Chapter 32

Chapter 32 The New Base

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“He’s one of us.” Shao Qing touched Er Dai’s head. Originally savagely staring at Yan Hanqing, after being touched by Shao Qing, the zombie’s expression within his eyes immediately softened.

It seemed as if it was a bit dejected.

Giving Er Dai a glance, Yan Hanqing pushed down the distrust within his heart. His intuition is usually pretty accurate and has saved his life countless of times. From just a moment ago, his intuition clearly told him that this pale complexioned youth who was dressed in women clothing was extremely dangerous.

Yan Hanqing trusted his intuition. But he couldn’t resist taking a glimpse of the cloak covered youngster, who was so thin he resembled a girl.

After returning, the sky had not turned light yet. Thus the group of them rested for a little while then began heating up some provisions. Once they started to heat up the provisions, Shao Qing’s heart suddenly jumped out in fright. Oh no! She had forgotten that Er Dai is a zombie and didn’t need food. A zombie’s digestive system was completely different from a human’s. A human eating raw meat would probably vomit, feeling sick and nauseous and a zombie eating hot food would also probably vomit and feel sick and nauseous.

If Er Dai didn’t eat, people would probably discover that something was wrong. However, if Er Dai did eat, would he be able to overcome nature? While Shao Qing was in this dilemma, the rations had already been heated up and Gu Panpan had already enthusiastically passed some over to Er Dai, wanting to put in extra effort to take care of Shao Qing’s cousin.

After Er Dai obediently nibbled on the rations, Shao Qing’s motherly instinct immediately flared up feeling her heart ache. How could Er Dai be so well behaved!

Er Dai quickly finished eating the rations. Subsequently when Gu Panpan tried to give him more, he simply kept waving his hands to say no.

Gu Panpan couldn’t hold back from speaking. “Why are you eating so little? Compared to a girl, you’re eating even less. You should eat more to take better care of your body.”

Er Dai stared at her blankly, his muscles rigid caused his fair face to have no expression whatsoever, he looked completely stupefied. Yet, this is an appearance based world. With Er Dai’s facial features being attractive, therefore even looking at his stupefied expression was rather adorkable.

Shao Qing unwilling to allow Er Dai endure any more of this torture, quickly pulled on Gu Panpan. “His stomach isn’t feeling well, if he eats too much he’ll puke, that’s why he’s so skinny.”

“That’s so sad…” Gu Panpan looked at Er Dai in a tender and affectionate manner causing Er Dai to shrink back a bit.

Having been living with a group of zombies until now, it was his first time to be in contact with living people besides Shao Qing. Therefore although it has been only a few minutes, it had already given birth to his urge to leave this area.

Passionate humans are so dreadful, wah.

If it weren’t for Shao Qing being here, Er Dai would have probably squeezed back into the flock of zombies. After eating breakfast, the group of people packed up and got ready to leave. Borrowing the leisure time they had before they headed out, Shao Qing dragged Er Dai to the back of the house and the two of them began puking for what felt like half a day.

Whatever that they ate was whatever that they puked out.

This could be considered to be one of the tragedies of being a zombie. There was completely no way to digest regular food. Unlike Xiao Baozi who could still absorb a bit of food that didn’t have any chemicals or additives within them.

Actually when they ate those food, they had schemingly chewed on it but in fact was unable to perceive any tastes at all. This is definitely worthy of being called a tragedy.

After leaving the house, they discovered that a majority of the flock of zombies have already dispersed, with only a few remaining near the cross country car wandering around.

But, those wandering zombies wouldn’t pose a problem to them. Since Er Dai’s arrival, Shao Qing had Er Dai carrying Xiao Baozi and wait within the car whereas they would be outside tidying up a few things.

After a simple clean up of some of the wandering zombies, Shao Qing and the rest once again hurried back on their journey. Because they were only able to travel during the day, they needed to hurry along at top speed towards their destination.

After the eruption of the apocalypse, the total population of the world had lowered significantly by two-thirds and this doesn’t even include the people who died from being eaten by zombies when they were trying to escape.

In fact, even in the present, every day there would be a large amount of deaths. Some would die from hunger, some would die because of zombies, and some would even die from the hands of other humans.

Especially in China where the population was rather concentrated, the mortality rate in comparison to the vast but sparsely populated Australia was higher by who knows by how much.

Therefore arriving at a remote location, there were practically no one, and the ones you would see were just wandering zombies.

Shao Qing sat in the front passenger seat, carefully observing the surroundings. Since the apocalypse, a lot of vegetation has transformed. Some had evolved to have attacking capabilities, some even developed benefits that are advantageous to human. For example, the breadfruit tree produced fruits that resemble the shell of a coconut.

Furthermore, the originally pharmaceutical vegetations resulted in them becoming even more effective such as being able to stop blood quicker. In other words, it had benefited many others.

Every time Shao Qing inspected a useful vegetation, she would get out of the car to harvest it. She also wanted to subdue her second plant summoning for her employment.

After all, the usefulness of these plant summonings were just incredible. Take a look at her mean eating flower for example. Its attack power was particularly strong, thus it was able to increase her strength by quite a bit.

Shao Qing was currently a rank 2, so she is able to subdue two plant summonings. In regards to her second plant summoning selection, she had an inclination towards one with medical properties or one that amplified growth. Although these types of plant summonings couldn’t really result in much against zombies, but it would be able to increase her importance as a member of the group.

The average zombie wouldn’t attack Shao Qing. That gave Shao Qing a heavy advantage, and also enabled her to not place zombies as her primary enemy.

Real soon, Shao Qing and the rest will have arrived at another town. This place was a country town and was originally classified as an especially prosperous town with a population that was even bigger than a small city. Merely, after the apocalypse, people died and the survivors fled for their lives, causing it to become desolate.

Reportedly it was said that some survivors in the vicinity had constructed a small scale survivor base. Shao Qing and the rest were exactly heading towards this base.

“Just right ahead not that far away, we could tend to our things. Afterwards we could even exchange some items for things we need. It would largely benefit us for the rest of the journey. Let’s go.” Gu Panpan excitedly spoke.

Many of the superhumans or ordinary citizens who travelled quite a distance from their own survivor base would choose to go to another survivor base to make some transactions for things that they might need and also rest at the lodgings provided by the survivor base for a while.

Those survivor base could also try to solicit them in staying, those were also one type of unwritten rules.

Shao Qing and the rest were planning on going to the survivor base to reorganize and then continue on their journey. After all, once arriving at the survivor base, they would be able to rest without worrying about the outside matters for a while.

In a while, Shao Qing and the rest were able to see the small scale survivor base. A not so tall wall using greenish blue bricks could be seen, giving Shao Qing and the rest the impression that it wasn’t just small but it appeared to be rather run down as well.

At the door there was a gatekeeper receiving the people who would like to enter. At a critical moment where zombies might have besieged the city, they would count on them to set off an alarm.

“That’s great, there will finally be hot water to bathe and hot filling meals to eat.” Gu Panpan was ecstatic but Shao Qing in contrast was calm and collected, lifting up her chin. “Let’s go over.”

Borrowing lodging was rather easy to deal with. Shao Qing and the rest all pulled out their symbol obtained from their survivor base, then was able to quickly obtain the right to enter the survivor base.

Once they entered the base, Gu Panpan’s expression became rather unsightly. “I don’t like this place.”

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