Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Gift 

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The blood moon hung high in the sky. 

He sat in the demonic palace, holding a wine bottle in his hand. He poured wine to the moon and then looked down at the wine in his glass. 

The wine sparkled in the moonlight and glowed red.

He didn’t know when it started, but the world in his eyes was covered with a blood tint.

Entanglement attached to the bone, lingering. 

Maybe it was because he was cultivating, killed too much against the heavens, or because he was a monster. He had forgotten it anyway. 

He had forgotten the original world’s color. 

At the table, the Shura sword hummed. 

The demonic sword had a spirit. Although it couldn’t speak, it could convey ideas. 

——It was eager for blood and to kill. 

He turned his head and gave it a warning glance. 

This sword was the trophy he had won when he eliminated the Soul Refining Sect. 

He liked this sword very much. 

Because in his eyes, the Shura sword’s color was very beautiful. It was different from those dim red items. It was a rich, bright red, especially when it passed through an enemy’s body. 

It was just that this sword’s personality was sometimes too greedy, just like his predecessor. 

“Quiet.” He said, “If you make any noise, I will break you.” 

The Shura sword’s body trembled, then immediately fell silent. 

He had a strong attachment to the wine glass. He drank the wine, stood up, and walked out of the side hall. 

Many people came over and bowed to him. 

“Honorable Lord.” 

He nodded slightly, “What’s the matter?”

One person spoke: “In three days, it will be the Lord’s birthday. The demon sects have carefully prepared gifts for the Lord, and various sects’ elders and masters will also come to the Demonic Palace to congratulate the Lord.” 

He casually nodded his head. He had never taken the birthday matter seriously. In fact, he had already forgotten his birth date. When the demonic cultivators first came to ask, he had just said a date off-handedly. 

That was the day he came out of the Demon Abyss and saw the sky again. 

It was just that the Demonic Sect’s people were in awe of him, and they attached great importance to his birthday. Every birthday was specially organized with precious and magical tools presented like flowing water. It was their way of demonstrating their loyalty.

He had no interest in treasures and magical tools. However, watching the people fear him so clearly, or even grit their teeth to flatter him made it interesting. 

The man hesitated for a moment, then spoke again. 

“Lord, this time Dao Sect has also sent a gift for the Lord. Daring to ask the Lord…” He wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Should this gift be presented together with the other gifts? Or should this subordinate first go to open the seal and deal with it? After all, the Dao Sect people have always been at odds with our Demon Sect. They said it was a gift, but I am afraid that it might harbor evil intentions.”

“The Dao Sect sent a gift. Who sent it?” 

The person said: “The Chen family sent it.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Chen family? Interesting.”

He spoke again: “First, don’t touch the gift.”

The few people gave salutes, then turned around and retreated.

On September 17th, the lights shone brightly in the demonic palace. 

The scary human-skin lantern floated high in the sky, and the long blood-colored carpet was spread out. He sat upright and watched as thousands of cultivators bowed down to him, chanting praises. 

But he felt a little distracted. 

The gifts were sent up one by one like flowing water, opened, then thrown into the treasure pile beside him casually. 

But no one dared to object.

Finally, a long black box was brought up. 

The long box was a square with no patterns or ornaments. It looked a little gritty. It was supposed to be a gift, but it looked more like a coffin. 

The subordinates next to him looked at the black wooden box as if they were facing an enemy. He only lazily hooked his lips. 

“Open it.” 

Several subordinates walked over tremblingly. The box opened with a “creak,” and his pupils contracted. 

In his blood-red world. 

He caught a glimpse of unspeakable whiteness. 

It reminded him of the cleanest snow on the top of the mountain, a very distant memory. 

With a sudden heartbeat, he lowered his body, wanting to see it clearly.

The world shook violently. He saw fragments of the surrounding scene shatter. Soul fragments, hundreds of millions of the undead, screamed in his mind. Finally, it twisted into a panic. 

In the small bamboo building, Shen Shu slowly opened his eyes. His pupils were extremely dark. It was as if they condensed the world’s darkness in them. Deep inside, blood surged, rising and overflowing, as if the blood would flow down from his eye sockets. 

He glanced sideways at the window, then froze. He fixedly watched the sun outside the window. 

Brilliant golden colors reflected in his pupils. 

He looked at it for a long time, then took his gaze back and stood up. 

After a long period of closed-door training, a thin layer of dust had accumulated on his clothes. As he got up, it floated into the room’s air in the midday sun. 

He stood up straight, and his figure swayed slightly. He raised his hand to pinch his eyebrows. His voice was hoarse. 

“Who was assigned to the Lord…”    

He stood there. His core had already fused with him. The darkness that had merged with him, disregarding each other, rushed out like maniacs and occupied the entire room.

The papers on the desk were scattered on the ground, and the porcelain bottle storing the nascent soul formation pill was broken. The medicine had rolled out. 


He perceived the power he had and compared it with his normal self. It was not even one-ten thousandth of it. 

Moreover, it was faintly suppressed by the spiritual energy in his body. 

Spiritual energy? 

His nine-turn celestial demon body had been cultivated to the ninth level, and his body was completely condensed with demonic energy. How can there be such a thing as spiritual energy?

He looked into his body with his divine consciousness but noticed a white jade figure in his heart. 

Small and cute. 

This was his… nascent soul? 

His consciousness and thoughts circled the figure twice, seeing the other person sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. He reached out his consciousness’s tentacles, gently poking the other party’s white lotus-like arm. 

The figure was prodded and moved aside. 

He suddenly became very interested. He poked east and west with his spiritual consciousness. He touched the little figure and moved it, but the figure still kept his eyes closed. 

He thought, how can it not open its eyes to look at me? 

When he had this thought, the figure actually opened his eyes and looked up at him slightly. 

They were dark as jade. It was as if there was a lot of frost and snow in those eyes. It stared at him quietly, startling him. 

You can open your eyes? 

He thought again. If he can open his eyes, can he talk? 

“…Shen Shu.” 

A familiar and cold voice echoed from his heart. 

The sound seemed to be a primer, and he felt a sudden pain in his head. 

He hugged his head and let out a groan from his lips. 

That voice just now called him “Shen Shu”? 

But who is Shen Shu, and who is he? 

Was he the one who climbed out of the bottom of the Demon Abyss with difficulty and swallowed hundreds of millions of monsters and ghosts, or is he… or… 

“Shen Shu.” 

The cold voice rang in his heart again. It was as if strong light had penetrated through his mind.

Unexpectedly, he remembered. 

Shen Shu was his name.

And the appearance of the pale figure in his heart mansion was clearly his… 

His voice was low and hoarse, slowly calling out. 


His Master. 

His heart’s home. 

Shen Shu stood still, swaying. The wriggling darkness in the entire room reclaimed his body, and the sunlight shone back into the room. 

He looked down at his palm. He felt like it was a lifetime ago. 

“What the h*ll is going on…” he murmured in a low voice. 

Could the thing he had experienced just now be the Tribulation of a Heart Demon when he broke through his Nascent Soul? 

Or was it a sequela of the previous encounter with the demonic soul during the ascension steps? 

No, that wasn’t right. 

Heart Demon Tribulations were illusory and intangible, born of obsession. However, the memories that existed in his mind were too real. 

That knowledge, those experiences, it was as if they were deeply burned into his mind. It was not forced onto him, but more like… what he originally had. 

And when he was taken control of by the demonic soul on the ascension steps, he had fallen into hallucinations and dreams. However, after he was sober, those dreams passed away like sand through one’s fingertips. It did not leave half a mark. 

Shen Shu looked at the lines on his palm, and his extremely dark pupils became deeper. For a while, he seemed to have become the Supreme Demon Lord who was sitting on the high seat, commanding ten thousand demons with unpredictable joy and anger. 

However, when he saw the white jade figure in his body, the Supreme Demon Lord’s expression became softer. 

He rubbed his face, concealed his hostility, and walked to the door. He unlocked the closed door and walked out of the room. 

A breeze blew by his side, and bright sunshine fell on him. 

In the distance was the green bamboo forest, with birds flying. The fragrance of flowers filled the air. 

It was a spring day.

Was I in closed-door training for three months? 

He didn’t know what happened to the flowers he planted for his Master. 

There were also his Master’s meals and daily life. When he was away, if no one cooked for Ye Yunlan, Ye Yunlan would definitely lose weight. 

If he lost weight, he would feel distressed as his disciple. 

Walking into the flower garden, Shen Shu saw that someone was busy in it. He stopped, and his eyes narrowed slightly. 

Someone that was not Master. 

Aware of this, his expression faded a lot. His brows furrowed slightly. 

The flowerbed was the place he built for Ye Yunlan and himself. Normally, only he and Ye Yunlan could enter. How come there was another there? 

Shen Shu narrowed his eyes dangerously like a beast that had his territory invaded. 

When he was about to walk over, he saw the bamboo building’s door open. A person walked out. 

White-clothed, black hair, a face like snow, and holding a teacup in his hand. 

It was the person he wanted in his heart. 

He looked at Ye Yunlan’s figure. They hadn’t seen each other for only three months, but he seemed to have gone through a long period of time before finally being able to meet this person again. 

With his Nascent Soul vision, everything about that person was clear. He looked at him for a while and couldn’t help frowning. 

Ye Yunlan had lost weight. 

His complexion seemed… paler. 

At this moment, the person in the flower garden stood up and patted the dirt on their body. 

He had a handsome face and a tall stature. He was Senior Brother He Lanze.

It was just that the high crown and black clothes that He Lanze usually wore were now replaced by a gray robe and short knot. With mud on his body, the noble and aloof Senior Brother of the sect was unrecognizable. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t see Shen Shu standing in the distance. He walked out with a teacup to He Lanze’s side. 

The two’s voices spread to Shen Shu’s ears. 

“Senior Brother had worked hard.” 

He Lanze smiled: “It was not hard. This is a big flower garden. If Junior Brother had to sort it out by himself, who knows how long it would take. Not to mention, you are not in good health. Allow Senior Brother to take care of these things.” 

He paused: “Yes. When I went out and performed some sect missions a few days ago, I saw a blue firework in the secret realm. Whenever the sun rises, there will be blue smoke around the flower. It was very beautiful. I have brought it back and planted it in the corner of the flower garden. When Junior Brother is free, we can go and watch them.” 

“…Senior Brother didn’t have to specially do this for me.” 

“Senior Brother just wants you to be happy.” 

He Lanze stretched out his hand and took the cup of tea from Ye Yunlan’s hand. He bowed his head and took a sip, and a gentle look appeared between his sharp eyebrows and eyes. He said: “These two years, you must have felt lonely staying here. Watching flowers is a good pastime, but it would be better if there is someone to accompany you.” 

Ye Yunlan said nothing. 

“Junior Brother, you know my intentions.” He Lanze’s eyes fixed onto Ye Yunlan, “You said I am too proud, that my eyes look down at the ground, that I didn’t pay people attention, and didn’t show affection. That we are not suitable. But I have changed a lot. I am willing to listen to the words of others, regardless of their status. I am willing to explain cultivation’s difficulties to the sect’s low-level disciples. When I was at the law enforcement department, I would collect evidence personally and didn’t listen to the one-sided words of others. Junior Brother, I say this to let you know that I am sincere to you and that I am willing to change for you.” 

“Besides, your current body… it can’t hold on for long.” 

He Lanze showed worry and concern in his eyes. He was very sincere. It would be difficult for this to be fake. 

He stared into Ye Yunlan’s eyes and said seriously. 

“Junior Brother. Give Senior Brother a chance, okay?”

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