PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 12

Volume 2 Chapter 12 Living with the mental case 

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He clenched his jaw. From the gap between his teeth, a groan leaked out. His body shivering endlessly, he looked completely pitiful. Above all since he was born extremely good looking, he looked even more pitiful. 

After all this was a world based on looks.

Shao Qing looked at him carefully. The area the man was pressing on was his stomach. She understood immediately what must have had happened. He hadn’t eaten the entire day and when he did eat, it was just a cold bowl of rice. It would have been strange if his stomach didn’t hurt.

Seeing the tears glistening within his eyes and his miserable state, Shao Qing couldn’t help but reach out her hand and lift the man up by the waist.

The man paused his voice shaking: “What are you doing…”

Shao Qing didn’t speak. She just took the man who was wearing pajamas off the bed and walked straight to the entrance. It was then that she realized she didn’t know where the doctor was.

During the period of hesitation, the man understood what Shao Qing wanted to do. Shrinking into her chest, he pulled on her sleeves and quietly whispered: “I don’t need the doctor. There’s some medicine in the cabinet. I’ll be fine after eating some.”

Shao Qing could only carry him to the cabinet and place him on a chair to the side. Pulling the drawer open, she saw that it was filled with all sorts of stomach medicine. She had no idea which one the man needed to eat, so she just took all of them and brought it over to the table. 

Hugging his knee to curl up into a ball, when he lifted his head up, he saw that Shao Qing had already poured a cup of water and placed the medicine in front of him. She stared at him cool-headedly.

The man’s lips started to tug upwards: “I know you can understand my words. Help me open those two medicines. Each one two pieces.”

Shao Qing ignored him and directly opened the medicine, then passed it and the water over to him.

Researchers are probably all like this, neglecting sleep and food. Then after not eating regularly, they would have stomach problems. This man seemed to be the rather severe case too.

Waiting for the man to take his medicine, afterwards Shao Qing carried him back to bed and tucked him in. When she lied down, the man headed towards her chest. She was originally planning on throwing him out but seeing his deathly pale face and wrinkled brows, she became soft hearted and allowed him to come into her embrace then tucked him in.

Her body was frozen cold. The man leaned against her with a comfortable expression. Feeling a bit helpless, she observed him for a while and after seeing his complexion becoming a bit better, she closed her eyes to prepare to sleep.

Once her eyes was closed, the man exploited this opportunity and openly kissed her cheeks. Then once more, he buried himself into Shao Qing’s embrace. Shao Qing didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

Once the morning arrived, the man had already recovered. Opening her eyes, Shao Qing saw the man resting on top of her. Long eyelashes like a scrub, when he blinked it was as if it was stabbing at her face.

His skin was exquisite and would have made any women green with envy. Seeing Shao Qing open her eyes, the man pouted his lips wanting to kiss Shao Qing but got smacked away by Shao Qing. 

Being swatted to the side, the man felt wronged. Undaunted by these setbacks he moved closer: “I’m called Yan Qiyue. You can call me Yanyan or Yueyue. But I prefer to be called Yan Baby.”

Shao Qing wasn’t prepared to pay attention to him at all. Flipping her body over, she buried herself in the blankets. Yan Qiyue continued to persevere: “Do you have a name? Probably not. So, I’ll give you a name. How about Xiao Mei? Or maybe Xiao Hua?”

* Xiao Mei = Little beauty

* Xiao Hua = Little flower

Shao Qing desperately wanted to stuff her ear or say ‘I’m not listening’ yet she couldn’t. Shao Qing thought that she might be annoyed by Yan Qiyue the entire morning until she couldn’t handle it, but soon her savour was here.

The doorbell rang and Yan Qiyue reluctantly went to see who it was. 

Taking advantage of this situation, she wrapped the blanket around her body to prepare to sleep a little more. When she was sleeping, her entire body would be dormant which would allow her injuries to heal even faster.

Stealthily hiding herself within the blankets, naturally she missed out on what was happening downstairs. Knocking on the door was a young man who appeared around the same age as Yan Qiyue who was rather dashing.

Once Yan Qiyue opened the door, his face darkened: “Why did you come?”

Acting awfully familiar, the man came in and poured himself a cup of water then sat down on the sofa: “I heard that you brought a wife home? What are you playing with this time?”

Yan Qiyue posture was languid, his manner of speaking cold: “Me having a wife is my business. I have no need to report to you.”

The man squinted his eyes and laughed: “I’m just a bit curious. You with your cold blood, cold heart, cold liver, and cold lungs would suddenly bring back a wife?”

Yan Qiyue continued to remain his calm and collected self: “When you reach a certain age, it’s time to settle down. Isn’t that normal? Qiao Mo, you’re minding too much. I already told you at that time, we’re just collaborating together. You provide the money and I will do the work. You have no right to interfere with my private life.” 

Yan Qiyue was already straightforward but the man pretended as if he heard nothing. Still all smiles: “If you’re dating that’ll interfere with work. What’s more is as your friend, can’t I show some interest in your wife?”

Yan Qiyue didn’t say anything, but his eyes clearly had ‘who is your friend’ written.

“Okay, okay, I took the initiative to come here to tell you the first round of experiments came out. The test results were successful.” The man said seriously.

“I’ll follow up right away.” Yan Qiyue was speaking while thinking. He was wondering if Shao Qing was awake and praying that she didn’t come running down. Otherwise he’ll discover she’s a zombie.

If the man in front of him discovered that Shao Qing was a zombie, then the only outcome waiting for Shao Qing would be death.

After speaking with Xiao Mo for a little longer, Yan Qiyue sent him along the way. Before he left, he insisted on inviting Yan Qiyue and Shao Qing for a meal but was rejected by Yan Qiyue.

After Qian Mo departed, Yan Qiyue went upstairs to find Shao Qing buried inside the blanket wrapping herself up like a seed.

Shao Qing was really beautiful. Quietly lying within the blankets with her expression relaxed, she was even more attractive. At least this was the case for Yan Qiyue.

Kneeling beside the bed, he placed Shao Qing’s hand on his cheeks. He couldn’t help imagining Shao Qing stepping on him. It would be the best for her to torment him a bit or even beating him up a little.

Continuing imagining, Yan Qiyue’s body responded. Afterwards his eyes darkened. His urge was indeed a bit different from others. This was probably due to his experience during his childhood.

It’s been said that if one was treated violently when they were young, they had a higher chance of becoming abusive or a m*sochist.

He was the latter. Yan Qiyue was an orphan. Being in the orphanage for such a long time, he was bullied quite often because of his reclusive temperament. It was only afterwards he adopted.

However the person who adopted him also wasn’t anything good. His foster father would often vent his anger on him. When his foster mother wasn’t feeling great, she would also pinch the inside of his thigh. His inner thigh flesh never had a time where it was in an intact position.

When his foster mother ran away with someone, his foster father became a drunkard. Everytime he drank he would beat him. Sometimes he would use his fist and sometimes he would use the wine bottles. When he was extra heated, he would even smash the wooden bench on Yan Qiyue’s back.

Finally, later on his foster father died. It was when he was drunk and attempted to rape Yan Qiyue and was knocked out during the struggle. Yan Qiyue then set up a tub of water and drowned his foster father within the water.

When the police came, no one would have thought that this skinny pitiful ten year old Yan Qiyue would have murdered someone. They only thought that the foster father had accidentally drowned to death when he had gotten drunk.

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