Chapter 33

Chapter 33 A woman’s sorrow

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The reason why Gu Panpan said she didn’t like it was rather simple, Shao Qing also didn’t like it. Upon entering the base, they were able to see that at the side of the road stood a lot of women. There were some young girls, so much that a few didn’t even look like they were adults; some aging but still attractive women, mature sophisticated women, and even a few who were a little bit older. They all had one common ground. They all wore shabby clothing but their faces were washed cleanly.

The superhumans coming from outside when passing by would drag off one of the girls. At Shao Qing and the rest’s base, there were also these sort of women who sold their bodies. However, it was comparatively fewer in number because their internal operations of their base would provide everyone with food although it wasn’t much but adding onto food in exchange for work, they would be able to manage three meals a day no problem.

Therefore there were very few girls who would be willing to sell their bodies.

This place was different. How big was this base? The women standing by the road, could be estimated to be about seventy percent of the women in the entire base.

“Don’t look.” Gu Chuan’s eyes showed his loathing. “I’ve seen these kind of bases’ before. These bases don’t provide regular citizens any food, they require them to do burdensome work in exchange. The majority of the women aren’t capable of handling this sort of workload, and the men in the household after exchanging work for food is only able to provide food enough for only one adult. Therefore most of these women had no choice and would have to sell their bodies to investigation teams or superhumans to be able to get food. There are women who aren’t willing, yet a lot of the women when they arrive at the base, they… just have no other choice.”

Even Gu Chuan who barely reacted to anything was angry. But the things he just said made everyone feel disgusted, especially Gu Panpan and Shao Qing who were women themselves.

During the apocalypse, women were truly at a disadvantage. First of all, the majority of women had physical endurance that were inferior to the average man, besides otakus…

Secondly, every month women would have those several days. When that thing comes around, it’s really easy to attract zombies.

Thirdly, a majority of the women were soft hearted. In this immoral system of the apocalypse, soft hearted women would naturally succumb to nasty hearted men.

For example, it was common to see men gamble until they even sell their wife and children, but have you seen any women who would gamble off their husband or children?

In brief, after the apocalypse, women, seniors, and children were all part of a disadvantageous group, had a higher mortality rate, and also had to suffer the most.

Children could said to be still fortunate, since many bases were consciously aware that the children represented hope. They would be the future strength and should be protected well, thus women and seniors would suffer a more cruel experiences.

The more they thought about it, the more the group felt uncomfortable and simply did not want to stay any longer in this place.

Gu Panpan couldn’t help looking over and saw a young woman squatting down in a corner, her eyes expressionless exactly like a walking corpse.

Gu Panpan felt her eyes starting to turn sick, she couldn’t help but speak to Shao Qing. “I really think I’m lucky. I have superhuman abilities, the strength to protect myself, and I even have a brother who loves me.”

Shao Qing also couldn’t help but glance at the corner, but immediately shifted her eyes away. Otherwise she was scared she couldn’t help but get involved.

“Let’s go. Let’s hurry and rest for a while. Afterwards we could go to the market to take a look to see if we need anything.”

It wasn’t that Shao Qing was heartless. It was merely that in the apocalypse there were too many who seemed to be better dead than alive. Could it be that she would have to go rescue each and every single one of them?

She was just simply a rank two superhuman, protecting herself was difficult. How could she possibly help anyone else. Not everyone could be like the main character of a story, wiping their tears saying how pitiful they were and then countless of men would answer their call, on the one side complimenting them on how kind hearted and beautiful they were while on the other hand rescuing these pitiful people.

Shao Qing took a glance over at Xiao Baozi. She… only wanted to look out for themselves.

Along the way, numerous girls tried to pull on Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing. With great difficulty they finally arrived at the place where they were staying. The two men had sweat flowing down their foreheads.

Shao Qing stared at the keys, then found house number sixteen. There probably weren’t many foreigners coming to ask for lodging. House number sixteen was tightly closed, it appeared to have never been occupied.

Shao Qing opened the door. The first floor was the lounge and the kitchen while the second floor had four rooms. Two rooms side by side and facing the other two. Shao Qing immediately spoke. “You guys choose which one you want. My cousin and I will live in this one together. Since we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, I want to speak to him for a bit.”

Since Shao Qing had said that, the rest definitely wouldn’t say much else. Yan Hanqing chose the room near Shao Qing’s while the Gu Chuan and Gu Panpan chose the rooms across, a person to a room.

Upon entering the room, Er Dai immediately became like a koala and clung onto Shao Qing’s body with a face showing he felt wronged. Shao Qing calmly peeled Er Dai off, then placed Xiao Baozi into Er Dai’s arms. Then sitting down, she began to go over the things she had.

Last time, the superhuman stones she had picked up she had never seen before. Within the pile of crystals was one that was blue which ought to be a water based superhuman. There was also a yellow earth elemental, a red fire elemental, and surprisingly two green wood elementals. This was a rather pleasant surprise.

The best part of the surprise was that there was a purple coloured crystal.

Carefully observing that crystal, you could still see a tiny lightning sparking within. A lightning elemental was an extremely rare ability, it was really a wonder how a lightning elemental could appear here.

But, this could be indirectly pointing out that there are people who had already discovered the origin of superhuman powers, probably even the zombie crystals couldn’t be monopolized by Shao Qing solely.

If this happens then Shao Qing’s advantage would decrease a bit. Thinking for a bit, she picked up the fire elemental crystal and tossed it into Er Dai’s open mouth. Then picked up the earth elemental crystal and tossed it into Xiao Baozi’s mouth. Tidying up the remaining crystals, she went over to the other’s room.

Arriving at Gu Chuan’s room, Gu Panpan was also there. Once Gu Panpan saw Shao Qing, she suddenly blinked her eyes a few times. Then her face became dubious. “I’m just going to return now, I won’t bother you guys.”

“What is she thinking?” Shao Qing rolled her eyes, then pulled out a water elemental crystal. “I wanted to show you guys something.”

“What is that?” Gu Chuan looked at the broad deep blue of the crystal, his mind was like a small cat becoming restless within his heart.

“This is from a superhuman. I call it the power source.” Shao Qing calmly spoke. “I discovered that within every single superhuman, there are one of these. Hold it and meditate. Imagine that you were absorbing it.”

Gu Chuan hesitated for a moment then received the crystal within his hand. Following Shao Qing’s directions, after a while, he astonishly widened his eyes. “I’m going to break through!”

Gu Panpan immediately used her scorching eyes to stare at Shao Qing. Shao Qing pulled Gu Panpan. “Then Panpan and I will step out first, take your time in advancing.”

Once out the door, Gu Panpan pulled on Shao Qing’s hand. “Qing Jiejie, I want one too! You can’t be biased and only give one to brother and not me.”

“Only the same power source would be the most effective. Right now I don’t have any body strengthening power sources. Try taking these.” Taking a few zombie crystals, she passed it over to Gu Panpan. Gu Panpan delightedly went back to test it out.

Waiting until Gu Panpan had left, then did Shao Qing return back to her room. The reason why she told the two siblings was not because she was suddenly inspired to do something but it was in fact premeditated. First of all, she was convinced of the two’s moral character. Secondly, they were going to find out about it sooner or later, rather than having some other person letting them know how to advance ranks quicker, it would be more beneficial for her to break the news. Furthermore, the perks of having more advanced team members would be enormous.

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