Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Extra – Seeing the Radiance of Spring

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“I’ve already remembered all of it; you and I and all our previous lives.” 

After the tender affection, the Demon Lord kissed his face and the tears on top. 

Ye Yunlan opened his eyes slightly.

He cried hard. A layer of mist was seemingly shrouding his eyes, and his voice was raspy.

“You said, you remembered what?” 

The Demon Lord was patient and repeated: “I said, I remembered everything in our previous life. Including you and me from master and disciple to strangers, and from strangers to dao companions. Everything we have experienced.” 

He kissed his eyelashes tenderly. Nostalgia flowed deeply in his bloody eyes, and he called him in a low voice: “Senior Immortal.” 

Ye Yunlan’s expression was dazed. He still hadn’t recovered.

Although he knew that he, Qiyun Jun, and Chen Weiyuan had memories of their previous lives, he didn’t think that the Demon Lord could also remember his past lives.

He once struggled with whether the same soul with different experiences could still count as the same person.

Only after the Change Sentiment Curse was released did he remember what he had with Ling Er before and realize that they were once master and disciple. If everything didn’t happen, they would still be the closest dao companions. The chain that ran through the bottom of his heart faded away bit by bit until it completely vanished.

But the Demon Lord said that he remembered. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes were a little red.

He looked at the handsome face of the Demon Lord in front of him. He stretched out his hand to hold his chin, raised his head, and kissed it. 

He was especially active today. His face was extremely beautiful, and his white-hair and golden eyes were extraordinary compared to an average person’s appearance, but he usually looked particularly cold and abstinent. However, the bright beauty revealed when he took initiative was even tougher to refuse. 

The Demon Lord couldn’t help kissing him deeper like a wolf that had been starving for a hundred years. 

After a period of making love. 

Ye Yunlan was exhausted and was held in the other’s embrace. He listened to the other party’s account of what happened to him. 

“My life core was pierced back then, and I thought I was bound to die. The divine fire in my body locked my only remaining soul so that I could hear your voice.” The Demon Lord said, “Everything Master said to me these years, all those words, I have heard and remembered.”

“That touch of Nirvana divine fire and the power injected into my body by Master caused the blood of the Divine Phoenix hidden in my soul to be triggered. During Nirvana, I seemed to see Master from the ancient times.” The Demon Lord kissed his hair, “Master’s appearance then doesn’t differ much from the present, but there were additional wings, golden. When they were fully spread, they were brighter than the sun in the sky and capable of wrapping around my entire body.” 

His voice slowly lowered, “It’s just that I can’t recall the other things clearly. The ancient memories were too far away, and all I got were sporadic bits. But what I remember in the end is Master’s annoyance.” 

With that said, he held his hand with some guilty conscience. 

Although Ye Yunlan was very tired, he still held his hand tightly. 

“It’s all over,” he muttered. 

The Demon Lord was silent for a moment and then laughed again. He bowed his head and kissed his forehead. 

“Yeah, it’s all over.” 


The end of March. 

The main hall of the Demon Palace. 

Ye Yunlan wore a black robe and sat in the high seat, listening to the reports from his subjects and the Demon Realm cultivators. 

Everyone retreated in an orderly manner. 

In the Demon Palace, only candlelight illuminated the dark. 

He was holding a memorial in his hand but couldn’t read a word. 

A cold and slippery touch snaked around his ankle, still slowly climbing up. A shadow slowly condensed into a human form in front of him. 

“Demon Realm Co-Master, Western Continent Master, Dao Sect Chief……” The demon shadow murmured in his ear, “Master is the most honorable of people in the world. But I still do not have a status.” 

The tips of his ears were slightly red. 

“What status do you want?” 

The Demon Lord said: “I want to be Master’s husband, Master’s dao companion, Master’s empress… I want all the positions around Master.”

Ye Yunlan lightly said: “You have long been those.” 

He paused, then said: “They… They all know about you. I have never concealed it.” 

The Demon Lord seemed very happy when he heard these words. He laughed lowly. 

“Then can I fulfill my position now and attend to you when you sleep, My Majesty?” 

He blushed. “… Presumptuous.” 

But it didn’t stop the other party from continuing. 

From the demon hall to the garden, they finally lay in the red sea of ​​flowers on the other shore in front of the bamboo building, watching the stars in the night sky. 

Ye Yunlan looked at the golden star that belonged to him. 

When the Demon Lord fell, the dark red star beside him dimmed, and his cultivation realm suddenly progressed by leaps and bounds. They followed the sayings of the dual stars: One bright, one dark. Between them, there must be one who would fall because of the other. 

Only after the Demon Lord’s Nirvana did the astrological signs completely change.

A red light was in the golden stars, and gold flowed in the dark-red stars. 

Two stars existing together and shining. It’s as if they were entangled, merged at last.


Two hundred years later. 

The monstrous thunder tribulation flooded the Demon Palace, shocking the cultivators in the surrounding fields to look into the distance. 

They had never seen such a terrible thunder tribulation. However, such a terrifying thunder tribulation was split apart by two entangled sword lights. 

The thunder tribulation dissipated, and the sky brightened again.

A rainbow bridge stretched out from the clouds, leading to the other side of the sky. 

This was the immortal bridge. 

The immortal road outside the void was broken. The immortal bridge was another method that Ye Yunlan and the Demon Lord found after much research. 

To put it simply, the immortal road was originally the normal road leading to the immortal world. However, the immortal bridge was a road they forcibly opened up to the immortal world from this world. It was much more difficult to achieve than being an ordinary immortal. 

It’s just that they were in harmony, complementing each other. In just over two hundred years, their cultivation had far exceeded the limit of becoming immortal. 

They flew and stood on the immortal bridge, looking back at the world. 

February on earth, the grass grew, and the birds flew. 

It was the time when spring was most beautiful. 

The Demon Lord asked: “Master, is this world beautiful?” 

Ye Yunlan said softly: “Very beautiful.” 

He finished speaking.

They looked at each other and laughed. 

They have already walked through this world. 

Primordial regrets and the parting from their previous lives would never repeat themselves. 

So they stepped onto the immortal bridge together, hands intertwined.

——The scenery of the road ahead of them should resemble the radiance of spring from this moment.

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