Chapter 13

Chapter 13:  Good natured man

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Returning home, Shao Qing scarcely noticed that Li Jing was completely shocked. He had given Shao Qing an extra strong dose of knockout drugs, the type that could completely knock out a cow! Yet, not only did she not pass out at his house, she was able to walk so fast that she shook him off when he was tailing her. What knockout drug? That is total BS!

Deeply pondering that someone might have collected his meat, Li Jing was very unhappy. He had no idea that Shao Qing was unable to digest food, let alone the knockout drugs within the food.

The clueless Shao Qing returned home, snuggling up to her bundled up son feeling safe and went to bed. Early the next morning, in a daze, Shao Qing helped Xiao Baozi brush his teeth. Opening the door, she saw a stern man crouching in front of the door, the doors even still had morning dew on it.

He had most likely come really early and had waited outside not wanting to disturb Shao Qing.

“Come in.” Shao Qing lightly nudged his leg. The stern honest man entered through the door. Standing inside he was at a loss on what he should do. Shao Qing dragged over a chair. “Let’s eat together, in any case the baby and I can’t finish it all.”

Yan Hanqing at once waved his hands. Shao Qing had already promised to give him medicine. He was already taking advantage of her. How could he possibly have the nerve to take her food as well?

Furthermore, Shao Qing is a single mother. Even if she has superhuman abilities, food is not easy to come by. He is a seven foot man and has the ability to work, how could he have the conscience to take her food?

However, Shao Qing had already pushed him towards the table. Arranging a plate, she placed an egg inside. On the other side, Xiao Baozi was already moving, trying to climb up the chair with his short pudgy legs.

Shao Qing lifted up Xiao Baozi and pushed the bowl towards Yan Hanqing. “Eat.”

Yan Hanqing still wanted to refuse, but Shao Qing refuted. “I’m going to be going out to do some investigations. At that time if I’m going to bring you, if you don’t eat, how are you going to have the strength to follow along?”

Yan Hanqing made a little note in his heart, then he picked up the egg sandwich and began to nibble on it. After the apocalypse, food has become more and more precious. For ordinary humans, the daily food they were served was water gruel served with hard stale crackers. Soft bread and golden eggs could be considered a rarity, a true blessing.

Yan Hanqing actually was even somewhat unwilling to eat his food and in fact wanted to bring it back to his mother. Shao Qing was able to make out his thoughts. “There’s still more inside the pot. In a little while, you could bring some back to your mom.”

Yan Hanqing tried to hide his blush. “I definitely will return the favour.”

If she had told him to bring it back for himself, he definitely would not have agreed. However in his house, he still had an aged and injured mother.

“En.” Shao Qing did not act in charity when she had offered these things. She knew that these kind of things wasn’t helping Yan Hanqing, instead it would be damaging his honour if she refused to accept his favour.

Being raised in the army, Yan Hanqing did not make a single sound when he was eating and was speedy about it. Finally becoming a bloated Yan Hanqing, him and the Shao Qing who did not take a single bite, both looked at Xiao Baozi clumsily attempting to use the knife to cut the egg.

Xiao Baozi and Shao Qing were a bit different. If Shao Qing ate normal food she would only throw everything up. However, if Xiao Baozi absorbed some crystals, then he could eat a bit of some high-calorie food items.

Therefore Shao Qing would usually make some things for Xiao Baozi to supplement. Unconsciously, she still had hopes for Xiao Baozi to be similar to other regular kids.

“I have about two weeks worth of medicine here. You can take these first.” Taking the prepared medicine bag, she handed it over to Yan Hanqing. “After two days I’m planning on going for a trip, are you free?”

“I can entrust my friends to take care of my mother.” He nodded his head. “I should have no problem.”

“That’s perfect.” Shao Qing stood up and went over to the pot to package away the last egg within. Stuffing in some extra ham and bread, she passed it over to Yan Hanqing. “Don’t forget, the latest will be the day after tomorrow.”

Yan Hanqing nodded his head. Seeing he was eager to bring back the medicine to his mother, Shao Qing did not keep him any longer. “Let’s go quickly. I want to see auntie as well.”

Yan Hanqing knew. Shao Qing was just worried that someone else would see the medicine in his hands and would have it stolen thus decided to specially escort him. His heart warming up, he couldn’t help think about the words Shao Qing said that night.

She said he was hers….

Not even speaking about the list of things he still owes her, all those things are sufficient to have his life be used to repay this debt. Recalling that there are other certain ‘methods’ to repay his debt, the good-natured Yan Hanqing didn’t even have to touch his face, to feel that his face was already scalding hot.

Carrying Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing, one in front and one in the back, walked towards where he lived. Taking secret glances at Shao Qing, he couldn’t help but think: Shao Qing is so gorgeous and is such a competent girl, why would she even take a fancy to him?

This must be his fantasy! Even if she had a kid, men willing to be with Shao Qing would definitely be innumerable, waves after waves. How could it ever be his turn?

Yan Hanqing pondered more and more. The more he thought, the more he believed that he must have heard wrong.

Since he started doing his military service at the age of eighteen until he retired because of an injury when he was twenty seven, he had not even dated once.

After all within the army, there were scarcely any girls, especially within his department of the army. Due to the particularity, besides the military doctor, the rest were all men.

As a result, a girl as soft and gentle as Shao Qing, was something Yan Hanqing was encountering for the first time. Thinking about it more and more, his palm moistened with perspiration.

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