PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 39

Volume 2 Chapter 39 His Thoughts

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What made them even more scared was that this bucktooth brother of theirs was already a peak level two superhuman. Yet, it was unclear how they died and they didn’t even see how the other party had made their move. 

If bucktooth had died in a fight with the other party, then at least they can find out the strength of the other party; however, bucktooth had died without even making a splash so they couldn’t help feeling a little scared. 

Either the opponent has some special means or their strength is much higher than bucktooth. 

No matter which option, it shows that Shao Qing is not someone they should mess with.

Thinking like this, these people wanted to retreat. They were originally cold-hearted people. Even if they saw bucktooth’s corpse on the ground, they wouldn’t have any intentions on helping him take revenge. 

The group of people looked at one another before the captain spoke: “I think this is a big misunderstanding and whatever is misunderstood can be resolved. Why face each other with knives and cause everyone unhappiness?” 

“Oh … … “Shao Qing chuckled and said,” It was a misunderstanding?” 

Her voice was extremely low with a hint of danger. The captain looked surprised, and threw a grenade decisively then he turned around and ran. 

The thing that looked like a grenade exploded when it landed. From within, a white smoke spread outwards. This caused the people nearby to begin tearing up. 

It turned out not to be a regular grenade, but a tear gas grenade. The captain was also an individualistic person and was very decisive in his work. Shao Qing was careless and affected. Although she did not cry, she felt quite uncomfortable.

Shao Qing waved her hand, fanning the irritating gas. She released Qiu Tang. When Qiu Tang was used against the enemy, its scent could cause the other party to lose their ability to resist and it could also stimulate the fighting power of its teammates. Of course it also had another effect which was to disperse other bad gases. 

As soon as the Qiu Tang was released, the others felt a faint scent replace the smell of the tear gas. But at this time, those people had already fled. 

The young girl on the side immediately stepped forward and lifted up the other two girls. The three people ran to the two youths. One of them was already on his last breath while the other, although heavily injured, was still alive. 

The three girls immediately wept. The five of them had escaped together. The two boys have always taken care of the three of them, just like an older brother. Now, in order to let them escape, the two competent brothers …… 

Shao Qing came over. She only had to take a look to see that the blood-soaked young man could not be saved. 

His injuries were too severe. Even if Hua Tuo* was alive, I am afraid he would not be able to save his life. But the other young man, although the five internal organs were injured, he only needs to rest for a while to recover. 

* legendary doctor at the end of Han Dynasty

The young man also knew that he was having his last dying moment. He tightly held the hand of one of the girls, breathing quickly: “Ah Qi, find a reliable man to marry in the future … then I will be relieved…”

That Ah Qi girl burst into tears. Tears dripped all over the floor as she replied with a low voice: “Xiao Liang, I won’t marry. I won’t marry my whole life and will live as a widow for you……” 

The man’s eyes were very gentle, but it was getting dimmer and dimmer. He had no time left. Such a serious injury dragged to the present was only because he was relying on his persistence. He was holding on to his breath, but now seeing Ah Qi out of danger, the breath he kept holding was soon losing it’s vitality.

“If you meet a boy who is willing to give everything for you, then just marry…” 

The man didn’t close his eyes when he died. He looked at Ah Qi nostalgically, reluctantly. Anyone who saw, would feel their heart sour. 

Ah Qi threw herself at him and everyone who heard her cry could feel the pain in her heart. Shao Qing didn’t know how to soothe her, so she took medicine and began treating the other boy. 

Yan Qiyue took a cup out of the car and poured water for the boy. Several others also helped.

The girl cried for a long time. Her eyes were swollen, but the person was dead and even crying could not change this fact. This girl named Ah Qi was also very strong. She thanked Shao Qing solemnly and, borrowing a shovel, she dug a deep pit on the side of the road and buried the man. 

She really wanted to take him back, bring them back to their hometown and bury him in a familiar place. But in this era, she could hardly protect herself so it was impossible. 

The only thing that could be done was to let him rest in the ground. At least the corpse will not be destroyed by zombies or beasts. 

Shao Qing watched the little girl pile up a small tomb with the earth and her heart also felt complicated. 

When the man was buried, Shao Qing got the complete story from the girl named Ah Qi. All five of them were captured by the hunters at the Shulin Survivor Base. They were going to be sold as goods and sold to those with power or those with money and rights to become playthings. 

There were two types of hunters. One was a zombie hunter. They hunted high-level zombies and then resold the crystals. They did not join any superhuman squad or mercenary groups. It was a unique profession. 

Another kind of hunter, hunted ordinary people. Such hunters were like bucktooth. They would go around and catch ordinary people who are relatively good looking, then sell them as playthings. 

Ah Qi and them were all refugees. They had no foundation or support, so they were chosen as targets.

After being captured, they did not despair. Instead they thought of plans to escape. As a result, Shao Qing witnessed the whole thing. 

The Shulin Survivor Base was a survivor base that wasn’t small but wasn’t big either. In other words, it fell short of the best but better than the worst. Coincidentally, the Shulin Survivor Base was near the survivor base Shao Qing selected. 

The base leader of the Shulin survivor base used to be a rapist. Later, the apocalypse appeared, and the entire country’s system collapsed. Naturally, no one went to investigate any criminals and he just coincidentally awakened his powers. Dragging along a group of prisoners that later awakened, he established the Shulin survivor base. 

On the surface, Shu Lin was not so big but a very formal survivor base. However in the shadows, it had been running unscrupulous activities such as human trafficking. 

After catching those ordinary people who were good looking, they would tune up the most outstanding part of them and then sell them to high-level superhumans or high powers at high prices. Generally, the ones with more ordinary looks would also be sold or used inside the base.

This base has always been doing this kind of work because the high levels of the base were all criminals. They have no moral outlook, instead because of the apocalypse, they became all the more crazy. 

The base chief also knew what to do. He would send out resources or beauties to many nearby high-levels. No matter what time it is, people will have loose mouths and holding on to others weakness will not change. 

Therefore, the Shulin Survivor Base was still intact. 

So many people suffered and not just girls. If the boys were more outstanding, they would end up the same. After all, there are always some people who like trying something new or are interested in boys, while some female superhumans also had some needs. 

Gu Panpan and the others gritted their teeth. Who knew that during the apocalypse there were survivor bases running human trafficking in the open. How many poor people have been harmed? 

“We should have killed them directly at that time! That might have been able to dissolve some of my hatred!” Gu Panpan said with a grunt: “I can’t believe I carelessly allowed them to run away! It really is a pity.” 

“Then let’s go to Shulin.” “Shao Qing said decisively. She had to choose a survivor base to take a rest anyways. They can go to Shulin first to see the situation. Anyways, the places Shao Qing chose previously were all near Shulin.

They could always resolve the issue at the Shulin survivor base and then go to other survivor bases to replenish supplies. 

After making a decision, Shao Qing said to the girls: “From here to the north, there are several survivor bases with a good reputation. Your companions are all injured and you can settle there.” 

Her meaning was clear. Although she saved these people, she wasn’t prepared to take them along. Those people also understood and said decisively: “We can’t repay you for your life-saving grace. If there is a chance in the future, we hope we could help our benefactors. We hope our benefactors will be careful. Shulin’s base chief is already rank four.”

Shao Qing did not say anything. She just gave them a few crystals, at least to let them in to the new base and to be able to maintain a temporary life so they can get on track. 

This is the only thing that Shao Qing can help them with. Shao Qing wasn’t a saint and couldn’t help everyone but sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to help others when you can, at least it would gratify one’s heart.

Everyone was struggling to survive in the apocalypse so why be so brutal. 

After watching them leave, Shao Qing decisively directed the ‘driver’ to head in the direction of Shulin. Such a dirty place really aroused Shao Qing’s curiosity. She wanted to see it and wanted even more to destroy it. 

If it can be done. 

Everyone has a responsibility to clean up garbage. 

Shulin was not too far from where they were. Before the sun set in the afternoon, Shao Qing had already arrived. 

Shulin, the survivor base, was usually rarely visited. First, the location was a bit remote. Secondly, the local survivors have one or two understandings of this base. Naturally, they would not enter a thief’s den.

Thus, the inspection for Shulin was relatively simple. As long as you can prove that you are a superhuman, you don’t need to have a body inspection and can directly enter the base. 

Besides Fu Jingmo, they were all superhumans. So Fu Jingmo only needed to be observed overnight, while everyone else could directly enter the survivor base. 

Fu Jingmo was left behind for observation. After the others entered the base, they rented an empty house to stay for now. The atmosphere of the entire Shulin Survivor Base was strange. For example, at night, there was almost no one in the base. 

Only once in a while would there be several people from the inspection team walking by. Shao Qing handed over the money and got a key. Then following the guidance of the base personnel, they found the house they were going to temporarily stay in. 

The group of people temporarily lived in Shulin. Because of the limited space, Shao Qing roomed with Xiao Baozi and Shao Tong, thus directly eliminating the opportunity for Er Dai and Yan Qiyue to climb into her bed. 

It was hard but the two could only be honest for a while. After being settled, Shao Qing went out for a walk. She went out not for a leisurely walk, but to observe the base. What should happen if there was a conflict inside the base? How should they deal with the problem and is this base really as evil as Ah Qi and them mentioned?

Shao Qing walked around and found that there were indeed a few places with very tight guards. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of people inside. 

Shao Qing tried to approach, but was stopped before approaching: “It is forbidden to approach here. You’re an outsider aren’t you? You should go back to sleep!” 

Shao Qing glanced at the person who spoke and after thinking about it, although she was curious, it wasn’t time to alert the enemy. 

She turned around and went back. 

Shao Qing came here to Shulin survivor base, without holding the idea of ​​eradicating a tumor. Of course, if she had a chance, she would definitely do that. 

But she would never use her friends and family’s lives as a joke. 

The first night passed calmly and Fu Jingmo returned on the second day. The group still had no movements, only Shao Qing would go out for a walk. She did see some places that grew vegetables and fruits, but the guards were not as good as those guarding the houses. 

Shao Qing can almost be certain what Ah Qi said was true.

This is indeed a cancerous tumor. After it was determined, Shao Qing was still not ready to make a move. Using a few people to fight against an entire base, she wasn’t stupid! 

What she should do now is to collect evidence and then carry this matter back to Jing Du. The high-levels in Jing Du were composed of most of the country’s high-levels before the end of the world. Their philosophy was to create a harmonious country during the apocalypse. Naturally they would attach particular importance to rules and regulation. 

As long as this matter is made big and the evidence was sufficient, without Shao Qing making a move, Jing Du will also send someone to clean up this Shulin survivor base. 

Shao Qing walked around a few times outside and quietly approached some places that were more suspicious, but there was no success. Probably because of Ah Qi running away, the guards were even tighter. 

But even so, Shao Qing still found some problems. For example, inside there were some really young men and women, most of them girls. Because it was during the day, there were several older middle-aged women bringing in a lot of tampons who went in.

After a while, they came out and talked while walking. Shao Qing was too far away to listen and could only hear some things vaguely. 

“Those stinky girls are too troublesome. If they weren’t worried that their period was too dirty to handle, we wouldn’t have to collect these things. For no reason, now we have an extra inconvenience.” 

“Don’t worry, they will be sold in a few days, then we’ll have a few days of free time.” 


After Shao Qing heard that, she quietly returned to her residence. She prepared to pick a time to explore further. 

When she returned, several of her group members had gone out to buy things leaving Yan Hanqing to make dinner in the kitchen. Shao Qing wasn’t going to eat dinner and went straight upstairs.

When Gu Panpan and Shao Tong went out, they brought Xiao Baozi along, so there was no one in the room. But Shao Qing could hear the sounds of water in the bathroom. 

Everyday, Yan Qiyue and Er Dai would tirelessly borrow her bathroom but Shao Qing would always kick the two out at night. 

So Shao Qing didn’t think too much. She laid down and prepared to sleep after yawning. She had spent a lot of energy in the past two days and she needed to sleep well to replenish her strength. This body made of steel also had its moment of exhaustion. 

Soon after lying down, Shao Qing was a little confused. She could hear the bathroom door open. With slight footsteps, a scent of shower gel came to her face. Shao Qing consciously arched to the side leaving a space. Then a warm body got into the bed. 

He still had the smell of fresh water on his body, but his body was dry. With a little warming heat, it stuck to Shao Qing’s back. 

Shao Qing moved her body and mumbled: “Sleep honestly, don’t move around. I’m a little tired …” 

That person didn’t move, as if listening to Shao Qing’s words, he slept honestly. Shao Qing, already half asleep, fell asleep  as soon as there was no sound.

Soon Shao Qing vaguely felt a pair of hands gently resting on her waist. Because Er Dai and Yan Qiyue liked to pester her when they slept, Shao Qing, who was used to it, felt nothing wrong. 

After a while, that person’s courage was a little bit bolder. They slowly stuck their body against her. First the waist, then the chest, then finally the entire body completely matched the curve of Shao Qing’s back. 

Shao Qing moved a little uncomfortably, and murmured, “If you move, I will kick you out again…” 

The person behind her stopped for a while, and suddenly became bolder. He rubbed against Shao Qing through his pajamas. In a provocative manner, he followed the arc of Shao Qing’s waist and went all the way down, across the thigh and calf, finally holding Shao Qing’s foot. 

Shao Qing’s feet were beautiful, the skin was matte, even her nails were a healthy pink. The toes were round and lovely. When curled up, they looked like plump pink pearls. 

Shao Qing was a little itchy. She couldn’t help stretching her legs, then curled up. The man tried to look at Shao Qing’s feet, his eyes were a little hot. He looked at it again and again, from the pink nails to the toes to the sole of the feet and even the gaps between the toes.  He looked very carefully.

Shao Qing had already noticed that something was wrong. Er Dai wouldn’t do such a foolish thing. Although Yan Qiyue could do it, Yan Qiyue had a slender figure, different from the touch that this person gave her.

Just when Shao Qing was about to turn around lazily to see who was behind her, that person suddenly leaned over and grabbed Shao Qing’s toes. She woke up all of a sudden and kicked out subconsciously. Then she saw someone she was not expecting sat on the ground, “How could it be you?!”

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