Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Wolf Behaviour 

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The sun was blazing. 

Rong Ran had already left, but the words still lingered in He Lanze’s mind. 

He closed his eyes and leaned against the door. He waited for half an hour, then turned and opened the door again. He gently walked into the room. 

The person on the bed was already asleep. His eyes were closed and his long eyelashes casted a thick shadow like a crow’s wing. He laid on his side, with his arms bent over the edge of the bed, breathing slowly and quietly. 

Only the dark red stain on his lips was unpleasant to the eyes.

He Lanze dipped his handkerchief in water to wipe the blood on Ye Yunlan’s lips. He moved cautiously for fear of awakening the person in the bed. 

After wiping it, his fingertips couldn’t help but touch the mole at the end of the other party’s eye. It was just a touch, but it was as if he was scalded. He quickly brought his hand back.

He took a deep breath. He felt his throat dry with thirst.

He Lanze couldn’t help but recall the scene many years ago. 

In the early morning that day, he was returning back to the sect due to important matters. When his sword flew over the gate in a hurry, he caught a glimpse of a figure on the three thousand steps outside the gate. 

It was a young man in shabby clothes, walking up the mountain step by step. 

When the long sword flew across the sky, a gust of wind was brought up, which happened to pick up the young man’s clothes and long hair. 

The young man seemed to feel something, and looked up at him. 

At that moment, the other party’s eyes were filled with the morning light of dawn, yet the mole at the end of his eye seemed to be stained with the blood of the setting sun. 

The thrilling beauty was breathtaking and unforgettable at first sight. 

He Lanze never forgot. 

Only, after he finished dealing with the important matters and hurriedly returned to the mountain gate, the young man was already gone. 

During that period, He Lanze was keen to give pointers to his fellow sect members. 

His swordsmanship was superb, and he looked disdainfully at his peers. The disciples of the sect were all eager for his guidance, and countless people surrounded him.

But the young man was the only one missing. 

He thought that the young man may not be a disciple of the Sky Sect. If so, how could he be silent and nameless with a face like that. 

Later, he decided to rest his mind and do closed door sword cultivation. 

Rong Ran was his good friend. 

They were both Senior Brothers within the sect and he was also the sect master’s personal disciple. They often worked together during sect missions, so were quite familiar with each other. 

But it only ended there. 

Rong Ran was born beautiful, amazing at a glance, but He Lanze had seen the most beautiful scenery in the world before, so looking at other things, it felt eclipsed. 

Rong Ran had often followed a young man wearing a mask. He Lanze once asked the reason casually, yet Rong Ran had said that the young man was not good looking and did not want to let others see his true appearance. 

He also believed it. 

Until the divine fire in the secret realm got out of control and a group of disciples were trapped by the restraints when they were trying to escape. He broke the restraint with a sword, but he still lacked a little bit of strength. 

Time was running out and he was already considering launching a forbidden technique when a figure flew up not far away. It was the young man wearing the mask who often followed Rong Ran around. 

He Lanze remembered Rong Ran had said this person’s name.

Ye Yunlan. 

The name was pretty nice, but it’s a pity that he was only a yes-man following behind Rong Ran, obeying his words and acting sneakily with his mask. 

He Lanze had never liked those kinds of people. 

And Ye Yunlan’s cultivation was only at the golden core stage, he wouldn’t be of much help even if he wanted to. 

The time couldn’t be delayed any longer. He retracted his gaze, too lazy to pay attention to Ye Yunlan, and continued to draw his sword straight. 

The restrictions shook, but the power required to break the restriction was still a little short. 

Ye Yunlan came to him without making a sound. He just watched quietly. 

However, as he slashed down his sword, the other party drew his sword and shot out as well. 

The sword light was like a rainbow. Slashing out, there was no difference in strength as it overlapped with his sword!

The sword lights overlapped, the power doubled, and the restriction broke open. He Lanze looked at the person beside him in surprise. 

Being able to use the Golden Core Stage cultivation base to issue such a sword attack and to be able to meld with his, this person’s sword cultivation base was not bad, at least he has reached the Ningyi realm. 

He had overlooked him before. 

It’s just that now was not the time to discuss sword cultivation. He Lanze hurriedly said “Thank you”, then led the disciples who had escaped from the restrictions to rush into the secret realm. 

Ye Yunlan also followed him, but after a while, he turned around and swept towards the flames. 

He Lanze looked over in surprise. 

——There was a young man lying in a pool of blood over there. 

With the speed that Ye Yunlan was flying, He Lanze estimated that he would still be able to save the boy before the flame arrived.

But at this time, a change suddenly occurred. 

An illusory Fire Phoenix rushed out of the flames and slammed towards the young man. 

A phoenix was originally a sign of auspiciousness, but the fire phoenix had crimson eyes, and his face was full of brutality and madness. 

Seeing this, Ye Yunlan didn’t stop, instead, he sped up. He was able to hug the boy into his arms before the fire phoenix arrived. 

However, at the same time, the Fire Phoenix crashed into his back! 

He Lanze saw Ye Yunlan stagger forward, spouting a mouthful of blood. The mask on his face also fell off. 

He Lanze was startled. 

He saw Ye Yunlan struggle to stabilize his figure. Then, he turned around, and rushed towards his direction again. 

Dancing white clothes, fluttering black hair. 

Behind the man was a sky full of flames and flying sparks. Blood slowly dripped down his lips. That face was familiar and unfamiliar. It had given him heart throbs and yearning dreams. 

It was the boy He Lanze caught a glimpse of many years ago and never forgot. 

He Lanze stared down at the person on the bed. 

Leaning down, his hands hung in the air, carefully tracing the opposite party’s face.

He had missed it once, this time, he was determined to never let this person leave his side so easily. 


Ye Yunlan fell into a dream. 

He sat in front of the mirror, while someone behind him was combing his hair. 

The mask on his face reflected cold light in the mirror. He was dressed in a black robe, with his hands quietly folded on his knees. 

He loved wearing white clothes when he was young, but after being burnt by the divine fire, he just wore black in order to cover his wounds. Even so, the black burn on his neck was still conspicuous. 

A faint sandalwood scent came from the person behind him, which made people feel at ease. 

A head full of black hair was combed as smooth as satin. The person behind him leaned over and wrapped their arms around him, calling warmly: “Yunlan.” 

The man’s elegant sharp face was reflected in the mirror.

The man turned his head to look at him with a smile, “We are about to hold the ceremony to become Dao companions soon, Yunlan. I want to hear you call my name in advance, okay?” 

He whispered: “Weiyuan.” 

Chen Weiyuan: “You know this is not what I want to hear.” 

The heat the other party exhaled, covered his neck. Chest pressed against his back, he was firmly in his arms. 

He pursed his lips, then turned his head slightly. His ears were flushed, and his voice trembled: “Husband…” 

“Good.” Chen Weiyuan smiled and princess carried him. 

He struggled to get free for a bit, then did not move. He just gently tugged at the other’s clothes, “Where are you going to take me?” 

“Today’s elixir is finally ready, I will take you to get a medicated bath.” Chen Weiyuan lowered his head and explained, “Your gold core was crippled. Since being rescued by me, your body has not been well. After thinking about it, I requested a medicine bath prescription from Lingshan medical hut. Soaking in it daily can strengthen the bones and extend your life.” 

He nodded. 

Soon, he was placed into the hot medicine pool.

The medicine was intense. His skin felt like it was being pricked by needles. His knuckles on the edge of the pool turned white. He endured and endured. Finally, he couldn’t help crying out in a low voice: “WeiYuan…” 

Chen Weiyuan knelt down on one knee at the side of the pool. He leaned over and kissed his forehead. 

Through the mask, he could not feel the touch of the other party’s lips. He only felt the other party’s tenderness enveloping him like a cocoon. Then he heard the other party’s voice. 

“Yunlan, bear with it a little longer.” 

“A cultivator has a long life. I love you. I have decided to spend my life with you hand in hand. From now on, we will be together in life and death.” 

“Your body is not in good health and your life is limited. However, I’m greedy. I just want us to hold hands for a longer time in this life.” 

“So, for my sake, could you bear with it?” 

Chen Weiyuan’s palm was on the back of his hand. There was a moment of silence, then the trembling hand clasped the other party’s hands. 


The screen changed suddenly. 

The world was shaking.

He was curled up in the cramped darkness, his hands tied behind his back, he was unable to move. 

After a long time, accompanied with the sound of a box being creaked open, a dazzling light appeared in front of his eyes. 

In the dim vision, someone stood above looking at him. 

Someone said solemnly: “Sect Master! This is a gift from the Immortal Dao. It must contain evil intentions. If you don’t kill it directly, we might have future troubles.” 

“Get back.” The man’s low voice sounded faintly. 

He was carried out from the box. 

Except for the mask on his face, there was only a very thin, very transparent fabric on his body. 

The places burnt by the divine fire had been carefully tied up with bandages, except nothing covered his legs. His ankle revealed a white jade anklet that confined his spiritual power. 

Chen Weiyuan once said that of his entire body, what he liked the most was his legs. 

Only his legs had no scars.

After his eyes adjusted to the strong light, his vision slowly became clear. Finally he could see the appearance of the man holding him. 

The man was tall, covered in a black robe, he wore a hideous ghost mask on his face. 

The mask was ferocious looking, full of resentment. At one glance it could scare people’s spirits to go flying.

His pupils constricted. 

The man raised his hand and squeezed his chin: “Tell me, what exactly does Chen Weiyuan want to do by sending you to me? Let me guess…” 

“——He wants you to kill me, yes or no?” 

He wanted to struggle, but his whole body was so soft he could barely lift a fingertip. 

The man lowered his head to smell his body: “Such rare exquisite bones. Soaked in years of medicinal bath to be refined into a superb furnace, I am surprised Chen Weiyuan would be willing to part with you.” 

“If I kill you now, It would indeed be a waste of a treasure.” 

“How about I give you a chance? As long as you are obedient…” The man held his shoulder and exhaled hot air into his ear, his tone was low and bewitching, “I won’t kill you, I will only spoil you, how about that?”

He trembled all over, but his throat was sealed by medicine and he couldn’t make a sound. 

As soon as the man’s fingers moved, a cold demonic energy wrapped around his legs and slid into his clothes. 

Those few pitch-black and twisted shadows were faintly revealed through the thin clothes. 

He trembled more severely. 

“What a jerky reaction.” After a while, the man said in surprise, “You have been married to Chen Weiyuan for so many years, yet he hasn’t touched you?” 

“…Hey, why are you crying?” The man sighed. He clasped his hand, leaned over and lowered his head, “Obviously it was your Dao Companion who didn’t want you anymore, it’s not me who had taken you by force. Whether you want it or not, since you have fallen into this situation, isn’t it better for you to be happy with me?” 

The hideous face touched the mask on his face and let out a soft noise. 

“It’s perfect that both our faces can’t be seen in public, a perfect match.” 


Ye Yunlan opened his eyes. 

What entered his vision were roof beams with the moonlight penetrating into the house through the window screens. 

After a long time, he sat up with his body supported. 

The chest pain had disappeared a lot, and his whole body was much more relaxed. 

He slowly raised his hand and touched his face. 

The touch his hand felt was smooth and delicate, but to him, it was very strange. 

What he was familiar with was his uneven skin that accompanied him for 300 years after being burnt by the divine fire. 

Suddenly, a slight wind blew on his cheeks. 

There was a chill on Ye Yunlan’s back. He felt a horrible feeling of being watched.

It was clear that the door was closed and the windows were closed, so where did the wind come from? Why does he have the feeling of being watched? 

The moonlight outside the window had dimmed for some time, so the light inside the room was also dim. 

After his injury, his eyesight was much worse than before. His vision was even more blurry than ordinary people. 

After observing the surroundings for a long time, he vaguely saw a black hole on the edge of the window. 

He took his queying sword by the head of his bed, got out, and walked to the window. He hesitated for a moment, then looked down at the hole. 

He directly made eye contact with the eye in the hole. 

That eye was dark and gleaming like a wolf, which made people’s hearts jump. 

Ye Yunlan took a half step back subconsciously. He reached out and opened the window. 

The window opened wide, and a figure stood in the dark. 

Ye Yunlan finally realized that it was not an animal like a wolf who was peeping at him, but a pale, thin boy. 

The young boy had long eyes and thin lips. His hair hung on both sides of his cheeks. He clearly had a fierce, malicious appearance at a glance, but his devilish handsome looks could even make others ignore his shabby clothes. 

After being discovered by Ye Yunlan, the youth did not show any fear or panic. Instead, he lifted his head and stared at him. 

His figure was clearly reflected in those wolf-like eyes. 

Ye Yunlan frowned, and was about to speak, but heard the boy’s hoarse voice call out to him. 

“…Immortal Lord.”

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