Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Sharing the Bed

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The wind in Wanbei forest went silent. 

The clouds in the sky surged, and the cold wind rolled up the dust in Wanbei Forest.

Shen Shu felt his master’s aura change instantly. 

It became cold and sharp. 

It was like a silent ice lake suddenly giving birth to ice thorns. The dusty, murderous blade came out of its sheath. 

Ye Yunlan: “He only told you this sentence?” 

Chen Xianyu raised his hand and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. It was the first time he felt such pressure from someone other than his elder brother. He suddenly realized many of his sect disciples previously had a very biased view of this sick beauty. With his brother’s earnestness, why did he need to use these words to offend this beauty? And why did he want him to talk to this beauty? 

He sighed despairingly in his heart, but he could only continue: “My brother also said…he wants to give you a special gift and that you would be jubilant to receive it. As for the Dark Incense Sparse Shadow, he said it’s a venting toy to give to you.” 

When it came to the Dark Incense Sparse Shadow, Chen Xianyu’s heart was bleeding. Although many treasures were in the Chen family’s treasury, most weren’t recorded on the Tianji ranking list. But the “Dark Incense Sparse Shadow” was ranked twelfth on the list. Yet, his brother sent it here as a toy. Seeing that it was difficult to take back, he felt endlessly distressed.

Blue veins bulged on the hand Ye Yunlan used to hold the scabbard. 

If Chen Weiyuan were before him right now, the sword in his hand would be already out of its sheath. 

Chen Xianyu’s face and Chen Weiyuan’s face were somewhat similar, but their temperaments were worlds apart. There was laziness and depression among his features. At this moment, he felt Ye Yunlan’s anger and sweated like a waterfall. He constantly raised his sleeves to wipe the sweat away. 

Shen Shu’s features had turned cold when he heard “wife.” Presently, hostility filled his eyes. 

“You gave Rong Ran the magic weapon he used to frame me?” 

Chen Xianyu wiped his sweat: “I’m just responsible for delivering the magic weapon and had no idea what he would do with it. I really didn’t know at all.” 

Shen Shu placed a sword against Chen Xianyu’s neck directly, “You didn’t know, but you didn’t speak after the incident.”

Chen Xianyu: “It was my brother who ordered…” He realized that he had accidentally let it slip and immediately closed his mouth. However, he saw Shen Shu’s cold white sharp blade when he lowered his head. He was so frightened that his legs went soft. “A gentleman uses his mouth and not his hands. We are still fellow disciples. When you act, you should still give some face…I won’t dare to do it again!” 

Shen Shu snorted coldly and raised his sword light to flash across. Chen Xianyu fell to the ground, frightened and touching his neck. His hands were wet with warm blood. 

Just a little more, and he would be a corpse. 

If he had known that it was so dangerous to send a message for his brother, he wouldn’t have come even if he was beaten to death! 

No. If he didn’t come, his brother would’ve beaten him to death once he returned to the clan. 

Chen Xianyu wanted to cry. 

“When you return, tell this to Chen Weiyuan.” Ye Yunlan said, “I want you to include every word.” 

Shen Shu’s sword point shone coldly. 

When people were under others’ roofs, they needed to bow their heads and give in. 

Chen Xianyu nodded like a little chicken pecking at rice.

Ye Yunlan: “A mouse has skin, but a person has no manners. A dog and chicken make sounds, so what does that have to do with me?” 

“Tell him to get lost.” 

Chen Xianyu wrote down this passage without missing a word. 

The idea was that the mouse still had a layer of face, but his brother’s actions were so sneaky that he was even worse than a mouse. All the things he said were like a dog barking, and Ye Yunlan treated it as bullsh*t. 

Chen Xianyu could already imagine what a wonderful face his brother would have after hearing these words. 

With a bitter expression on his face, he looked at Ye Yunlan and said, “Is this…” Could you say it more tactfully? 

A sword qi ran across his cheek. 

Shen Shu: “You get lost too.” 

Chen Xianyu trembled, then got lost. 

Ye Yunlan’s complexion didn’t relax.

Although he had faintly guessed when he knew that Rong Ran had a secret map in his hand, a guess was only a guess in the end. Now that Chen Xianyu came to pass on a message, it was an announcement made to him by the other party. 

Chen Weiyuan had memories of their past life. 

He was well aware of Chen Weiyuan’s nature. He had always been high above others, taking the world as a chess game. Nothing in the world could compare to his own interests. To keep his clan alive in the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth, Chen Weiyuan could start preparing hundreds of years in advance to send his dao companion into the Demon Sect with his own hands. He even had to reap the greatest benefit of his own life. 

Chen Weiyuan must have a different purpose other than coming to say hello. 

Ye Yunlan wasn’t worried about himself. 

He was only worried about Shen Shu. 

At that time, the Chen Clan had made a prediction. The Demon Lord’s birth was the demon calamity’s beginning. 

To nip the problem in the bud, Chen Weiyuan would unite the Daoist factions and set up a death trap against the Demon Lord. 

In this life, Chen Weiyuan would definitely make a move too. 

Shen Shu’s identity mustn’t be revealed. 

He thought that after finding the soul-attracting flower and removing the puppet seal, Shen Shu would move forward smoothly on his path of cultivation, and he could rest in peace. 

But now, he still couldn’t die yet. 

If he died, what should Shen Shu do? 

Ye Yunlan thought this far and frowned. 

Suddenly, another hand covered the veiny hand holding the long sword.

That hand was wide and warm. 

It slowly overlapped with the person in his distant memory. 

Shen Shu: “Master.” 

Ye Yunlan’s fingers trembled. He didn’t break away and just slowly relaxed. 

“What.” His voice was a little tired. 

Shen Shu: “Is Master angry?” 

Ye Yunlan was silent.

Shen Shu: “Can I go kill the person who made Master angry? He actually dared to call you wife——” Ye Yunlan’s heart jumped, “No!” 

Shen Shu: “Why not?” There was a subtle huskiness in his voice. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t notice his strangeness and only solemnly said: “Absolutely not.” 

Chen Weiyuan inherited the ancient blood’s power from the Chen Clan. A few years ago, his cultivation base was already in the Immortalization Stage, but he must’ve broken through Transcendance with memories of his past life. 

Just like himself, if his injuries were intact, he would surely be able to return to Void Tracing if he took the time to cultivate himself. 

He didn’t want Shen Shu to be in any danger. 

Ye Yunlan repeated it again, still not feeling right. He continued to exhort: “You must never use your special ability in front of people in the future. You especially can’t use it in full view like today. Before reaching the realm of Transcendence. Don’t make a move against others so easily.”

Shen Shu: “Why?” 

Ye Yunlan: “This is for your safety. If your abilities are leaked, you’ll be in danger no matter where you go in the future–” 

Shen Shu: “But he called Master ‘wife.’” 

Ye Yunlan was taken aback. 

“He called Master wife.” Shen Shu repeated blankly again, “He has been so offensive, but Master won’t allow me to go and hurt him–” His eyes were deep red, like two pieces of colored glass containing blood. 

Those shadows twisted under his feet. Some already couldn’t help it and tangled upwards. Ye Yunlan felt something a bit cold and sticky on his calf. His body trembled, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Shen Shu!” 

Shen Shu: “Master, I mind.” 

Since earlier, he had fallen into this strange emotion. 

He obviously knew he shouldn’t be angry about these trivial things, but he couldn’t help it. He cared very much. 

It seemed that “wife” had touched his bottom line completely. 

The touch on the legs made him tremble. 

Ye Yunlan took a deep breath, “What do you mind?” 

Shen Shu: “I care about Master’s preferences, Master’s views, and Master’s attitude.” 

At this point, he suddenly changed the topic and said, “I also want to become Master’s dao companion. Why can’t I?”

His words changed too fast, and Ye Yunlan was a bit caught off guard. 

Dao companion. 

Many years ago, the Demon Lord also leaned over him and said to him in a low voice: “Senior Immortal, be my dao companion. I can give you everything you want.” 

That sensational wedding banquet finally ended in blood. 

He stabbed the other party with the dagger that Chen Weiyuan gave him. The dao sect took advantage of the situation to besiege and set up the Primordial Demon Refining Array, where the Demon Lord almost died. 

Year after year passed instantly, from the Northern Territory to the Western Continent and from the Western Continent to the Central Continent. 

After…there was no after. 

Now the young version of the other party was standing in front of him, asking him why he couldn’t be his dao companion. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes, “A long time ago, Master had told you, I told you that I once had a dao companion. He was proud by nature and only treated me well. However, this person has been gone for a long time. Master…still recalls him fondly and will never form a dao companion in this life.” 

Shen Shu’s eyes reddened, “I don’t care about this. I just want to be with Master forever.” 

The shadow spread upward onto Ye Yunlan’s clothes. The cold sense of touch crawled across his body through the clothing. Ye Yunlan was a little flustered, and his cheeks turned reddish. When he wanted to draw the sword, it was too late. Those things had entangled his wrist. 

His breath was a little unstable. “Shen Shu, you can’t—” but his body suddenly fell into a hot embrace. 

“Master, I’m so jealous.” Shen Shu hugged him tightly, repeating, “I’m really jealous. Why can’t I? Just because I’m late, you will always reject me?” 

He tightly embraced Ye Yunlan. There was no way to answer his questions, just as he couldn’t answer whether the Demon Lord in the past life and Shen Shu in this life could count as the same person. 

Different experiences would lead to different individualities. Converging them together would lead to a different personality.

He was afraid that he would be too clear on the difference and not be clear on the difference. 

There was a sudden pain in his shoulder. 

It was Shen Shu biting him. 

The bite wasn’t deep, just like a wolf cub biting someone to vent. There was a whining sound in his throat. 

He imprisoned Ye Yunlan, and Ye Yunlan should be angry. 

But it was broiling hot in other’s arms, and his heartbeat was transmitted through his clothes, full of vitality. 

…So young. 

The person he thought he would never see again in this life was now before him. 

Ye Yunlan said hoarsely: “You just want to stay with me forever?” 

The biting wolf cub with his mouth stuffed, “En.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I promise you.” 

He raised his right hand entangled in the shadow with difficulty. He touched the back of Shen Shu’s head and said in a hoarse voice. “If you can always follow what I said before, no longer use your abilities in front of other people, so that you can live and cultivate well, then you will be with Master forever. Only death can separate us.” 

Ye Yunlan rarely said “forever.”

Because he felt that in this world, forever never existed; everything had an end. The vegetation would wither and flourish, and the life and death of people were also just like this. 

But he wanted to give Shen Shu a promise. 

It was like how the Demon Lord promised him that no one in the world would ever hurt him unless they stepped over his corpse. 

Shen Shu suddenly raised his head, “What Master said is true?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…When have I lied to you?” 

Shen Shu’s eyes brightened. The shadow entangled Ye Yunlan also writhed excitedly. 

He leaned close to Ye Yunlan’s ear: “Then how do you plan to accompany me?” 

Ye Yunlan: “What do you want?” 

Shen Shu: “If I say I want us to have dinner together, cultivate together, and sleep together, how does Master feel?”

Ye Yunlan: “…Sleep together?” 

Shen Shu: “Eat and sleep, just like when we were younger.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment: “As you like.” 

Shen Shu, who was given an inch and wanted to get a foot: “I also want Master to hug me when I’m tired, or when I’m tired, I want to hug Master, okay?” 

Ye Yunlan frowned and endured what he said, “Are you a three-year-old child? You only think about wanting to be hugged every day?” 

There was laughter, and Shen Shu said, “Of course not just that. There are many more things I want. For example…” 

His warm breath hit Ye Yunlan’s neck, making him shiver. 

He didn’t continue to say anything yet when Ye Yunlan interrupted him, “…Don’t overdo it.” 

He pulled the shadow close to his arm away and wanted to get inside. He frowned: “Also, take care of your things.” 

He couldn’t understand how Shen Shu was so clingy today. He obviously hadn’t been so clingy in his previous life. He also didn’t know how he was behaving like a baby. Even…wanting to ask him for a hug. 

Shen Shu felt that today’s harvest was good enough, so he put away the shadow. Still holding him, Shen Shu rubbed his face against his shoulder and went to kiss the bite marks left on his shoulder when he was out of control. 

“They’re too happy. I can’t control them sometimes.” 

Ye Yunlan felt like he was holding a child. 

The child who was taller than him rubbed, rubbed, and rubbed against his shoulder. 

A stick of incense passed. 

Two sticks of incense also passed. 

Be more tolerant of children, he thought. 




He was fed up. 

Ye Yunlan angrily said: “Lying in my arms, are you a baby who can’t walk and still drinking milk? Will you now be crying to your master to get milk?” 

Shen Shu suddenly blushed. 

“Master, I…I want.” 


Ye Yunlan: “Go away!” 

“Oh, he told me to go away?” 

In the water mirror, Chen Weiyuan sat slantingly. A wine glass was by his hand, and some blossoms, freshly picked and put in the table’s vase, were on the table.

Smoke from the incense burner wafted upward. He spread out his cloak, and a lazy expression rested on his face. He raised his hand and looked at the water mirror. His expression was not as angry as Chen Xianyu had imagined. Instead, a pampering smile was on his lips. Chen Xianyu’s heart was frozen. 

Chen Xianyu had long discovered that his brother had changed a lot in these recent years. 

If it were before, as the Chen Clan’s young patriarch, Chen Weiyuan would pay attention to his appearance at all times and would never have his clothes loose. 

His appearance was always calm, not discerning joy or anger. 

Every decision was made after careful consideration. There were never any mistakes. 

He was the Chen family’s perfect successor. 

Everyone thought so. 

But in recent years, his elder brother seemed to have escaped from the dense Chen Clan regulations, his behavior completely lacking law and order. His appearance was even sloppier, and he simply ignored other people. 

At first, many clan elders in the family made comments on this. But Chen Weiyuan used some unknown method, and all these voices stopped very shortly.

And Chen Weiyuan also changed from the young patriarch to the real patriarch. 

In the past few years, when people mentioned the young master of Tianji Pavilion, they would say he was a gentleman who was elegant and noble. He was clever in his calculations and reputable.

But now, he was “Solitary, proud and aloof. He acts arbitrarily, and his skills through yin and yang are unpredictable.” 

As a brother, Chen Xianyu could notice the trace of craziness from his brother’s seemingly relaxed and wanton surface. 

Compared to before, Chen Weiyuan now felt even more frightening. 

Chen Weiyuan picked up the wine glass beside him in the water mirror. He took a sip without hesitation. The fragrance of the plum blossoms slid into the tip of his tongue with the sweet wine. He savored it carefully. Thinking that it tasted excellent, he poured the remaining half a glass of wine into the vase with the branches of white plum blossoms next to it.

“Tianxuan, you’ve been away from home for many years.” He said, “It’s time to come back.” 

Chen Xianyu looked bitter. Sky Sect was great. There were groups of beauties he could paint at any time, a serene place he could be a salted fish in peace, and no one would force him to watch the stars day after day. 

He really didn’t want to return to the strict land of the Chen Clan. 

He hesitated: “Elder Brother, I, I still have a few incomplete paintings. Can you give me a little more time?” 

“You mean this one?” 

Chen Weiyuan seemed to be interested and casually tore open the space. Pulling out a picture album from the inside, he opened it. 

It was the book of beauties’ sub-book, connected to the book of beauties in Chen Xianyu’s hand. Whatever he drew, the same picture would appear in the other book. 

And the picture that Chen Weiyuan opened was a picture that Chen Xianyu hadn’t completed for several years. 

There were only a few brushstrokes on the painting, which vaguely outlined a person’s figure. His face was still blank. 

But despite this, you could see that this must be an outstanding beauty from the outline. 

It was the picture Chen Xianyu drew of Ye Yunlan. 

He put his pen down just in case because he still wasn’t sure how he could reflect at least ten thousandth of the other party’s face. 

Chen Weiyuan smiled, “If it’s just this picture, I will help my brother.” 

He rolled up his sleeves, took out another ink brush from space, leaned back in a slumped posture, and drew on the scroll. 

The beauty sub-book and his beauty book were interlinked originally, but this was the first time his brother had painted on it. Chen Xianyu’s expression became more and more bitter. It was his treasure, and Ye Yunlan’s painting was even more challenging. He had decided it would be his masterpiece when he was regarded as a master of arts in the future, but…

Chen Xianyu looked at his brother’s enthusiastic look, knowing that he couldn’t stop the other party’s “attitude” today.

After touching it for half an hour, the paintbrush in Chen Weiyuan’s hand stopped. 

Chen Xianyu was already standing upright like a needle. He watched his elder brother holding the painting in his hand.

“Not bad; it’s just missing a little color.” Chen Weiyuan said. 

Then, Chen Xianyu saw her brother raise his hand to bite his fingertips and directly painted on the painting with blood. He had a very gentle expression. 

So gentle that Chen Xianyu’s blood ran cold.

“Okay.” Chen Weiyuan clapped his hands then turned the picture scroll around, “Tianxuan, look at the painting your brother helped you draw. Are you satisfied?” 

Regarding painting, even if Chen Xianyu was more afraid of his brother, he couldn’t help but lean closer to take a closer look. 

But he was given a big fright at first sight.

The person’s figure in the picture hadn’t changed, but an extremely hideous, ghost-like mask, which could give people goosebumps, completely covered his face.

The man held a brutal sword in his hand with blood on it and blood on his body. 

It was real blood. 

His brother’s own blood. 

That man was standing under the white blossom tree. 

And a white plum blossom was blooming in his brother’s hand. 

Chen Xianyu swallowed, “Brother, this, this…” 

“Are you unsatisfied?” Chen Weiyuan asked. 

Chen Xianyu: “No, no…the person in the picture is Junior Brother Ye?” 

“Why are you still calling him Junior Brother?” Chen Weiyuan smiled instead of answering, “He is your sister-in-law.” 

Chen Xianyu felt that his elder brother had gone crazy. 

When Chen Weiyuan asked him to relay some words for him, he already felt that something was wrong. He didn’t expect it to be so serious in just a few days. 

What should he do? 

Just listen to Chen Weiyuan’s advice. 

“Remember? When you see him next time, you have to call him ‘sister-in-law.’” 

Chen Xianyu nodded like a yes-man. 

But he thought: if he really addressed him like this, wouldn’t Ye Yunlan want to draw his sword and kill him? 

Even if Ye Yunlan didn’t make a move, his short-tempered Disciple would definitely make a move. 

My life is over. 

He definitely couldn’t appear before Ye Yunlan again. 

He should hurry up to pack his bags and leave Sky Sect.

The conversation ended in a hurry, and the water mirror dissipated. 

Chen Weiyuan sat on the soft collapse and looked at the painting for a moment while holding the scroll. 

Slowly rubbing the face of the person in the painting with his fingers, it took a long time before he retracted it into his storage space. 

He poured himself another glass after finishing the wine glass. He said in a low voice: “I respect my one true love, waiting to see each other in the moonlit night…”


“Wife, you are really making your husband wait?” 

…”Master, don’t be angry?” 

On the flying boat, Shen Shu made a pot of hot tea. He poured a cup and held it in front of Ye Yunlan with both hands. 

“You’ve already been angry at Disciple the entire road. Take a break. Disciple was only making a joke earlier. Master, don’t take it seriously.” He coughed slightly, “Besides, being angry all the time isn’t good for you.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t speak. 

Shen Shu carefully observed his master’s expression. He blinked, then gently put down the teacup and went out. 

The door closed with a creak. 

Ye Yunlan looked at the steaming tea before him and pursed his lips. 

Two pieces of green tea leaves floated on the tea water, slowly swirling, dangling in his field of vision. 

Shen Shu didn’t return for a while. 

The two swimming leaves stopped, and the steaming heat from the tea water slowly dissipated. 

Ye Yunlan frowned and stared at the two leaves for a long time. Finally, he picked up the cup, held it with his hand, and drank slowly. 

Suddenly, he heard the sound of the door opening again. 

Ye Yunlan lifted his eyes from the teacup and saw Shen Shu walking in with a big steaming wooden barrel. 

“Master, I just went to the city to buy a bathtub, then boiled hot water. The secret realm has been tiring. Master should take a bath to relieve some fatigue.” 

He put the bathtub in the corner of the room, and a screen was raised to cover it. He turned his head and smiled: “The water temperature is just right. Master should soak in it while it is hot.” 

Ye Yunlan’s silence responded to Shen Shu’s look of expectation. Finally, he let out an “En.”

A mortal’s body couldn’t compare to a cultivator’s. He could rely on meditation to get rid of the mortal filth. However, after running around in the secret realm for a few days, he was indeed sticky and uncomfortable. 

So he put down the teacup and walked over. 

Shen Shu diligently said: “I will help undress Master.” 

Ye Yunlan: “No need.” After a pause, he added, “You should rest earlier, too.” 

Shen Shu showed a rare moment of good behavior: “Okay, Master.” 

Ye Yunlan walked into the screen and stretched out to undress. 

The screen silhouetted his slender and tall body.

He stepped into the tub, and the warm water wrapped him up, washing away the dust and fatigue from his body. 

Crystal beads of sweat flowed across his cheeks. Ye Yunlan closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief. 

After soaking for half an hour, he walked out of the bathtub, completely red from the heat. 

Clean towels and clothes hung on the screen. He took the towel, wiped his body dry, and walked out slowly with only a white shirt. 

He faintly saw the candlelight in the room but couldn’t see Shen Shu.

He looked around, and his eyes fell on the carved bed with curtains hanging down. 

So he walked to the head of the bed and pushed open the bed curtain. 

The candlelight shone faintly inside, and Shen Shu was lying flat on the bed with only his head peeking out. The expression on his face was very cute, like…like a little wife warming the bed while waiting for her husband to return. 

Ye Yunlan: “You…” What are you doing? 

Shen Shu blinked at him, then leaned to his side to get up. He opened the bedding with his other hand and offered the spot, smiling at Ye Yunlan. 

“It’s already warm inside. Master, hurry in.” 

The young man’s hair crown was removed, and his ink hair was scattered with only a shirt left on his body. The outlines of his facial features were very beautiful in the candlelight. It seemed a bit familiar and a bit unfamiliar. 

A pair of blood-red eyes reflected the faint candlelight and his figure. There was light in it, just like the old days. 

Ye Yunlan was startled. He stretched out his hand to touch his eyes. 

Shen Shu obediently let him touch. His long eyelashes on the palm of his hand were slightly itchy. 

Suddenly, a strong force came from his shoulder. Shen Shu had taken advantage of this opportunity, hugging him and pulling him onto the bed. 

“I caught Master.” 

The other party hugged him and laughed, then buried his head in his hair and took a breath. 

“Master is so fragrant.”

“I really like Master.” 

The author has something to say: Shen Shu: Sharing the Same Bed Plan √

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