Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Birthday 

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Hearing what Ye Yunlan said, the flowing shadows around him halted temporarily, then twisted even more frantically.

Countless shadows climbed up Ye Yunlan’s white clothes and coiled around his arms and legs. One snaked around his neck, forcing him to look up at Shen Shu. 

Ye Yunlan was heavily wrapped in a cocoon, like prey trapped by a poisonous spider. 

He couldn’t struggle. 

The black flame in Shen Shu’s eyes grew stronger. 

He lowered his body and approached Ye Yunlan, the frantic darkness behind him intertwining with the hostility on his face. His lips curved, “Master, do you think there is still room for you to refuse?” 

“I know you’ve never liked me. So after today, I’m afraid I’ll never be your apprentice again,” he stretched out his hand to cover Ye Yunlan’s cheek, “But no matter how Master hates me, blames me, or rebukes me, it’s okay. Today, you can’t stop me from going my own way. ” 

Darkness spread and seeped in. He wanted to make the person under him be on flames and immersed in filth. 

Ye Yunlan was forced to tilt his head up. His eyes were flushed, and his pale complexion was like fragile glass. 

He interrupted hoarsely: “Shen Shu. I said I wouldn’t agree with you, not for myself, but for you.” 

The darkness surging around paused. 

Shen Shu ceased his movements and tilted his head, somewhat puzzled. 

“For… me?” 

“There is really only one way to save the injury on my body.” Shadows were covering Ye Yunlan’s body, and his heart endured silently. “But, it’s not what you think. It’s not as simple as that. Divine fire isn’t something that ordinary cultivators can bear. Once it enters the body, if you can’t subdue it, you’ll explode and die. Not only will you not be able to save me, but you’ll also throw away your life.” 

“Shen Shu, I can’t watch you die.” 

“This is the reason why Master rejected me?” Shen Shu stroked his cheeks, his voice low and hoarse, “I thought Master rejected me because you hated me.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…If I hated you, how could I keep you beside me for so many years.” 

When he met Shen Shu back then, he didn’t know that the child he saved was related to the Demon Lord. He spent his hard work raising Shen Shu, and over the years, he had done everything for Shen Shu’s sake. 

This world had no connection with him, but Shen Shu had become the only connection between him and the world. He just never thought Shen Shu would fall in love with him. 

It’s like how he never thought Shen Shu was the Demon Lord. 

Ye Yunlan felt a little fatigued. 

He turned his head and meet Shen Shu’s passionate, maddening eyes again. The frantic black energy gradually calmed down, and the sense of danger surging throughout Shen Shu also faded away. 

Shen Shu suddenly said: “If I can bear or even subdue the divine fire, will Master willingly allow me to heal you?” 

Although the shadow no longer shifted in his clothes, it still imprisoned his limbs. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes, was silent briefly, then said: “If you can.” 

The physique that could withstand the divine fire, except for natural fire-type sacred bodies, only people who’ve broken through to the Transcendence Realm could bear it.

He only had two months left, and Shen Shu’s cultivation was only at Demi-God, how could he continuously cross two great realms in a short time, even breaking through the shackles of the mortal body’s six realms and reach the Transcendence Realm?  

Wasn’t that just wishful thinking? 

Shen Shu was very serious: “What Master said, can I take it seriously?” 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes and said nothing. 

Shen Shu took his silence as an agreement. 

He thought of the method in the Demon Lord’s memory. Go to the Demon Abyss and cultivate the nine-turn celestial demon body. Two months, he didn’t know if it would be enough, and if Ye Yunlan could last until then. 

However, for Master’s sake, he had to give it a try. 

“Is Master angry?” He looked at Ye Yunlan, who was lying under him. His eyes were closed, and he was pale. He suddenly realized that those shadows were still hidden in the other party’s clothes. He hurriedly put them away, then bowed his head and kissed Ye Yunlan’s eyes gently.

“I’m just worried that two months are too short, I wish it could last longer.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Let go of me first.” 

Shen Shu let go of him and supported him on his back. He had him half-leaning on the bed. Ye Yunlan had just been bullied so badly, so his face was still slightly red, and bruises were on his slender and pale wrists. Shen Shu held his hand and only felt the fire that started surging from within his body became more and more vigorous, and it was hard to stop. 

Shen Shu’s Adam’s apple rolled. 

Ye Yunlan, being pressed down by Shen Shu a while ago, was already aware of his strangeness. He didn’t want to pay attention, but Shen Shu was holding his wrist, muttering: “Master, I feel uncomfortable…” 

“Help me, okay?” 

The hostility on Shen Shu’s face subsided. There seemed to be a puddle of water in his blood-red eyes, which resembled a wet little animal with a very loving and appealing expression.

Ye Yunlan really had no choice when looking at him. 

Before, the Demon Lord had never shed tears before his eyes. 

In this life, Shen Shu, perhaps because he had been with him since he was a child, was too attached to him. He usually acted like a baby to him. It was common for him to want to be hugged and coaxed. When he was wronged, he would bite his shoulder and shed tears in front of him. 

Just like an immature child. 

He felt that the Demon Lord was very different from Shen Shu, which probably originated from this. 

Shen Shu saw that he hadn’t reacted, so he came over. 

He held Ye Yunlan’s hand and whispered: “It won’t get dirty. I’ll help Master wipe his hands clean later.” 

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips. 

In the end, he said one sentence. 

“Close the window first.” 


On the seventh day of March, light rain drizzled on Yanhui peak. 

Since that day, Shen Shu had calmed down a lot. He seemed to be preparing something for several days, and his figure couldn’t be seen all day long. 

In the evening, the sunlight had slowly faded, and the red sun was slanting westward. 

Ye Yunlan sat in the study room and closed the book in his hand.

The wind chime rang outside the door, and Shen Shu walked in with two bowls of noodles. He smiled as soon as he saw him, “Master, today is your birthday, I’ve made two bowls of longevity noodles. Come and taste them.” 

Ye Yunlan was startled. 

He had forgotten today was his birthday. 

Ye Yunlan actually didn’t pay much attention to birthdays. 

When he was young, he was imprisoned in the cold palace. He and Ye Xuanguang were brothers sharing the same birthday, but every March 7th, there were lights and festoons outside the palace wall. Everyone was celebrating the birthday of the Crown Prince of Ye Clan, and he could only look into the distance from the cold palace. What he got were the same cold leftovers. 

If it wasn’t for Shen Shu pestering him when he was a child, wanting to know his birthday, he would’ve never told the other party. 

And after knowing his birthday, every seventh day of March, Shen Shu would prepare gifts for him. 

Sometimes it was a hand-made gadget with some novel magic, sometimes it was a flower picked from a distant mountain that Ye Yunlan had never seen before, or sometimes it was some elixir, and so on. 

At night, he always made two bowls of longevity noodles, one for him and one for himself. 

Ye Yunlan sat at the table.

The soup of the longevity noodles was a crystal clear amber, exuding a rich and delicious fragrance. It was a mixture of mountain mushrooms and chicken soup. It was soaked in a long and neat ball of noodles, dotted with emerald green onions, cucumber shreds, and half an egg. 

He picked up the bamboo chopsticks and ate slowly. 

The noodle soup was clear broth, and the taste was very rich. The noodles were strong and soft, made with great care. 

He ate very carefully. 

Because he knew he was to have more birthdays. 

Shen Shu watched him eat and suddenly said: “Tomorrow, I’ll go down the mountain, and I’ll be back after about a month.” 

Ye Yunlan paused for a while and looked at him, “What are you going to do down the mountain?”

Shen Shu: “Look for a way to heal Master.” Of course, he couldn’t tell Ye Yunlan he was going to the Demon Abyss. He also had the reason prepared a while ago. “I heard there is a nine rank water dragon ball being born at the eastern border. Perhaps, it could suppress the divine fire inside Master’s body. I’ll bring it back.”

The nine rank water dragon ball still had a big difference in rank compared to the divine fire born from heaven and earth. Even if Shen Shu could bring it back, it would just help him continue his life for several more months, drinking poison to quench his thirst. 

Ye Yunlan wanted to tell him not to do useless work anymore, but remembering Shen Shu’s hot and crazy eyes from before, if he really forced him to stay here, he might not know what he would do afterward. 

He wanted to look at this man more before leaving. 

He wanted to see his disciple. He wanted to see that man from his previous life’s current life. 

Now, he just felt that it was not available. 

So he lowered his eyes while his bamboo chopsticks stirred the noodles in the bowl. He said in a low voice: “You can go. You don’t have to speak to me too much when you leave tomorrow.” 

Shen Shu: “I’ve made a lot of food. All of them have been sealed inside a formation in the kitchen. Master can go directly to fetch it when needed. I’ve also extended the live spring to our backyard to build a pool. Master can go to the hot spring after bathing. In addition, I’ve notified the disciples of the library to come to the bamboo building every three days. Whatever book Master needs to borrow and return, just tell the disciples directly.” 

Ye Yunlan: “You’ve been busy all day long these days, just for the sake of these things?” 

Shen Shu nodded, “I’m away this month, Master must take care of himself.” 

Ye Yunlan stopped talking. He just took his chopsticks to finish the noodles in the bowl and slowly drank the noodle soup. Then, he put the bowl on the table and silently turned his head to look out the window. 

Outside the window was a stretch of an ocean of flowers with the moonlight shining. 

And in the mountains further away, there were the peaks of the Sky Sect disciples. The lights were alight, winding through the mountains. 

This was the human world. 

Shen Shu got up to help him clean the bowl and gently said to him. 

“Master, happy birthday.”


“These officials congratulate His Royal Highness on his birthday.” 

In the huge and magnificent palace, there was a bustling and crowded scene. At the banquet, Ye Xuanguang wore the crown prince’s outfit. A pair of golden pupils embedded his handsome face, and he was holding a long-necked golden cup in his hand. He nodded slightly and drank the wine in the cup amidst the congratulations. 

He put aside a Crimson Feather Sword, and all the Ye clan members who came to toast couldn’t help but look at it. They were full of admiration for Ye Xuanguang. 

Only Ye Xuanguang, whose bloodline had recovered to this level, could get the Demon Emperor Sword’s recognition. 

The day of Ye Clan’s prosperity wasn’t far away! 

Several Ye Clan elders were already flushed with excitement. The damage of the sacred tree Spirit from before had been thrown behind. In the golden palace, it was a moment of joy and laughter. 

However, there was no joy on Ye Xuanguan’s face. He remained calm as before. 

The traditional dance music played in the hall. He sat on the high seat, not watching the singing and dancing in the hall but looking at the bright moon outside.

He thought of his brother. 

Ye Yunlan. 

Since their farewell at Tianchi Mountain, they hadn’t seen each other for two years. The sacred tree matter was a massive implication. The Ye Emperor was furious and ordered a follow-up, and the Ye Clan’s hidden guard just happened to be killed in the hands of Ye Yunlan. Ye Xuanguang had spent a lot of effort covering up this matter. 

The conflicting views between him and the Ye Emperor were getting bigger and bigger. Forcibly surpassing the tribulation in Tianchi Mountain left his body with hidden wounds, and although Ye Emperor’s cultivation didn’t reach Transcendence, he could still suppress him with the help of the power of the entire dynasty’s Qi Yun formation. 

At this moment, there was a sound from outside. 

“—His Majesty has arrived! The Empress has arrived!” 

The Ye Emperor walked into the hall with the sound of his imperial robe and the emperor’s bead curtain. His handsome face looked no more than twenty years old, and Ye Tange followed him leisurely, dressed up in heavy, exquisite make-up. As soon as she showed her face, she took away all the scenery of the whole hall.

Ye Xuanguang picked up his sword and greeted him. The Ye Emperor looked at him with thin lips and cold eyes, appearing very unkind. After a long while, Ye Emperor smiled. He strode over and patted his shoulder, “Xuanguang, unknowingly, you’ve become one year older. Royal Father sees that your cultivation is getting deeper and deeper, which is very gratifying.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Many thanks to Royal Father for your praise.” 

The Ye Emperor looked at the vermilion feather sword in Ye Xuanguang’s hand. 

Then he asked with concern: “Two years, Xuanguang, how is the Demon Emperor Sword’s refinement?” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Still incomplete.” 

Ye Emperor narrowed his eyes, “No need to be anxious. You are the prophetic person in the heavenly book, the ancient bloodline’s return to the ancestors. As the most suitable master of the Demon Emperor Sword in this world, no one can replace you.” 

After saying this, he paused, then said again: “By the way, Xuanguang, your Father ordered you to resolve a person who shouldn’t stay in Sky Sect. Have you resolved it yet?” 

Ye Xuanguang replied lightly: “Your child has been busy with everything, and Sky Sect is far in the east. I don’t have the energy to solve other personnel matters.” 

But Ye Emperor was suddenly livid: “Nonsense! Father knows that you still have some pity for that boy, but you are the crown prince of the Ye clan! If the royal family’s luck is divided with that fellow, how can you take responsibility for the Ye clan’s revival?” 

Ye Xuanguang said nothing. 

The Ye Emperor was even more infuriated and wanted to raise his hand. However, Ye Tange gently held the Ye Emperor’s hand. Her voice was as soft as a lark, “Your Majesty, today is Xuanguang’s birthday. Don’t get angry, all the courtiers are watching.” 

Ye Emperor snorted coldly. After that, he managed to endure his anger and left a sentence of “be prepared for what comes next” and turned away. 

But Ye Xuanguang stood there, not watching the Ye Emperor go away. 

He just looked up. The sky was bright, and his golden eyes were deep in thought.


The moonlight was like water flowing into the house. 

Ye Yunlan dressed in his nightwear to go to bed, and Shen Shu slept beside him. 

Long black hair was scattered on the edge of the bed. He leaned on his side, and the moonlight reflected in his dark pupils. 

For some reason, he wanted to make the night longer. 

To allow him to have enough time to think and understand some things before Shen Shu left. 

However, his body was weak, and his mind got tired too easily. 

In the end, he couldn’t resist the sleepiness and gradually fell asleep. 

Vaguely, as if in a dream. 

The heavy snow was flying, and in front of him was a forest of white blossoms. The white plum blossom petals and snowflakes all fell lightly in the sky, pale and beautiful. 

Someone was in front. They sat under the white blossom tree, warming a pot of wine. 

Seeing him coming, he raised his head and smiled slightly at him. 

Chen Weiyuan smiled.

“Wife, you’re here.” 

Ye Yunlan’s pupils contracted slightly, and he took a step back. “Chen Weiyuan? How are you here?” 

“I remembered that today was my wife’s birthday, but it’s a pity that the Eastern Continent is tens of thousands of miles away. I’m really ashamed that I can’t meet Wife in person because of a matter I have at hand.” Chen Weiyuan stood up and faced Ye Yunlan, “Thus, I could only cast a spell and meet my wife in his dream.” 

His long hair fell behind him, and his white clothes were full of fallen plum blossoms and snow. His long eyes were smiling, and his face was fair and handsome. 

“It’s been more than a hundred years. I’ve missed my wife, I’ve missed you bitterly.”

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