Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Revenge

Milestone Process

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But, Shao Qing didn’t make a move because Yan Hanqing had already taken the lead. Gently placing his mother onto the ground, his movements were so cautious it was as if his mother was still alive.

Afterwards he expressionlessly took large strides out the door. Immediately, the two men who had fallen onto the ground crawled up hurriedly. Especially Yan Hanqing’s friend who had already turned around and ran off quite a distance.

Shao Qing wasn’t preparing to help Yan Hanqing take revenge. But, she wasn’t planning on letting anybody escape. Using her vines, she quickly bound the ankles of the men and dragged him back to where they stood originally.

He wanted to try to escape again, but Yan Hanqing had already grabbed onto him and ruthlessly smashed his back.

Shao Qing could tell how painful that punch must’ve been. That person also let out a blood-curdling scream. Stumbling a bit, he fell onto the ground and subsequently was beaten to death by Yan Hanqing.

Yes, beaten to death while he was alive. His cervical vertebra and neck was at least broken into six to seven pieces. His entire body limp on the ground, he ultimately had a single breath left in him. Once this breath came out, he would be a dead person.

Han Yanqing’s moves were quite restrained. Just exactly leaving the man at the edge of death. Afterwards he threw him to the side to allow that man to experience the torture of having a serious injury. That man couldn’t even budge a bit, he was only obliged to wait for death on the side and become aware of that ‘feeling’.

Subsequently he turned his head towards the main instigator of this incident. This youth was frightened, especially seeing Yan Hanqing’s seemingly tranquil state but in fact his eyes was red and had a ruthless feeling to it.

“Don’t mess around! My cousin is a super human! Don’t think that since you’ve found that lady you’ve found a backer and can act without restraint!” The youth tried to put up a front while he inwardly cowered.

“That statement should be what I should say to you!” Yan Hanqing gritted his teeth, already throwing himself over to fight with the youth. The youth compared to the previous man was beaten even more vigorously, turning into pulp. At least the previous man was able to put up a bit of a fight when going against Yan Hanqing.

Gradually the two mens’ arms, face, all over their body started to be covered with injuries, especially the youth who had a bloody nose and swollen face. Even his mother would not be able to recognize him.

His strength in comparison to Yan Hanqing who had a military background was incomparable. The gap was too large. Giving out a miserable shriek, Yan Hanqing had taken advantage of this gap and had broken his leg.

The prominent bone of his leg had ripped open his pants with huge amounts of viscous blood oozing out. Yan Hanqing seized that opportunity to grab his hair, that exotic coloured hair of his, and continuously smashed his head to the ground.

The floor was made of limestone, so after the first smash against the floor, the youth already had blood from his head flying everywhere. Yet, Yan Hanqing did not stop. Holding the youth’s hair, he smashed his head four, five times. Everytime it would cause more and more blood to splash everywhere.

Finally at the last time he lifted his head up again, the youth had already lost consciousness. His lips constantly repeating: “My cousin is a superhuman…. My cousin is a superhuman…”

Shao Qing stared at him. His pair of legs appeared to be distorted in a twisted position dangling. It was evident that it was already completely broken by Yan Hanqing. His face was covered with blood and every single tooth in his mouth was kissing the earth, completely fallen out of his mouth.

Looking at him gave off a rather pitiful appearance, however Yan Hanqing had no plans of letting him off yet. Lifting up the youth by the nape, with a snap of the fingers he broke the youth’s spine. Merely hearing the sound of snapping, the youth had lost all signs of life.

Yan Hanqing then casually threw the youth’s corpse to the side, then kneeled down powerlessly on the ground. His hand covering his face without issuing any sound at all.

Shao Qing could empathize with him. Patting his shoulder, she released the man-eating flower she had subdued the previous time. The man-eating flower’s massive flower head unceasingly swayed from side to side, then under Shao Qing’s command took the youth’s corpse and swallowed him whole. Soon after, it also swallowed the other man as well.

This method of handling is called destroying the corpse to remove the evidence. Choosing to have the man-eating flower to get rid of the corpse is definitely a good decision.

The massive flower head of the man-eating flower just squirmed for a while to swallow the two men. Closing its flower head, it started to digest. After a period of time, it spat out the undissolvable bones.

After completing the task, Shao Qing quietly stood by Yan Hanqing’s side waiting for him to recover. Although Shao Qing had never had a family, she could somehow relate to the feeling of suddenly losing a mother.

Most of all Yan Hanqing and his mother have been dependent on each other for so many years. These kind of feelings are probably even more profound than the average mother and child.

After a long time, Yan Hanqing finally lifted up his expressionless face and turned to face Shao Qing. “Am I useless?”

“I can’t protect anything. In the end even my mother ended up with such miserable circumstances. Her whole life, she had never experienced even a day of happiness.” Yan Hanqing sneered. “I’m useless, literally garbage. I can’t do anything right! I can only passively receive things from others….”

If it was any other person, they might’ve been considerate and consoled him saying things like you aren’t useless or other things like you are so strong. But, Shao Qing didn’t.

Looking down on the depressed Yan Hanqing, she spoke in a gloomy tone: “The apocalypse is like this. If you are weak, then you can only passively accept a prostitute like life. So, why are you at this place repenting on your errors and not striving towards becoming a strong person?”

“You might think that currently you aren’t able to protect anything, but in comparison to a lot of people who can’t even protect themselves, you are a lot better.” Shao Qing’s icy tone of voice made it so people would be unable to neglect her concerns: At this moment, you need to crawl back up and pull yourself together. Sooner or later you will be able to throw away the life of a dog and reverse your fate.”

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