Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Zombie Variation

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Surrounding that granary was quite a few zombies. Speculating that there might be some provisions left in there, a few of them consulted a bit, then decided to head over in that direction.

Shao Qing had successively seen Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan’s abilities. Gu Panpan that little girl, unexpectedly had the strengthening ability. Once they started to fight, she had turned into a diamond barbie, expertly tearing about the zombies.

Gu Chuan on the other hand had the ice element. His current abilities were not strong and were primarily there for assistance. Everytime it would be Gu Chuan using his ice to freeze the zombie’s feet. Once the zombie was stuck for that short duration, Gu Panpan acting like Hercules and would twist the zombies neck or smash their skull.

A Tu’s ability was primarily for protection. Defending the young couple and leading them forward, he would cut off the heads of the zombie that Gu Chuan froze or Shao Qing had binded.

Yan Hanqing was silently standing by Shao Qing’s side. With a knife in his hand, as long as any of the zombies attempted to approach Shao Qing, he would immediately get rid of them.

The group of people quickly approached the granary. The granary looked peaceful, with only a few scattered zombies roaming around outside.

“Let’s get this done quickly. We’ve been standing outside stupidly for too long and have been attracting too many zombies.” The chatterbox Gu Panpan uttered while still fighting reliably.

A few nodding heads and they proceeded to coordinate to kill the zombies. In fact, the zombies they were fighting individually did not have a high fighting strength. Because their movements were sluggish, besides them being ugly, tenacious, and only dying if their heads were crushed,  they were not particularly valiant. If they did not assemble in a group, even if it was a normal person, they could easily defeat several zombies.

From her experience besides her not being a person, Shao Qing also knew about Er Dai, that peculiar zombie. Based on his actions, he was definitely intelligent. His learning capability was especially fast and he was also capable of having emotions. Thinking about this further, could it be that Er Dai is the only zombie with these capabilities?

It could be possible that zombies would evolve just like superhumans. Zombies could possibly evolve in a certain direction. For example speed, the durability and toughness of their body, strength, or even their wisdom.

Therefore, Shao Qing did not relax. However on the contrary, the young couple seeing that killing zombies was as as easy as chopping vegetables, had relaxed quite a bit.

“There must be a lot of things inside!” Arriving at the entrance, the young couple impatiently pushed open the door. A Tu immediately called out to them. “Watch out! There might be some more zombies…”

The wife rolled her eyes and mumbled to herself. “The door is close, how could there be more zombies? Even if there were some, I could easily handle one or two. Aren’t you just scared that we might steal some of the supplies…”

A Tu felt helpless, but he still gave the young couple an armour made from soil using his supernatural abilities. Owing to him being a rank one, he was only able to form a thin layer of earth plating around their vital areas. If there were any unexpected accidents, it should be able to resist a while.

Speak about it and it will happen. Just when they were still worried about accidents occurring, the woman pushed open the door and a black shadow dropped from the sky.  The woman screamed out, her appearance turning pale, she turned and tried to flee. Yet she was thrown to the ground by the shadow. The husband upon seeing this tried to reach out to pull her away when he discovered that the black shadow was actually a zombie.

His face turned green, turning his heels, he scrammed away not caring at all that his wife was still on the ground. Luckily, Shao Qing reacted quickly. Extending her hand, green vines reached out and quickly bound the zombies arms and legs. A Tu also launched his power. Raising a chunk of the floor, he used it to knock over the zombie.

Taking advantage of the situation, the woman staggered up and ran back towards the group. While she was attempting to escape, the zombie had already thrown off his bindings.

His speed was extremely fast. Not even mentioning the average zombie, even comparing him with a rank one speed focused superhuman, one would be unable to precisely determine who was faster.

Shao Qing knitted her eyebrows. The vines she had used was a portion of her powers, thus she  was able to feel that when her vines were restraining the zombie, sharp thorns penetrated through. This clearly showed that his defensive abilities was average and it was just his speed that stood out from the rest.

“Gu Chuan, restrict its movements.” Although Gu Chuan was unsure of what Shao Qing wanted,  he still quickly released his ability. Yet the speed of the zombie was just much too quick. He was just simply unable to freeze it’s pair of legs like before. Sparing no effort, he even converted the humidity of the atmosphere into ice as well in attempts to capture the zombie.

That area’s temperature quickly plummeted causing the zombie’s body to have icicles hanging on it. While the temperature quickly dropped, A Tu unceasingly created holes near the areas where the zombie was stepping through. Although the impact wasn’t significant, it was still able to cause the zombie to slow down his pace a bit.

Seeing the opportunity, Shao Qing released another set of vines to bind the zombie. Originally, she planned on fighting the zombie in close contact. However, Gu Panpan and Yan Hanqing, one on the left and one on the right were both running over there.

Shao Qing’s vines were known to be the lowest variation of vegetation. The anesthesia qualities it brings having basically no significant impacts towards the zombie, the zombie was quickly able to free its upper body. Right when it was about to escape, the diamond barbie like Gu Panpan threw her clenched fist at its face causing it to cave in.

But even with this, the zombie did not die. Instead it rolled on the ground, looking as if it wanted to escape. Before he could escape, Yan Hanqing followed up by using his knife and directly stabbed it into the zombie’s skull, penetrating through.

The zombie’s body bounced one last time then stopped moving.

Shao Qing let out a sigh of release, narrowing her eyes, she was already planning on opening up the zombie’s body for its crystal. This kind of zombie variation, its crystal must contain way more energy than the average zombie.

“That zombie is really peculiar, let me take a look first.” Shao Qing approached the zombie as she said this. Putting on a show of flipping over the zombie’s corpse, the young couple felt impatient watching Shao Qing, but at the same time they did not want to see the zombie’s scary appearance at all. Gu Panpan and A Tu gave the young couple an examination, after all the two of them were ordinary people. If by any chance they were grabbed and bitten, they would be infected.

Shao Qing slightly peering over towards the remaining Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing, then realizing that they weren’t paying attention to her, she quickly penetrated the zombie’s skull with her finger nail. With practiced movements she found the crystal and without looking at it’s size she transferred it directly into her space dimension.

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