Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Prison 

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The sunset resembled blood. 

With Shen Shu’s current treacherous form, it was straining to discern his expression. 

He firmly clasped Ye Yunlan’s hand, and the cold touch spread from his fingertips to his heart, causing panic and discomfort. Ye Yunlan didn’t immediately break away from his hand. He was silent for a while, then said: “Nine Turn Celestial Demon Body is not a cultivation method recognized by this world. The deeper you practice, the easier it is to encounter accidents. You shouldn’t practice this method. I told you this a long time ago.”

Shen Shu stared at him with scarlet eyes. He seemed to want to pry out some fear from his expression, but it was futile. 

After a long time, he said hoarsely: “Master is only talking about this now? It is too late.” 

“It took me more than 20 years to cultivate the Nine Turn Celestial Demon Body to Immortalization. Then, I spent more than 10 years walking in the void, traversing it. Every time I stepped into the void, the Demon Body would be destroyed and go out of control. Now, I am used to it.” 

The broken shadows slowly surged on the ground, then reunited. The drifting filthy and dark qi charged toward him and gathered into a demon body. 

He gradually recovered his human form. His handsome facial features were pale and gloomy, and the hand holding Ye Yunlan’s five fingers also changed back to a slender appearance. 

He said softly: “It has been more than 30 years since you left.” 

Ye Yunlan quieted for a time. 

Shen Shu used his hand to draw him back into his embrace, put his arms around Ye Yunlan’s knees and waist, and carried him up. Ye Yunlan frowned, and his fingertips curled up. In the end, he didn’t struggle. 

As the darkness dispersed, they rose into the sky and swept into the clouds soaked in the bloody sunset. 

The desolate ruins passed under their feet, followed by the mountains and plains. They rushed out of the ruins and came to the Frosty Sea Realm, where the wind howled. 

It varied from the chaotic Frosty Sea Realm in Ye Yunlan’s impression. Now, no one was visible on the vast ice field. 

Shen Shu: “Master disappeared here. I have searched here for a long time. Later, some self-proclaimed righteous waste came to encircle and suppress me unsuccessfully. Now, this place has become a no man’s land.” 

He did not elaborate on why it became a no man’s land. 

Over the years, his dirty hands have been washed with blood. 

Among the many reasons, he was also too lazy to discuss it.

It’s just like the many crimes the world has imposed on him——deceiving Master and destroying one’s ancestor, betraying one’s sect, killing resulting in demonification, and so on. 

No one knew that the one left and forsaken was actually him. 

And those who wanted to kill him came with their soldiers, wanting to taste the Shura Sword. He could only give in to their thirst.

Ye Yunlan: “…Too many killings. It’s against heaven and peace.”

Shen Shu said indifferently: “What do others’ lives and deaths have to do with me?” 

Ye Yunlan: “I taught you to respect life and not kill innocent people. Have you forgotten?” 

Shen Shu laughed: “The promise that Master made to me before, do you still remember it?” 

Ye Yunlan was mute for a while, then said: “This is different.” 

The Demon Bone and Chen Weiyuan’s matter was for Shen Shu’s future safety. Ultimately, he had run out of life and ventured into the meeting alone just for karma. He thought it was worth it to exchange Shen Shu’s life for his half a month. 

However, Shen Shu was different from birth, deeply entwined with the Demon Dao. If he carried on walking on his own in the demon dao and killed too many, it was impossible to ensure his ending would differ from his previous future. He didn’t want Shen Shu to be like this. 

But these things, he didn’t know how to tell Shen Shu. 

Shen Shu said indifferently: “Master always only considers his own beliefs. But to me, people and things in this world are the same except for Master.” 

Ye Yunlan: “No… That shouldn’t be the case.” 

He wanted to continue, but Shen Shu lowered his eyes. His eyes were hollow and cold.

 A dark shadow stretched behind him, softly covering Ye Yunlan’s eyes. 

“Master is tired; rest first.” He said, “My demonic body is not stable yet, and getting out of control will only waste our time.” 

“After we sleep, we will arrive at our new home.” 

A strange hypnotic power seemed to lace his words. 

Ye Yunlan only felt his consciousness slowly sinking.

After that, he fell into darkness. 

He had a dream. 

The rain was pouring in the dream, and thunder was rumbling in his ears. 

He was standing in the rain with a sword, and a winding road was in front of him. His surroundings were pale and faint, undeserving of a closer look. A lone black coffin lay at the end of the road. 

The black coffin was deep black in color, soaking in his pale world like thick ink. 

He walked along the path. 

The rain drenched his hair and clothing, running down his cheeks and his sword-holding hand. The wind blew the downpour and slapped him like waves. 

Finally, he reached the end of the road, but he was utterly soaked. His black hair stuck to his face and shoulders, and the water droplets on his long eyelashes kept rolling down like rain on plantains. 

He saw a person lying in the coffin. 

A tall man with a ghost mask. 

The man had his eyes closed. It seemed he had passed away many years ago. 

He suddenly felt slightly cold. 

How could he not when the wind and rain had invaded his bones? 

But the black coffin before him was the only place in the world dry from the rain. 

He looked at it and saw the coffin’s space was actually rather sufficient. 

Enough to lie himself down. 

He leaned in, trying to reach the man’s hand. He caught it. He wanted to go into the shelter from the rain. 

Suddenly, he felt his clothes being torn. He turned around and saw a boy with the same clothes soaked in the rain standing behind him. 

The boy was only up to about his waist, and his face was immature.

There were a pair of red eyes akin to blood. 

The boy pulled his clothes with his little hands and looked up at him. His figure was in those bloody eyes, but it was a bit hollow and cold. 

He begged softly. 

“Master, don’t go away, okay?” 

The little hands holding his clothes paled. 

The boy repeated, “Please, don’t go, okay?” 

It thundered behind him. 

He awakened abruptly. 

A dark and deep palace entered his eyes. One could smell the rich and dense incense. 

He had slumbered in velvety bedding with a medicated pillow. The clothes on his body seemed to have been changed, and he no longer had the blood-soaked sticky feeling. 

His body was also soft, and he couldn’t detect the flow of spiritual power. Even the restless divine fire in his body had stilled. 

He couldn’t fully wake up yet and looked at the unlit palace. His golden eyes were a little blurred as if a layer of mist had blanketed them. 

It seemed like the rain in his latest dream could not cease in his eyes. 

After a long time, he grabbed the bed, intending to stand up. 

Suddenly, he heard a clinking sound. 

He perceived something wrong instantly. 

Raising his hand, he found a pitch-black lock clasping his wrist and a long chain hanging down. The chains shone with icy light. 

One end of the chain protruded from the bedding and linked into the bed’s shadows. 

Not just on his hand. 

A cold touch also rested on his ankle. 

He sat up strenuously, and his long snowy hair slid down his shoulders onto the white shirt. 

The clinking resumed with his movements, making people distraught.

He closed his eyes to sense that his internal spiritual power was still bare. 

The fragrant incense dawdled around the tip of his nose, making him feel unspeakably tired. He didn’t want to budge. 

He eventually realized something.

Shen Shu… His personal disciple had imprisoned him. 

At this moment, the palace door produced the sound of being pushed open. 

Someone entered.

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