attack and knocked down two of them before I escaped. They were not very skilled, and they only relied on strength. They were not Liao Guangming’s subordinates.”


Liu Zhongming turned his face and looked at the eaves sticking out, pointing to the inland river not far away. Boats illuminated by lights floated on the river, dotting it which made it look lively.

He looked at it for a while before answering: “It can’t be Liao Guangming, firstly, it’s unlikely for him to get to this degree. Secondly, he doesn’t need to do anything to you. Thirdly, he should also know that playing such tricks is not beneficial to him. “


He paused for a moment, looked at Qu Chenzhou, and both of them uttered a name at the same time: “Jiang Xingzhi.

“We should have known he wouldn’t just give up.” Qu Chenzhou strongly clutched the tile underneath his butt to draw his attention: “Where did Jiang Xingzhi go now?”

Not only because Jiang Xingzhi had been to Changshui Town, but also because Jingchen was involved, Liu Zhongming had always been paying attention to that side.

“He went to the Taishi Bureau to be the Sichen.”


Qu Chenzhou was very familiar with the Taishi Bureau.

The Taishi Bureau was in charge of measuring astronomy, but since the status of the Si Tian Guan had been exalted, the Taishi Bureau had been useless. They were fated foes in the same field, and they had always regarded the Si Tian Guan as an enemy.

He was timid and fearful at first, and was bullied by the Taishi Bureau for several years. Finally, with Zhongming, there was some support until something happened to the Liu family.

After Liu Zhongming fled, he took the opportunity of the emperor deposing King Ning to take over the Taishi Bureau.

Jiang Xingzhi’s going to the Taishi Bureau was equivalent to being exiled, and it was impossible to be reconciled.

“Actually, the main problem is not with Jiang Xingzhi,” Liu Zhongming sighed softly, “There is another one.”

Now that Jiang Xingzhi was not under the protection of Qi Wang, it was not difficult to make him disappear without a sound, but there was Jingchen behind him, who was mediating for Jiang Xingzhi, and more importantly, someone around Liu Zhongming was covering for Jingchen and Jiang Xingzhi.

“Where did Fang Wuyang go?” Qu Chenzhou asked.

“He would leave the capital every New Year’s Eve, saying that he was going to spend the New Year with Master, but he is very familiar with my habits. If it is Jiang Xingzhi alone, he might not be able to keep the time card so accurate.”

“You should also free up your hands and take care of Fang Wuyang.” Qu Chenzhou was silent for a moment, and asked, “What is Shizi’s plan?”

“Chenzhou,” when the two of them had confirmed their goals at the same time, Liu Zhongming had a plan in mind: “Find an opportunity, find Jingchen.”

Knocking on the mountain and shaking the tiger, they will have to see whether Jiang Xingzhi and Fang Wuyang can sit still.

“Understood.” Qu Chenzhou responded, and moved uncomfortably. Sitting at such a high place made him feel very insecure: “Can we… go down?”

“Don’t go,” Liu Zhongming held his hand and said with a smile: “It’s almost time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other side of the inland river suddenly burst into light. Thousands of trees illuminated with lights, and seven branches of fireworks bloomed, reflecting half of the sky as bright as day.

“Every year, there are people starting fireworks by the river, and this frame had been put up a few days earlier. This is the best place to see it.” Liu Zhongming moved closer to Qu Chenzhou: “You are so short, can you see it?”

Clusters of fireworks exploded in the night sky, scattered, and casted into Qu Chenzhou’s pupils.

There were fireworks in the palace before, but they were far less shocking than this. It was the first time in his life that he saw this magnificent scene, and he didn’t dare to nod his head, for fear that something would fall down.

“It’s been so long…” Seeing that he liked it, Liu Zhongming finally felt relieved, and stretched out his hands to his bosom: “Are you hungry?” 

In the handkerchief that was spread out on the palm of his hand, there were a few pink, white and soft glutinous dumplings, strung together with bamboo sticks.

“Rice… rice cold cake,” he felt uneasy again, and explained softly: “I tasted it just now, it’s not very sweet, only very light… like rice…”

Qu Chenzhou tiled his head to look at him when the fireworks fell, his eyes falling on his hands again.

The rice cold cake was squeezed when the two hugged each other just now, and the shape was not so good.

Liu Zhongming was nervous from being watched, and felt that he was making things difficult for the other, and felt that it was too abrupt.

Sweets was originally a past that the little fox didn’t want to mention, but he actually had extravagant hopes.

When he was about to take it back, the string of rice cold cakes was picked up, and the top one was bitten off, half of it was being chewed on, and half of it was exposed from his lips.

Qu Chenzhou leaned on the roof with one hand, raised his head towards him, and smiled at the corner of his mouth, but for some reason, tears welled up and flowed down to his cheeks.

As if half infected, Liu Zhongming’s nose was sour and astringent, everything was like a dream, a sweet, sweet and colorful dream.

Perhaps the night was alluring and the timing was just right, but the little fox put away his fangs and claws, and opened his arms to him unprepared.


He called softly. Seeing Qu Chenzhou nodding slightly to him, he slowly bent down like he was making a pilgrimage.

The soft pastry was squeezed and tossed between their lips, they shared the snacks and each other.

Liu Zhongming hugged the thin waist in front of him, wishing he could crush Qu Chenzhou and rub it into his own flesh and blood.

The boy’s jerky kiss was gentle and careful.

“Little fox,” he hooked the tip of his pink tongue and whispered softly, “Congratulations, it’s been another year.”

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