PMMB Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Shao Qing’s discovery

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After dividing the spoils, everyone happily went back to their own homes to rest. Over on the other side, they had just found the first signs of development from their research. Yan Pingsheng flipped over and over. Afterwards, unconvinced, he kept mumbling to himself: “Not even a single person had died from that Adorable Treasure squad? I looked over the list of names. In their teens or a few years old, if I didn’t know prior that they were a superhuman squad, I would have thought that they were all dancers.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Meng Shen was sitting on the side not saying a word. This afternoon he had brought back a pile of seeds but was cursed and yelled at by Yan Pingsheng for buying a pile of seeds using a pile of zombie crystals. Meng Shen had used a whopping number of 18 pieces.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Even if his family was rich, they couldn’t afford to have him spend this much!

Yan Pingsheng yelled and cried, then covered his heart to cool down. Using an especially innocent look, Meng Shen just stared at him confused on what unforgivable thing he might’ve done.

This made Yan Pingsheng even angrier. He shouldn’t have brought Meng Shen with him on this trip. If he didn’t bring Meng Shen then he wouldn’t have almost exploded 18 times. If he didn’t bring Meng Shen then maybe his brain would be more alert and conscious. If he didn’t bring Meng Shen then he also wouldn’t have lost so many crystals.

Finally looking at Meng Shen’s tranquil undisturbed look, Yan Pingsheng almost lost it; but, finally he just let it go.

Luckily they had just found information in regards to Team Gale and Team Adorable Treasure, distracting him from this.

The information clearly wrote that when they had accepted the mission, Adorable Treasure was a superhuman squad that hadn’t even been formed for more than 24 hours. Whereas Team Gale was the most experienced and also the highest ranked superhuman squad.

Yet the results? Being a superhuman squad that hadn’t even been formed for more than one day, Adorable Treasure didn’t even lose one single member or sustain any noticeable injuries. On the other hand, Team Gale had all their members perish except for their captain and vice captain. Moreover they were injured heavily.

If they said this out loud, who would believe it!Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Yan Pingsheng decided then: “This Adorable Treasure squad is hiding something! This is definitely not simple. I definitely think that the information was found by them.”

Not knowing when, Meng Shen suddenly appeared behind Yan PingSheng. Afterwards very seriously pointed at the information within his hands: “This woman, I recognize her. I saw her today.”

Following where he was pointing, Yan Pingsheng saw that Meng Shen had pointed at the captain of Adorable Treasure, Shao Qing. His eyes lit up immediately: “You know her?”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Today when I was buying things I ran into her.” Meng Shen was certain. This was because Shao Qing was very pretty. Even though he was the type of person to fully give his entire body and soul into research, he couldn’t resist taking a few glances.

Bringing up buying things again, Yan Pingsheng’s face immediately darkened. Promptly making a decision, he put the information into Meng Shen’s hand: “Since you’ve seen her then that’ll be easy to handle. Take the information and get a good look. Approaching her would be left to you! En…. I heard that she is a widow…”

Meng Shen did not understand Yan Pingsheng’s unspoken implication at all. Taking the information, his face was completely puzzled while Yan Pingsheng ran away leaving him standing there stupid.

After a long while did Meng Shen react. Flipping over the information, he found a photo of Shao Qing. Then looking at the information he started to slowly read: “Shao Qing…”

Shao Qing suddenly sneezed. She was stunned. Being a zombie she unexpectedly had signs of potentially catching a cold. Handing her son over to Er Dai, she began to absorb the rank 4 crystal.

Removing all distractive thoughts, she gradually began to absorb it. The crystal’s source of energy began to slowly flow into her body. She could vaguely feel it. That energy seemed to enter her body and after circling around once, it would enter her head which is where her own crystal was located.

Usually when one used their superpower, it is usually released from the core of the crystal rather than out of their body.

Shao Qing felt that the crystal probably absorbed the strengths from other crystals; afterwards, it would slowly become abundant. After reaching a certain limit, then the crystals core would be brimming to the max which is when it would need to advance to become even larger to hold more power.

The process of becoming stronger should be expanding the size of the crystal. The bigger the crystal the more energy it can contain therefore the stronger one is.

At least that should be the case for superhumans. As for zombies, it appeared that they were capable of absorbing energy through the flesh to use for evolution. Just like how there were various types of superhumans, zombies also came in many different forms. The only similarity was that no matter if its a zombie or a superhuman, they were both continuously striving to become stronger.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Shao Qing suddenly had a strange thought. If she used the energy absorbed, could it be used to strengthen her physique? After all each time she was on the edge of raising a rank, she would be held back. It would take a very long time for her to break through. Without being able to break through, at that time, could she use the energy absorbed to strengthen her body. Wouldn’t that be good?Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Afterall while she was on the edge of breaking through, absorbing all that energy, the majority wouldn’t be contained by the crystal. If she was going to just waste it and let it disperse that would be too wasteful since only a small portion is needed to expand the space of the crystal.

That thought circled around in Shao Qing’s mind, continuously enticing her. Finally Shao Qing decided to try it out. Not using the rank 4 crystal, she took out a rank 1 crystal.

Attempting to absorb it in her body, yet the energy couldn’t help but circulate around her body then enter her head where the crystal was located.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

After several attempts it was still the same. All that energy would always enter her crystal. Pausing she felt a bit discouraged, so much that she had to think it over. Why doesn’t she absorb the rank 4 crystal first to see if she is able to break through and then try again? Wouldn’t that be a bit more relaxing?

In the end she gave up and prepared to try it a few more times.

After absorbing 80ish crystals, Shao Qing had a bit of a grasp on it. Pondering on it a bit more, it was obvious that the energy would obey her when it was being transferred out of the crystal. However, when she tries to absorb it into her body, it won’t listen to her at all. The reason could be right there. The energy that entered her crystal had been completely changed and has been left with her imprint.

Spirit is something that is illusory. Unless she was like Shao Tong a spiritual superhuman, then would would or wouldn’t?she be able to control it.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Attempting over and over again, she was met with failure over and over. Just when the horizons were about to reveal the white colour of the dawn sky, she finally felt her spiritual energy.

This could already be considered a big step. Shao Qing let out a breath of air then took out the rank 4 crystal and absorbed it a bit before preparing to fight during the night.

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