Chapter 11

Chapter 11 The Taciturn man

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Shao Qing followed the man from behind, carefully sizing him up. His waist had a scar around 20cm long. Splitting the area near the spinal column on his back was another scar. From one look, it was clear that this was an old scar. A horizontal one across his spinal column, there was also one on his nape that wasn’t too obvious. It seemed to be caused by a bullet directly penetrating his nape. His body really did have a lot of wounds. If these wounds were on an average person’s body, they would’ve already had hemiplegia or lost their lives, yet here he was still in good condition and living.

Struggling with life or death situations for so many years, Shao Qing didn’t want to admit, but the scars on her body were also more than most men.

That was how her curiosity was slowly evoked. As they both stepped into the house at the same time, the moment the man placed the sofa down, Shao Qing lightly patted his shoulder. Immediately after, Shao Qing was able to see that man’s shoulder muscles tensed up and with force he shot his shoulder backwards.

The force his shoulders carried could have probably directly broken a person’s bone. Moreover, the direction it was heading towards was Shao Qing’s rib. If that bone was to break it would directly rupture the lungs inside.

Shao Qing’s reaction was quick. Holding the man’s shoulders, following his arms, she lightly pressed down on his shoulders. Because of the change to her body, with Shao Qing’s superhuman strength, it should be easy to stop his movements. Yet, she still felt her hand going numb.

Realizing what he was doing, the man proficiently crouched down and held his head. Not at all sleek and smooth but definitely powerful. His waist became taut as if he was bracing himself for something. From Shao Qing’s perspective, the trousers covering the border of his waist was extremely appealing and sexy.

Even the scars, simply enhanced its seductiveness.

If it were not the apocalypse, this would definitely be a man that many women would like.

It’s a pity that it was the apocalypse. Even if the man was handsome and strong, in most women’s eyes, they still cannot be compared to superhumans.

The taciturn man was still holding his head, waiting for the fist and feet to attack his body. But what arrived was just a somewhat pale hand, holding a cracker within its palm. “Could you help me place the bathtub inside?”

The man silently glanced at Shao Qing, nodded his head, and lifted the tub up to bring it inside. Actually with a bathtub in the apocalypse, there really wasn’t too much use for it. After all, most of the water sources have been contaminated by the zombies so drinking it will most likely lead to a misfortune, let alone taking a bath.

After arranging the tub in place, the man silently stood to the side. He used his glances to ask Shao Qing if there was anything else she needed help with.

“Could you help me move the sofa so it’s facing that direction?” Shao Qing softly asked. When the man bent forward to move the sofa, Shao Qing gently placed her palm on his lower back.

Even though once again the man tensed up his muscles, this time, he didn’t attack. Rather, he forcefully restrained himself.

Feeling the muscles underneath her palm containing such force from tensing up, Shao Qing quickly took back her hand. But she unconsciously noticed that the man’s earlobe had turned red.

At the beginning Shao Qing had thought that he was tired, but now she discovered that although his usual expression hasn’t changed, within his eyes a little bashfulness can be seen.

She has never seen such an easily embarrassed mature man. He is such a tall big man too, but unexpectedly he contrasted from his demeanour.

“This time, I really have to thank you” Shao Qing smiled. “If I ever need anymore help in the future, I’ll definitely come find you.” After, Shao Qing once again saw this man’s earlobe turn red.

Not really understanding everything, Shao Qing sent the man off then closed the door. Although she was curious about this big, tall taciturn man’s past, but at present the most important thing was to increase her own strength.

Other people’s business, it’s better not to be bothered. Curiosity killed the cat.

After putting water in the bathtub, Shao Qing stripped Xiao Baozi naked and placed him inside. White and smooth, his arms and legs were like pinched dough, that meaty feel was super addicting.

Xiao Baozi wasn’t afraid of the water. Within the bathtub he simply blew some bubbles and just entrusted Shao Qing to help him bathe.

Xiao Baozi’s behind was especially smooth. Children’s skin have always been particularly sleek and smooth. His being a bit ice-cold resembled holding a gelatin dessert.

After being washed clean by Shao Qing, Xiao Baozi changed into an adorable bear outfit and was placed on top of the bed. Xiao Baozi wore his open pants outfit [pants that have a hole at the behind for infants before toilet training] and just crawled around the bed.

When it was approximately dinner time, right when Shao Qing was about to grab some crystals to fill her belly, there was a knock on the door. Opening the door, she saw her neighbour, Li Jing. Smiling with elegance, he softly spoke: “I was reckoning that since you just arrived to the base, tonight you definitely wouldn’t have made dinner. So, I was thinking to see if you would like to go to my place to eat. Now that I am here, sure enough, you really didn’t make dinner.”

“It’s nothing, it’s just two people anyways, my child and I. Throw some stuff together and we’ll be satisfied.” Shao Qing wasn’t even feeling that hungry anyways. Even if she was, two pieces of crystal would have done the trick. However, it is a fact that she hadn’t ate regular people food in a long time.

Thus, after Li Jing’s persistent invitations, she finally agreed. From the beginning, Shao Qing had felt that Li Jing had some untoward thoughts towards her but Shao Qing didn’t take it to heart. She was a very able person who could afford to be audacious.

Arriving at Li Jing’s house, she saw that Li Jing had merely made a few dishes. Three meat, three vegetable, and there was fish and meat. Although the meat was stewed, and the fish wasn’t fresh, this was the apocalypse. Fish and meat could be considered luxury goods, not even mentioning lush green vegetables and chicken drumsticks.

Li Jing smiled in a reserved manner. “Originally I had made too many things, thank god you were coming over. Otherwise if it was kept for another meal, the taste just wouldn’t be the same when you reheat it.”

“I didn’t expect that you were going to make such a sumptuous meal. I feel a bit inconveniencing.” Shao Qing smiled and sat across from Li Jing. Li Jing quickly poured her a cup of water to quench her throat.

“Like I said, we are neighbours. In the future there will definitely be many times where we will be assisting each other. So let’s not speak as if we’re talking to strangers.” Li Jing beamed, but if you looked carefully at his eyes you could see a weird gleam within that really demonstrated that he was just putting on airs.

“Quickly, try my skills.” Li Jing picked up his chopstick and put a piece of meat in Shao Qing’s bowl. Unable to withstand his enthusiasm, she picked up the piece of meat and placed it in her mouth.

It was just as she thought. The food arriving at her mouth, not only did it not give off any smell or flavour, it instead gave her a fierce vomiting urge.

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