Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Please conceal your revealed aggression

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After a long time, Yan Hanqing started to laugh. He wiped his face a bit. Originally splattered with countless of blood droplets, after his rubbing, all of it was directly wiped off.


Shao Qing didn’t say anything else. Just lifting her chin, she indicated to Yan Hanqing that his mother was still within the tent. Yan Hanqing carried his mother out, then suddenly kneeled down and gave Shao Qing three knocks to the ground with his head.

Shao Qing stared blankly for a second. “What are you doing?”

“In my mother’s lifetime, she had not experienced happiness. Yet, she simply had only one wish, which is to be buried together with my father.” While Yan Hanqing continued to speak, his cheeks began to turn red. “I know that at this time, that going from this place to H City is a rather difficult and challenging journey, but I… I…..”

“You want me to come with you to send your mother off?” Shao Qing stared at Yan Hanqing’s face that showed his difficulty.

Yan Hanqing nodded his head, feeling embarrassed. “I know with me asking right now it is forcing you to do something, but… please!”

Shao Qing hesitated for a minute. Yan Hanqing seeing Shao Qing’s hesitation bit down on his teeth. “Shao Qing has already helped me with so much, normally I shouldn’t be raising up such irrational requests but I know my abilities well. Only if Miss Shao… Miss Shao, no matter if you agree or not, from now on my life is yours!”

Shao Qing looked at Yan Hanqing’s unwavering face for a long time. “Ok, I’ll go with you.”

This wasn’t because she suddenly developed a benevolent heart. Instead it was because this is the apocalypse. She needed a few companions. Although Yan Hanqing did not have any superhuman abilities, he’s honest and persistent and in addition to his military background, it is rather suitable to have this kind of companion. Moreover Yan Hanqing was currently now solitary, so even if he accidently by chance discovered her secret, silencing him would be rather simple.

“With this matter, it is better sooner than late. Let’s assemble at my house this afternoon then head out.” Shao Qing turned her body preparing to leave, then heard Yan Hanqing once again issuing a thanks.

From the start, she indeed possessed a rather favourable opinion of Yan Hanqing. Yet that favourable impression originated from Yan Hanqing having a standard military temperament and taciturn upright personality.

But now, Shao Qing had an even better impression of him. This was from him attaching such importance to his relationships, thus she had decided to show Yan Hanqing some trust.

Returning back to her residence, finding a location to place the food and after giving Xiao Baozi some crystals to absorb, Shao Qing got in contact with the Gu Panpan siblings.

Although Gu Panpan was a chatterbox, Shao Qing subconsciously felt that the character of the siblings weren’t bad, especially Gu Chuan who seemed rather reliable.

This time Yan Hanqing and her will be heading to H City. The distance will be rather far. If it was only her, it would be rather simple to protect herself, but if she had to protect Yan Hanqing as well, if there were any circumstances where they meet any variation zombies, that would be rather troublesome.

Therefore Shao Qing would prepare to contact Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan.

Explaining the situation in simple terms, Shao Qing expressed that this trip might have quite a few dangers. She would even take out some supplies in compensation, but even if Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan decided not to do, Shao Qing would think that it was completely normal.

But she didn’t expect that after Gu Panpan did a brief exchange of glances with Gu Chuan, they would both decisively agree. “Are we leaving this afternoon Qing Jiejie?”

“Mmm, if we wait any longer, I’m scared the corpse will start to rot. Thus it would be better to set off earlier and allow Yan Hanqing’s mother to be buried a bit earlier.”

“I’ve spoken with my brother and there should be no problem. We didn’t have anything to do anyways, idle to death.” Gu Panpan laughed.

Shao Qing won’t forget this favour. After all they haven’t known each other for long, they had only gone on one assignment together and already the Gu Panpan sibling duo were already giving her face. Braving these dangers to accompany her on this trip, it already demonstrated the spirit of loyalty.

“Then let’s talk about the remuneration.” Shao Qing calculated for a period, then spoke. “The place we are going this time is rather far and the food supplies that I have on my hand isn’t a lot. How about I give you ten kilograms of fresh vegetables in addition to 25 kilograms of food stuff, and ten boxes of antibiotic medicine?”

Gu Panpan originally wanted to reject this offer. Firstly, she was always rather fond of Shao Qing. Secondly, Shao Qing was a capable person, interacting with her would be advantageous for the siblings in the future. Yet, hearing Shao Qing mentioning giving them antibiotic medicine, Gu Panpan swallowed back down the speech of decline that was about to come out of her mouth.

Although super humans wouldn’t be infected by zombies, they would still get injured. If they got heavily injured they might even die, therefore medicine in the apocalypse wasn’t just a necessary item but in addition to the fact that production has stopped, it is a valuable existence.

“Qing Jiejie, I’m not going to say any pretentious words. In the future if there’s anything you need, just call us.” Gu Panpan patted her chest.

Shao Qing kept the siblings over for a meal with Shao Qing personally cooking a meal. Even though at present she had put an end to consuming normal food, her cooking skills from before weren’t bad.

Moreover, exchanging the fresh produces from the base, the meal made looked and tasted great causing Gu Panpan to praise her exaggeratedly.

When afternoon finally arrived, tidying up the things, the three people and Baozi went to look for Yan Hanqing. Once everyone has assembled they would prepare to depart.

Because they were heading to a place quite distant, unlike last time which was rather close to the base, Gu Panpan the sibling duo brought comparatively more than the previous time. Starting their cross country car, they brought Shao Qing and headed towards Yan Hanqing’s place.

However, when they arrived at Yan Hanqing’s place, Shao Qing saw a familiar person. This familiar person was none other than the person who tried to secretly drug her, Li Jing.

Li Jing was still wearing a pair of eyeglasses and had a very refined, educated appearance. Yet, the things he did were not refined at all. The corner of his mouth had a bit of blood, appearing rather angry he threw a fireball out, with the target being Yan Hanqing.

Something must have happened to lead him to come find Yan Hanqing. Looking down on Yan Hanqing’s fighting ability, he must have gotten injured and must be flying into a rage due to humiliation.

Shao Qing burst out the door, speedily jumping down, green vines had already advanced a step before wrapping up Yan Hanqing and protecting him from the fireball.

Seeing that Li Jing was prepared to take Yan Hanqing’s life, Shao Qing’s eyes slightly narrowed. Her eyes starting to become a bit gloomy which speaking frankly was due to the fact that Yan Hanqing was already her companion in her eyes. If he was killed by Li Jing, then wouldn’t it be strange if she didn’t get angry.

“What do you want?”

“Oh, it’s you Miss Shao.” Once seeing Shao Qing, Li Jing’s expression changed immediately. Using a rather fervent tone he spoke. “Miss Shao you shouldn’t have gotten involved. This man beat my cousin to death. Me taking revenge is a matter of course.”

“Then I feel embarrassed but I watched your cousin get beaten to death. In fact, I allowed him to make a move on your cousin.” Shao Qing stood in front of Yan Hanqing shielding him and spoke in an indifferent manner. “Going against an ordinary person, don’t you feel any shame? If you’re unconvinced, how about we have a little bout?”

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