Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Morning Light 

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The person behind his back was shaking. 

Five spasming fingers clasped his shoulders. He was like a kitten whimpering with his crying voice.

He stopped.

Except in bed, he rarely saw this person cry. 

He knew that although this person looked soft and docile, he was actually stronger than most people in the world. He was familiar with being silent, patient, and enduring it all. However, once he was attached to something, he would not surrender and step aside. 

He had wanted to break the other party’s hard shell multiple times to look at the other party’s soft inside. 

It’s just that in the end, he couldn’t bear it. 

But at this moment, this person’s shell was finally crushed. All the fragility and panic displayed in front of him, but he had no desire to appreciate it at all. He only wanted to draw his sword and smash the corpse of all the people who had hurt this person.

“Senior Immortal,” he said, trying his best to control the overflowing hostility and his breathing. He said in a low voice, “Don’t cry.” 

The person behind him only repeated: “It hurts… it hurts…” 

He was silent for a moment, then asked: “Will you feel pain if you go up again?” 

“It hurts…” 

“I will fall…it hurts…” 

The words of the person behind him were messy and shattered, his voice very low. He had to listen very carefully to barely hear that little statement. 

Just one little statement. 

But it made his fist clench so hard that it was about to bleed. 


Unlike him, a monster born from darkness and filth, humans were born longing for light. 

The stone ladder was the only way to escape the tower, so this person had to try climbing it.

But then he saw this man sitting next to the stone ladder like a corpse, his bare skin stained with blood, and bones scattered on the ground. 

Even if the wound was no longer visible on this person, he could imagine it. 

——This person had been extremely close to the sky before but fell and had his bones broken. 

More than once. 

The climbing process was extremely long, but it only took a moment to fall.

How many times did this person repeat this, climbing up then falling down, before he became this broken? 

He dared not think too deeply on this. 

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “…It won’t hurt anymore.”

“I will take you out, leave here, then go to a place with sunshine. The breeze and vegetation there are gentle. You can live freely, go see the scenery you want, and do what you want to do.” 

He said this as he took another step. 

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his shoulder. The person behind him bit him with an open mouth. 

He wasn’t angry. He laughed. 

“Bite down,” he said, “If it makes you feel better.” 

His heavy footsteps echoed in the darkness. 

With his low voice, he continued with what he said . 

“…After you go out, it’s okay if you don’t want to move. I’ll accompany you.” 

“We can find a place to live in seclusion, away from the disturbances of the outside world. At that time, you can lie on a wicker chair and bask in the sun. I’ll be by your side, watching you.” 

He seemed to think of some happy scene, then laughed. 

“I remember you like to eat sweet cakes. After we go out, I can make them for you myself.” 

“But don’t laugh at me if they’re bad.” 

It was unclear how long it had been. 

The person behind him stopped sobbing and biting him. 

Thin arms trembled around his neck, entangled with him. The gentle breathing was soft and thin, puffing over his neck and shoulders. 

He looked up. 

The sky was close. 

——”Come out.” 

Along with Ye Yunlan’s cold halt, a golden crack appeared out of thin air where he was looking. 

“Your perception is very keen.” 

A hoarse voice that couldn’t be distinguished between a man, woman, or child came out.

In the crack, a figure wearing a sacred mask and riding a fire Luan gradually emerged. 

He was wearing red armor, but his style looked much more ancient than the Yaori soldiers Ye Yunlan had seen. 

His body aura was very powerful, far beyond the six realms of the mortal body. 

“Since you have such a keen perception,” the Yaori secret guard said, “You should know that in the face of absolute strength, your wings have already been pierced, and you cannot escape.” 

It was expected. 

He didn’t regard the Ye Emperor as his father. 

But the Ye Emperor going back on his word and sending someone to remove him even after signing the sacred contract made Ye Yunlan feel unwell. 

Ye Yunlan clung to his Queying sword. His sword reflected the lightning in the sky, and his voice was cold, “I only perceive that you have a disgusting, rotting aura.” 

The difference between the dead and the living was the smell of soaking in immortal rotting flower sap for years to maintain one’s body and soul.

This is the “inside secret” of the Ye Clan. 

Yaori Secret Guard: “Ignorant children can only take advantage of others with their mouths.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Ye Xuanguang is still crossing his tribulation. The Ye Emperor sent you, not to help the Crown Prince of the Ye Clan, but on the contrary, to take my life first?” 

The Yaori Secret Guard said coldly: “As long as I get rid of you, His Highness will be the only destined one of the Ye Clan. He will succeed in the tribulation.” 

“Destined.” Ye Yunlan whispered and repeated the word. His cold expression revealed his mockery of this statement.

As for Ye Xuanguang’s tribulation, the Yaori Secret Guard stopped talking nonsense with him. On his fire Luan, he merged his palms and formed a curse seal. 

The eyes behind his mask were faintly golden under the curse mark. 

“The sky is a prison. The Demon Lord will condemn anyone who violates my Ye Clan. Please, sacred wood phoenix, lend me your strength and use the line of cause and effect to obliterate this person.” 

As the curse of the Yaori Secret Guard fell, countless gold silk threads abrupted from the void, stretching towards Ye Yunlan! 

The Yaori Secret Guard did not take another look. He turned around with his expressionless face, driving his fire Luan to rush to where the prince was crossing his calamity. 

He knew that Ye Yunlan was bound to die. 

From the moment Ye Yunlan signed the sacred contract and completely severed his relationship with the Ye Clan, his death was set in stone. 

The sacred wood phoenix will no longer protect him. Under the line of cause and effect, his existence will be completely eliminated from the world. No one will even remember his name. 

This is the shield left by the Demon Lord Divine Phoenix to the Ye Clan. It has been passed on for thousands of years and has helped the Ye Clan deal with many difficult opponents. 

Although the cost was huge—— it was worth it. 

Ye Yunlan stared at these golden threads, his face as cold as ice. The rich, death nirvana intent was deep in his eyes.

He had no spiritual power. Although he can slash all living things with a sword, he cannot slash through dead things like the line of cause and effect that has no vitality. 

The only way out was to activate  a forbidden technique and force his realm to rise to void tracing realm in one go—— but he didn’t know whether his present body could withstand the immense power even for a moment—his Queying word uttered a mournful cry. 


He focused his eyebrows and stopped the forbidden technique. 

His heart was pounding. 

In a rush, blood flowed all over his body. 

There were countless golden threads reflected in his constricted pupil, cold and sharp, but why? Why is it…so familiar? 

In the dark, he had a strong premonition. 

These things couldn’t hurt him. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

There was also a wave of deep anger as if coming from the depths of endless time and space, making his blood surge. It was difficult to stop. 

The Yaori Secret Guard was about to soar off with his fire Luan when he heard a cold voice coming from behind him. 

“You are so anxious. Where do you want to go?” 

The author has something to say: Later, the Ye clan who finally learned the truth: What stupid thing did we do? My emperor, please love me again. 

Master: In the next life.

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