PMMB Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Destination

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Although this event shook them to the core, fortunately everyone was able to make it through. In fact their strength has gone one step further, in particular Yan Hanqing who had the most severe injuries had the most harvest.

He became a superhuman and even got the strong lightning element.

Originally Yan Hanqing didn’t say anything, but inwardly, there was always a sense of inferiority. After all, he was the only one who had no superhuman ability. He said that he would repay Shao Qing, but he just wasn’t capable of doing anything. From now on, he was truly capable of keeping his promise.

After his identity was revealed, Er Dai became a lot more active. He leaped through the woods and after luring in a lot of zombies with a bloody fabric, he nimbly jumped into the car while Yan Hanqing quickly released his thunderbolts. This would cause a large amount of the zombies to seize, twitching for a long time before laying still.

Approaching closer to investigate, Shao Qing found that the zombies were still alive. Waiting at the side, after a while they saw that the zombies would regain their ability to move. She and Gu Panpan then immediately went to take care of the rest of the zombies.

“From our experiments, if we find one or two zombies, we can kill them. If there are more, then we can only temporarily cause them to lose their ability to move. Ordinary zombies will need about ten seconds to recover while rank two zombies can only be restricted for about 3-5 seconds. Zombies within ten meters wouldn’t be able to escape, but the effect would worsen as the distance increases.” Shao Qing sensibly analyzed her findings. “However, Han Qing is only rank one right now. Once he improves his rank, his strength will also increase. ”

Hearing this, Yan Hanqing didn’t feel dispirited at all. After all, just having this super power was already a massive improvement from before. Gradually increasing his rank, eventually he’ll be able to help Shao Qing a lot more.

After distributing the crystals to everyone, Shao Qing looked at the map. “We’re going to arrive at Hanqing’s home soon. Everybody eat some food, right in front is the fork in the road. This afternoon, we’re not going to be stopping to take a break.”

Shao Qing didn’t need to eat, so she was responsible for driving while the rest ate something at the back. Shao Tong even gave a little food to Xiao Baozi. As Shao Qing drove, she saw that up ahead was a big river, but the bridge to cross the river had collapsed causing this path to be blocked. Shao Qing had to ask Yan Hanqing: “Is there another way?”

Yan Hanqing thought for a while. “Past that mountain up ahead would lead us straight to our village’s cemetery. People say that the Feng Shui there is rather good. A cemetery was built in the land of our village, so a road was being built on the mountain. We should be able to walk that path.”

Shao Qing nodded her head and turned the car into the mountain. The mountain repair wasn’t that wide, just enough for one car to go through. If it just so happens that there was another car coming over, then it would not fit.

As they went down the path, they didn’t encounter anything else, thus they were able to safely pass the mountain. Arriving at their destination, they were able to see the cemetery that Yan Hanqing had mentioned.

The cemetery was located beside where the village’s original cemetery was. After being taken over, a new cemetery was built based on establishing good Feng Shui. This made a lot of people go to the new cemetary to buy spots, but it was only the rich families who wanted good Feng Shui spots to bury their loved ones.

Because of the apocalypse, the cemetery was deserted. When Shao Qing passed the cemetery she was even able to see that a lot of burial mounds have been dug up with bones left on the side. Shao Qing reckoned it was probably the wild beasts taking it to eat.

The newly constructed cemetery had an impressive atmosphere, while Yan Hanqing’s village cemetery seemed rather cold and poor. They were small burial mounds where they weren’t even lined up neatly. Yan Hanqing soon found his father’s cemetery and rushed to kneel in front of the grave.

“Dad, I’m back.”

Yan Hanqing immediately recalled the words that he had spoken to his mom. No matter what, I will replace Dad to protect you, yet he wasn’t able to do anything.

Yan Hanqing’s mother’s corpse was still in quality condition. Besides the layer of ice, it seemed like she was actually still alive.

Using his hands, Yan Hanqing started to slowly dig out a grave. After almost dying once, his body has become extremely durable and strong.

Shao Qing and the rest didn’t help him. They just stood to the side watching as he pried open the coffin. This was because they all knew that Yan Hanqing had to vent out his frustrations and this was the best route.

Within the coffin there was a box containing ashes. Yan Hanqing placed his mother inside and then placed the ash container on his mother’s chest. Looking it for a long time, he slowly closed up the coffin and buried it underground.

Finally, Yan Hanqing kneeled in front of the gravestone. Using a military knife, he slowly engraved his mother’s name on the tombstone, side by side, with his father’s name.

At that moment, Shao Qing felt that Yan Hanqing’s back was ready to collape. She could imagine how Yan Hanqing was struggling to survive with his mother during the apocalypse and when he had finally found hope…

His mother was most likely all his hopes and motivation to fight. This is probably why Yan Hanqing is at such a loss now that he was burying his mother.

The blank Yan Hanqing saw a quick glimpse of Shao Qing and his entire body began to slowly calm down as if he had a goal to live for.

Shao Qing had always felt that people like Yan Hanqing were too weary. Spending his entire life living for other people, but carefully thinking about it, wasn’t she the same? Isn’t her family the reason she strives to live?

“Let’s go…” Yan Hanqing looked at his own palm. The fingertips that had been worn from digging out the grave had long since healed. The speed of that recovery was almost as good as Er Dai’s.

“We’re staying here for two days.” Shao Qing shook her head. “I saw a lot of graves in the cemetery next to me that has had their bodies dragged out and eaten. I’m worried that there might be beasts nearby. Just in case… …we should stay around for a bit to observe.”

Yan Hanqing looked at Shao Qing and the rest with gratitude and a bit of embarrassment. Ultimately it was because of his matters that had cause them to delay so much. But he didn’t say thank you aloud, instead he had that friendship recorded in his heart.
“First, let’s go to my house to settle down.” Yan Hanqing suggested: “My family is at the edge of the village, and coming and going would be quite convenient.”

“Ok.” Shao Qing nodded her head and took the group of people to Yan Hanqing’s home. The bungalows were located in the gardens. Covered with stainless steel casings, during the winter they would use a plastic film, while during the summer they would use synthetic fiber screens which would help prevent mosquitoes and protect them from rain and snow.

Yan Hanqing’s family was also the same. So if they didn’t have the key, they wouldn’t be able climb the wall to gain access. They could only try to break open the door. Originally, Gu Panpan wanted to use violence to gain entry, but he was pulled back by Gu Chuan. Taking out a military knife, he cut off the lock.

For a long time no one had lived in the house thus there was dust and cobwebs everywhere. When the door was opened, dust came flying up everywhere. Everyone had to cover their nose and mouth as they walked in.

“My mother had planted some vegetables in the yard, but when we were leaving we had taken it away with us…” Yan Hanqing smiled as he reminisced his time with his mother. Once they arrived at the yard, they saw that in the middle of the yard was some kind of plant with a few twisted green vegetables around it.

“It actually…grew again.” Gu Panpan opened his eyes wide and clapped his palms together: “Tonight let’s eat some stir fry veggies!”

Shao Qing pushed open the door to the living room: “Don’t just think about eating. Set things down first, we still need to distribute the night shifts at the graveyard.”

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