Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Exchange Market

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When Gu Panpan woke up, she felt abundant with power causing her to nearly moan. Pushing open her door to enter the corridor, she discovered that her brother had already been sitting there waiting. On one side was Shao Qing with the corner of her mouth bruised and Yan Hanqing with a black eye. As well as Er Dai who was viciously staring down at Yan Hanqing and Xiao Baozi who was sleeping within Shao Qing’s bosom completely unaware.

Gu Panpan couldn’t help but ask: “Qing jiejie, you and Qing Ge…. what happened?”

“Nothing. We were just comparing some pointers.” Shao Qing sliced a piece of apple then using a toothpick to stab through it she passed the piece over to Gu Panpan. “Hungry? Do you need to eat something before we head out for a stroll?”

Gu Panpan bit into the apple, feeling a bit unclear. “Brother, are you hungry?”

Gu Chuan nodded his head. Gu Panpan then replied. “This is probably because we just advanced through. Since I consumed so much of the body’s power, I also feel a bit hungry…”

“I’ll go make dinner.” Shao Qing stood up and headed towards the kitchen, with Yan Hanqing immediately following. “I’ll come help.”

Maybe it was because of their talent. Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing’s cooking skills were not bad, with both their teamwork, they quickly finished making dinner.

After eating their fill, the group headed out for a stroll to see if they could exchange for something they would need.

Owing it to the apocalypse, the Chinese Yuan currency has already changed to have an existence equivalent to scrap paper. The majority of transactions now are barter items. Perhaps after life starts to gradually become steady again, for the sake of the businesses between bases, and for the sake of stabilizing people’s lives, the people who wields power in the upper hierarchies would release a similar form of currency.

Shao Qing predicted that this currency would possibly be zombie crystals. After all, super humans required crystals to advance in rank. If they were able to work out themselves to attempt to increase their rank, even eight lives would not be enough. Moreover, the structure of a crystal is rather tiny and extremely easy to carry, thus it would suit being used as a currency.

At present, there certainly are some people who have discovered the zombie crystals. But the people who did discover it are not a lot. In fact, the majority are probably thinking I discovered it, but I can’t tell anyone else. Even if I do tell others, I should wait until I am able to increase my own strengths to a level where people could only see but be unable to attain the same achievements.

Waiting until everyone has discovered the existence of the zombie crystals, the strength of super human users would have a sharp increase. Now the majority of the superhuman users were still rank one, the amount of rank two users were pitiful and rank three users were barely heard of. Using this kind of strength against a small number of zombies could probably still lead to victory, to explore a major city will be comparatively strenuous.

Letting her imaginations run wild, Shao Qing and the rest finally reached the exchange market of the base. Although it was called an exchange market, it was actually a strip of avenue with either sides filled with street stalls with goods.

Every kind of street stall you could think of was there. There were gold, jewelry, brand watches, precious stone, and other luxurious goods. There were also all kinds of clothes, daggers, axes, machetes, and other weaponry, including some guns.

Most of the guns were pistols, and within the mix, judging by the model number, it seems to be from a police station.

There was even a stall owner who was selling a little girl. This little girl was about twelve or thirteen years of age wearing a worn flowery skirt with a rather dull gaze, but her appearance was absolutely fresh and pure. Most of all, her enormous almond eyes with her long eyelashes paired with her powdered delicate skin, guaranteed that when she grows up she definitely will become a beauty.

When Shao Qing and the rest were passing by, the stall owner passionately tried to market the little girl. “This girl is still a virgin. You only need fifty jin of rice and you would be able to take her away. You are free to beat her or curse her, she’s absolutely clever and obedient.”
[Jin = Chinese measurement; weight equal to 0.5 kg]

Gu Panpan immediately wrinkled her eyebrows. She was itching to beat up that stall owner, but she still remembered that this was someone else’s base; thus, with great difficulty she resisted that idea. But she couldn’t resist mocking him. “Only someone who would let a dog eat their conscience would do these sort of things right?”

“This is my daughter. The only reason she was able to grow up this big was because of everything I gave her. Now, isn’t it time for her to pay me back!?” The stall owner spoke as if it was a matter of course.

Gu Panpan was angered until she was about to burst, unable to bear this any longer she glanced over at Shao Qing for help. Shao Qing also had her brows wrinkled up. Fifty Jin of rice didn’t really mean anything to her, however, the crucial point is what would happen to the girl after she bought her?

They almost immediately will have to depart from this base and the journey will definitely be treacherous. While this girl seemed like she had some problems with her IQ, not to mention that she was only around twelve/ thirteen, bringing her along would be just another baggage.

Now that Shao Qing had a team, she had to think for the team’s sake.

If she bought the girl and released her, at this sort of base, the girl would ultimately end up just like the team of girls they saw right when they entered the base.

She would be even more wretched. After all, she seemed like she had no ability to defend herself at all.

Gu Panpan also understood this matter, thus she hesitated. Feeling miserable, she stared at Shao Qing and then stared at Gu Chuan.

She looked like she just turned twelve/ thirteen and was young and sensitive. If she allowed this young girl in front of her to be sold and destroyed, her mind would definitely leave behind a shadow.

Shao Qing also didn’t know what to do. While they were in the midst of hesitating, a middle aged man looking like he was from the Mediterranean walked over. His gaze was coarse and vulgar. When he swept his eyes over Shao Qing and Gu Panpan, it seemed as if he was looking through their clothes and was able to see their private areas.

At that time Shao Qing wanted to claw his eyeballs out and stomp on them.

Speaking to the stall owner, but looking towards Shao Qing, he asked. “How much is the girl?”

The stall owner promptly replied. “Fifty jin of rice!”

The man clicked his tongue and sighed. “That’s a bit expensive. Looking at this girl, she seems rather frail and weak. Maybe after playing around one or two rounds she would break. Not worth it. Not worth it at all.”

The stall owner at once extended his finger. “We’re all honest, sincere people. Thirty Jins, I can’t go any lower!”

The man was roughly thinking about haggling down a bit further, when he heard Shao Qing quietly speak. “Thirty jins, I’ll take her.”

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