Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Man Eating Flower

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“If you want to come in and sleep, just say it directly.” The corner of Shao Qing’s mouth lifted up into a smirk, deliberately teasing him. “I’m not in the mood to sleep tonight anyways. How about we do some chatting, discussing our thoughts and feelings doesn’t seem like a bad idea.”

“I…. I’ll return back to bed first.” Yan Hanqing after finishing his stammer, ran off like he was being chased by some strange creature, whooshing back.

Shao Qing laughed and brought Xiao Baozi back into their room. Before she could lie down, Gu Panpan came out of nowhere carrying a quilt to look for Shao Qing.

Now that Shao QIng was the only young woman, she felt staying with Shao Qing would be relatively safer.

Gu Panpan cleaned up the bed a bit then wrapped the quilt around herself like a tube. Still having a bit of fear in her heart, she kept on trying to find a subject to talk about.

“My brother and I were speculating that she was probably bitten by the zombie or had a small scratch.” Gu Panpan tightly enveloped to form a tight seam, her voice could be barely heard.

“That person had believed with her entire heart that it would be a fluke, that somehow that small wound would not be enough to change her into a zombie. Thus, she kept it hidden. In the end, she ultimately killed her own husband.” Gu Panpan sighed.  “The only thing that I did not imagine that was that there were that many survivors and furthermore did not expect that some of them would be cannibals.”

Gu Panpan continuously gossiped, the originally Shao Qing who wasn’t that sleepy, this time was thoroughly awakened. She could only hope for Gu Panpan to speak without delay and eventually tire herself to sleep.

Finally in the middle of the night, Gu Panpan finally said she was tired and went to bed. At that moment, Shao Qing finally was able to let out a breath of air.  

Early the next morning, Gu Panpan woke up and discovered that there was nobody beside her. Shao Qing had already taken Xiao Baozi to wash up.

Gu Panpan hurriedly got out of bed. Tidying up her things she prepared to leave this strange place. This time when they left, they didn’t bring anything, including people.

After all besides them, everyone else had eaten human meat. Nobody wanted to bring a person who had eaten human meat before. So although everyone stared at them, waiting anxiously, their group callously clenched their teeth and quickly departed.

Ignoring all those things behind them, they looked ahead expectantly, stepping towards their journey back. When it reached midday, a hazy smog arose and a small wind picked up. Their speed visibly declined and even the rainbow in the sky was swallowed up.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, we have to leave. If we continue to stay in this area, it’ll be too dangerous.” Shao Qing then volunteered herself to undertake the challenging role. “I’ll be in charge of clearing the way.”

After the apocalypse, the weather has been peculiar all along. Sometimes it would be sunny with clear skies, then the next moments it would be raining cats and dogs. Sometimes it would be windy with thick fog, all of it would arise abruptly. In brief, it made people quite fidgety.

Shao Qing walked ahead, while secretly counting her inventory. The crystals within her hand were already quite a bit, furthermore she had also just received the crystal from that woman’s body.  After absorbing quite a few particularly special crystals, Shao Qing felt that she would soon advance in ranking.

However if she were to advance in ranking, it would be probably be the safest if she did it back in the base. Or else who knows what could happen when she was advancing in rank.

Just then, when she was passing through the thick fog, Shao Qing was able to see a familiar silhouette. However, after the silhouette appeared for a brief moment, it once again disappeared.

That silhouette really resembled Er Dai. Shao Qing had the greatest urge to get out of the car to grab that person to see if it was truly her Er Dai.

However, this was not the time for her to investigate. Giving up on her thoughts of investigating, she continued along her way. If it was really her Er Dai, they would meet sooner or later. Proceeding forward, Shao Qing’s car suddenly violently tilted to one side. Even though Shao Qing turned the steering wheel hard, they still ran into the rock on the road.

Coming out to take a look, she saw that one of the tires had bursted. In fact it had directly been knocked off. On the ground was a pile of bones and remains of weapons, it was unclear which was the cause of the rupture of the tire.

Frowning, Shao Qing asked. “Is anyone able to repair this?”

Sitting at the back, Yan Hanqing promptly responded. “I can.” After responding, he carried the spare tire and went over to where Shao Qing was.

After setting up his tools but not creating any barricades, Yan Hanqing began to start on the car repairs. The rest of the group also got out of the car to look. Shao Qing knitted her eyebrows, keeping guard against anything or anyone who might mount a sneak attack.

Carrying Xiao Baozi, she suddenly heard a rustling sound nearby. Alarmed, she prepared to keep her guard against the approaching zombie.

However at that moment, the soil beneath Shao Qing’s feet suddenly loosened and moved. A flower emerged from out of nowhere below her feet. Pretty delicate petals began to open up in that brief moment, shocking Shao Qing speechless. The delicate flower was absolutely gorgeous, however after opening up it’s petals a mouthful of thorns could be seen within its mouth. What Shao Qing had thought of as a zombie was in fact half of the zombie’s arm sticking out of the flower’s mouth.

A man eating flower? Shao Qing was stupefied. She only saw the immense flower head suddenly opening up it’s mouth towards her, taking a huge bite.

Shao Qing rapidly retreated as the man eating flower threw itself over to her. The petals opening then closing, it seemed as if it wanted to swallow Shao Qing whole and digest her along with the hand within its mouth.

Continuously retreating, Shao Qing was preparing for the best moment to counter attack. The people behind her also immediately reacted. Supporting Shao Qing, a variety of superhuman abilities were activated and thrown at the flower. However, besides obstructing the flower for a brief moment, there were no signs of injury.  

Picking up the rusty chopping knife, Shao Qing carefully observed the man eating flower. Generally speaking most plants should not be able to move and run everywhere, however this man eating flower has been continuously taking advantage of it’s long flower stem to chase Shao Qing down.  

If they withdrew from this area, the man eating flower would definitely not chase after them. However, if they departed this area, they would have no choice but to make a detour in their return route.

At that time, the danger would be even higher and it would definitely delay their return by a massive chunk.

This decision is indeed a headache.

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