Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Beauty  

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Come…help me. 

He stood by the window, his steps were as if he was stuck in a swamp. 

He watched the person’s face glowing red. Misty eyes seemed to contain spring water. The ice and snow in his eyes melted away, as if falling from the sky to the world of mortals. 

The boundless color seemed to be woven into a dense net to wrap around him. He felt his heart beat like a thunderstorm. His throat was so thirsty. 

The fragrance filled the tip of his nose, as if soaked with inevitable poison. 

Tempting him to get closer. 

Be more relaxed. 

“…Help me.” The man trembled again. 

The net finally wrapped around him tightly, leading him to jump across the window sill and into the gentle warm tent. 

He knelt on the snow-white damp fox fur. He leaned over carefully, and said hoarsely: “Disciple is here to help you…” 


——Birds croak outside the window. 

Shen Shu woke up from his dream, with a sense of dampness in his quilt. 

He raised his hand and rubbed the bridge of his nose, and exhaled slowly. 

Three years later, he was no longer that boy who didn’t understand anything.

When he was in the library, searching for information about the Dao bond contract, he accidentally found a book about dual cultivation. 

… It turns out that in this world, people who are close to each other, not only embrace and hold hands with each other, but can also have more intimate contact. 

The memory of eavesdropping by the window has become his lingering dream for many years. 

He had imagined countless times. If he opened the window back then, what would the scene look like?

Will that cold person staring at him with red eyes in his dream, tremblingly tell him, “Help me.” 

Even so, Shen Shu did not dare to show any strange behaviour in front of that person. 

He was afraid of making the other party annoyed or fed up. 

Since he was born, he had been struggling to survive. No one has taught him etiquette and rules. 

Until he met Ye Yunlan. 

The other party saved his life, taught him how to write, and taught him swordsmanship. 

He wanted to be close with the other party. He wanted the other person to look at him alone. He wanted to be with the other party forever. 

No matter if it was Master and disciple, or dao companions. 

He felt that everything was normal. 

But he also knew that in the eyes of others, it is not normal for him to be like this.

A disciple having fantasies towards his own Master is not in accordance with etiquette and norms. It is offensive. Not only will he be scorned by others, but they will also humiliate his Master. 

And he, no matter what, didn’t want to disappoint and shame that person. 

He got up, retrieved a bucket of cold water from the well, and poured it all over his head. 

The twelfth lunar month of winter. The heat in his body faded instantly, so much that ice crystals condensed on his eyelashes. He didn’t notice anything. He only changed into clean clothes, then walked into the bamboo building next to him. 

But he heard a man’s low voice in the room. 

“You said you want to go to the Tianchi Mountain conference? But once it starts, it will last for two months. If the injuries in your body are not suppressed by me, you may relapse again.” 

“Listen to me, don’t go.” 

Shen Shu paused and stopped in place. 


The white-haired crane-cloaked man leaned against the window with his sword in his arms. 

He was really tall, so when he leaned this way, he covered most of the sunlight coming in through the window. 

Ye Yunlan leaned on the bed.

Just healed, the hair on his temples were still covered in sweat. But his expression was very indifferent, “It’s my injury, I have a sense of measure. Why should the Immortal Venerable be concerned about me.” 

“You are the disciple of my Sky Sect. As Sect Lord, naturally, I have the qualifications to be concerned for you.” Qiyun Jun responded lightly. 

Ye Yunlan: “There are thousands of disciples in Sky Sect, if the Sect Lord likes to be nosy, there are many others, why me?”

He paused, and continued: “Three years, no matter how big the karma is, it should have been paid off. Besides, my relationship with Rong Ran has long been broken off. These three years there has been no contact. Even if he had asked for my healing before to Immortal Venerable, you have done enough. This point, Immortal Venerable should know.” 

His eyes looked tired. 

Qiyun Jun frowned slightly. 

Every time he saw him, this person always looked like this. Three years have passed and he hasn’t changed at all. 

He was obviously his Sect Master and has also saved his life. 

What’s more, they were both sword cultivators. Even if this person does not want to be his disciple, he should appreciate him.

Like how he admired this person. 

“In the beginning, me healing you was indeed for karma.” Qiyun Jun said, “Now, it’s just because of pity.” 

“What pity?” 

“It’s a pity that you have a talent for the sword.” A light flashed across Qiyun Jun’s eyes. He paused, then continued, “It’s a pity…you.” 

Although Qiyun Jun’s words were spoken in an indifferent tone, they sounded a little strange. Ye Yunlan frowned, “What does Immortal Venerable mean?” 

Without further explanation, Qiyun Jun changed the subject. 

“If you really insist on going to the conference, I won’t stop you.” He threw a bottle of pills to him, “This is the All-Spirit Recovery Pill I refined. When your injury is triggered, take it. Taking one pill may relieve one or two relapses.” 

When the pill arrived in Ye Yunlan’s hands, before he refused, he felt a breeze pass by. The man by the window had disappeared. 

Qiyun Jun left as quietly as when he came. 

Transcendence realm, with just a thought, they could move thousands of miles in a flash. Such a technique was normal. 

Ye Yunlan leaned on the head of the bed for a while. He wanted to throw the pill bottle in his hand. After thinking for a while, he closed his eyes. 

All-Spirit Recovery Pill is the best healing pill. While the best healing pill in his hand is only medium-grade, he didn’t want to keep the things given by Qiyun Jun, but Shen Shu might need it. 

The fighting during the conference is very dangerous. 

It is better to be safe.

Healing his wounds was a waste of his state of mind. Him enduring not drawing his sword has consumed him a lot of effort. 

Ye Yunlan only felt a little tired. He couldn’t help raising his hand to rub his temples. Instead of getting up and going to the study as usual, he leaned on his bed and closed his eyes to rest. 

After a long time, the door was knocked on. 

“Master, I made you breakfast.” It was Shen Shu’s voice. 

Ye Yunlan: “Come in.” 

Shen Shu opened the door, and saw the man sitting on the side of the bed, wearing a white shirt, with long black hair snaking and winding down. He only raised his eyes and looked over quietly. 

It seems that every time he sees that Sect Master, Master’s mood becomes very heavy. 

Thinking of the words that had just been overheard, Shen Shu’s eyes dimmed slightly. 

“This is a new pastry I learned to make, Master, want to try it?” 

He brought a plate of lotus leaf glutinous rice cake to the bed and naturally sat down next to Ye Yunlan. 

His black clothes still had some white flour powder on him. It was from earlier when he was making pastries and he was leaving in a hurry. 

Ye Yunlan barely ate food in his previous life. After he was reborn, he didn’t know where Shen Shu had learned so many cooking skills. He was nurtured by his apprentice with a taste of yummy food. 

He rolled up his sleeves, picked up a piece of lotus leaf glutinous rice cake with his slender fingers, and pressed it to his lips to bite. 

“Very good,” he said, his frowning eyebrows softened slightly. 

When Shen Shu saw this, his heart was slightly relaxed. 

He had already discovered that although he looked lonely and indifferent on the outside, in fact his Master liked to eat sweets a lot.

So he also picked up a piece of glutinous rice cake and put it in his mouth. 

Shen Shu didn’t like sweets. 

Or it could be said that he had no particular preference for most foods in this world. 

Because his five senses were too sensitive. 

This glutinous rice cake melted on the tip of his tongue. It was too sweet, yet he acted indifferent and only whispered. 

“As long as Master likes it, then that would be the best.”

——Two days later. 

There were a lot of people on Wendao slope today. 

A sacred flying boat was parked on Wendao slope. This flying boat was huge and looked like it could hold a lot of people. The space inside was even bigger. Using the technique of Xuminagai seeds, it was more than ten times larger than what the outside world could see. 

The Dao Conference was a grand event for the immortals, many people visited Sky Sect at this time. 

Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu got on the flying boat, handed over their disciple tokens, and were assigned to a room in the flying boat. 

When they got on the flying boat, many around looked at him. Although Ye Yunlan was used to it since his rebirth, he still felt uncomfortable. 

He really didn’t want to attract attention. 

He couldn’t help thinking whether he should have brought a veil hat to cover his face a little when he went to the conference.

Suddenly, Ye Yunlan frowned slightly. He looked sideways, feeling an unusually hot gaze, then he saw a familiar figure. 

It was Rong Ran. 

Three years ago, Rong Ran fell out with him and was later punished by Qiyun Jun to stay within his confinement and reflect. The law enforcement hall looked into it but the matter was settled with nothing definite.

He Lanze had told him that it was Qiyun Jun who had stopped the dispute of the past. He hadn’t seen the other party for a long time, and only felt that the other party seemed to have lost a lot of weight. He turned away. 

But he saw Rong Ran looking at him, slowly showing a soft smile to him and nodding at him. 

Shen Shu walked a few steps closer to him, seeming to block Rong Ran’s hot gaze, either intentionally or unintentionally. 

In the past few years, Shen Shu had grown so fast that he was already as tall as him. 

He was dressed in black with his black hair tied behind his head. His face was handsome and stern, he was already a young and outstanding sword cultivator. 

“Master, there are a lot of people here,” Shen Shu said, “Let’s enter our room. I practiced the sword yesterday, but I didn’t quite understand a few techniques and wanted to ask Master for advice.” 

Ye Yunlan retracted his mind and nodded slightly. 

“Let’s go.” 

——-Flying boat, in a room.

Chen Xianyu was holding the picture book in his hand and was carefully drawing, sometimes frowning, sometimes thinking, sometimes looking drunk. Then he felt a hot jade in his chest. 

He hurriedly collected his pen and used the water mirror technique. 


A figure appeared in the water mirror. Inside, a handsome man in white clothes seemed to be standing on the top of the mountain, surrounded by clouds and mist. The breeze blew up his robe, and his eyes seemed to have fragments of stars. 

Chen Weiyuan said gently: “Tianxuan, it has been three years. The power of the demonic star has been accumulating. The answer I want from you, it has not arrived.” 

Chen Xianyu: “Brother, I have done my best. In your words, those with demonic souls enjoy killing and devouring evil spirits, so I secretly set up a nine-yin soul gathering formation in Qingyun Mountain. I released some rumors, so it should have attracted the demonic star, but the person you were looking for never showed up.” 

He scratched his head, “I think that maybe the demonic star… is not as we calculated of being born extremely evil and liking to kill… Maybe, he is actually a normal person.”

“The demonic star was good at concealment before it was born. It is not surprising that you could not find it. It’s just Tianxuan, you who have been wandering for several years, you seem to have forgotten many things from our family teachings.” Chen Weiyuan said, “It’s fine, you need to have some time to reflect. It’s perfect that the dao conference will be starting. Once you come over to Tianchi Mountain, your brother will teach you in person.”

Chen Xianyu listened with cold sweat, and hurriedly changed the subject, “Tianji Pavilion has never participated in the Dao Conference……Is elder brother accompanying Senior Brother Xu to participate?” 

“Since Qingyue had made the rare decision to participate, your brother will accompany him.” Chen Weiyuan said indifferently, “But this time I came to Tianchi Mountain for other important things to do.” 

Chen Xianyu nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. 

“That’s right,” Chen Weiyuan said suddenly, “There is one more thing.” 

He took out the copy of the Beauty Book, and at the same time he opened it. Chen Xianyu’s original also started to turn its pages.

Until it stayed on a page of a blurred portrait. 

Chen Xianyu blinked.

In the past few years, he has revised and revised this painting dozens of times, but the person was hidden well. He would rarely see him. The person was not as easy to talk to as many of the Senior Sisters in the sect. He dare not go publicly to steal a look to paint him. Based on the impression in his mind, three years have passed, but he still hasn’t been able to draw a tenth of that person. 

Chen Xianyu regarded this painting as the most satisfying work in his life, but at this time, it was still only half-finished. 

He did not expect that Chen Weiyuan would suddenly open the painting in front of him. 

He watched his brother’s fingertips accustomed to playing chess trace the fuzzy portrait, and asked with interest. 

“Who is he?”

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