Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Floating Fragrance 

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As soon as he left the house, he saw a vague figure in the bamboo forest. Ye Yunlan’s mind moved and he quickened his pace. 

When he approached, he saw that the person was not Shen Shu. 

It was Rong Ran that he had not been seen in a few days. 

Seeing Ye Yunlan’s initiative, Rong Ran couldn’t help being overjoyed: “Ah Lan.” 

Ye Yunlan slowed down and did not respond. 

Rong Ran walked over, and naturally took his hand as he did countless times before, “Ah Lan, did you receive the mask I made, do you like it? That mask took me a lot of time to craft. If Ah Lan wears it, it will match your temperament very well.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Senior Brother doesn’t need to do this for me anymore.”

Rong Ran replied softly: “Ah Lan, you should consider the letter I wrote. I’ve already apologized, so why are you still irritated? If you continue to have a temper with your Senior Brother like this,  even if your Senior Brother loves you, Senior Brother will be sad.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t respond. Rong Ran lifted up one hand to touch his face. He traced his facial features, and said softly: “Even so, Senior Brother still can’t let go of you…Ah Lan, do you know, Senior Brother really wants to hear you play another piece of music for me… ” 

Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes expressionlessly. Moving his wrist, he tried to break away from Rong Ran. 

It’s just that although Rong Ran’s voice was gentle, the strength he used to hold him was big. 

He thought about Shen Shu’s safety. He really didn’t have time to entangle with Rong Ran, so he said straightforwardly: “I didn’t finish reading the letter and I have thrown away the mask.” 

Rong Ran’s expression froze. 

“I still have something to do,” he said coldly, “Senior Brother Rong, please leave.” 

Rong Ran was silent for a while, the smile on his face slowly retracted. The smile in his eyes became bitter. 

He was originally a beauty with outstanding looks, so when he showed such a pitiful expression at this time, it looked extra pitiful causing people to want to spoil him.

“What in this world can be more important than the friendship between us that has lasted for so many years? Ah Lan, you are my savior. Not only that, you are also the Junior Brother whom I have loved and treasured for so many years. I care about you……” 

“If you think Senior Brother did something wrong, tell Senior Brother. Senior Brother will definitely change, you…just don’t get angry with Senior Brother, okay?” 

Rong Ran’s attitude was almost humble. His eyes were flushed as if about to shed tears. In this world there was probably no one who wouldn’t feel their heart in pain after seeing this.

Ye Yunlan only felt impatient. 

Under the three thousand long steps of the Sect in his previous life, it was Rong Ran who made him remember the truth. 

The human heart is the most unpredictable thing. Even with the grace of saving one’s life, it can be eliminated as if it never happened. 

It would be too ridiculous to talk to him about past feelings now. 

“Get out of the way,” he said. 

The look on his face was an indifference that Rong Ran had never seen before. It was like the ice and snow on the distant mountains that never melted, except for the tear on the end of his eyes. 

That was burning Rong Ran’s heart into hostility. 

He wanted to break the slender and smooth wrist in his hand. He wanted to watch him cry in pain and panic. He wanted to build a cage of gold, and relock the bird in front of him that had left his control and ask him to sing only for himself. He can only be appreciated by himself. He wanted his pale face to be dyed with desire, begging to be completely possessed by himself.

Rong Ran still remembered that at the beginning, his designs for placing Ye Yunlan beside him was because of his own selfishness. 

Since seeing Ye Yunlan outside the mountain gate for the first time, he had been jealous of the other’s appearance. He was envious of the other’s opportunities, and wanted to take everything from the other person to use as his own stepping stone. 

Everyone said that he was a gentleman, elegant and polite. Only he knew that he was jealous and selfish by nature. He couldn’t allow others to surpass himself at all, especially in regards to his proud appearance. 

… But slowly, he developed a desire for Ye Yunlan. 

He had forgotten where his desires came from. 

Perhaps it was Ye Yunlan looking at him with those too innocent eyes when he was a teenager, or perhaps it was the face of the other party. As it gradually grew older, it turned from its initial underripe appearance to a moving, thrilling appearance.

He was fortunate that he had collected this beauty in advance. 

Because of this, he had the most brilliant pearl in the world, and this pearl only illuminated for him. 

What a wonderful thing that was.

But why? Why did things start to get out of control? 

Rong Ran’s complexion twisted. The nerves of the hand holding Ye Yunlan’s wrist tightened, then slowly loosened.

After a while, he smiled softly: “If Ah Lan really has something urgent to do, Senior Brother won’t stop you. But… tell Senior Brother, where are you going in such an anxious state?” 

The moment he let go, Ye Yunlan had already passed him and walked forward, leaving only a quiet sentence behind, “To find someone.” 

Rong Ran stopped in place, looking at Ye Yunlan’s back. 

He didn’t expect that Ye Yunlan would get rid of him so anxiously and the so-called important matter was actually… to find someone? Just to find someone——!? 

The bloody setting sun fell on his face, and his beautiful appearance was stained with gloom and madness. 



Qingyun Mountain Six Peaks, the hidden Xiufeng mountain was outside the Sky Sect gates. 

At dusk, there were not many disciples on Wendao slope, but Ye Yunlan still attracted a lot of attention when he walked by holding a sword. However, perhaps because of his indifferent expression today, no disciple dared to come forward to speak to him. 

Crossing the Wendao slope, he walked up the hidden Xiufeng Mountain Road for half an hour, then turned into a fork road. At the end of the fork road was Shuofeng Cliff.

From afar, you can see a tall golden bell tree standing on the top of the cliff. 

When Ye Yunlan entered Sky Sect, he was taken to the inner sect by Rong Ran, thus he had only been to the hidden Xiufeng once in his previous and present life. However, for some reason, he was very impressed with the golden bell tree on Shuofeng Cliff. 

He stood in front of the golden bell tree. He leaned over and picked up a golden bell flower on the ground. 

The petals of the flower that had bloomed extremely splendidly were crumpled and stained with blood. 

Ye Yunlan looked in silence, then he turned around, raised his sword and pointed it at the woods not far away. 

“Who’s there?” 

A young disciple walked out of the forest not far away. 

Ye Yunlan always had a good memory, the kind that would basically not forget anything seen. 

The memory of the three hundred years in his previous life, he had not been able to forget one day. It is still the case where he relives his entire past life. Thus, he remembered that the disciple in front of him was called Xue Zhong, who had introduced himself to him on Wendao Slope a few days ago. He was one of the people surrounding him. 

Xue Zhong smiled, with a distinctly handsome appearance, but his smile looked a little bit naive, “Brother Ye.” 

Ye Yunlan: “What are you following me for?” 

Xue Zhong touched the back of his head and apologized: “Senior Brother misunderstood. I usually practice in the mountains and forests next to Shuofeng Cliff. I just caught a glimpse of Senior Brother Ye and couldn’t help but follow. I didn’t intend to follow, I just wanted to ask if your injury was better?” 

Ye Yunlan put down his sword: “It’s better.”

“Senior brother being fine is good.” Xue Zhong said with a silly smile, “Before in the secret realm, Senior Brother had saved my life. I had always wanted to find a chance to repay Senior Brother. Senior Brother coming outside, is there something the matter? If you need help, just tell me.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while, then said: “You said you usually practice in the forest next to Shuofeng Cliff?” 

Xue Zhong nodded.

“Then do you know who has been here today?” 

Xue Zhong scratched his head, “Shuofeng cliff is usually deserted. I chose this place to cultivate since it’s quiet. I am generally attentive to my cultivation, and do not pay attention to anyone who has come to Shuofeng cliff.” He meditated on it. “It’s just…this morning there seemed to be a bit of noise on the cliff. I vaguely heard the voice of Senior Brother Yuan.” 

“Senior Brother Yuan?” 

Xue Zhong: “It’s Senior Brother Yuan Yongzhi from the outer medicine house.” 

Ye Yunlan had no recollection of this person. He narrowed his eyebrows, and changed his question, “Then do you know an outer disciple named Shen Shu?” 

“Shen Shu?” Xue Zhong thought about it, “Is Senior Brother speaking about that frail and sick child that Deacon Liu brought back a few years ago? Deacon Liu said that the child had an ominous thing on his body when he was young, which caused him to get sick throughout the years, so he is not suitable for contact with the outside world. Most of the time, it was Deacon Liu and his apprentices who were taking care of him. Right, one of them was Senior Brother Yuan, whom I just mentioned. I have been to the medicine house several times to see a doctor, and once bumped into the child once, his face was indeed very pale. The child should have been in the outer sect for three years now. Deacon Liu’s medical skills are superb, but he still can’t cure the child’s disease. I wonder what stubborn illness it is…” 

Ye Yunlan listened and his brows frowned.

He looked down at the blood on the golden bell flower in his hand. He raised his eyes to look at Xue Zhong. 

“Xue Zhong,” he said, “please lead the way to the medicine house.” 


The medicine house was located on the west side of Xiu Feng. From afar, one would see a huge bronze medicine furnace atop the Mid-high platform. Crackling fire underneath, a strong bitter fragrance of medicine permeated the mountains and plains. 

Sitting in the front hall, Yuan Yongzhi was constantly rubbing the green bead in his hand. 

Since Liu Qing became corrupt in his cultivation, the whole medicine house had been presided over by him. 

This event was worth celebrating, but the weird things that happened to his master and two Senior Brothers kept a shadow over his heart. 

One accident would be a coincidence, but what about two or three? 

Liu Qing had accepted five disciples in total. Now that his two Senior Brothers Zeng and Lin were dead, and Liu Qing was crazy; only him, Ran An, and Xu Ze were left. 

He and Ran An had always been suspicious of Shen Shu. This was because Liu Qing had always said that Shen Shu was an evil spirit and was unknown. They could not help but associate him with the strange things that happened in the medicine room. They were originally going to kill the beast by deliberately leading him to an isolated area in the secret realm, but at that time the divine fire suddenly lost control. Thus, they hurriedly left before confirming Shen Shu’s life and death. 

Unexpectedly, the beast actually survived. 

He had already discussed with Ran An that they needed to find another chance to kill Shen Shu.

Only now, he was not willing to let Shen Shu die. 

He has average cultivation aptitude and has been in Sky Sect for more than ten years, but he was still just an outside disciple. Thus, being able to become the chief of the Medicine House was enough to make him ecstatic. 

But now with Shen Shu, if he cultivated him well in the future, not just within Sky Sect, in the future, even the world will have a place for him, Yuan Yongzhi. 

The old Liu Qing dared to refine something like this…no wonder he went crazy. 

And his two poor Senior Brothers, they must have been killed by Liu Qing when they discovered the truth. It must not have been the case where they fell into demonic ways and jumped off the cliff when they were practicing their spiritual energy or have their heart veins broken. 

That must be so. 

Talking about evil spirits and such must be an excuse for the old guy to cover up. 

When he thought of the scene where he would become a powerful person in the future, he shook with excitement. He was unable to control himself, his eyes were filled with black energy. 

But he himself didn’t notice it. 

Suddenly, the door of the Medicine House was knocked on. 

“Is Senior Brother Yuan here? This is Xue Zhong,” a clear male voice came from outside the door, “An inner sect Senior Brother wants to see you.” 

Yuan Yongzhi woke up from his thoughts.

He calmed down his heavy, violent panting from the reverie. He hid the bead in his sleeve, got up and opened the door. 

As soon as it was opened, he was startled. He saw a pale face soaked in the orange-red sunset. 

There was a feeling of colliding with a magnificent beauty. It almost made his chest suffocate, making it hard to breathe. 

The visitor nodded towards Xue Zhong, “Junior Brother Xue, thank you for leading the way.” 

“Well, it is my honor to be able to help Senior Brother. Senior Brother can come to me if he needs to go to the outer areas in the future.” Xue Zhong said, “Since I have already guided you, I will go back and continue to practice.” 

The man nodded. Seeing Xue Zhong leave, he turned to him, “Can I come in?” 

Yuan Yongzhi only then recovered and quickly said: “Yes! Of course! This Senior Brother of the inner sect, please come in. Please come in.” He invited the person into the house while asking: “Senior Brother coming to the medicine house, do you want to see a doctor for consultation?” 

Although Liu Qing was the deacon of the outer sect, his medical skills were excellent. He was originally the elder of the Inner Sect, but was demoted to the Outer Sect because he committed a crime a few years ago. However, many Inner Sect disciples would make a special trip from the Inner Sect to see Liu Qing for treatment. 

Yuan Yongzhi thought the same case was true for Ye Yunlan: “My master is in closed door training. I am afraid that he will not be able to complete diagnoses and treatments these days. My medical skills have also been learned from Master. If Senior Brother doesn’t mind, I can also help Senior Brother check…” As he said this, he boldly wanted to grab Ye Yunlan’s hand.

He didn’t think he’d be avoided. 

“I’m not here for a diagnosis, but to find someone.” Ye Yunlan said. 

“Looking for someone? Who is Senior Brother looking for?” Yuan Yongzhi’s expression changed slightly, then he remembered that Shen Shu, that little beast was saved by an inner disciple in the secret realm. 

It wouldn’t be so coincidental… 

Then he heard Ye Yunlan say a name: “I’m looking for Shen Shu.” 

Although Yuan Yongzhi had a premonition, his expression became a little darker, “Why are you looking for that child?” 

Ye Yunlan: “He promised to see me today, but he missed his appointment.” 

Yuan Yongzhi thought of the golden bell flower, everything was clear in his heart. An unknown fire broke out–Shen Shu that beast, sure enough, he would make trouble for him. 

It’s just that this ignited fire disappeared when he looked at Ye Yunlan. Instead, it was replaced by a hot desire. 

He had heard that the inner disciple who rescued Shen Shu was severely injured. His meridians were broken, and his cultivation level was gone. He also heard that the inner disciple was extremely handsome in appearance and was hidden in a house by a Senior Brother to heal his injuries. The rumors said that between them… 

Yuan Yongzhi couldn’t help swallowing. His fear of inner disciples were forgotten. He cleared his throat: “Senior Brother came at the wrong time. That Junior Brother Shen committed a crime and is being punished, now I am afraid he can’t see people.” 

Ye Yunlan frowned, “What wrong did he commit?”

Yuan Yongzhi did not speak, but his breathing became heavier, his eyes full of black air. 

Ye Yunlan: “Let me see him.” 

“If you really want to see him, it’s not impossible.” Yuan Yongzhi said, “It’s just Senior Brother, you’re not someone related to Junior Brother Shen. Intervening in the medicine house at will, do you have the qualifications?” 

Qualifications? Ye Yunlan’s eyes were slightly cold. 

It has been a long time since someone dared to discuss such things with him. 

——Even if you really want to talk about qualifications, Shen Shu was saved by him in this life. The other person’s life continued because of him. If he wanted to take care of Shen Shu’s affairs, who is more qualified in this world than him? 

“Take me to see him.” Ye Yunlan said indifferently. 

This time, he was using a commanding tone. 

His previous life’s condescending manner and treating worldly affairs as if they were nothing, showed a little bit. 

——No matter how his cultivation fell, he was once respected as a Senior in sword dao. He was the only person in the world who had reached the void tracing realm within thousands of years. 

Seeing him like this, Yuan Yongzhi only felt an evil fire in his belly burn more vigorously: “Senior Brother, I respected you at first because I respected your identity as an inner disciple. But in Sky Sect, in the end, strength is respected. Now that you are a crippled person, what right do you have to point your fingers at our medicine house disciples?” 

Seaking of this, he changed the subject: “But like I said before if you want to see Shen Shu, you can —as long as you can please me like how you pleased your Senior Brother to heal your wounds.” He licked his lips, “I’m very curious what Senior Brother will taste like.”

Ye Yunlan was slightly taken aback, his expression became extremely cold. 

His hand was placed on his queying Sword. 

“I have nothing to do with He Lanze.” 

“Seeing a beauty like Senior Brother, who wouldn’t have their hearts swayed? Senior Brother has always been clean, and I have never seen him care about anyone in the past…not to mention you were in the residence of Senior Brother and stayed there for two whole weeks.” Yuan Yongzhi licked his lips, “Why do you have to be a b*tch and set up a wall? With your appearance, even if your body is dirty, I will not dislike it.” 

Ye Yunlan drew his sword out of the sheath, the tip pointed to Yuan Yongzhi. 

“Take out your sword.” He said coldly. 

“A beauty is not suitable for dancing with knives,” Yuan Yongzhi laughed. “Be careful to hurt yourself and break my mood. Later on when Senior Brother wants to see the little beast again, you will have to serve me again properly. Knowing your frail body, in the end, who knows if you can withstand it – ” 

“I told you to take out your sword.” Ye Yunlan said,”Your Master has not taught you the rules of etiquette, so let me teach you. You should examine your mouth and not bark everywhere like an uncultured beast.” 

Yuan Yongzhi, having his face dissed, was blue and white, “It’s just a second-hand goods played with by Senior Brother, how dare you–!” Injecting his hand with spiritual power, he drew his sword and stabbed towards Ye Yunlan. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t dodge or evade, he just striked out with his sword. 

His hand holding the sword was pale and slender, just lightly covering the hilt. It was as if what he was holding was not a sword, but just a flower, a leaf, or a feather. 

His expression was indifferent, even a little bored. 

His queying sword drew a dim sword light. 

There was no ferocity, nor sharpness.

But it could not be avoided. 

When the sword edge pressed against his neck, Yuan Yongzhi felt fear, but more than that was disbelief.

His sword fell to the ground. 

A sense of death penetrated through his limbs, soaking his heart and spleen, making him feel as if he was a dead person in a trance. 

This person did not use spiritual power. Without using his spiritual power and still having such power, he could not imagine how high the opponent’s sword dao was. 

With this kind of sword dao, how could he have never heard of this man’s name before?

The appearance of the person in front of him was still thrillingly beautiful. 

But Yuan Yongzhi felt fear. 

Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. 

The man walked behind him and the long sword changed from being straight to horizontal on his neck. 

There was a faint fragrance floating from the other party’s body. It was like a floral scent from the red spider lily that clustered at the end of the yellow springs. (underworld)

He heard his heart beating like a drum and his eardrums trembling.

The fear of death and uncontrollable desire intermingled. The energy in his meridians were in chaos, causing his body to swell and hurt, as if he was about to explode. 

He tried to gasp, but it was difficult to breathe. 

He tried to run away, but his legs trembled and were weak. 

He heard the cold voice of the person in his ear. 

“Take me to see Shen Shu.”  


In a dark damp cell, only the upper windows had a slant that shot in a bit of the brutal setting sun a little. 

Shen Shu was hung on the wall by a chain. Most of his body was sunk in the darkness, only a small half of his cheek was immersed in the setting sun. 

The half of his narrow eyes that were exposed in the setting sun were extremely dark. It seemed that even light could not blend into it. 

Blood trickled on the ground, forming a pool of blood. 

The shadow on the ground was slowly twisting. 

Then, he heard the sound of unlocking. 

A disciple opened the door. 

Bright light shone into the cell, and the shadow on the ground stopped moving. 

The disciple came over with a bowl of medicinal soup that exuded an unpleasant bitter taste, “Come on, drink the medicine, and try the effect.” 

Shen Shu stared down at the bowl of unknown medicine. He didn’t know whether it was an antidote or a poison. 

It was common for the medicine house disciples to administer medicine to him as a guinea pig.

Liu Qing didn’t regard him as a human being, so it was normal that the disciples in the medicine house only regarded him as a tool. 

He had long been accustomed to this, and had long learned to endure, waiting for the chance to kill them with a single blow. 

But today he really had no patience. 

Because Ye Yunlan was waiting for him. 

The disciple saw that he hadn’t lowered his head to drink the medicine, and scolded: “Senior Brother Yuan was right. The more you grow up, the less tactful you are.” 

Saying this, he stepped forward and grabbed Shen Shu’s chin, then put the bowl of hot medicine to his mouth. 

However, the disciple didn’t notice that there were a few treacherously twisting shadows that had snaked onto the beams above his head.

The moment he reached out to touch Shen Shu, he felt his neck gripped by something. 

“What— ” 

He let go of his hand in fright, trying to pull the thing off his neck. But immediately, he was dragged back and hit the back wall with a loud crash. 

The bowl of medicine was about to fall to the ground, but was caught by a hand. 

A broken chain fell from Shen Shu’s wrist. 

Holding the medicine bowl, he slowly walked to the disciple with the sound of chain’s clinking on the floor. 

The disciple widened his eyes in horror, “You, how did you break the chains?” 

Shen Shu looked at him with dark eyes and did not answer his question. He only hoarsely said: “Senior Brother Xu, you always wanted me to drink the medicine. Why don’t you… try it too.” “

No, don’t come here, help—mm!” 

Shen Shu simply lifted his chin, held the medicine bowl, and slowly poured the medicine into his mouth. 


The bitter medicinal smell filled the entire space. Senior Brother Xu’s struggling movements became smaller and smaller. 

Shen Shu lowered his head and sniffed. 

His five senses were several times that of ordinary people. Pain and smell. 

He smelt a faint fragrance in the house full of bitter medicinal smell. 

He was familiar with the fragrance. 

He blinked, and his dark eyes slowly burst into light.

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