Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Hidden Mistress

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Ye Yunlan opened the door. 

Rong Ran was standing in front of the door with a bamboo umbrella, smiling at him. He was dressed in blue clothes. Born refined and beautiful, the beauty of the world seemed to melt into his appearance. His eyes seemed to be full of spring air when he smiled. 

“Ah Lan finally opened the door.” Rong Ran smiled and put away the bamboo umbrella in his hand, “Quickly go in, it’s raining. Careful or else you might catch a cold.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at him silently for a long while, then turned and walked inside. 

He just got out of bed and went straight to open the door, so he didn’t wear any shoes. 

Rong Ran put the bamboo umbrella by the door and turned his head to see the pair of bare feet. 

It was not as big and rough as the average man. The feet were white and narrow, a beautiful shape with the heels still slightly pink. 

He was not healed from his serious injury and was unsteady as he walked. Staggering, the back of his instep would be slightly arched causing his toes to tightly curl towards the ground to barely stabilize his figure.

Rong Ran stared at him for a while before entering the house with Ye Yunlan. 

Intentionally or unconsciously, every step he took, he stepped on the place where Ye Yunlan had just walked, not a centimetre off.

Sitting on the carved chair, Ye Yunlan looked sideways at the rain outside the window. His face was pale and indifferent. 

Rong Ran didn’t care about Ye Yunlan’s indifference. 

It was normal for Ye Yunlan to feel depressed since he was seriously injured and his path to cultivation was broken. No cultivator could easily accept it. 

He walked to a round table made of golden silk and sandalwood in the house. Taking a blue and white lotus patterned cup on the table, he picked up the teapot to fill it up. He found that the tea in the cup was still warm, and looked down. The bottom of the teapot had a formation carved by someone to keep the content warm. 

The light from the peripheral of his eye swept across to the corner of the wall. There was a purple sand backflow incense burner, and a waterfall of white incense pouring down. The smell that lingered was a very precious, concentrated incense for spiritual cultivation. 

Everything in this house was well arranged.

The smile in Rong Ran’s eyes slowly faded. He picked up the cup of tea and walked to the window. Leaning over, he handed it to Ye Yunlan. 

“Ah Lan, take a sip of tea to warm up your body first.” He said softly, “There was an accident in the Yaochi Secret Realm and I heard that you were seriously injured. I have been very worried these past few days.” 

Ye Yunlan took the cup of tea and held it in his hand, but didn’t drink it. He looked down at the tea leaves floating in the cup. After a while, he opened his mouth, “Senior Brother Rong, I couldn’t find the Returning God Pill in the secret realm.” 

Rong Ran was taken aback, then quickly responded: ” Ah Lan, you…I just mentioned it casually at the beginning, why did you have to put it to heart? Returning god pill is very precious. Even if it was in the secret realm, it would be placed under a heavily restricted area. Obtaining it would be very difficult. When the divine fire got out of control and the Secret Realm collapsed, I was already very lucky that you were able to escape, so why would I still want you to find medicinal pills for me.”

“Ah Lan, you are my savior.” He leaned down and looked at Ye Yunlan directly with his soft eyes, his eyes full of sincerity, “I took you into the sect only for the hope that you don’t have to suffer anymore from this world. Do what you want to do. Live happily, I don’t need you to do anything for me.” 

He spoke sincerely. 

Ye Yunlan recalled the scene when Rong Ran came to visit him in his previous life. 

In his previous life, He Lanze did not by any means stay to heal his injuries. Instead, he sat alone in his secluded area with his face covered in bandages. 

In order to obtain the Returning God Pill from the secret realm, he accidentally touched the divine fire, and his upper body was burnt. Fortunately, his internal injury was not serious, and he was able to move freely. 

After Rong Ran entered the door, he had gotten up to pour tea for the other party and took out the Returning God Pill to hand it to them. 

He thought the other party would be happy. 

However, after Rong Ran accepted the pill, he didn’t say a word. He just stretched out his hand to caress his face, slowly rubbing it for a long time. 

He circled the area, then untied the bandage on his face.

After a long while, Rong Ran sighed. 

“Ah Lan, you can bandage it up again. Remember to put on a mask… in front of me, you don’t need to take it off anymore.” He stood up, “I have something to do, so I will go first. Rest well.”

After hearing this, although he was a little disappointed, he did what he was told. 

He had always listened to what Rong Ran said. 

He was lonely when he was young, so when others treated him a little bit kindly, he would always keep it in mind. 

Although he had saved Rong Ran’s life inadvertently, after coming to Sky Sect, he never regarded himself as the other’s savior and requested for anything. 

Rong Ran was kind to him, so he repaid him in his own way.

The returning god pill was one of his ways of repaying him. 

However, after Rong Ran took the returning god pill and left, he never came to see him again. 

When they finally met again, it was at He Lanze’s birthday banquet. 

The sword talisman he made by himself was thrown on the ground casually by He Lanze, while he stood there, watching his talisman paper being trampled by the surrounding disciples.

At this moment, Rong Ran walked over to him and said softly, “Ah Lan, why did you come to Senior Brother Helan’s birthday party? You know that Senior Brother… he doesn’t like you very much.” 

He replied, “Senior brother’s swordsmanship is very strong.” 

He Lanze didn’t like him, but that did not prevent him from thinking that the other party’s swordsmanship was very strong. 

He wanted to be friends with the other party. 

Perhaps because of his childhood experience, he did not like to be alone. 

When Rong Ran was there, he had a companion by his side. 

When Rong Ran left, his world was empty. 

Until one occasion, when he was performing the mission of patrolling the Sect mountain, he encountered a powerful monster that exceeded his expectations. When he was having a life or death battle, he was casually saved by a sword move made by He Lanze who happened to pass by. It was at this time his eyes began to pay attention to this Senior Brother.

He began to approach He Lanze. 

It’s just that He Lanze no longer remembered saving him and his attitude was quite impatient. When he looked at the mask on his face, his eyes were even more contemptuous. 

The him at that time was stubborn and straightforward, sincere and enthusiastic. He thought that sincerity could resolve prejudice and with persistence, one would meet success.

He hit a wall several times, but that couldn’t stop his enthusiasm. 

“Ah Lan admires Senior Brother Helan very much?” Rong Ran asked him softly, with a subtle tone. 

He nodded, “Yes.” 

“Then do you know I have always liked Senior Brother Helan?” Rong Ran said, “If you pester him like this, it will make me feel very troubled.” 

He was stunned. 

“Ah Lan, you’ve always been a good boy, would you want to snatch someone that your Senior Brother likes?” Rong Ran gently coaxed, “Don’t make me look down on you.” 

He opened his mouth, but before he could speak, Rong Ran turned and walked away. 

Later, when he was slandered for killing fellow disciples within the secret realm, he was tied up at the law enforcement hall to be tortured. 

On the recording stone, the image of his figure committing murder was clearly recorded. 

Only he knew that the person in the image was not him. This was because when that person was committing murder, he was trapped in a dangerous situation with Rong Ran. 

In order to protect Rongran, his spirit was infested by demonic energy in the secret realm. Later, the demonic energy in his spirit became one of the evidence that he became a demon and killed his fellow disciples. 

And the only Rongran who could prove his innocence just stood there quietly amongst the crowd, watching He Lanze raise his sword to abolish his dantian.

He was dragged down three thousand steps by angry disciples and left under the mountain gate. 

At noon, the scorching sun burnt his body. 

He was dying. He listened to the voices of the people around him slowly changing from noisy to silent. 

Suddenly a long figure squatted down in front of him. 

Daylight swayed. In his blurred vision, the first thing he saw was the cold light from the tip of a knife. 

What followed was the pain of being cut apart on his face. 

Blood snaked down his neck. 

He finally saw what the person looked like. 

It was Rong Ran. 

Rong Ran’s beautiful face still had a smile that could make one feel the spring breeze, but the movement in his hands did not stop. 

His limbs and throat were sealed by spiritual power. He was unable to move or make a sound. 

Blood slowly covered his eyelashes. 

“You are crying. Why?” Rong Ran asked him softly, “Your face has obviously been ruined a long time ago, I was just helping you to ruin it more thoroughly, so it’s not an eye-sore.” 

“Obviously Ah Lan did the wrong thing first.” He said, “I taught you to cultivate obediently, yet you went out to seduce men everywhere? Even when you ruined your face, you still wouldn’t give up. You were born to be a fickle wh*re.” 

The memory stopped within that bloody color. 

Ye Yunlan sat down.

Rong Ran didn’t get the response he wanted. He frowned, and went behind Ye Yunlan: “Ah Lan, let me help you fix your hair, okay? Remember when you first entered the sect? You didn’t know anything, I had to teach you everything…” 

He raised his hand to pick up Ye Yunlan’s long hair. He could feel the fine black hair flowing down his hand like satin. He closed his five fingers to hold it tight. 

But he didn’t catch anything. 

Ye Yunlan turned his head to the side. Bright vermilion mole at the end of his eye, long eyelashes like feathers, and dark heavy pupils. 

“No,” he said. 

Rong Ran was taken aback. He sighed: “Ah Lan has grown up in the end, you don’t even need Senior Brother to worry about you anymore.” He put his hands on the carved chair, then he leaned over and stared at Ye Yunlan’s face. He changed the topic with a smile, “Speaking of which, Ah Lan, where’s the mask I gave you? Why don’t you have it on you?” 

Ye Yunlan replied, “I dropped it in the secret realm.” 

Rongran’s smile remained unchanged, “Then I will make another one for Ah Lan after I go back. What style does Ah Lan like? Just tell your Senior Brother.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at Rong Ran quietly. 

“No need.” He said. 

This was the second time he refused Rong Ran today.

Rong Ran still wanted to talk, but he heard Ye Yunlan speak: “Senior Brother Rong, I want to rest.” 

This was obviously him chasing out the guest.

The smile faded on Rong Ran’s face. 

“Ah Lan, if you are not in a good mood, you can tell me. Don’t let it suffocate within your heart.” After a while, he whispered, “If you are like this, Senior Brother will be really worried.” 

“I know your heart is uncomfortable.” He continued, “Having divine fire entering your body and destroying your meridians, it is difficult to cure, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope in curing it. If an expert who steps into the void tracing realm makes a move…” 

There was a pause and he did not continue. 

In the past three thousand years, no one in the world has reached the Void Tracing Realm. Even today’s No. 1 person in the world, Sky Sect Master Qiyun Jun, had a cultivation base that was still nothing more than the transcendence realm. 

“Actually, there is another way.” Rong Ran paused, leaning over to Ye Yunlan’s ear. He muttered: “If Ah Lan can find a person who is recognized by the divine fire and has dual cultivation with them, the divine fire will naturally be transferred over…” 

Before he finished speaking, the door was opened with a creak. 

He Lanze strode in, and was taken aback when he saw Rong Ran, “Junior Brother Rong, why are you here?”

Rong Ran didn’t look panicked. He straightened up unhurriedly and replied with a smile: “I heard that Ah Lan was injured. Unable to bear it, I came over to take a look. Senior Brother Helan really though? To watch him so strictly for several days, you haven’t even let Junior Brother make an appearance. You really can’t blame me for worrying.” 

His beautiful eyes looked forward showing his brilliance as he joked. 

“Those who know what’s happening will think that Senior Brother is kind, but those who don’t know would think that Senior Brother was keeping a hidden mistress.”

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