Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Encounter

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After digging out the crystals, Shao Qing let out a relaxed breath. Er Dai and her were very compatible. Er Dai brought her to the city and had wiped out an entire regiment together. Now within a corner of Shao Qing’s space dimension, there was already a huge pile of crystals.

That was their two days of hard work. These crystals, excluding the portion saved for Er Dai, was enough for Xiao Baozi to eat for an entire two months.

Shao Qing then began preparing to depart. Before departing, she brought Er Dai to the city’s largest shopping mall. She was preparing to clear that place up to give Er Dai a place to live in afterwards.

After all, it was impossible for Shao Qing to bring along a zombie, no matter how much smarter Er Dai was compared to the average zombie.

Within the shopping mall, there was a large traffic of people. Entering the first floor, she was able to see that the zombies wandering all around was several times more than the streets.

Once entering the shopping mall, one human and one zombie began taking action. Although, they had only been in contact for only a brief amount of time, Shao Qing and Er Dai had already cultivated a tacit understanding of each other.

Just seeing Er Dai’s attempt to seduce a more agile group of zombies to move towards the door, Shao Qing would stealthily prepare to mount a sneak attack, to coordinate with Er Dai to kill this group of zombies.

Every time a few zombies are killed, Er Dai would enthusiastically fish out the crystals within the zombies head and present it to Shao Qing like a treasure. Shao Qing would then take the crystals and Er Dai’s brain covered hands to wash and only then would she put the crystals in her space dimension.

Worrying that Xiao Baozi staying in the car would be inconvenient, Shao Qing had made a back sling to carry Xiao Baozi. Occasionally, putting a crystal into Xiao Baozi’s opened mouth.

When they were cleaning up the first floor, unexpectedly outside the shopping mall,  a large car sound could be heard rumbling. Shao Qing and Er Dai, mutually understanding each other, both immediately went into hiding.

Soon they saw three men and one women enter from outside. The women was constantly firing one fireball after another, causing all the nearby zombies to be burnt to death.

“Ah…. why are there so few zombies? I totally thought that there would be more zombies in the shopping mall too.” The women sighed. The tall man behind her then pointed out: “You guys look at the ground, there are zombie corpses everywhere. I’m afraid that before we arrived, there were already other people who have entered.”   

“Then would there still be supplies inside?” Among them the fat person impatiently called out. “If there isn’t, then wouldn’t we have made this trip all for nothing?”

“Let’s go up and take a look first. Don’t be careless, we have to take extra care.” stated the final member of the group, the taciturn man.

The four member group then took precautions and slowly advanced. The fat man on the side casually talked and walked at the same time. “Ideally they will have supplies. The provisions we currently own are almost completely depleted. If we don’t find any supplies here, then we’ll have to fall to robbing. *Click Click* [with the tongue]. If we were able to steal from another easy loaded victim, then that would be the best. We would be able to be fed for an entire week at least.”

The girl coldly laughed. “If you guys didn’t go visit prostitutes and gamble, how could we have depleted all our supplies so soon?”   

“Ok, stop arguing.” The tall man frowned. “Be careful all around you, fatty, increase your awareness and perception.”

“Opening up my perception wastes so much of my mental strength though….” The fatty mumbled this as he opened up his perception. Once expanding his perception, he abruptly screamed out. “There are other people up in front!”

The four of them in an instant became alert. Arranging into their attack formation, Shao Qing immediately understood that the fatty’s superhuman ability must have something to do with his perception. It must have acted like a scan causing them to be able to discover her.

Giving Er Dai an unperturbed glance, Shao Qing came out. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure what kind of people came in, so I didn’t dare come out.”

Shao Qing knew that this wasn’t the time to pretend to be delicate. After all, if she was a delicate girl then she wouldn’t have appeared in a zombie filled shopping centre.

Once the four saw Shao Qing, their gaze immediately changed. Especially seeing Xiao Baozi’s head stretched out from behind her shoulder, they became increasingly alert.

A single woman carrying a child, able to stay alive in a zombie covered city, and having not even a hair damaged in the slightest! It clearly indicated that this woman’s strength is not to be underestimated!

So much that in comparison to all of them, she is definitely stronger. After all, which of the four would dare to venture deep within a city by themselves.

Seeing that Shao Qing was a girl, the woman within the group of four stood out to speak. “Nice to meet you, we are from S City’s survival base. Were you the one who killed the zombies here?”

Noticing that the base they mentioned should be the exact same one as the group of men she had met earlier, her thoughts quickly changed. Without showing any change of expression she smiled. “Nice to meet you too, I also don’t know who killed these zombies. When I entered this place, it was already like this.”

The four people stared at each other, none of them fully believing Shao Qing’s words. The girl laughed a bit and proceeded. “ I am a rank 1 fire user. These are my companions: a rank 1 perception user, a rank 1 strength user and a rank 1 wind user.”

“There are classifications between superhumans?” Shao Qing blinked her eyes. Feeling curious, the women hesitated a bit. “Since the apocalypse, you must have not left the city right?”

Shao Qing nodded her head. Following, the woman started to inform Shao Qing on what happened. It turns out that after the apocalypse, a portion of the people in the world had turned into zombies, another portion turned into superhumans, and finally the remaining portion stayed as normal citizens.

There was a large variety of superhumans, fantastic oddities of every description. But comparing the commonly seen, there are two groups. One group is the natural users, using elements such as metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, and ice.

The second group is the body users. Some had outstanding hearing, eyesight surpassing all their other senses, increased ability to jump, fortification of their skin, and even increased strength. This group also includes the mental subcategory among them, the evolution of the brain.

The other superhumans who did not fall into these categories were rather few, and all fell into the ‘other’ category.

Currently, a large portion of the superhumans had awaken not too long ago. Due to natural users having functions comparably weaker, and not entirely useful, while body users were practical, especially strength users; body users were comparably more popular and had a higher status than natural users.

However, as long as they were aware of it, natural users could just mainly focus on increasing their strength.

Besides slowly advancing ranks, strength users, specifically, were able to slowly increase their potential to transcendental capacities.

Thinking for a bit, Shao Qing extended her hand out. “I should be a speed user, as for what rank, I am not too sure. However, I awakened not too long ago so I should be rank 1. I’m really glad to meet you guys.”

The woman exchanged glances with her companions, then enthusiastically shook her hands and smiled. “We are super happy… to have been able to come across you.”


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