Chapter 28

 Chapter 28 Zombie Wave

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“Let’s rest.” Gu Panpan took a glance at her watch, then looked around and saw a single story house not too far away. After the apocalypse, every time when night arrived, the zombies would be a lot livelier than during the daytime. Therefore any person with a little bit of intelligence would choose to find a safe place to rest when night was approaching.

Naturally there was another point and that is superhumans were humans as well and needed rest. In that aspect, Shao Qing felt that she was rather superior compared to others. Comparing her body to the average superhuman, she was a lot more resilient. Moreover, if it wasn’t a long battle, she practically wouldn’t even feel tired.

In any case, to this day Shao Qing still hasn’t discovered her limit yet.

Under the circumstances of not replenishing her energies, a three hour nap would be sufficient for Shao Qing to stay awake and energized for an entire day.

Tidying up a few wandering zombies, the few of them stayed at the house. The villages in this area were almost all connected together, one village after another. After the break out of the apocalypse, some strong sturdy youths and some superhumans had brought a bunch of living people and departed from here.

Some had established their own small scale survivor bases, some joined other survivor bases, and the rest of the majority, the sick and the elderly, waited to die.

Inside the securely closed door, depending on the provisions and the vegetables found inside the home, it was possible to get by.

When Gu Panpan climbed over the wall to enter, she smelled something rotten. Pushing open the big door, she saw a corpse that had rotted to a high degree hanging from the beam of the roof.

Looking at the clothes and figure, it should be a senior.

Gu Panpan was a little silent, then called out to Gu Chuan to get the senior down together. Afterwards, the four of them dug a hole in the courtyard and buried the old man.

It was probably due to the fact that he was fairly old and his ability to walk wasn’t that good that he was abandoned. Or perhaps he volunteered to stay behind. Thus after the food had all been consumed, he decided to choose to end his life.

The atmosphere between the four was quite gloomy. None of them knew what to say and simply ate their provisions then prepared to sleep and rest.

The rotten smell within the house still hasn’t dispersed; thus a few of them decided to sleep in their sleeping bags in the courtyard. Sleeping until roughly midnight, a massive rumbling sound seemed to be coming from outside.

The several of them being the sort to be vigilant, in a flash became wide awake. Using their fastest speed, they put on their outer clothing. Yan Hanqing then quietly climbed up the wall to look outside.

Right when he looked over, he froze. There was a cross country car in front of a densely packed group of zombies in which the end could not be seen currently running away desperately.

Without delay, Yan Hanqing climbed back down from the wall then allowed Shao Qing to maintain the peace. Just from looking at the scene, it was obvious that someone had triggered a zombie wave.

Who would be dumb enough to trigger such a large zombie wave in the middle of the night? Did they not want to live? Not mentioning that Shao Qing believed that her strength wasn’t that bad, but even an elephant could be bitten to death by an ant. Let alone that the difference between her and a zombie was just like a wolf and a dog.

“Don’t make a sound” Shao Qing placed Xiao Baozi into Gu Panpan’s embrace. “I’m going to take a look”

They had wanted to stop Shao Qing from doing that, but she had already climbed over the wall. Knowing that Shao Qing wasn’t foolish and that if she wasn’t sure she wouldn’t charge into the pile of zombies, they slowly calmed down.

After going out, Shao Qing could see the flock of wandering zombies. The car probably did not have much gas left, thus it was blocked off and surrounded by the flock of zombies not far away.

The glass and everything else had all broken to pieces on the ground.

Those zombies simply did not notice Shao Qing, the ones that should be wandering continued to wander. The zombies also all had a particularly sensitive sense of hearing and smell especially to blood, which would automatically attract them over.

Blending into the mix of zombies, she continued heading towards the cross country car. Surrounding the car were all zombies, attempting to enter it would not be easy. Shao Qing also continued to dodge around them, not wanting to touch any of those bodies of rotting flesh and blood.

With great difficulty, Shao Qing finally squeezed into the middle and saw the scene of the cross country car. The car door had been violently wrenched open and deformed, hanging inside and would probably fall off with a touch. The people that were inside had been dragged out. Only shreds of remaining meat and bones were all that was left scattered across the floor.

It was already too late to save them.

Just when Shao Qing was preparing to leave, she saw that hanging within the car was a ripped cloth bag that was torn open revealing quite a few pieces of superhuman crystals that had fallen out. Looking at the different sizes, even the smallest one was a rank 2 crystal.

This was a pleasant surprise. All those crystals would be sufficient to allow her to increase her strength by another rank and perhaps allow Xiao Baozi to increase a rank as well!

Shao Qing had a firm belief. The arise of superhumans was all due to the changes in the environment. Their bodies were constantly evolving. Who knew what the final results would be.

Furthermore, Shao Qing hasn’t even realized that even the zombies were in a state of evolution.

Xiao Baozi’s birth wasn’t like the average persons. He was born from Shao Qing’s belly when she was already dead. No matter if it was its body or its intellect, it was completely different from a typical child.

Xiao Baozi could also evolve. If Xiao Baozi continued to evolve, would he be able to become like a regular person?

But no matter what the result was, Shao Qing had to have Xiao Baozi increase in ranking. She extended her hands towards the several crystals. Just when her fingertips had just brushed the crystals, an acute sound of an object breaking could be heard from behind her.

From always being on guard all year round, it allowed Shao Qing to speedily react. Immediately scooping up the crystals, scuttling forward she slid underneath the cross country car.

Behind the cross country car, an ear-piercing jeer could be heard. Taking advantage of the moonlight, Shao Qing took a glance. An extremely well built figure appeared on the other side of the car. His arms bulging out had already stabbed through the car.Even more crucial was that this person from head to toe was rotten, tattered, and decomposing. His skin and flesh was in a semi-state of rotting, he was absolutely not a human!

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