PMMB Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Arriving at the destination and Requesting to join


Since today is my Golden Birthday ???? and Christmas??? Woot Woot, here is an extra chapter for everyone to enjoy! I hope everyone has an amazing Xmas!!!

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Shao Qing felt that the only reason these zombies were able to evolve to rank four was due to the desire in their hearts to protect their students.

They were just like Shao Qing. What pushed her to carry on was Xiao Baozi and now there’s even more people she wanted to protect, Er Dai and the rest.

Right now Shao Qing felt glad. Although her son and her have changed to something that is neither a human or a ghost, if it weren’t for that event, that bastard would have done something worse in the future.

With that mistress, they would have poisoned the two of them to allow the mistress to take her spot.

Whether it’s a misfortune or a fortune, at least now she understood what kind of person he was and can live a stable life with her son. Every cloud does have a silver lining.

Holding on to the crystal, Er Dai’s cheeks were still stained with blood. His body even had some wounds from the corrosion, but he still gladly ran over to hand the crystal to Shao Qing.

His pupils were deep and the colour was beautiful, especially when he stared at Shao Qing with sparkles within his eyes trying to hint that he wanted Shao Qing to pat him on his head.

“Go take a look at how Gu Panpan is doing. Let’s leave this place before we speak, there’s just too many zombies here. I can’t say but there might even be rank 4’s or 5’s here.” Finally unable to resist, Shao Qing reached out and massaged Er Dai’s head and spoke quietly.

Yan Hanqing went over to check up on Gu Panpan and Gu Panpan is definitely worthy of being called the Golden Barbie ranked fighter. After coming out she is still energetic and active.

After gathering, they immediately left the school. Currently almost everyone was injured. So, when they finally arrived at the car, Shao Qing took out a few crystals and placed it in front of everyone.

Rank 4 crystals were the size of a pigeon egg, it almost looks like a beautiful crystal especially when the sun is shining on it and reflecting gorgeous rays of light. This would make people incapable of imagining that it was taken from a pile of walking dead meat.

“Everybody knows that a zombies crystal nucleus doesn’t have any attribute. Besides a couple of special ones, this crystal, anyone of us who is present now can absorb it. For this crystal, we all worked together to obtain it so we need to discuss how we will distribute it.” Shao Qing spoke seriously. Some things just had to be discussed, even your blood relative would have to split evenly.

Everyone looked at each other, then Gu Panpan spoke first: “I think we should give it to Jiejie. I’ll elaborate on three reasons why. First, Qing Jiejie is the strongest of us all. If we give this crystal to Qing Jiejie and she becomes stronger, then for future missions we will all be a lot safer. Even within the base, our words and position will have more strength. Number two, when we just murdered that zombie, it was Qing Jiejie who put in the most effort, so it makes sense that it belongs to her. Finally, I like Qing Jiejie. Even if I do get a portion of it, I would voluntarily give it to Qing Jiejie. Elaboration over.”

Gu Chuan indifferently said: “I second this.”

Gu Panpan immediately had a wretched expression when she teased: “Brother, which statement do you second? The one where I said I like Qing Jiejie?”

Gu Chuan’s face was still expressionless as he shook his head: “Don’t speak nonsense, we’re talking business.”

But everyone still saw his earlobes turn pink as well as his cheeks, while Gu Panpan hid in a corner and laughed.

Yan Hanqing and the rest all had the same idea, they didn’t even need to ask each other. Shao Qing also wasn’t unreasonable. Taking out the crystals they harvested today, she divided a portion to each person and didn’t take even a single piece. Instead she only took the rank 4 piece.

“Calculating this, you guys are still suffering losses. Next time if we obtain any that suits you guys, I’ll give it to you to make up for this.”

“Okay.” Gu Panpan took her portion and packed it away. They all understood that if they didn’t take it, Shao Qing also wouldn’t be willing to take the rank 4 crystal.

After distributing the goods, all of them returned to their cars. The ones who needed medicine applied medicine and the ones who needed to change clothes got changed.

After cleaning up a bit, they continued on. In fact if they returned to the base now, the harvest from this trip was still worth it. However since they still had a mission, they couldn’t just give up halfway.

But this time, they didn’t head towards a zombie concentrated area. Instead, they headed straight towards the destination. Taking risks once was already enough.

If Shao Qing was alone, she definitely would temper herself through these risks, but currently she is with a whole group of companions. Even if she wanted to take a risk, she would still have to consider her companions.

She couldn’t take her own companions for a gamble, therefore it was better to be safe!

The city was too big thus the roads were covered with zombies and their pace was rather slow. By the time they reached the city hall building, it was already the afternoon of the second day. Looking at the marks, Team Gale hasn’t arrived yet. At once Shao Qing decided: “Tonight, we won’t enter. We’ll stay outside for a night. Seeing that the others haven’t arrived yet and that one school was so dangerous, the city hall definitely won’t be simple.

Everyone also agreed. Finding a relatively safe place that was able to observe the city hall entrance, they prepared to eat and sleep.

Night vigil was naturally Shao Qing and Er Dai’s duty. Xiao Baozi who also couldn’t sleep was rolling about on Shao Qings chest. Xiao Baozi ate a lot, some crystals and some food with a lot of nutrition. His one meal was enough to be Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan’s crystals added up together. Furthermore he doesn’t stop, usually during the road he would always be carrying crystals.

Yet, he still didn’t grow.

The appearance Xiao Baozi had when he first came out of Shao Qing’s belly was what he currently looked like.

Except for the fact that his face got a little chubbier, he was the exact same.

This caused Shao Qing to be distressed. Before she felt she was quite fortunate that right when Xiao Baozi came out of her belly he was about three heads long. Way easier to carry around. But now she was worried. Could it be that because of the traffic incident, part of his body got injured? Otherwise why wouldn’t he grow now that he has been reborn?

But Shao Qing was only distressed for a while. After all this was her first time raising a baby. With no experience, perhaps babies are supposed to grow this slowly.

After a night of comparing who was more adorable between Xiao Baozi and Er Dai to pass time, they arose the second day and ate their meal. That was when they finally saw Team Gale slowly arrive.

Furthermore quite a few of them had wounds, appearing in a sorry state.

Originally they disliked Team Gale, but after seeing this scenario, they felt extremely comfortable.

Seeing you guys suffering then we’ll feel happy.

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