Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Escape

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The gray mist dissipated, and the pale moon shone on the earth. The road was winding to an unknown place. 

In the room where the candle was swaying, darkness rose and fell. The locked door had already been opened. The faint cold wind passed by, and even the candlelight was quietly hidden in the darkness.

Icy, slippery darkness snaked around his neck, circling around it. 

The person’s eyes on his body were as red as blood. 

He knew it was an illusion but couldn’t help trembling because of the memory. 

Those things had dexterously untied the red wedding dress, and the golden hairpins and jaspers worn on his head were also taken off. His black hair spread out like a waterfall on the bed of wedding candies, and Ye Yunlan’s complexion became paler. 

The Demon Lord leaned down, and the darkness behind him formed into several paths, gathering towards him. It wrapped the two into silkworm cocoons. 

He could no longer see the light, only two spots of blood in the darkness, like the only stars left in the deep dark night. 

Something stroked his cheek, but at this moment, he couldn’t see clearly or distinguish whether it was the Demon Lord’s hand or something else. 

“…Senior Immortal.” 

The other party’s voice sounded in his ears. It contained the Demon Lord’s deep and hoarse voice, but it also seemed to have billions of subtle and different voices that were resounding in his mind together. It was extremely eerie. 

Ye Yunlan was stunned by the other party’s call. Right after returning to his senses, his vigilance was raised to the highest degree. 

Must escape——! 

He closed his eyes and opened it again. Propping up his soft body, he pulled away the darkness around his neck, struggling to escape from the darkness. 

But this kind of action seemed to anger the other party. 

In the darkness, the two spots of scarlet burned like fire. At the same time, darkness thicker than night wrapped around him like they were alive to stop his resistance. His neck was wound tighter, and he felt the cold restraint on his wrists and ankles. 

The pain came from his shoulder. Ye Yunlan groaned and smelled the sweet smell of blood.

——It was the Demon Lord who bit on his shoulder. 

Such scenes have also happened in his previous life. 

In the dark night with the full moon, when the other party was on the verge of madness. 

He was forced to stop and frowned. 

The sharp canine teeth touched his flesh and blood and slowly drew it out as if tasting something. 


Ye Yunlan finally couldn’t help but say in a hoarse voice, but the other party turned a deaf ear to him. He only buried his head in his shoulder. 

The darkness surging around had spread its teeth and claws. The close distance allowed the unspeakable loss of control and madness to be passed on from the other party. 

Ye Yunlan felt a kind of weird confusion and pain, causing his spirit to have a sense of distorted division. It was as if thousands of him were being divided at the same time while whispering into his mind. 

Even if his soul had once arrived at Void Tracing Realm, it would still be affected. He knew that this might not be one ten-thousandth of what the other party bore. 

Can’t… go on like this… 

Ye Yunlan frowned and forced himself to think calmly. 

He was in a state different from those usually caught in an illusion. He knew he was awake and that the illusion was born of unforgettable memories in his heart, but he couldn’t rely on his own power to break free. 

When he walked into the path leading to these houses in the sea of ​​flowers on the other side, he had fallen into the illusion. Also, the moment he met the paper man in the mirror, he fell into the second illusion.

Ordinary techniques penetrated people’s hearts layer by layer, to control their hearts. If he fell further down, his chances of breaking free would be slimmer. 

It would be great if he could have a heart-clearing charm in his hand. Otherwise, he could only use his spiritual power to forcefully use the heart-clearing technique to escape. And for his body to use spiritual power, it is undoubtedly like drinking poison. 

The Demon Lord’s finger touched the wound on his shoulder. He trembled, “No…” 

The other party raised his head and whispered in his ear. 

“Wife…I want to spend a good night with you, okay?” 

“To always be here with me.” 

“Always together.” 

Ye Yunlan shook his head. There was half a drop of tear at the end of his eyes. His slender fingers tried to grasp something. 

It’s just an illusion, he thought. 

And the person he was thinking of was never an illusion—suddenly, he felt a faint connection. It came from Queying, which was connected with him spiritually. 

Ye Yunlan’s consciousness was lifted. Queying’s spiritual calling in his soul was strengthened. 

The darkness wrapping around his wrists became tighter and tighter. The other party leaned over and kissed the teardrops at the end of his eyes. His breathing was crazed, but his movements were nostalgic and gentle. 

He clenched his five fingers, then finally grabbed his weapon. 

“Don’t cry.” The illusion said to him. 

Ye Yunlan opened his lips slightly, trying to say something, but he was silent. 

His spirit sword moved voluntarily, and his sword’s clear light dissipated what was restraining his limbs.

The illusion was not the person after all. His previous life’s irresistible darkness had now become a little illusory due to the sword light. However, it gathered very quickly. 

Ye Yunlan flipped over to the ground and fled towards the window sill. 

Because he was too anxious, he accidentally tripped on the rouge box on the ground. There was a heart-wrenching pain in his ankle. 

Ye Yunlan frowned, reluctantly stood up, and flipped out of the window. 

Looking back, the darkness in the room was faintly surging and turbulent. Two slender extensions madly stretched out to pull him back, but they hit the window as if an invisible object was blocking it. 

Ye Yunlan exhaled slowly. He raised his hand and rubbed his temples. Eyes drooping, he looked at his sword holding hand. 

After a long while, he raised his head and turned to look around. 

The gray fog around had disappeared, and the houses were quiet. All the candles that had been lit before have all become silent, and the people’s noises have disappeared. 

With his blurred vision, he could only vaguely see the house on the edge of the outside world, mist still entangling it. However, he saw the path under the moonlight winding outward. 

Ye Yunlan raised his head and glanced at the pale moon in the night. He used his spiritual sense to calculate once, then decided to walk outside along the path. 

Only, he severely sprained his ankle, affecting his walking. He staggered a bit. 

After walking for half a cup of tea, he walked to the path’s edge. There was a gray mist in front of him. 

The road was split again.

Ye Yunlan stood in place, Queying barely supporting him. He felt that this illusion realm was too vast, and an ordinary formation couldn’t have caused it. 

Perhaps the vastness wasn’t the formation but something entangled on him. 

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the mist in the distance. 

The figure was tall and dark. Hidden in the mist, he couldn’t see his face, but it felt like the Demon Lord. 

Was it an illusion again? 

There was a trace of unspeakable exhaustion on Ye Yunlan’s face. He squeezed the sword in his hand, then hesitated for a moment. In the end, he did not turn around and escape. 

On one hand, it was because of his sprained foot. On the other hand, it was because he had just used his spirit sense to find his way again. The feeling of the injury on his body was already a bit bad. 

He needed rest. 

…Or a long sleep. 

The dark figure walked towards him step by step from the fog. The fog would disperse a little wherever it passed. Those limbs and human faces twisted in the fog and scattered for some reason without attacking the other party. 

When Ye Yunlan finally could see the face of the other side clearly, what he saw wasn’t the hideous face in his memory, but Shen Shu’s handsome face. 

He held Afterglow in his hand, his eyes were bloody, and his expression made Ye Yunlan feel strange and familiar. 

“Such a strong nightmare aura…” The other person’s eyes seemed to be smiling, “Want to create an illusion to confuse me?” 

He looked at the pale face, black hair, and the messy wedding outfit of the person in front of him, and he licked his lips slowly. 

“It’s been so many times, but you’ve made some progress. This time, the illusion is shaped pretty well…” With that said, he smiled happily, but he couldn’t see any emotions in his deep eyes. 

Ye Yunlan intuitively felt that he had misunderstood something and wanted to explain, but even he couldn’t tell whether it was Shen Shu himself or an illusion he had encountered.     

At this time, he would rather have the Demon Lord appear in front of him because as long as he still retained his sanity, he could know very clearly that everything related to that person was false.     

Because that person had already turned to ashes before his eyes. He didn’t even leave his soul.     

Ye Yunlan saw Shen Shu getting closer, “What do you want to do?”     

Shen Shu’s eyes were bloodstained, and the evil couldn’t be hidden.     

He said: “Eat you.”     

Ye Yunlan’s complexion changed. He couldn’t understand the meaning of Shen Shu’s words. He looked at the other’s scarlet eyes, which were very different from usual, and couldn’t help taking a step back. 

Not waiting for him to react further, there was a blur in front of him. He and Shen Shu were already very close. His hand touched the Afterglow sword in the other’s hand, and a strange connection touched his heart simultaneously.

——He refined the Afterglow sword at the expense of his spiritual consciousness. Although he had already recognized Shen Shu as the master, he still had contact with him. 

The person in front of him was not an illusion; it was really Shen Shu! 

Ye Yunlan opened his mouth to speak, but Shen Shu suddenly pinched his chin. Shen Shu leaned closer, his bloody eyes had a trace of greed and desire. Then, he bit down.

His thin lips were bitten by the other party, like tender meat held by a hungry wolf, and where Ye Yunlan couldn’t see, darkness had enveloped his figure, opening its mouth like an evil beast. 

Ye Yunlan opened his eyes wide. Shen Shu was devouring his stiff body. 

“Let the illusion please me, just like your kinsmen do.” Shen Shu bit his lips, his voice was low and dangerous, “Otherwise, I will kill you.” 

He was used to using monsters in the Demon Abyss as food. He didn’t know how many nightmares and other kinds of monsters were resolved like that along the way. 

If it weren’t for the illusion being really tempting this time, giving him an indescribable throbbing, he would’ve already swallowed the nightmare that created the illusion. He also wanted to tease this illusion. Otherwise, how could the nightmare hidden in the dark live to this point?

In reality, his master was always dressed in white, and was as cold as snow. Vulgarity wouldn’t stain him at all, so how could he be wearing a red wedding dress and have his clothes tattered like this, just like a bride waiting for her husband to get married?

…Unlike the illusions the nightmares created before, the person in front of him was not active. It was stiff. It seemed to be different from the illusions previously encountered. 

… But the taste of these lips was too good… 

—— Pa! 

There was a crisp sound. 

Shen Shu’s face was slapped to the side, and five red fingerprints slowly appeared on it. He was stunned, with a slightly unbelievable expression on his face. 

Looking back, anger filled the person’s pale face. The ends of his eyes were flushed, and the mole on the end seemed to show blood and tears. 

The raised hand was still trembling as if he was already very angry. 

He frowned. 

Was this the nightmare’s new trick, or…  

He sniffed. 

No, the person’s body in front of him, wrapped in the aura of a nightmare, had a vaguely familiar taste. 


He asked before he hesitated for a moment.

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