Chapter 34

Chapter 34  He is a Siberian Tiger

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Shao Qing also absorbed some crystals, included among these was a piece of the wooden elemental power source. She could feel that she was very close to breaking through into rank three. However, it was like a partition, a membrane that was extremely tough and durable. No matter how you poke at it, it just won’t break.

Feeling slightly crushed, Shao Qing opened her eyes and saw a pair of faces, one big and one small, gathered in front of her eyes. The smaller one was blinking his eyes acting cute, while the bigger one was expressionless. Unable to resist, Shao Qing kissed Xiao Baozi. Er Dai immediately exploited the opportunity. Pushing his face closer to Shao Qing’s for a special purpose, Shao Qing had no choice but to give his cheek a kiss. Er Dai completely satisfied, then finally willingly rolled away off the bed.

Shao Qing pushed open the door. The Gu siblings were still within their rooms emitting the fluctuations of their powers. It appears that they still haven’t finished advancing ranks. Yan Hanqing was standing in front of the door, within his hand was a cigarette, a rather cheap and old type of cigarette called ‘Eight Happiness’, that had already stopped production.

He held it between his fingers, yet he didn’t smoke it. With his firm face with no expression at all, he was simply looking out the window with a gaze that seemed to be at a loss.

Shao Qing walked over to him, but he didn’t discover. Although it might have been because how Shao Qing doesn’t make any sounds during her footsteps, Shao Qing could tell that something wasn’t right with Yan Hanqing’s state of mind.

Taking the cigarette from Yan Hanqing’s hand, Shao Qing lit the cigarette and took a puff. Afterwards she crouched against the wall coughing. Yan Hanqing pursed his lips and took back the cigarette. “If you don’t know how to smoke a cigarette, don’t smoke it. You’ll feel unwell.”

“When I recently entered the special unit not long ago, the sergeant was a heavy smoker. At that time I was a new student, skinny and weak, every time after practice I would secretly hide and cry. The sergeant slipped me a cigarette and told me that if I chose this road then I would have to bite down on my teeth and continue on. If you were chosen then that would mean you are gifted, don’t look down on yourself.” Shao Qing continued to cough for a little while then extended her hand to take the cigarette in Yan Hanqing’s hand. Keeping silent, Yan Hanqing put it in his mouth, Shao Qing stared at him blankly. Then looked at Yan Hanqing with a smirk. “Does this count as an indirect kiss?”

Yan Hanqing was speechless. Within the smoke, his pair of eyes seemed to be extra hazy. Shao Qing kicked his leg, then lowered her voice. “ Why are you making yourself feel so inferior?”

“I was the squad’s trump card. During the competition between different military camps, I was able to help my camp win first place two times in a row. If they mentioned Yan Hanqing, they would all say that was SD’s siberian tiger. But now?” Yan Hanqing laughed at himself. “Local ruffians who I used to look down upon, now if they developed superpowers would all be stronger than me.”

The originally smiling expression on Shao Qing’s face began to cool down, then she suddenly stood up slamming her fist towards Yan Hanqing’s face. Yan Hanqing subconsciously lifted his hand up and blocked Shao Qing’s fist. However the strength from her fist, still transmitted over causing Yan Hanqing’s fist to become numb.

This wasn’t over yet, it was just the beginning. Shao Qing was expressionless as she approached Yan Hanqing and repeatedly attacked him. At the beginning, Yan Hanqing was simply responding and didn’t retaliate, although not knowing why Shao Qing was attacking him, but he continued to consistently dodge her attacks.

“SD’s siberian tiger? All I see is a sick kitten. Let me take a closer look and see if this tiger would still be able to bite humans Make a move!”

Yan Hanqing wanted to say something, but welcoming him was Shao Qing’s ruthless fists. He stared at Shao Qing’s serious ice-cold eyes, then abruptly remembered something. Originally hiding, it was his first time to meet Shao Qing’s fist face to face.

He was SD’s siberian tiger. She was BJ’s undefeatable eagle. Fate has always been fickle, letting two people retire due to injuries. Finally in this kind of environment, they would meet.

They were different from the average person in the military. Every time they made a move, it would be directed towards the opponent’s vitals or places where the opponent would lose their ability to fight back. This kind of habit was instilled into their bodies.

Just from looking at the two people’s combat, it really seemed as if they were really enemies. They fought from the corridor to the courtyard, finally exhausted, they both lied down on the ground gasping for breath.

Shao Qing tilted her head to look at Yan Hanqing who had the corner of his eyes slightly bruised and extended her finger. “Just now, you had nearly struck at my throat six times. Three times you almost threatened my pair of eyes. Once it was only a few centimeters off from my spine. Tell me, if I were to give you a dagger and allowed you to kill a rank 1 physique based superhuman, how certain are you in defeating him?”

“A hundred percent.” Yan Hanqing bit his teeth.

Shao Qing continued to speak. “If I were to place you and a rank 1 superhuman at the same time into a city filled with zombies and gave you the same amount of food, tell me. who would be able to survive longer.”

Yan Hanqing quietly answered. “Me.”

“If you and a rank 1 superhuman were to go out for an investigation, if it was only counting the average zombie, would you kill more zombies or him?”

Yan Hanqing was choked with emotions for a bit then replied. “Me.”

“Then why are you feeling so inferior? God has always been fair. He wouldn’t just give some people superpowers and then leave the other portion with nothing at all.” Shao Qing sat up and softly said. “Before I was discharged from the military, I also heard that SD had a siberian tiger. I also heard that this siberian tiger was arrogant, tenacious, and had endurance. It wasn’t weak, inferior and had no self confidence. Don’t throw away your battle companions’ face and don’t lose the siberian tiger’s reputation.”

She leaned her head to see a man resembling a great mountain. Silent with his eyes closed, the corner of his eyes was a bit moist. After sitting there for a long while, it converted into a single tiny, tiny teardrop.

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