Si Tian Guan Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Jingchen

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When Liu Zhongming was led into the mansion, he didn’t go straight to the main hall from the Qingshi Road, but passed through the hanging flower gate and went westward to the reception pavillion, and could not help but feel comforted.

Although they had not been as close as before since Mu Jingchen had left the palace and built his own residence as an adult, and the number of times they met were limited, Mu Jingchen still entertained him in the reception pavillion, without the detachment that he had expected.

It was almost the same as what Qu Chenzhou expected. Sure enough, things might change, but people wouldn’t change that much.

Qu Chenzhou told him that even in the previous life, although Mu Jingchen had a temper of ignoring others, he had always been on good terms with the Liu family.

Even when the Liu family was facing a catastrophe, he did not hesitate to offend the emperor and tried their best to save them.

So for such a person, it was better to speak frankly than to play tricks.

Liu Zhongming also agreed with this statement.

In the war between the Three Wangyes, Jingchen had always been aloof, and his disposition of indifference to fame and fortune had not changed, but the former Jingchen was not so indifferent.

He could guess that Jingchen must have some knots in his heart, and even guessed that this knot might be related to the time when he disappeared before. Judging from the current indications, only Mu Jingchen and Jiang Xingzhi knew what happened back then.

There was no way to check.

It was quiet inside and outside the reception pavillion, it didn’t seem like someone would come soon.

The court did not support idlers, except for Ning Wang, who was willing to be scolded and pushed away, even Huai Wang and Qi Wang had their own affairs to be busy, and Mu Jingchen was no exception. Currently, it was said that he was supervising the compilation of national history by the Imperial Academy.

Liu Zhongming was not in a hurry, and walked around the reception pavillion with a teacup.

He hadn’t been here for a long time, and many places looked unfamiliar.

The screen on the west seemed to have changed from orchid grass to landscape, with jagged rocks and turbulent torrents. It looked a bit abrupt, but it didn’t look like Jingchen, who had a peaceful temperament would like it.

There was a picture of characters hanging on the wall beyond the screen, which was obviously not the emperor’s imperial pen, nor Mu Jingchen’s handwriting, nor was it the handwriting of everyone he was familiar with.

But why did it seem a bit familiar? This strong and free-spirited brushwork seemed to have been seen somewhere.

“Those who go don’t remonstrate, but those who come can be chased.” He read it lightly, surprised in his heart.

Apart from the emperor, who else would dare to give Mu Jingchen such words of admonishment? And Mu Jingchen framed it so solemnly and hung it here?

He sat suspiciously for a while when footsteps came from far and near outside the door. He hurriedly went to the door, and it was indeed Mu Jingchen who came.

“Greetings Your Highness.”

Mu Jingchen raised his hand to stop him, and instead of letting him greet to the end, he stretched out his hand to ask him to enter the room together, and sit down.

“Why is Zhongming free to come to my place today?”

“I’m sorry to have disturbed Your Highness,” Liu Zhongming knew that Mu Jingchen didn’t like to be disturbed, so he asked all the servants to wait outside the gate of the mansion, and he brought the things in personally.

“When I entered the palace a while ago, I heard from my elder sister that Concubine Xian was coughing and wheezing after winter, so she had me instruct the subordinates to pay more attention.”

He placed the box at his side on the table by Mu Jingchen’s hand.

“A few years ago, a doctor came to the shop, who was good at making Suzi Jiangqi Pills, and it just so happened that the south received good Bai Bu and Qian Hu, so I had him make a few bottles. If Concubine Xian doesn’t dislike it, she can give it a try, and if it works, then we can make some more again.”

He opened the box for the other to see.

“When I came back from a boat run last year, I brought back two excellent ginseng plants. I am ashamed that I am not good at medicine, so I asked the imperial doctor to see if I could use it.”

Mu Jingchen nodded slightly, watching him close the box again.

“The imperial concubine and Zhongming are kind and considerate. The concubine’s cough is indeed worse than in previous years. The imperial doctor still prescribed the same prescriptions, saying that she is weak, and dares not increase the dose.”

Speaking of this, Liu Zhongming also hurriedly reminded: “Your Highness, the doctors in my shop are all from the countryside. Please ask the imperial physician to examine the Suzi Jiangqi Pill first, for fear of hurting the concubine’s body.”

“Zhongming is very careful.” 

After the gift was delivered, neither of them made any effort to find a topic, Liu Zhongming only drank tea and did not talk, and Mu Jingchen did not chase away the guest.

He was not foolish.

The two concubines in the palace were on good terms, and Zhongming did not send things just once or twice, but he never came in person.

What’s more…

He twirled his fingers lightly in his sleeve, as if he was touching the secret letter that came from nowhere last night. There were only two simple sentences – beware of Liu Zhongming and do not bother with Ren Rui’s affairs.

One was a childhood playmate and the other was a stranger whose name is not known. He should have favored the former without hesitation, but he had tiny expectations in his heart. He didn’t know whether he was happy or worried about Liu Zhongming’s visit today.

Liu Zhongming finished drinking the cup of tea, got up by himself, went to close the door of the reception pavillion, saw Mu Jingchen sitting still, didn’t even ask, and smiled inwardly.

“Your Highness.” He did not go back to his seat, but bowed at the bottom of the steps.

Mu Jingchen looked down at him calmly: “What else is there Zhongming?” “

“I just wanted to inquire about someone.” Liu Zhongming knowingly asked: “Does Your Highness know Fang Wuyang?”



Haven’t seen the person, Bai Shilei’s loud voice came from outside the shadow wall. The servants were rushing over to serve him, but was knocked away. As he stormed to the inner courtyard, he was stopped by the servants that reminded him a few times, then he turned his head and went straight to the garden.

“Mother! Look who I brought…”

Bai Shilei rushed through the Moon Cave Gate, and before he could finish shouting, he was scolded: “What is this reckless brat doing! Don’t you see the guests? You don’t even know how to call out to people?!”

He was dumbfounded by the scolding, only then did he see Madam Liu besides his mother in the pavilion. He hurriedly stepped forward to greet: “Hello Auntie, I haven’t seen you for a month, and Auntie has gotten younger again!”

Madam Liu laughed: “Ying Er, you are not satisfied with such a good child, look at his little sweet mouth, it’s as if it’s coated with honey.”

Madam Bai was seven months pregnant, and the baggy clothes could not cover her swollen belly.

She put one hand on her belly and spat at Bai Shilei with a smile: “How is he good? He is hot-tempered and impatient, not at all stable like Zhongming.”

Bai Shilei stood outside the pavilion with his hands down, muttering unconvinced: “Always comparing me with second brother…”

“Don’t speak too well of Zhongming, he is stubborn and disobedient, I want a son as spirited as Shilei.” Madam Liu waved to him: “Shilei, come here and show your aunt if you have grown taller again.”

Bai Shilei took a few steps forward, then looked back, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Madam Bai knew her son well, and she heard him clearly, so she asked him, “Who did you bring?”

She looked into the distance, and saw a man kneeling outside the moon cave door, with his forehead on the back of his hand, and his black hair reaching the ground, tied with a red string. She let out a surprised and happy, “ah”.

“It’s Chenzhou, tell him to come here quickly.”

Upon hearing these two words, Madam Liu’s face was covered with a layer of frost. She saw Bai Shilei dragging him to the outside of the pavilion with cold eyes, and shouted: ” Shilei, why did you bring this lowly scumbag here, didn’t you see that your mother is still pregnant?”

Bai Shilei was so confused by the lecture that he couldn’t figure it out, and he explained inexplicably: “Auntie, this is not someone else, it is Little Brother Qu from second brother’s room.

It’s fine if he didn’t say anything, but when Liu Zhongming was mentioned, Madam Liu became even more furious. She stepped out of the pavilion, pushed Bai Shilei away, and slapped Qu Chenzhou on the face.

“Someone, drag him out!”

“Wait,” Madam Bai stood up with difficulty with the help of the maid, and held Madam Liu’s hand with a smile: “Why is my sister-in-law losing her temper, he’s just a slave, don’t lower yourself to argue with him, it will harm the body.”

Madam Liu was held by her. She was afraid of hurting her if she threw her hand off, so she could only hold back her anger and say: “Ying Er, the life of a lowly slave is cheap, be careful not to bump into this child.”

“The spirit of fighting and attacking in the Bai Family is even stronger, everything can be controlled, so there’s no need to be afraid.”

Madam Bai stroked her stomach and smiled, “My sister-in-law must not have heard the rumors in the capital that Zhongming hid a peerless beauty. I had requested to borrow him to take a few extra looks, so that I can give birth to a beautiful baby carved in pink and jade, so as not to be as ugly as these two b*stards.”

Bai Shilei looked at his mother’s eyes, and hurriedly pulled Qu Chenzhou up to protect him behind him.

“Ying Er, does Zhongming want you to protect him? This little b*stard has fascinated Zhongming that he doesn’t even recognize his parents. He’s a Shizi, and now he won’t even come back home. He only listens to what the little b*stard says. Tell me, won’t Zhongming be laughed at and get out of hand!”

“Children’s affairs, let them decide on their own. With so many families in the capital, it’s not just Zhongming who has people in their room,” Madam Bai held her hand and wouldn’t let go: “Didn’t Zhongming go to Dali Temple to report to work now? I heard people say that even though he is young, he is doing well.”

Madam Liu wanted to have a fit several times, but she was interrupted by Madam Bai with a smile. Knowing that today she can’t take the person away even though he was right in front of her eyes, it was as if the mouthful of rice she was chewing was full of sand, and she just wanted to vomit.

She didn’t intend to stay any longer and left in a hurry.

After ordering Bai Shilei to see her off, Madam Bai heaved a sigh of relief, pulled Qu Chenzhou over, touched half of his red face, and said softly, “I’ve wronged you, don’t be afraid.”

This hand was soft and warm, Qu Chenzhou pursed his lips, reluctant to move, and said softly: “It…it doesn’t hurt.”

He had been beaten a lot, and when Madam Liu’s hand fell, he turned his face away. Compared with actually hitting the face, it was much better.

There was wind around the pavilion, Madam Bai saw that he was not wearing thick clothes, so she went to the side room nearby and asked someone to fetch the medicine box.

Qu Chenzhou didn’t dare to let Madam Bai move too much, so he asked for a medicine bottle and applied it in front of the mirror. His cheeks were cool, and dodging in time, by the time he walked all the way, he was no longer as bright red as before.

Madam Bai beckoned him to come over, and before he had time to kneel beside her lap, she pulled him to sit beside her.

“You haven’t come here for a while, so you must have forgotten what I told you,” Madam Bai scolded: “We don’t have slaves in the Bai family, so you don’t have to follow those old rules.”

She thought for a moment then added, “Some day when Zhongming comes over, I’ll tell him to not be harsh on you.”

“No,” Qu Chenzhou hurriedly said, “Shizi is very good, he is not harsh on me.”

“It’s fine if he is not harsh.” Madam Bai smiled: “I don’t think he would be willing. You must not know, he had been asking about your stay at our family during Chinese New Year, for fear that you were wronged.”

“No…you were all very good to me.”

“What a good boy, it’s a pity,” said Madam Bai, sighing lightly. She touched his face with some relief: “No wonder there were a lot of rumors in the capital. I just thought they were making a fuss. I didn’t expect it to be such a good appearance. Zhongming had done a good deed.”

“Madam is too kind.” Qu Chenzhou lowered his head, and could see Madam Bai’s swollen belly.

Although the child had not yet been born, he not only recognized it, but even hugged it.

At that time, the milk baby who had just passed its first birthday could not walk yet, and was carried into the palace to play. At first, he only dared to hide and watch, but it was Madam Bai who saw him curious and encouraged him to hold him.

It was on that day that the child who had been standing by the table staggered towards him for the first time without anyone’s help.

When the blank in his mind was gradually filled by reality, he was already kneeling on the ground, with a baby as soft as a cloud in his arms.

Such a small hand hooked around his neck, and the little person opened his small mouth with only a few teeth and laughed. He kissed him on the face and called out childishly: “Sister.”

Madam Bai looking into his gaze, pursed her lips and took his hand: “Do you want to touch it, it will kick people.”

Qu Chenzhou withdrew his hand forcefully as if being burned, and looked up at Madam Bai with a surprised expression on his face. He bowed his head again and murmured: “Ma’am, I…my fate is not good, I will drag the young master…”

Madam Bai’s face was so ugly that he didn’t dare to look directly at it, so he could only mutter: “In the past at Qisheng Building…they all said this…..”

A hand pressed on his shoulder, using some strength.

He thought that he said something wrong and made Madam Bai angry, so he bit his lower lip and knelt down.

Madam Bai sighed, and before he could react, she supported his head and pressed it lightly.

Qu Chenzhou’s cheeks and ears moved forward at the same time.

He was so shocked that his whole body was as stiff as a stone, and he didn’t dare to move.

“It just moved, did you feel it?”

There was indeed something kicking from inside to his cheek, soft and gentle.

Inside was the child named Bai Shiqing. Before he could understand this wonderful world, his soft and small body was buried in the ground.

“I’ve already thought of a name,” Madam Bai stroked his hair, like a mother’s hand, with a proud and expectant smile in her voice: “He will be called Bai Shiqing. Have Zhongming draw a picture of you so I can look at it every day to give birth to a beautiful child.”


Qu Chenzhou silently recited the name, covering his eyes with his hands, not wanting Madam Bai to see him crying in embarrassment again.


He was sobbing in his throat, time seemed to go back to that sunny and warm afternoon. A pink and tender little person was sitting on his lap, eating the crumbs of the snacks that fell all over him.

He silently repeated the soft words at that time.

“Hello, my name is Qu Chenzhou.”

“Call me brother.”

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