Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Food Hunter

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Shao Qing’s expression changed. In a flash, it became pale with no signs of blood at all. She didn’t desire for her child to be a man eating monster. At that moment she wanted to cry. Her long awaited child had finally arrived, yet his arrival was completely different from what she was expecting. Without any family support, she had personally scooped out her own child at the hospital.

But even if her baby was completely unlike the others, Shao Qing really desired for her baby to be happy growing up and not turn into a monster.

While Shao Qing’s train of thought was swirling around in the air, Xiao Baozi had already fixed his eyes onto the corpse’s head . Unable to completely convey what he himself wanted, he merely persistently pointed at the corpse’s head. “Inside… smells so good…”

Shao Qing was unsure of what to do, but no matter what, she was a fast unwavering individual, thus quickly cooled her head. Those worthless lives must be the heavens pitying her, allowing her to crawl out from the depths of hell to take revenge. Now the only person she cared for in the world is her baby. Why should she even care that her baby has turned into a man eating monster?

Could they even still be normal people?

Shao Qing looked at her slender black fingernail , her eyes getting colder and colder. With a overcast yet soft voice she spoke. “Darling, what do you want to eat?”

Xiao Baozi was somewhat anxious, constantly gesturing towards the head. “Inside…. inside…”

Shao Qing looked at the location where Xiao Baozi pointed towards. Extending her slender fingernail, she softly inserted her finger underneath the corpse’s skull until she came across a solid object. With a flash of emotion upon this discovery, she scooped out the object.

Her finger drenched in blood was now holding a red crystal. Looking at it, it appeared to be only the size of her fingernail, but it was excessively glossy, very beautiful.

Xiao Baozi’s eyes brightened up. “Mama, eat… want to eat!”

Confirming that the thing her son wanted to eat wasn’t human meat but instead this crystal, Shao Qing was able to let out a breath of fresh air. Even though she was fine to resolutely allow her son to hunt people for food, there was definitely a knot in her heart. Yet now to discover that what her son wanted to eat wasn’t what she originally thought, her heart relaxed a bit.

Scared that the brain’s on the crystal might upset her son’s stomach, she quickly used clean water to wash it. Only after, did she pass it over to Xiao Baozi.

After passing the crystal to Xiao Baozi’s hand, Shao Qing then approached the other corpse in the search for other crystals. That was when she discovered, not everyone had a crystal in their brains and the crystals were not all of the same colour.

She reckoned that only the superhumans would have a crystal within their brain. If their supernatural ability was stronger then the crystal would be larger. On the other hand, if their supernatural ability was weaker then the crystal would be smaller. Different supernatural abilities would lead to different coloured crystals. For example, the owner of the red crystal was the fireball user.

After eating two lumps of crystals, Xiao Baozi was full. Acting like a spoiled child, he rested on Shao Qing’s bosom, while Shao Qing prepared to put the remaining crystals within her space dimension as Xiao Baozi’s future provisions.

Yet Xiao Baozi urged Shao QIng. “Mama needs to eat too!”

Shao Qing stared blankly, could she also eat these crystals? In fact when Xiao Baozi was eating these crystals, holding one of the crystals within her hands she had felt a sort of absorption. She was originally not planning on making use of any of Xiao Baozi’s provisions, but she had a slight premonition that if she did absorb the crystal, it would be able to upgrade her strength. The advantage of increasing her strength would allow her to have the capability to hunt even more superhumans for Xiao Baozi.

Holding the cyan crystal within her palm, she closed her eyes to perceive it. Within the crystal was a faint cyan light pulsing. Very quickly, it flowed into her palm and entered her body.

Shao Qing did not discover that the dark red within her eyes had slowly receded, she only felt that her violence within her heart had lightened. Rapidly, the crystal became a pile of ashes. With a puff from the wind, the ashes then dispersed into the air.

Shao Qing clenched her fist, as expected, she felt her body become more vigorous.

Acting as if the corpses on the ground did not exist, Shao Qing carried Xiao Baozi down to the ground floor. The SUV that the superhumans drove was still on the ground floor, supplying Shao Qing and Xiao Baozi a means for transportation.

After all, relying on walking to leave the city and traverse to other locations, one would be tired to death. Shao Qing hopped into the SUV. Looking at the fuel gauge, she noticed that the fuel has already been used up quite a bit. At the back seat, there were several empty barrels arranged. It was most likely that these people were preparing to go to a gas station on their return trip to get some fuel.

With regards to most people, travelling through a zombie filled city would be a narrow escape; but to Shao Qing, it is simply too easy. Directly taking Xiao Baozi to the gas station, she filled the car up to the brim with fuel. She even filled up the several empty buckets to the brim, then prepared to leave.

But just when she was about to get in the car, she heard a tearing sound from around the corner. Lifting up her head to take a look, it turns out it was some zombies who has formed a regiment.

She has never seen internal strife between zombies, could it be that zombies also have to prey on other zombies?

Sensing that something was wrong, Shao Qing didn’t get in the car. Rather, she stood on the side observing the scene in front of her. After watching for a while, it seemed that the regiment was one of the zombies among the group unceasingly killing the other zombies.

On the ground, a few skulls that were ripped from the zombies could be seen. Finally, even the last few remaining zombies were also killed by that zombie. Immediately, that zombie began to dig within the skulls of the zombies he just killed.

Could it be that zombies also contain crystals within their skulls?

Shao Qing’s interest was piqued. She carefully approached, attempting to get closer. But the strange zombie in a blink, whipped his head around, and using his blackish green eyes glared at Shao Qing, keeping himself alert.

This zombie was evidently smarter and more calculating than the other zombies. Otherwise how could he have discovered the objects within their brains and taken the initiative to kill the other zombies.

Seeing that Shao Qing did not approach, he still did not relaxen. Rather, he sped up his search within the zombies’ brains. After finding a few gray coloured crystals, he slowly retreated while continuously staring at Shao Qing.

How could Shao Qing just let him leave like that? Just earlier, when that zombie and the others were fighting, she had already made an assessment of the strength of both sides. She immediately made her move on the account that she thought that high quality zombies should have crystals that are quite large. Thus, the crystals from these zombies are definitely enough to feed her son an entire meal. How could she just give up on this easy prey?

This is why Shao Qing quickly made her move. Taking advantage of when that zombie was preparing to turn around and leave, she surged forward. However, this zombie was more nimble and agile than the other zombies. Right when he heard the sounds, without even looking at Shao Qing he started to run away, trying to find a location to eat the crystal.

Shao Qing didn’t expect him to immediately run away, distracted slightly, she turned to look at the baby in the car, then gave up on giving chase.

With regret she returned back to the car, then departed with her baby. After about fifteen or so minutes, Shao Qing felt a presence secretly observing her. With one glance to the rear view mirror, she discovered that the strange zombie was surprisingly following the car from behind!

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