Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Ocean of flower 

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The gate of Yuntian Palace creaked. 

Ye Yunlan walked out from the inside, and the flying snow fell on his shoulders. As far as he could see, it was a vast expanse of snow. 

“Your injury, you need to calm down and rest your mind. Don’t worry too much and accidentally use your spiritual power.” Qiyun Jun’s voice came from behind. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t comment. 

“I have troubled Immortal Venerable these few days.” He said lightly, “The karma on Immortal Venerable is gone, congratulations.” 

Qiyun Jun furrowed his eyebrows.

Is this person always so stingy even when he speaks in front of other people? 

“Every other month, you need to come to Yuntian Palace again.” He couldn’t help reminding, “Divine fire essence needs to be repeatedly suppressed with spiritual power, otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable if there is a backlash.” 

“We’ll see.” Ye Yunlan said faintly as he walked away. 

Walking in the snow, the snow that hadn’t even passed his ankles made it very difficult for him to walk. The cold wind blew against him and his figure became a little unstable. Suddenly, he heard Qiyun Jun say: “Wait.” 

He stopped, “Immortal Venerable, is there something the matter?” 

Qiyun Jun did not speak. 

A sword aura whizzed past his face! 

The familiar ice-cold sword intent made him stiff. In a trance, there seemed to be a pain rising from his limbs. 


That was the pain he felt when he was knocked down from the Buddha pagoda by the opponent’s sword qi time and time again. It was the pain from his broken bones. 

Ye Yunlan’s pale fingers curled up. His thin lips pressed tightly, and his temple throbbed. 

His vision even blurred for a while before it became clear again. 

However, the snow on the road ahead had disappeared.

Not only that, the blizzard in the sky above also separated in two. It revealed a calm gap, allowing him to pass through. 

One slash to cut apart the wind and snow. 

It was Qiyun Jun who cleared the way for him. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes, feeling a little ridiculous. 

He moved his stiff body and continued to walk forward without looking back, leaving only a cold phrase, “Thank you.” 


Qingyun mountain, Wendao slope. 

Located at the junction of Qingyun’s Six Peaks, Wendao slope has always been the place where Sky Sect disciples usually gather. 

Many disciples in the open field were competing against each other and exchanging pointers with the crowd of onlookers making loud applauses from time to time. Before the sword test rock, a group of young swordsmen were gathered there to compare their moves. But the most eye-catching thing there was on the wind pavilion. Some beautiful fairies were making tea and chatting. 

“I see a beautiful woman in the distance, red sleeves full of fragrance, looking forward to romantic…” 

Not far away from the dense treetops, a handsome young man in a brown cloth robe was humming a little song with a brush in his hand. 

Then, there was a sharp call: 

“Chen Xianyu! Are you here again to secretly paint Senior Sister Yin!” 

The young man’s hand shook, then he saw a long whip lashing towards the treetops. He hurriedly jumped down from the tree, staggered forward and hugged the picture in his hand and ran.

The squeaky voice from behind chased behind very close: “You lustful lecherous disciple! See if I won’t tear up your album of beauties this time!” 

Chen Xianyu ran madly, running straight to a place with no one ahead of him. Suddenly, a few figures appeared in the way. He was about to go around, when he heard a female voice call out: “Junior Brother Chen, wait a minute.” 

Chen Xianyu stopped and looked up stiffly. 

Ahead, several beautiful fairies were looking at him with unimpressed eyes. At the head of the group, in a red dress, was Senior Sister Yin who he was secretly drawing. 

“Senior sisters,” he swallowed, “Do you need something?” 

“It’s rumoured that Brother Chen likes to paint beautiful people,” Senior Sister Yin said, “A few sisters and I are very curious, so we came over to take a look.” 

“Look… …” Chen Xianyu trembled, “Senior Sister, what do you want to see?” 

Senior Sister Yin: “I want to look at the beautiful book in your hand.” 

“It’s just an ordinary drawing book, in fact… there is nothing to look at.” Chen Xianyu said bitterly. 

“Didn’t you secretly draw me?” Senior Sister Yin smiled faintly, “not just me, but several sisters have been drawn by you. Coming to look at ourselves, is there something wrong?”

“It could be said like that, but I haven’t finished painting the portrait of Senior Sister yet.” 

“You’ve been hiding there sneakily for several days and you still haven’t finished painting?” Senior Sister Yin groaned, “Do you want me to stand here for a few hours and let you paint?” 

It was obviously a good thing that fell from the sky, but Chen Xianyu desperately shook his head: “There is no need. Senior Sister might not know this, but a beauty only shows their hundred percent beauty when they are not aware of it. If they deliberately act it out, it would lose more than half of its grace” 

A girl next to Senior Sister Yin couldn’t help but smile: “This p*rvert’s explanation does make sense, how interesting.” 

“Even so, it’s not an excuse for your wretched voy*urism!” The girl who ran after Chen Xianyu was angry. 

“Xiao Wan.” Senior Sister Yin tried to appease her, “The other female disciples and I actually don’t care about this too much, you don’t need to get angry about it. Although Junior Brother Chen is indeed acting a little bit vulgar, he hasn’t done anything that could be labelled as voy*urism. He is still tactful with things.” 

Chen Xianyu nodded repeatedly, “What Senior Sister said is correct, very correct.”

Lin Xiaowan still looked upset. She slammed the whip in the palm of her other hand, “Senior Sister is talking to me, what are you joining in for?” 

Chen Xianyu shrank his head back. 

“Okay, Xiao Wan, don’t scare him.” Senior Sister Yin smiled and said to Chen Xianyu, “Junior Brother, can you show us the beautiful people in your book now?” 

Chen Xianyu frowned: “But…I have painted too many beautiful people, Senior Sister will not be able to finish looking at it in this short time.” 

Lin Xiaowan didn’t believe it, “How many can there be?” 

Chen Xianyu sighed: “There are so many that I can’t remember myself. The flowers on Dongzhou Rock, the four beauties from Cangliu Mountains, the Seven Pearls of the South Sea… I have painted them all.” 

The woman next to Senior Sister Yin laughed again: “He’s actually a fickle p*rvert.”

“Don’t listen to him show off.” Lin Xiaowan snorted coldly, “Dongzhou and South Sea are separated by millions of miles. He is just a little golden core disciple, it would take decades for him to journey there. Waiting for him to draw them one by one, he would have died long ago, how could he be jumping around like this? Chen Xianyu, be honest, how many people have you painted in the sect?” 

“What I said is the truth…” Then, he heard the loud snap of the whip again. Chen Xianyu immediately changed his words, “…hundreds.” 

“That’s really a lot.” Lin Xiaowan said, “Then tell me, who is the best beauty you have painted in our sect?” 

This was a question looking for death. 

Feeling a few hot gazes falling on him, Chen Xianyu swallowed his saliva. He picked the least error-prone answer, “Yes…it should be Rong Ran, Senior Brother Rong.” He showed a look of recollection, “Senior Brother Rong….even among the various beauties I have seen in the world, he is one of the most outstanding.” 

Senior Sister Yin and the women next to her were not surprised, they only sighed: “It really is Senior Brother Rong.” 

Lin Xiaowan puffed her face: “Chen Xianyu, if you have met this other person, you would never say that.” 

“Who?” Chen Xianyu was quite interested. 

In the entire Sky Sect, except for the world-famous Qiyun Jun that he did not dare to spy, he had seen all the pretty beauties. Even if he hadn’t painted them yet, he would never miss out on them. 

“Ye Yunlan, Junior Brother Ye.” Lin Xiaowan said. 

Chen Xianyu had always remembered a beauty’s name deeply, but he had no impression of this person. His interest diminished. 

Senior Sister Yin smiled: “Xiao Wan, since you came back from the Yaochi Secret Realm, you have been chanting the name of Junior Brother Ye every day, you’re going to bend our ears. We have seen Junior Brother Ye before. He seems difficult to get along with and tends to be antisocial… is he really as good as you described him?” 

Lin Xiaowan: “Even though Junior Brother Ye appears withdrawn, he is actually a very kind person. After the divine fire got out of control, everyone was running away. But, he kept trying to save people. In the end, he almost lost his life because he tried saving an outside disciple…” 

“We also heard about this,” Senior Sister Yin said, “I used to have some opinions, but they are indeed a bit one-sided.” 

“That cannot be blamed on us.” The woman next to her said, “Who taught him to wear a mask every day and be sneaky? He didn’t even try to communicate with others. It was fine that Senior Brother Rong always spoiled him, but he’s so unruly. He’s reluctant to do even the simplest sect missions. He always leaves it up to Senior Brother Rong to help him complete it. Senior Brother Rong even sometimes has to assign it to other disciples to complete the task for him, then apologize for him afterwards. Acting in this way, it’s hard not to look down on him.” 

“Well, there must be a misunderstanding. Junior Brother Ye wouldn’t be like that.” Lin Xiaowan blushed. Then she paused, and whispered. “However, if it’s Junior Brother Ye, I’m also willing to spoil him and get used by him…” 

Chen Xianyu heard this and got goosebumps.

With Lin Xiaowan’s savage temperament, she actually dared to say “spoil” and “used by”? He didn’t care about this person at first, but now he couldn’t help but be curious. What kind of pretty face was this man with the surname Ye that Lin Xiaowan liked so much? 

“But speaking of which, we really haven’t seen the appearance of Junior Brother Ye with his mask off,” Senior Sister Yin said curiously. “Xiao Wan, tell us, how is he compared to Senior Brother Rong?” 

Lin Xiaowan thought for a while, “Senior Brother Rong, I’ve seen him many times. I just feel that him standing there is like an extremely prosperous landscape painting in the world. The painter’s skill is to the point of perfection. World-renowned, people can’t help but stop to admire his work and praise it.” 

Chen Xianyu felt that was reasonable and nodded in agreement. 

But Lin Xiaowan immediately changed the topic, “But Junior Brother Ye, he’s like the moon in the bright sky floating in the distant mountains and snow. Heavenly craftsmanship, it would be hard to find another in the world. A glimpse of him would burn a little cinnabar in a person’s heart.” She paused. “A painting is a painting of the world, while the person is a celestial being. I think the two are incomparable, just incomparable.” 

“Even Senior Brother Rong can’t compare?” Senior Sister Yin didn’t believe it. She raised her slender eyebrows and said jokingly: “Xiao Wan, were you saved by a certain someone and have the eyes of a lover?” (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; she thinks he looks that good because she fancies him)

“How could I lie to Senior Sister,” Lin Xiaowan puffed her cheeks, then turned to look at Chen Xianyu, “Chen Xianyu, I dare bet that in your picture book, of all the beauties, no one can compare to Junior Brother Ye.” 

Although Chen Xianyu got goosebumps from hearing this, he subconsciously said at the same time: “That might not be the case.” 

Seeing Lin Xiaowan look angrily over, his voice became quieter. “Even if Senior Brother Rong can’t compare, there must be one who can among the thousands of beauties in this book of mine.”

“Enough,” Lin Xiaowan said with disdain, “You p*rvert, you don’t even have much skill. It’s fine for you to speak nonsense casually, but how many places have you actually been to? How many beauties have you seen? How many stunning pictures can there be in that thin whimsy picture book?” 

It’s okay to insult his short-sightedness, but one cannot insult his picture book! 

Chen Xianyu turned red, “My picture book really contains the beauties of the world. I said there must be a comparable person, and I am definitely not misleading you. This is because amongst the beautiful people I have painted, there is one that was recognized by the entire world as the number one beauty…” 

He opened the book with a bang. 

Only pages of vibrant colors and brilliance could be seen flowing within, this was not a low-grade device. 

The page was blank, but with Chen Xianyu’s words, a beautiful portrait slowly appeared— 

“Lin Xiaowan, I will teach you today what is truly unparalleled in the world. I will teach you what it really means for “’with beautiful people, you can never forget them. You don’t see them for a day and your thoughts…'” 

Chen Xianyu’s voice stopped. He stared blankly into the distance. 

“thoughts…” He whispered, “would turn crazy…”

The picture book in his hand dropped from his hand and fell to the ground.


To return to Yanhui peak from Wang Yun peak, Wendao slope must be passed through.

When Ye Yunlan passed through Wendao slope, he suddenly heard a shout: “Junior Brother Ye, please wait!” 

He was slightly startled. He raised his eyelids.

His vision was very blurred because of the loss of sight. He only vaguely saw that there were many disciples gathered around, but couldn’t tell who was calling him. 

He stopped and waited. 

But to his surprise, not only one person ran towards him, but a group. 

In a moment, dozens of fellow disciples surrounded him. 

Ye Yunlan: “You…” 

He saw a girl squeeze to the front, looking at him with caring eyes, speak first: “Junior Brother Ye, how is your injury? At that time when you were seriously injured and fell to the ground outside the secret realm, we were all so worried.” 

The person next to her followed up: “Yes, yes, although Senior Brother said that there will be no concerns about your life, one day of not seeing Junior Brother was an extra day our hearts were restless.”

“Seeing you dying, we were all anxious to ask the Master to help. Fortunately when the secret realm situation happened, the sect master also arrived in the secret realm. Otherwise…” 

“Let’s go beg together!” 

“Me too!”

Ye Yunlan listened to the babbling voices, and had a headache. 

He has never dealt with so many people before.

…So many kind people were concerned and worried about him. 

After thinking about it, he lowered his eyes and whispered: “Thank you.” 

“No… don’t say thank you,” the pretty girl in front blushed, “Junior Brother Ye saved me in the secret realm. If you want to say thank you, I should thank Junior Brother Ye first. My name is Lin Xiaowan. Junior Brother, in the future, can I visit you often?” 

“Junior Brother Ye also saved me!” Someone next to her chipped in, “My name is Tang Jia, I also want to visit Junior Brother often…” 

“It’s not just you, there’s me too! My name is Wang Yi…” 

“Although Junior Brother Ye hasn’t saved me, I also want to introduce myself to Junior Brother Ye.” A young disciple smiled at Ye Yunlan with a mouthful of white teeth, “My name is Xue Bing.” 

“Also me, also me….”

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips. 

He was abominable and was hated by people in the past. He had long been used to being alone. He had never encountered people so… enthusiastic about him. 

He had just saved some people casually in the secret realm. 

He had also saved many people in his previous life, but when they woke up, they would see him and either scream and run away, or close their eyes as if waiting for death. They all acted like he was an evil spirit from h*ll, like a Raksha who ate human flesh. 

Initially, he would try to explain, but later on he gave up.

In the final analysis, killing or saving people, getting injured or dying, it has always been a matter for him alone. 

He has long been accustomed to this. 

So he never thought that saving people in the secret realm would get so many people’s attention. 

Too much he thought wearily. 

It’s…too many. 

When He Lanze hurried over after hearing the news, what he saw was Ye Yunlan being surrounded by a group of people. 

However, even though there were obviously many people around him with eager expressions looking at him, there was still an unspeakable loneliness emitting from him. 

The image was as if he was separated from the world by an incomparably far distance. 

He Lanze’s eyes were dim. He shouted in a deep voice: “How is it proper of you guys to surround a wounded person like this?” 

The noisy disciples calmed down in a moment. 

“Senior Brother.” Many disciples bowed and greeted him. 

He Lanze: “Move aside.” 

The disciples stared at him with big eyes. In a moment, they forced a small path through.

He Lanze stepped over and walked in front of Ye Yunlan. He had prepared many words of concern, but after seeing Ye Yunlan’s dark eyes, he didn’t say anything. He hesitated for a while, then handed over the queying sword in his hand. “Junior Brother, this is your sword. It has been in my room for a few days. Now the item has returned to it’s original owner.”

Ye Yunlan took the queying sword, his long eyelashes trembled slightly. The sense of indifference from his body compared to the outside world seemed much less. 

He lowered his head and stroked the lines on the scabbard, “Thank you, Senior Brother.” 

He Lanze’s lips finally raised into a little smile, “The injury of Junior Brother seems to be much better.” 

Ye Yunlan said “En” softly. 

He Lanze: “As long as you don’t use spiritual power in the future, it’s ok to practice swords occasionally. Senior Brother also has a lot of sword dao experience that Senior Brother wants to share with Junior Brother. Let’s wait until the injury of Junior Brother’s is better. It is best to focus on recuperation first.” He stretched out his hand wanting to support Ye Yunlan, “Come, Junior Brother, let’s go back first.” 

Ye Yunlan avoided him, “Senior Brother, I want to go back to my own residence.” 

He Lanze was taken aback. He persuaded: “The divine fire essence in Junior Brother has not been removed. Once the energy leaks, if there is no cold jade bed to recuperate with, I am afraid that there will be problems.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Sect Master has helped me suppress the divine fire.” 

“But Junior Brother now has no cultivation base, if you live alone, if something happens and no one is there to take care of you, what would you do?” He Lanze frowned. 

“Senior brother, even if there is no cultivation base,” Ye Yunlan said calmly, “I am still a sword cultivator.” 

He Lanze was startled.

Lin Xiaowan next to him interjected: “In my opinion, since Junior Brother Ye is unwilling, please don’t force it. Otherwise, I am afraid it will make us misunderstand whether Senior Brother has…selfish motives for Junior Brother Ye. After all, after Junior Brother was injured, Senior Brother also stopped us from visiting, only saying that Junior Brother Ye needs to rest in quiet…” 

“Xiao Wan, don’t be rude.” Senior Sister Yin walked over to interrupt her quickly. She apologized to He Lanze: “Xiao Wan has always been outspoken, sometimes her words can be improper. I hope you can forgive her.” After saying that, a pair of beautiful eyes stopped on Ye Yunlan’s body and didn’t move. 

Even though Senior Sister Yin apologized, He Lanze’s expression was still stiff under the gaze of everyone. 

At this point, he could no longer force Ye Yunlan to go back with him. He only said with a calm face: “No matter what you think, I’m just worried about Junior Brother Ye’s body. But if Junior Brother Ye insists, I will respect his thoughts…so, I will just send Junior Brother Ye back to his residence.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t respond, but heard Lin Xiaowan say: “I will also send Junior Brother off.” 

When she spoke, the disciples gathered next to each other and looked at each other, then followed along: “We’ll go too!” 

He Lanze’s face darkened.

Ye Yunlan frowned. He said nothing, and walked forward. 

After not even taking two steps, he saw a young man in a brown clothed robe staring at him in a daze at the side of the road. 

A picture book was scattered on the ground. 

Ye Yunlan paused

….If so many of them walked over, the picture book would be trampled into a pile of waste paper. 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t get used to a perfectly good item being trampled on. 

So when he passed by the young man, he leaned over and picked up the picture book on the ground. He handed it to the young man: “Your stuff.” 

“Ah…huh?” Chen Xianyu hurriedly took it. He lowered his head and saw that the book was stained with dust. He hurriedly wiped it with his sleeves distressingly. 

When he raised his head again, the person in front of him was already far away. 

Only a trace of cold scent was left behind. 


Yanhui peak. 

A group of people walked to the green bamboo forest. Ye Yunlan stopped and turned around: “It is enough to send me here. Everyone, please return.” 

Lin Xiaowan wanted to say something, but saw that Ye Yunlan’s expression was drooping, he was very tired. She blushed with embarrassment.

Ye Yunlan didn’t say anything just now, but she was very hot-headed to actually follow him all the way here with a group of people. 

She remembered Ye Yunlan wore a mask all year round, and became anxious. The reason why a good person like Junior Brother Ye wears a mask must not be because he was anti-social as rumored. It was probably because he was introverted and shy, and was not good at getting along with others. 

Her and her other fellow students being so abrupt, did she frighten him?

Looking at Ye Yunlan’s pale complexion, Lin Xiaowan regretted it even more. She hurriedly winked at the people around her. 

“Junior Brother Ye take a good rest, we’ll go first.” 

Soon, only He Lanze was left around. 

Ye Yunlan: “Senior Brother, please return too.” 

“Junior Brother Ye, take this.” He Lanze took out a piece of brilliant jade and handed it to him, “This is a transmission jade. Through it, you can send me a message at any time.” 

Ye Yunlan was about to refuse, but he heard He Lanze continue to speak: “Junior Brother, you must accept this, otherwise Senior Brother will never feel rest assured that you live alone.” 

He was really tired and didn’t want to entangle with He Lanze anymore, so he took the jade in his hand, “Thank you Senior Brother.” 

Seeing him accept it, He Lanze finally showed a smile on his face, “Then I won’t disturb Junior Brother’s rest anymore. In a few days, I will come to see Junior Brother.” 

He nodded then turned around and walked into the green bamboo forest. 

Ye Yunlan’s residence was deep in the bamboo forest. 

After about a quarter of an hour, a bamboo house was vaguely visible in the forest among the bamboo branches. 

Before he approached it, he smelt a faint fragrance of flowers.

Ye Yunlan saw dozens of meters of land around the bamboo house surrounded by wooden fences. Through the gaps in the fence, he could see a large ocean of ​​flowers swaying in the wind. 

He was slightly taken aback. He walked quickly, and found that the surrounding soil was newly renovated. In the depths of the ocean of ​​flowers, a thin young man was kneeling on one knee, bowing his head to loosen the soil. 

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the young man looked back at him. He made eye contact with a pair of wolf like bright eyes, filled with the morning light. 

“Immortal Lord.” 

The author has something to say: 

Shen Shu: You want me to bring a piece of flower for you? Then, I will plant an ocean of ​​flowers for you. 

Immortal Lord, is this a pleasant surprise?

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