Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Nightmare 

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Hearing Rong Ran’s shout from outside the door, Ye Yunlan frowned. His hand holding the medicine bowl tightened. 

The navy blue meridians surfaced on the back of his pale hand and his fingertips shook imperceptibly. 

He reacted this way, not because of the arrival of Rong Ran, but because of the “master” that came out of the other party’s mouth. 

Rong Ran’s master, Sky Sect’s Master Qiyun Jun, was today’s Supreme Immortal Dao, who cultivated in the Heartless Dao. His Xuan Qing Du Er sword’s fame shook the world. 

——But in his previous life, he was his deepest nightmare. 

If possible, Ye Yunlan would not want to see that man again in this life. 

But He Lanze had already walked over and opened the door. 

Outside the door, Rong Ran was still dressed in his blue outfit with a smile on his face. He was a little surprised when he saw He Lanze open the door, “Brother He Lan is also at Ah Lan’s room?” 

He Lanze stood by the door with his arms folded, his voice was not friendly, “I thought that Junior Brother Rong had remembered my last reminder – when you come to someone else’s house, you should greet the host first. It’s proper courtesy.” 

“I’m really sorry.” Rong Ran apologized.” It’s just that I was finally able to convince my respected Master to heal Ah Lan. So due to a moment’s delight, I couldn’t wait to call Ah Lan over, thus I didn’t tell Senior Brother first.” 

“——Senior Brother cares a lot about Ah Lan’s body, so you should be able to understand this right, my little lack of manners?” 

He spoke sincerely, so He Lanze had no option to refuse. He only snorted, “Okay, you can come in.” 

Rong Ran smiled at He Lanze, then passed by him to walk into the house. 

He glanced around the room and stopped at the plum blossoms in the vase by the window. Following the faintly floating fragrance, he walked into the inner room and saw the man drinking medicine with his head hanging down on the cold jade bed. 

Rong Ran didn’t notice Ye Yunlan’s strangeness. He approached, his tone of voice was very concerned, “Ah Lan is drinking medicine…then I’ll wait until you finish drinking. Senior Brother will take you to heal your injuries.” 

Ye Yunlan only looked down at the medicine bowl, “I’m not going.” 

Rong Ran’s smile stiffened. He didn’t expect Ye Yunlan to refuse. “Why won’t you go?” He softened his voice, “Although your injury has recovered a lot, it is only temporary. If the leaked energy of the divine fire essence is not resolved, it will accumulate over time. Sooner or later, it will cause your body to be unable to bear the burden, then it will be too late even if you want to heal it.” 

“Ah Lan, you used to listen to your Senior Brother the most,” he went to shake Ye Yunlan’s hand, “this time, just listen to Senior Brother again and get healed, okay?” 

He wanted to pull Ye Yunlan up, but Ye Yunlan threw away his hand. 

The medicine bowl fell to the ground with a crisp cracking sound.

“I’m not going.” Ye Yunlan repeated each word clearly. 

His voice was low and hoarse, with a strong sense of rejection. His narrow and long eyes lifted up, revealing a sharpness different from the past. 

Rong Ran was stunned. He had never seen Ye Yunlan resist so much before. 

He Lanze on the side was even more surprised. 

In his impression, Ye Yunlan has always been very indifferent to the people around him, as if there was nothing in this world worthy of his nostalgia, even death was nothing to fear. Tell him to drink medicine, he would take medicine. Tell him to rest and he would rest, just like a doll with no desire and hope- 

Very beautiful, but so beautiful that it felt lonely and estranged. 

However at this time, the tranquil beauty seemed to be stimulated. Even if it was just an angry refusal, it made them unable to avert their eyes. 

People can’t help but… want to see more of his expressions. 

He Lanze stepped forward and advised him together with Rong Ran: “Junior Brother Ye, Qiyun Jun has ignored this world of things for some time now. Him willing to answer the call to help you heal is rare, you should not miss this opportunity.” 

Again hearing that familiar name, Ye Yunlan’s brain hurt. 

The gloomy and dark light in the Buddha Pagoda of his previous life, the winding staircase, and the numerous expressions of Buddha statues on the wall… it all rushed into his mind. 

He had once lived for more than 300 years in his previous life.

But of that, more than a hundred years of it was spent in the Buddha Pagoda. 

And the person who suppressed him under the Pagoda was the Supreme Immortal Dao at that time, the world famous – 

Qiyun Jun. 

Ye Yunlan’s chest was tight and painful. 

Rong Ran and He Lanze were still persuading him one by one. He only felt bothered and upset. He repeated: “I don’t…” then suddenly coughed violently. 

The hot breath of divine fire essence leaked from his heart, sweeping across his broken meridians. 

The pain seeped into every inch of his flesh and blood. Blood kept pouring from his lips. 

He heard the panicked voices of Rong Ran and He Lanze. 

His consciousness became uncontrollably blurred. 

He fainted. 


Ye Yunlan’s nightmare. 

He felt that his body was falling again and again, to the bottom of the dark abyss. He kept falling and then shattered into pieces. 

He collapsed on the ground. 

In the dim light, the Buddhas all across the wall were watching him. They hid in the shadows, with expressions of pity, compassion, anger, and ridicule, all different expressions. However, when reflected in his pupils, they slowly become distorted and hideous.

In the endless distance above, there was a tiny light. 

He raised his hand to grab it, but it was always too far to reach. 

He didn’t know how much time had passed before he woke up in a cold sweat. 

He found himself wrapped in a soft object, and above his field of vision was an ethereal white jade dome. 

The divine fire essence at his heart vein was suppressed by a powerful spiritual force that did not belong to him. The scorching energy no longer flowed out, while the meridians in his body ached dully. 

He barely got up and his black hair slipped off his shoulders. When he looked down, he found that he was lying on a bed of clouds. 

——It was not a magical tool that imitated clouds, but a cloud bed that was actually taken from the flowing clouds in the sky. 

This clearly transcended the six realms of the mortal body, a means that can only be possessed by an immortal.

There is only one person in the entire Sky Sect who had such a cultivation base. 

Qiyun Jun. 

This place was the cave mansion of Qiyun Jun, Yuntian Palace. 

Ye Yunlan’s heart sank. 

He was struggling to get off the cloud bed, but his whole body was painful and weak. Suddenly, he heard a man’s cold voice: “You’re awake?” 

Ye Yunlan raised his head and saw a tall man standing outside the palace gate. 

White-clothed crane cloak, a silver-haired crown, and a handsome, indifferent face that was like a ruthless immortal god from the nine heavens. 

Ye Yunlan subconsciously stretched out his hand to draw his sword, but was shocked by the lack of his queying sword.

Qiyun Jun stepped into the palace. His footsteps were not rushed, his whole person seemed to be perfectly integrated into the surrounding space. 

The sound of his Dao was flawless and impeccable. 

The person walked to him, and a falling shadow enveloped him. 

The wrist on the cloud bed was grabbed by the other party. Qiyun Jun’s slender fingers pressed into his pulse, and his cold spiritual power pierced into his body to investigate. 

Ye Yunlan trembled all over. 

“Let go of me–!” 

He wanted to shake off the man’s hand, but at this time, the gap between their cultivation bases was like heaven and earth. The power of the Transcendence Realm was far beyond the ability of this seriously injured, weak body. 

Without a sword in his hand, he was unable to use any forbidden technique, he couldn’t get rid of the opponent at all. 

Qiyun Jun: “Are you afraid of me?” 

Ye Yunlan stared at Qiyun Jun’s hand that was pressing down on his pulse. 

——It was this hand that slashed off his sword energy and shot him down from the top of the Buddha Pagoda again and again. 

He climbed up from the bottom of the nine hundred and ninety-nine floors of the Buddha Pagoda. He did not know how many times he had walked. He had also forgotten how many times he had been shot down by the opponent’s sword energy. 

He was tortured by the dark and endless imprisonment that almost made him crazy. He had desperately wanted to die. He had knelt on the ground and begged the other party to let him out, but all he got was always the other side’s cold sentence:

“Your demonic thoughts have not disappeared, go self-reflect.” 

This reflection lasted more than a hundred years. 

Even though he had been reborn, when Ye Yunlan saw this man again, he still felt distressed, so the spiritual power in his meridians surged uncontrollably. 

The spirit of divine fire essence was aroused, and he spat out another mouthful of blood. 

Qiyun Jun: “Don’t move.” 

His Mortal Realm cultivation base was suppressed like water. The spiritual power surging in his meridians stopped for a moment. 

An icy and turbulent spiritual power was transferred from his wrist and injected into his heart, suppressing the restless spirit of the fire. It flowed through his broken meridians, alleviating the burning pain. 

Although this spiritual power was unfamiliar, because it was also an ice-attributed spiritual power, his body didn’t repel it. 

The injury that was stimulated was suppressed immediately, but Ye Yunlan’s heart was more depressed. He raised his head, stared at Qiyun Jun’s eyes, and said each word clearly: “Let me go.” 

He didn’t want to stay with this person for a second longer. 

Qiyun Jun looked down at the person on the cloud bed.

His white clothes were messy and black hair was scattered. His pale, sick state couldn’t be concealed. 

Yet, the eyes looking at him were still extremely beautiful. His eyelashes trembled slightly and his eye sockets were reddish with a scarlet tear at the end of his eyes shining brightly. 

He cultivated the heartless dao, he only had thoughts towards heaven and earth, unable to see the common people. 

But the face of the person in front of him seemed to be detached from the mundane, the spirit of heaven and earth seemed to be poured all over the other party. He looked at heaven and the earth, but it was impossible to ignore the person in front of him. 

Qiyun Jun did not let go of Ye Yunlan’s hand. 

He asked lightly: “Why are you afraid of me?” 

Ye Yunlan did not answer: “Let me leave here.” 

“It was my personal-disciple who brought you, and begged me to heal you.” Qiyun Jun said, “I owed him karma, the thing that I have promised him, I will do it.”

“No need.” Ye Yunlan said, “I am just an ordinary disciple in Sky Sect. Life or death, it is not something worthy of this immortal’s care. Not to mention, my injury is my own business, it has nothing to do with Senior Brother Rong, and it has nothing to do with Sect Master.” 

Qiyun Jun’s expression was cold. 

Normally, he would have already walked away when he heard such a refusal.

He was the Sect Master of Sky Sect, a Supreme Immortal. He didn’t have the time to spend on these unnecessary things. 

But he also remembered the ardent pleading of his personal disciple in front of him. 

He lowered his head and saw the pale face of the person in front of him. 

Like snow and the trembling white plum flower floating down, it was full of longing moonlight, making people unable to move their eyes away. 

“If, as you said, your injury is your own business. Then me wanting to heal you is also my own business.” 

Qiyun Jun stared at Ye Yunlan. 

“It has nothing to do with you.”

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