Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Returning to the base

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Yan Hanqing couldn’t help but lean his face to one side. His cheek all the way to his earlobes a bright red colour. Lowering his voice, he asked. “You’ve slept for so long, aren’t you hungry yet?”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Regarding Yan Hanqing’s change of subject, Shao Qing laughed. She was just joking around. Since she had resurrected, Shao Qing was convinced that men were all insincere.  

When Shao Qing became indifferent, Yan Hanqing pursed his lips, waiting a long time before faintly mumbling. “It’s me that isn’t fit to be your match.”

“What did you say?” Immersed within her memories, Shao Qing raised her eyebrows. Hurriedly Yan Hanqing replied. “It’s nothing. I was just talking to myself.”

Not speaking any longer, Shao Qing shook her legs a bit then set her feet from the bed down to the ground. She felt that the former her was completely different from the present her. From head to toe, she could feel that her body flooded with power. She wanted to vent it all out. This feeling was amazing.

She felt so great that Shao Qing had a feeling that nothing was capable of obstructing her. However, Shao Qing knew that no matter how good you think you were, there would always be someone out there that was better. It wouldn’t be good for her to be too arrogant and self-confident.

She would be better off knowing her own limits.

“Where are we now?”

“Since you went unconscious, everyone decided not to hurry on our journey. Voluntarily, we decided to find a place to rest a bit.” Yan Hanqing stared at Shao Qing’s figure from the back, within his eyes was a gentleness that he himself wasn’t even aware of.

Out of all the women he had ever met, Shao Qing was the best. She was never pretentious or put on airs like those so called young virtuous noble ladies. She was real, beautiful, intelligent, yet strong. Her movements were so impressive that a large majority of people would be far inferior to her and unable to catch up.

This kind of woman who was similar to a cheetah in the vast grasslands, Yan Hanqing felt that he wasn’t good enough for her. If it wasn’t for his inferiority, it would be like seeing an excessively beautiful flower and being reluctant to reach out and pluck it.

“It’s my fault that I’ve burdened everyone.” Shao Qing pushed open the door, discovering that they were in a person’s home. Probably due to a rampage of some zombies, the original owner of the house was no longer there, thus allowing Shao Qing and the rest to stop for a break at this place.

Pushing the door open, she was able to see A Tu and Gu Chuan the brother and sister duo. All three of them were at the courtyard playing card games. Once they saw Shao Qing come out, Gu Panpan was the first to throw down the cards in her hands. “Qing Jiejie, you’re awake? That’s great! Since you’ve fainted, I was so scared that I couldn’t eat or sleep!”

A Tu attempted to pull back Gu Panpan, his face turning red. “Aren’t you shameless? I was just about to win, how dare you just discard your cards like that!”

“Ok, stop arguing you two.” Gu Chuan patted the two, then turned to face Shao QIng. “How are you feeling?”

“My body’s feeling not bad. I was able to successfully advance in ranking, so we could be on our way at any time.” Shao Qing clenched her fists. “The time that we have been out isn’t short, we should probably head back soon.”

“Let’s pack up and tidy our things, then we could set off in the afternoon.” Gu Panpan was extremely excited. Although this trip ended up with them losing two people, these two people were just regular humans, moreover they were the schemey sort. Gu Panpan did not feel that it was a pity at all, in fact she felt the opposite. Now the reapings has increased and they can really return from this journey with loads of rewards.

Thus, after leaving the base for so long, the most important thing for them to do when they get back is to divide gains. Once they enter the town, they ought to hand over the portion to the city, and the remains will be divided among the five.

Since there are two less people and Shao Qing contributed the most within everyone’s eyes, the final allotment was everyone receiving twenty percent. In other words, Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing received forty percent of the share.

Considering them being newly added members to this investigation squad, this amount was definitely a surprise.

Shao Qing originally wanted to return ten percent to allow the sibling duo and A Tu to share. However, they refused her and Gu Panpan also replied. “Qing Jiejie, you should just accept it. We are all going to still be together as a group later on. Since you are already a rank two wood elemental superhuman, the bigger investigation squads will definitely try to rope you in. At that time you have to remember our small squad!”

Shao Qing nodded her head and finally accepted the extra goods. Splitting the portion in half she handed it over to Yan Hanqing. “This is your portion, keep it.”

If one was to say Yan Hanqing wasn’t moved, that would be a lie. A regular human on an average investigation team would usually be a superhumans’ family member or a human specialized in a particular field. For example with that young couple, the man was able to fix cars and the woman was a nurse, then would superhumans be willing to take the two onto their team.

Yet, Yan Hanqing wasn’t anything special, but was still able to receive so many supplies. This was all because Gu Panpan and the rest was giving respect to Shao Qing. Yan Hanqing understood clearly, therefore his heart was extremely grateful towards Shao Qing.

“You shouldn’t hold these things and head back to your residence all by yourself. Let me help you.” Shao Qing taking a glance and realizing that there was quite a few supplies, decided if she was going to help she might as go all the way.

Yan Hanqing had wanted to reject Shao Qing, but ultimately realizing that a single person really wasn’t able to carry it all, his face had already turned red. Not waiting for his decision, Shao Qing had already boarded the car. “Come on silly, why are you standing there so foolishly?”

Yan Hanqing hurried into the car, allowing Shao Qing to deliver both the hard earned supplies and himself directly to the tent where his mom and he lived. The area that normal humans lived in and superhumans lived in were entirely different. As Shao Qing drove along, she did not suffer the least bit of any sort of obstruction, just envious stares.

By the time they arrived outside the tent, Yan Hanqing’s facial expression changed. Urgently jumping out of the car, he bypassed the tent and carried his mother out of a pile of trash.

The wound on his mother’s leg, owing to the fact that it was not treated in time, had already rotted until the bone was visible with quite a few flies hovering above. If Yan Hanqing had returned a few nights later, he might have even seen maggots crawling all over the body. Yet even though that wasn’t the case, he could still feel that this his mother was already on her last breath.  

His eyes immediately turning red, he kicked open the tent entrance. A voice promptly transmitted out. “Who is it? Do you not want to live?”

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