Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Karma 

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“You said this is your item?” 

Qiyun Jun strode over to Ye Yunlan. 

Ye Yunlan: “Yes.” 

Qiyun Jun frowned slightly, staring at him. 

“This is the Black Mark Blood Soul Jade. It’s the only one in the world and a token of the Sky Sect’s Sect Master. How did it become yours?” 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes, seemingly unwilling to argue with him too much. He whispered: “Since it’s the Sect Master’s token, why did you want to break it?” 

Qiyun Jun: “Because it’s no longer needed.” 

The Black Mark Blood Soul Jade’s karma had been paid off. Keeping it by his side would only implicate him. 

Even if this jade was very precious and unique in the world, he wouldn’t keep things that shouldn’t be kept. 

He cultivated the heartless dao, and he shouldn’t have too much involvement with the people in this world, so this token was useless. Leaving it in the world would cause disputes, so it was better to destroy it. 

In fact, he couldn’t even remember why he entrusted such an important thing to Rong Ran. 

Even if the other party saved his life. 

“I don’t need it anymore.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent momentarily, then said faintly: “This ink jade, I once returned it to Rong Ran. Only now did I know that it was the wrong person.” 

“Since Sect Master already doesn’t need this ink jade, let’s destroy it more thoroughly.” 

He held two pieces of broken jade in his palm, and the nirvana sword intent burst out of his body. The ink jade turned into smaller shards with a slight pinch, sliding down between his fingers like leaking fireflies. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his hand, his five fingers hidden in the robe’s sleeve. 

“The Law Enforcement Hall trial has ended, and the Sect Master’s affairs are busy. Why stay here anymore?” 

After that, he turned around and motioned to Shen Shu to leave. 

“Hold on.” 

Qiyun Jun called out to him. 

Ye Yunlan said indifferently: “Is there anything else, Sect Master?” 

Qiyun Jun frowned, “You just said it was the wrong person. What do you mean?” 

He asked, “The Black Mark Blood Soul Jade, you gave it to Rong Ran?” 

Ye Yunlan: “I thought with the Sect Master’s power, you wouldn’t be ignorant to these little things.” 

Qiyun Jun was silent for a long time before saying: “When did you give the jade to Rong Ran?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Twenty-five years ago when I entered the sect.”

Qiyun Jun asked again: “Then how did you… get this jade?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Twenty-nine years ago, I saved a man in the deep peach forest valley. After three years, he left this black jade to me on departure.” Speaking this far, he said blankly, “What else does the Sect Master want to ask? It’s best to ask it all at once. I don’t have much free time.” 

Qiyun Jun’s heart beat. 

Twenty-nine years ago, he passed into the Transcendence Realm and was seriously injured and unconscious. 

When he woke up three years later, he was already at Xuanhu Peak. Rong Qingjue and Rong Ran, the father-son duo, guarded him until he awoke. Later, the two said they were both guarding him when he was seriously injured. 

Because of this life-saving grace, Rong Qingjue asked him to accept his son as his disciple. He had always attached great importance to the matter of karma, so he agreed to Rong Qingjue’s request and accepted Rong Ran as a named disciple. 

Before long, Rong Ran brought the Black Mark Blood Soul Jade back to him. 

He would only give out the Black Mark Blood Soul Jade if he owed extremely heavy karma. Realizing he owed more karma than he thought, he accepted him as a personal disciple. He indulged in his actions and accepted his many unreasonable demands.

If Rong Ran didn’t make big mistakes repeatedly, he would’ve protected the other party for life to achieve his dao fulfillment. 

But now, the facts told him. 

——It turned out that he had been protecting the wrong person all this time. 

Rong Ran’s sharp laugh echoed in his ears. 

“Karma? ​​Hahahaha, you could never clear it!” 

The scattered black jade fell on the ground into black dust with no way to recover. 

The person before him had a cold appearance. The resistance and fear toward him had never faded because of the passage of time. 

Qiyun Jun’s heartbeat became more and more violent. The originally peaceful and smooth flow of qi in his body suddenly surged. 

Blue veins burst on the back of his hand holding the Taiqing Du Er Sword. 

There was one thing he had never told anyone. 

There was often a peach forest in his dream. 

An illusory figure was running and playing in the Peach Forest, occasionally looking back and smiling at him. 

He liked listening to the other’s laughter. 

He liked following the other’s figure when running. 

Therefore, he planted a peach forest in the Yuntian Palace. 

The scabbard was also engraved with flower branches. 

He always thought it was the heart demon he imagined and his calamity. 

His whole life, he was born without affection and desire. His master said he was a natural cultivator of the heartless dao. It was right for him to enter this dao. And as he later cultivated, it was as smooth as his master said. 

However, after breaking through to Transcendence, his cultivation base stagnated. It had been nearly thirty years since it stopped. 

Many barriers needed to be broken through for cultivation.

Before, it was too smooth. He had no emotions and then became heartless. Thus, he was flawed after all. 

Those unfinished love desires gave rise to heart demons, which seemed to be taken for granted. 

But, what if that wasn’t a heart demon. What if it was a memory left behind in those three years.

The love and desire he once had. 

At this point in consciousness, the person in his dreams gradually overlapped with the person before him. 

Qiyun Jun’s voice was hoarse. It was like a dead branch broken in the winter snow. 

He said: “…It’s you.” 

Ye Yunlan looked indifferent. 

Until now, he still instinctively feared the Taiqing Du’er Sword in Qiyun Jun’s hand. He still couldn’t forget the pain that he suffered when the sword qi knocked him down from the Buddha Tower again and again. 

Whether it was one’s grace or anger, he didn’t want anything to do with this person anymore. 

So he said: “I don’t understand what the Sect Master said.” 

Qiyun Jun: “I… owe you a lot.” 

Ye Yunlan interrupted him: “My disciple and I still have important things to do. We’ll leave first.”

He went toward the Law Enforcement Hall door. Qiyun Jun wanted to open his mouth to keep him, but Ye Yunlan had already passed him quickly. 

Shen Shu followed. 

The two figures soon disappeared from the Law Enforcement Hall.

Only Qiyun Jun stood in place for a long time, silent like an ice sculpture. 

Deputy Sect Master Cheng returned to his cave-dwelling, and his wife Xue Mengdie had already come over to greet him. 

Madam Xue glanced at the white jade exquisite ball in his hand. Her red lips curved in an arc, “Is it fun?” 

Deputy Sect Master Cheng’s eyes curved, and he said: “Fun.” 

Madam Xue carried a plate of red cherries, walked over, kissed his eyes, then said: “I made something more fun for you. Let’s play slowly in the evening.” 

Deputy Sect Master Cheng’s kissed eyes flushed red. His pair of peach blossom eyes were glowing, and he said hoarsely: “Wife, spare me…” 

Before he finished speaking, a cherry was stuffed into his mouth. 

Mrs. Xue: “Is it sweet?” 

Deputy Sect Master Cheng: “Sweet…” 

As the couple talked to each other, the Deputy Sect Master Cheng suddenly felt a chill on his back. 

Then, he saw a familiar sword in the corner of his eyes. 

Taiqing Du Er sword. 

He shivered and stood up hurriedly, “Why did Senior Brother Ji come here?” 

Mrs. Xue took care of the wrinkles on her sleeves without hesitation. She bowed, “Greetings to the lord.” 

It wasn’t Qiyun Jun’s first time seeing his Junior Brother playing with his wife in the cave. 

Not only in the cave, but wherever the husband and wife appear together, there would often be affectionate play. According to Cheng Zixu’s words, it was “uncontrollable.”

Although it was very unconventional, and he had spoken to the other party before. Cheng Zixu only promised quickly but didn’t change after repeated teachings in private. 

The former Sect Master accepted two disciples; one cultivated the heartless dao, the other cultivated extreme affection. Cheng Zixu was the latter.

For many years, Qiyun Jun didn’t understand his brother’s way. 

Extremely affectionate, and dedicated to one person for one lifetime. 

The other person swung the sword and cultivated the dao. 

However, the path was long and unpredictable. What if that person died? Whenever he was asked this question, Cheng Zixu always answered. 

“Senior Brother, you don’t understand.” 

Qiyun Jun really didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand. 

He still remembered a certain time; when Mrs. Xue went out alone to find her opportunity to break through. When he had something to discuss with Cheng Zixu, he found out that his Junior Brother was hiding in the cave alone and crying secretly. 

Since then, he remained at a respectful distance from extreme affection. 

“I want to have all the records of Xuanhu Peak in the past 30 years.” 

Deputy Sect Master Cheng was a little surprised. No one knew better than him that his Senior Brother never liked to take care of Sky Sect affairs. What kind of curse did he run into today? He was actually looking into the inside affairs of Sky Sect. 

He blinked at Madam Xue, and Madam Xue turned her red lips knowingly. She picked up the half plate of cherries and went back to the inner room. 

“This person Rong Qingjue… Although he’s very good at medical treatment, he lacks personality. When Liu Qing privately refined the revival pill, he was behind the scenes. There was just never any evidence. The person himself did not do anything particularly harmful to the sect, so nobody touched him.”

“As for all the records of Xuanhu Peak in the past 30 years, they are here.” 

Cheng Zixu took out a small book from the bookshelf and placed it in front of Qiyun Jun. 

Qiyun Jun picked it up and looked at it. With one glance, he read ten lines. 

After a moment, he said solemnly: “Twenty-six years ago, Rong Qingjue went out looking for herbs, but he didn’t return for half a year?” Twenty-six years ago, it was the year he was injured during the tribulation. It was also when Rong Ran and his father said they saved him on Xuanhu Peak. 

Cheng Zixu: “Senior Brother, don’t worry. This is the record that my wife helped me organize. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Then, he saw Qiyun Jun throw the book on the table. 

The Taiqing Du’er sword issued a loud sword sound, and the frost-like sword intent swept across the surrounding area. 

In the next instant, he could no longer see Qiyun Jun in the cave. 

It was the first time Cheng Zixu had seen his Senior Brother angry like this. 

Someone was going to be unlucky. 

Cheng Zixu mourned for a moment of silence for Master Rong of Xuanhu Peak. 

A man without a wife was always a little grumpy. 

He thought. 

The cherries his wife picked truly were the most delicious.

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