PMMB Chapter 80

Chapter 80 The ways to use spiritual energy

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Carrying a pervert reputation, Meng Shen depressingly returned. Yan Pingsheng who has waited for him for a long time, hurriedly asked: “How was it? Any harvests?”
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Meng Shen placed a pile of items on the table and gravingly said: “Her name is Shao Qing.”

“And….” Yan Pingsheng waited for him to follow up but saw Meng Shen stare at him as seriously as before without any intentions to continue.

Meng Shen pointed at the pile on the table, afterwards sat down for a drink of water. Yan Pingsheng: …..
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“So what you’re telling me is that you went out for a trip and all you discovered is her name? Furthermore, it’s something we had already known and you brought back this pile of junk? Speak! How many crystals did you spend this time?” Yan Pingsheng was already prepared ?? as before when Meng Shen stuck out his fingers he still became shocked in horror: “What! 5 pieces! For a pile of junk you spent 5 pieces of crystals!”

Meng Shen innocently replied: “No…. I didn’t spend 5 pieces.” This allowed Yan Pingsheng to let out a sigh of relief, but as soon as he did Meng Shen said: “It’s fifty pieces.”

Haven’t been sitting stably, Yan Pingsheng immediately fell to the ground. In a split second, he could almost feel his tears coming out. 50 crystals…. bringing his team of superhuman guards on this journey from Jiang Bei to S city was so that he would be able to harvest that many crystals.

Fifty pieces! What kind of let’s go bankrupt game is this? Can he beat him to death… Can he?
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“You spent fifty pieces of crystals and you were only able to figure out her name?” Yan Pingsheng was shaking.

Meng Shen watched Yan Pingsheng shaking as he sat on the ground and felt a bit disturbed. Thinking carefully, he said: “She has another companion who is a spiritual user.”

Yan Pingsheng using the chair as a support to crawl back up, dejectedly sat down: “Did you guys speak of anything else? Like becoming friends….”
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Meng Shen shook his head. Afterwards his tone seemed a bit lively: “I’ve told her that I will be back tomorrow and she didn’t reject me.”

Who would reject a spendthrift fool who was delivering themselves to their door…. Yan Pingsheng trembled as he clutched his heart. Afterwards talking to himself: “Last night Hao Yun invited us to dinner, why didn’t I eat a little bit more…. In any case I could’ve made up for some of the losses…”

Meng Shen didn’t listen to Yan Pingsheng nag, he was focused on making his own plan: “I think after speaking to her a few more times, we will become more familiar. I can feel that she is a woman who keeps her guard up pretty high, but she’s not a bad person.”
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Not a bad person who was able to cheat off so many zombie crystals from you? Can you wake up, you idiot. She only thinks that you are dumb and rich and easy to trick.

But Yan Pingsheng didn’t want to give Meng Shen a psychological blow so he organized his thoughts and said: “How about this, tomorrow you’ll try to approach her again. But tomorrow you are not allowed to bring a lot of crystals. Promise me that okay?”

Meng Shen nodded his head. Then hugging the pile of items, he went back into his room and found a notebook and began writing down all the tricks and drills to train a spiritual user.

His instincts told him that this would give him a favourable impression.
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That day, Shao Qing wasn’t able to obtain much high level zombie crystals. After all every single superhuman would want to use the zombie crystals to absorb and evolve, there weren’t that many who would be silly enough to trade off their crystals.

However she had already sold off quite a few items. Including the big gains that Meng Shen the foolish big spender had given her. At present it was still fine.

In the afternoon, she decided to pack up her stall early and return. She seemed to have formed a tacit understanding with her team and that although they live separately, they would always eat dinner together.

After all Yan Hanqinhg and Shao Qing’s culinary skills were quite good, way better than Gu Panpan and her brother. Therefore they would always come over to freeload. In fact every time they would be splitting the gains, they would naturally leave a portion of their food rations at Shao Qing’s.

The reward from this time’s mission was extremely plentiful. Now for the next little bit they didn’t need to go out on any missions and just needed to put their minds into practicing and increasing their strengths.

The more their strength increased, the safer their next mission will be.

Before the majority of her team members break through into rank 3, Shao Qing didn’t want to leave to go on any big missions. At most she would receive a few simple easy missions, an appropriate amount of battling would be beneficial to them.

But since their last mission, the higher ups seem to treat Shao Qing and the rest differently. There was even a rank 3 squad called Blazing Flame who hunted Shao Qing down to discuss merging Adorable Treasure into Blazing Flame, but got immediately rejected by Shao Qing.

After finishing dinner, Shao Qing called Shao Tong over to tell her everything she learned from Meng Shen during the day. Shao Tong was dumb*, but she wasn’t an idiot. On the contrary, she was actually quite intelligent. It was just that previously she had been injured on her head leading to her having slower reactions, but since she had advanced into a superhuman she has slowly been recovering.
* = temporarily unable or unwilling to speak.

After Shao Qing explained the information, she quickly caught on. In fact, she was able to deduce a lot more and was able to obtain a new method to temper her power. Without stopping she would keep using her mental powers to lift different things.

Shao Tong was actually very thirsty for power. She didn’t want to always be protected by Shao Qing. Instead, she hoped that one day she would be able to help Shao Qing out, even a little would be good.
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However, Shao Tong was still rather weak. Really quickly, her spiritual power ran out, At that time she felt the strange lump of crystal hanging on her neck. A refreshing aura slowly seeped into her body and recovered her spiritual power.

On the other hand, Shao Qing had returned back to her own room. While she was absorbing some crystals she suddenly had a thought. Shao Tong and that Meng Shen guy were both spiritual elemental users, that’s why they are able to use their spiritual energy to lift up random things.

But she also had some spiritual powers. Doesn’t this indicate that everybody has the potential to become a spiritual user. It was just the case that some people had a bit more spiritual power than others. The ones with a bit more would then have a higher chance of becoming a spiritual user when they are in the midst of awakening…

If she were to train hard on her spiritual power then would she develop a second super power?

Shao Qing was someone who liked to think of something and then achieve it. Closing her eyes and meditating for a long time, spending a lot of effort she finally felt a slow movement of her spiritual power.

Then slowly, very slowly she attempted to use this energy. If Shao Tong’s energy could be described as a lake, then hers was just a basin of water; the disparity doesn’t even need to be mentioned.
But during her activation of her spiritual power, the crystal within her hand slowly floated up little by little. However after a mere few seconds, it could not persevere and it fell with a thud back into Shao Qing’s palm.While Shao Qing felt like she had a forehead full of cold sweat, it was actually her head causing an aching sensation.
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This was probably her overdrafting her spiritual power. Immediately, she felt sorry for Shao tong. If overdrafting just a little already felt like this then how much has Shao Tong suffered?
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But Shao Qing didn’t think too much on it because she had overused her spiritual energy. Lying down on her bed, she quickly fell asleep.

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